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January 23, 2014

Kevin Durant says Stephen Curry is the 'best shooter to ever play'

Kevin Durant has scored 30 points or more in 13 of his past 15 games.

In the month of January, he’s averaging 36.9 points per game on 52.4 percent shooting as Oklahoma City has shot to the top of the Western Conference standings.

While Durant is in the discussion for being the best scorer in the NBA, he’s not even putting himself in the conversation of best shooter in the league.

That goes to Charlotte native and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry.


Not just in the league, Durant said. In the game ever.

Curry is averaging 23.5 points per game—the most of his career—on 44.2 percent shooting. His 128 made 3-pointers this season is third-best in the league after he set a single-season NBA record last year with 272 3-pointers.

We’ll see later tonight if Curry joins Durant as a starter on the West in this year’s All-Star Game when the rosters are announced at 7 p.m. on TNT.

--Jonathan Jones


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who else is even in the conversation? dirk, allen, miller, ellis, nash, peja? maybe mullin?

rashard lewis is super sneakily at number 7 all time in 3 point makes with like a 38 or 39% career average. and dude is only 34.

kevin durant is so much better overall than lebron talent wise.....just lacks the physical build. If lebron shot like durant did, nobody would ever question who the greatest ever was. But he doesn't, so jordan remains the standard.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 23, 2014 3:04:53 PM

"kevin durant is so much better overall than lebron talent wise.....just lacks the physical build"

Not so fast, my friend. KD is great; LBJ is a one in a lifetime player. KD doesn't have the skillset of LBJ. I love KD's game, and agree with Stephen Smith in that he will be the greatest scorer to ever play. However, LBJ has a natural multifaceted game that KD - and every other player - work yearly to get.

Posted by: charlottean too | Jan 23, 2014 3:59:52 PM

lebron gets by on physicality. every skill he has - passing, ball handling, shooting, fearless finishing - durant has and is better at most. The difference both offensively and defensively is the extra 50 or 60 pounds of muscle that lebron has.

KD is absolutely once in a lifetime. the guy is on pace for like 25,000 points at age 30. lebron might get that too, but he also has an extra season under his belt where durant had to go to texas for the year.

shooting leans KD's way, assists leans lebron's. rebounds and steals and blocks are all neck and neck.

all i'm saying is that if they switched bodies but kept the skills......280 pound durant is the greatest player to ever play no question. just like the real lebron, if he could shoot like durant, would no doubt be the GOAT. there's nothing 2nd tier about durant. we're talking magic vs. bird here, not jordan vs. drexler or something. there's a reason durant's teams have been in contention with half the payroll of lebron's teams.

and you don't see all the rashard lewises and shane battiers and ray allens and michael beasleys and others playing for the minimum in OKC. it helps when you're passing to those guys instead of a young jeremy lamb and steven adams or old derek fisher and nick collison.

and durant has a fraction of the ego and foolishness that comes with lebron.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 23, 2014 4:39:34 PM

Obviously Durant is too young to remember Minut Bol's stroke from behind the arc

Posted by: Minut | Jan 23, 2014 8:52:40 PM

Boob's on cusp of 3-0 record A.K.... (after kemba)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 24, 2014 7:13:16 PM

Steve Clifford is an idiot!! Carmelo just scored 62 on the Bobcats. You think the Bobcats would double team Carmelo and get the ball out of his hands. The Bobcats once again have hire a bad coach!!!!!

Posted by: jon | Jan 24, 2014 10:11:38 PM

Another WORST IN NBA HISTORY record for the Boob's!!

No NBA team has EVER given up more points to a single player in the history of Madison Square Garden! EVER!!

Stand proud Your Minimumness...

PS...occurs to me Air Min was personal leader of the best ever, and worst ever, team totals for an NBA season. Oh how the mighty have fallen...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 24, 2014 10:11:44 PM

While MKG was getting roasted by Carmelo, Andre Drummond was scoring 21 points and grabbing 20 rebounds for the Pistons. The Bobcats needed a rebounding/rim protector and they had the chance to draft him, but instead they draft MKG who is still smoldering from being burned by Carmelo. To me that is as stupid as drafting Kwame Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: jon | Jan 24, 2014 11:08:22 PM

Good point jon.

I was thinking about our "defensive stopper"...

...there's a youtube video floating around out there of M-CSS-KG supposedly putting the brakes on Melo -- well I guess that vid needs an update!

