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December 11, 2013

Bobcats' Steve Clifford on Chris Douglas-Roberts: "Toughness, experience...We needed someone who could compete in a game as needed"

Rookie James Southerland did nothing to disappoint the Charlotte Bobcats. He just wasn’t ready to play now, and that’s what the Bobcats need.

            Bobcats coach Steve Clifford confirmed at morning shootaround what the Observer and other media outlets reported overnight: That the Bobcats are waiving Southerland to bring in Chris Douglas-Roberts, a 6-7 swingman with over 160 games of NBA experience.

            Douglas-Roberts is averaging 18.7 points this season for the Texas Legends, a development-league team run by the Dallas Mavericks. He has 161 games in the NBA since the 2008-09 season, playing stints with the Nets, Bucks and Mavericks.

            In his NBA career, Douglas-Roberts has averaged 7.5 points, shooting 44 percent from the field and 28 percent from 3-point range.

            Injuries have beset the Bobcats at the small forward position. They lost starter Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to a broken hand last week that will keep him out 4-6 weeks.  Jeff Taylor missed the victory Monday over the Golden State Warriors with a heel injury, but is expected to play tonight against the Orlando Magic.

            Those injury concerns were at the base of the Bobcats moving toward veteran Douglas-Roberts with the 15th roster spot.

            “He has toughness and experience,” said Clifford, who worked with Douglas-Roberts as a Los Angeles Lakers assistant in training camp last fall. “We needed someone who could compete in a game as needed. He can do that.”

            Since the Bobcats were already at the NBA maximum 15 players, someone had to be waived for the team to sign Douglas-Roberts. Southerland, who went undrafted last June, was the logical choice if he wasn’t ready to play and wasn’t owed any guaranteed money.

            But Clifford emphasized this decision doesn’t reflect negatively on Southerland at all.

            “He was brought in as a developmental player. We like him a lot,” Clifford said. “Nothing he did he could have done better. We just needed someone more ready to play.”

            -- On the injury front, Clifford expects Taylor will play tonight, but the Bobcats will have to closely monitor how his left foot is feeling, relative to how many minutes he can put in tonight against the Magic.

            Center Bismack Biyombo (right ankle sprain) won’t play against the Magic, but Clifford said he’s hopeful Biyombo will be available Friday night for the road game against the East-leading Indiana Pacers.

            -- Tonight is the Bobcats’ first chance to win a game this season within the Southeast Division. The Bobcats are 0-3 (two losses to the Miami Heat, one to the Atlanta Hawks) so far.

            The Magic has been dreadful of late, on a six-game losing streak. One interesting side note tonight is the mini-reunion of rookies Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo, Indiana teammates who went top-four in June’s draft.

            Oladipo starts at shooting guard for the Magic, averaging 13.6 points and 4.6 rebounds. Zeller is the backup power forward for the Bobcats, averaging 5.0 points and 4.1 rebounds.

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Trade that needs to happen: Arron Afflalo and Jameer Nelson for Ben Gordon, Sessions, and Haywood.

I think this trade should be reviewed later in the season. If Henderson slips in his offense at all, I think Afflalo would be good for us because he is a top 10 shooter so far this year- he could actually make 3s and take advantage of Big Al's spacing. Yeah you take on Jameer Nelson's expensive contract next year, but we actually need money on our roster since Kemba's big contract and possibly Jeff Taylor and Bismack wont be resigned until the following year (Hornets year 2). Nelson would also bring a much needed 3 point shot off the bench, as well as an increase in assist.

This deal is good because it only ties us to Nelson for 1 extra year, while getting a top SG on a cheap contract. We address scoring, shooting, and passing, and their age and experience blends in nicely with the current roster.

Posted by: RobertKatz | Dec 11, 2013 12:17:53 PM

^^^ you're gonna blow your load over nelson and afflalo? afflalo and henderson are the exact same guy. henderson is more of an athlete and afflalo more of a shooter, but ability is almost entirely comparable.

we would be giving up our trade chips and our cap room for that. not at all a good move. and i say that as a fan of both nelson and afflalo.

and orlando isn't doing the deal either. that's not much of a win for them.....they have cap room next year with or without those 2. they can definitely afford to wait on trading both until they get a more attractive offer.

we should be packaging those 3 guys for a homerun move, not for a lateral move.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 11, 2013 12:55:21 PM


this is required reading for all the people who post on here.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 11, 2013 1:04:40 PM

I seen this coming, wish we could have got a player like josh howard who is in the d league but this is not a bad signing either.

Posted by: tre'4boi | Dec 11, 2013 1:51:08 PM

josh howard would be sitting right next to haywood and mkg after about a week.

I love that dude's game but we need a younger guy with a chip on his shoulder. CDR fits the bill perfectly. turns 27 in january as opposed to howard being 33. dude could be around a few years if he proves worthy. we need to be rolling the dice trying to find some diamonds in the rough.


i'm just saying.....

