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November 23, 2013

Conditions on the future picks owed the Bobcats and the one the Bobcats owe the Chicago Bulls

    A reader recently emailed me, asking me to write a blog about the first-round picks the Detroit Pistons and Portland Trail Blazers owe the Bobcats, and the pick the Bobcats owe the Chicago Bulls.

            Here are the conditions on those picks, to the best of my knowledge:

            The pick the Blazers owe the Bobcats from the Gerald Wallace trade:

    If the Blazers’ pick is outside the top 12 in June, the Bobcats get that pick. (Portland’s 10-2 start suggests they’re a likely playoff team, which would definitely place the pick outside the top 12). If the pick doesn’t go to Charlotte in 2014, it’s again top-12 protected in 2015. After that, it’s unprotected.

    The pick the Pistons owe the Bobcats from the Ben Gordon-Corey Maggette trade:

    If the Pistons’ pick is outside the top eight in 2014, it goes to the Bobcats. If Detroit keeps the pick in ’14, then the Bobcats get the Pistons’ 2015 pick so long as it isn’t the No. 1 pick. If the Bobcats don’t get the pick in 2014 or ’15, then they get it unprotected in 2016.

    The pick the Bobcats owe the Bulls, from the Tyrus Thomas trade:

    The Bulls get Charlotte’s 2014 pick if it is outside the top 10. If the Bulls don’t get the ’14 pick, then Charlotte’s pick is top-eight protected in 2015. If Chicago hasn’t gotten Charlotte’s ’14 or ’15 pick, then the Bulls get the pick unprotected in 2016.

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I would think Detroit figures out how to not be a bottom 8 team. And Portland will make playoffs. As well as Bobcats. 1 pick goes to Bulls this year, and we get 2 mid first as well as our mid 2nd. Bobcats should address back up point guard with size and passing ability (Andrew Harrison) and let Sessions walk. Also try to get a SG who can come in and hit 3 and jump shots (Rodney Hood).

Big Al/Bismack

Posted by: RobertKatz | Nov 23, 2013 6:38:36 PM

Purple and Teal baby! Here we go.

Posted by: Tim | Nov 23, 2013 8:11:16 PM

Some people are higher than I am on the job Cho has done. I think he has put us in a position to play ourselves OUT of the sweepstakes at the top of the 2014 draft. The last draft with this level of talent was 2003. The next will be another 10 years from now. There are two, maybe 4 guys on this roster who have not hit their ceiling: MKG, Biz, Taylor and Zeller. In my view, Kemba and Hendo need to be traded, they aren't good enough to start for a championship squad.

Its early, so we still have plenty of time to get worse, but with the Kings, Jazz, Celtics, Bucks all tanking hard, we may be on the outside looking in and lets be honest, Cho isn't good enough to score a Michael Carter Williams type with a middle round pick.

Posted by: Dave | Nov 23, 2013 8:36:23 PM

I liked everything (almost) that he did until the Jefferson signing which I really don't see helping us become a contender.

That said, all of this information is easily available with simple google search. Baffling how someone can handle email and can't type the words "draft picks owed" into google and read the first result.

I hate dumb people. Thanks for dumbing down the news Bonnell.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 24, 2013 9:58:41 AM

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