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November 01, 2013

Pelicans unveil world's creepiest mascot

  Pelicansmascot The traditional role of a team mascot is something all warm and cuddly that little kids want to hug.

     The New Orleans Pelicans struck out a different path this week: A mascot apparently designed to terrify young and old alike.

       Have you seen “Pierre?” The Pelicans unveiled him recently.  He resembles The Joker from the Batman movie: Not the goofy way Jack Nicholson played The Joker, but the homicidal maniac Heath Ledger portrayed in the Dark Knight.

     The Bobcats travel to New Orleans to face the Pelicans on Saturday night, and the creepy new mascot will be there. 

     Thankfully for the Bring Back The Buzz folks, it's too late for the franchise to turn back on the Hornets nickname -- no matter how this new one works out. 

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new orleans will find a way to make this cool in about 2 years.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 1, 2013 5:18:23 PM

This is a righteous mascot, as it reminds one of the San Diego Chicken.

Quit complaining...Charlotte is getting the Hornets name back, so really, who cares about New Orleans.

Posted by: Armanti Edwards is the QBrowns new QB | Nov 1, 2013 8:32:07 PM

not too bad actually.

Posted by: Dshtg!! | Nov 2, 2013 8:03:36 AM

anybody in the arena last night feel like they owe zeller and mkg and biz apologies for all the BS and draft night booing?

that is a YOUNG front line that can play. zeller is going to be dope.

only change apparent from dunlap to clifford is personality. offensive scheme is similar albeit he doesn't have zeller stepping out too far, but a ton of drag screens, side pick and rolls, high post action. and a green light to the transition game which is going to be our strength permanently with guys like walker/taylor/mkg/zeller/biz.

last night was insanely valuable. if you told me jefferson wasn't going to play, mcroberts wouldn't score, henderson would go 2 for 10 and we would win.....i probably would have assumed that walker went for 50.

instead we got a little from everybody, walker led the way, but MKG and biz had great games, taylor and zeller brought fire off the bench along with sessions. adrien gave you energy.....mcroberts 8 assists officially making him new diaw (except because he has a beard it makes him look hard working so nobody will call him lazy when he does EXACTLY what diaw did for years).

good game. lot of empty seats for a home opener though. i wish we had more fans that actually liked basketball and not the mascots and uniforms.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 2, 2013 10:52:35 AM

Really like this young group. What people fail to realize is that non of them have to develop into stars. Would be nice but with more picks, and 20 million to spend next year, they can build around the ones they like through free agency or trades once they determine how the players they have will fit. There is more than one way to build a team. They are positioned nicely. By next year they will be pretty good. Still. Don't think they win more than 30 this year, but that is fine,

Posted by: David | Nov 2, 2013 12:38:56 PM

Biz is improving. perfect form on that face up jumper he hit. That shot would take his game to another level.. I was most impressed with his D. His double teams took the ball out of Kyries hands in the 4th. They don't win without that and there are very few centers with the length, agility and ability to recover to his man to do that. Something most people won't notice. One other note. Clifford had a great game plan to defend Irving in the 4th and the team executed very well. On the other side, Mike Brown did not respond very well.

Posted by: BBall Expert | Nov 2, 2013 12:49:48 PM

This victory started with great defense. This comes down to team work, great effort, and covering (for most of the time) both the interior and the perimeter in a way I can't remember in many past games through the years (not just last season). You get this quality of defense only by working hard, and working together.

As compared to the Houston game, the biggest difference was being able to recover last night after a poor start of the fourth quarter, and have a strong finish (even though the Cavs tightened their defense down the stretch) - while in Houston the last 9 minutes were a total collapse for the Cats.

See this: in Houston, with 9 minutes to go, we were down 68-72, last night we were up 76-73. Close and undecided yet (at that time mark) both times, and about the SAME DEFENSIVE performance for 39 minutes!

But in Houston the Cats allowed 24 points in the last 9 minutes, vs. just 11 points in 9 minutes to the Cavs. Toughening up down the stretch made a huge difference.

What do you do in offense when you don't have a post-up game and the 3 point shooting is weak? You get your points in transition, pick and rolls, good ball movement, and drive, drive, drive (for which we have the right players).

Our defense is ahead of our offense at this point, but I liked the team work at both ends of the floor.

Kemba had an outstanding night, Josh McR continues being a great asset (just like late last season), MKG and Biz were very good too.

So glad to see Jeff Adrien back in the mix.
A hustler, a rugged fighter in defense and offense, and a hungry young man too: he must make sure his contract becomes guaranteed.
With his great work ethics and toughness, he has to be a keeper.

Posted by: Sandy | Nov 2, 2013 2:10:56 PM

Since I made the comparison in points allowed down the stretch in these two games, I'll add to it the comparison of our scoring in the same interval: 15 points in the last 9 minutes in Houston, 14 points in the last 9 minutes against the Cavs! This, seen together with the previous points, only emphasizes how our defense won the game. And the toughness down the stretch shows this young team taking steps ahead in the mental aspect of the game too, from one game to the next one!

Posted by: Sandy | Nov 2, 2013 2:24:21 PM

getting thompson in foul trouble had A LOT to do with it too. once he was out, you could double team irving and make c.j. miles beat you (which he nearly did).

all those rebounding fouls add up. battling in there even when you aren't getting the boards pays dividends.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 2, 2013 5:59:57 PM

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