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 11, 2013 2:30:28 PM


Don't bother; they won't get it even if it's spoon-fed to them via ESPN…..

Posted by: Downtown Sports | Dec 11, 2013 2:34:51 PM

The players that the Cats need to get rid of are Henderson, Taylor and Sessions. All 3 are over rated. Henderson is a waste of time and money and barely can hit the broad side of building unless it is moved closer to him. Taylor and Sessions are not only ball hogs but cannot play any defense. If Cody continues with his inconsisten play then he should be traded as well for a quality big. The Cats are moving in the right direction but they need to get over the hump and get some help for Kemba and Big Al.

Posted by: Kevin | Dec 11, 2013 3:10:31 PM

Far from "blowing the load"... Bobcats have about 40MIL guaranteed to 8 players next season.... Detroit and Portland picks will add on 2-3 MIL... and they will sign 3 or 4 Tolliver/Pargo like players for 3rd string- 1 MIL each... Basically they can sport a 2014-15 Hornets team for under 45 mil. The cap is 58... Afflalo + Nelson = 60 Mil (which is their current cap hit). Both players leave after the 2014-15 season (Nelson's contract expires and Afflalo declines player option for more money). How is that blowing the load and not upgrading (Afflalo is shooting 43% from 3 to Henderson's 25%). Nelson can shoot 3 and pass better than Sessions. And you act as though Henderson would be leaving...

Big Al/Biz

Posted by: RobertKatz | Dec 11, 2013 3:43:54 PM

We have to spend money next season with 18 mil expiring in Gordon and Sessions. But we can only spend it on 1 season and not long term, as Walker and the young core will look for long term deals starting this summer. Afflalo and Nelson would be scoring upgrades to help our playoff run this year and next... while also allowing us to pay our draft picks in the future.

Posted by: RobertKatz | Dec 11, 2013 3:54:17 PM

kevin you've been disqualified from the conversation. pack your keyboard.


i don't see afflalo and nelson as major upgrades. over gordon and sessions? absolutely. but compared to what COULD be coming of 15 million in cap space? no. compared to henderson and walker? no - mostly because of the age difference there's less longevity in that duo. and you don't spend that kind of money on bench players. that deal only makes sense at the deadline if NOTHING is there, we're CLEARLY playoff bound, and turner, monroe, stephenson are CLEARLY staying put.

and even then, i would rather keep the cap flexibility. we do not HAVE to spend all of the cap room. cap floor is 53 million.

nelson's deal is a 1 year team option that I believe has something like 2 or 3 million of the 8 million for 14/15 guaranteed. so he could become a valuable salary dump weapon over the summer depending on when his deal becomes fully guaranteed. afflalo is under contract for 2 more years after this one. absolutely no reason you bring him in unless henderson is going out in another deal bringing back something major.

would much rather have evan turner or overpay lance stephenson than afflalo/nelson. afflalo and nelson is just solidifying out middle-bottom playoff seeding. we need to be making a big move that could put us up towards top half of the bracket. i think stephenson is way to mercurial to be a go-to franchise guy, but he and MKG might be as perfect a duo as he and paul george are. the talent he has is undeniable, but indiana is going to give him every penny they can make available under the tax.

if we aren't making a homerun deal, we should be using that cap room to accumulate more assets to later make a homerun deal. and orlando isn't sending us picks in that deal. if they even did it at all. keep in mind jameer nelson is BIG in orlando having been drafted there in 2004 and never having left.

gordon, taylor and a pick for turner and richardson is way bigger move. i'd throw in both of the detroit and portland picks to get a guy like turner if that's what it takes. the odds are against landing a guy of that caliber from 15 back in any draft.

if afflalo was on a 1 year deal it would make way more sense. but walker and biz and taylor are all up for new deals after next season. the only one that might not get a raise is biz. walker will get ATLEAST a few million bump and taylor will too.

assuming we gave a total of 13 a year to taylor/walker/biz, and jefferson and henderson both opt in, zeller, mkg....we'll have 50.75 million committed to 8 players including afflalo's 7.75. and without mcroberts or any other 4 man to play behind zeller. no backup pg. and that's assuming walker/biz/taylor don't command more money. even if the cap is 65 million and the tax is 75, that leaves us a smaller window to maneuver during the years we're supposed to be contending.

now if we could talk detroit into the idea that smith should play the 4 and they should move monroe NOW......and we had to give up henderson and some picks to get him......then I would love the deal. but paying a combined 13.75 million a year for 2 mid level shooting guards doesn't strike me as necessary or efficient at all. not a recipe for contention either. unless you're indiana who can afford to have a max contract wear a suit every year and still contend.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 11, 2013 5:03:58 PM

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