(btw, I think Melo is a bum, wish MKG had shut him down)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 24, 2014 11:59:15 PM

andre drummond is a stud no doubt......but he also averages 12.6 and 12.6. biyombo could do that if given the effing minutes.

and drummond did that against an NO frontline consisting of alexis ajinca (1st half only), greg stiemmsma, and jeff withey.

mkg played 18 minutes, melo played 31. part of the possessions mkg was on the floor, tolliver/mcroberts were attempting to guard him because MKG had fouls. it wasn't pretty but melo does average 25 a game for his career. it's not like mkg was getting ate up by a scrub.

and the problems with MKG have way more to do with the problems of our franchise than he specifically. if we drafted drummond and mkg went to detroit, their roles would reverse. we consistently draft great talent and squander it.

could you imagine what ajinca would be if he had been developed properly? he would be like javale mcgee with a wet jumper, less the shaq'tin a fool ish.

could you imagine augustin right now if we had given him the green light and the keys to the car from day one?! dude would be top 10 if not top 5 pg. the guy is killing it for chicago right now.

our franchise lacks any sort of plan on player development and it continues to be the reason why we go nowhere. over and over and over and over. biz is having a heck of a season for a 21 year old big man but is he getting the minutes necessary to actually grow into a stud big man like drummond? nope.

the draft is like a multiple choice test. you can know your ish thorough and get a few wrong because it's designed to trip you up. and you can be absolutely flat out incompetent and get a few right. that's the draft. it's not who we're picking that is the problem. it's what happens after. lessor talents are becoming more successful because they are put in better positions to develop.

mkg is an absolute stud talent at age 20. anybody that knows basketball knows that dude can play ball. you just see the scoring stats and think the kid can't score.

you ever think what he would do if the ball went through him? he's the 5th option in our offense. he should be the 1st. he's the most talented guy on our roster. it's not even close. he's the FIFTH YOUNGEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE. drummond is right there with him age wise no doubt........but who else? MCW is like 3 years older than MKG.

they gotta give these kids the room to grow. tolliver/pargo/sessions/jefferson/mcroberts/haywood/CDR/etc. are not going anywhere. they aren't winning anybody any playoff games let alone championships. all they are doing is wasting valuable playing time and killing our draft stock.

and the organization continues to go nowhere slowly. anybody seen the schedule lately? we might be staring down 10+ losses in a row or close to it. no way we go .500 over the next 18. the only games we SHOULD win of the bunch are NO and CLE. so if we finish with a 30 win season and none of our young guys got better, what exactly did clifford accomplish this year? trying to win when he didn't have the horses and failing to train the ones he actually has? it's just disgusting and exhausting to watch this level of incompetence over and over and over. our record is in no way indicative of how bad this franchise is (the worst).

cleveland has a young franchise guy (who they may or may not keep). new orleans too. milwaukee has a top 4 pick coming and the youngest player in the league who looks like poor man's durant + brandon knight and larry sanders and john henson. boston has rondo, ainge, cap room, picks, sullinger, olynk and a bunch a other dudes that probably won't be there next year. orlando has what we SHOULD have. an entire starting 5 gaining experience playing together plus a sneaky stud in moe harkless coming off the bench. plus another top 6 draft pick coming in. sacramento has cousins, thomas, mclemore, williams (if they decide to use him), another top pick coming in. lakers have found gold in kendall marshall (go ahead and label him d'antoni's new steve nash) to go with kobe, pau who is probably coming back for a discount, and a top pick and some cap room. insane. philly? philly has top pick coming in, rookie of the year, MAJOR trade assets in their veterans, tony wroten absolutely overachieving, nerlens noel sitting out the season before possibly winning rookie of the year next year, ? mark about turner but they have A LOT of pieces.

even utah has hayward and burke and favors and they are PLAYING their young guys. all of these so-called worse teams will be better than we will next year barring significant changes.

dunlap was the right coach for this team and they fired him because he made tyrus thomas and ben gordon work too hard. are you effing kidding me MJ? rod higgins owes this city an indefinite amount of damages for pain and suffering caused by his idiotic decision making if you can even call it that. effing incompetent clowns. you can't have an executive that probably struggled to break 1000 on the SATs if he even did (someone please find out). he's getting killed by all the smart kids.

nowhere slow.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 25, 2014 12:17:05 AM

"dunlap was the right coach for this team and they fired him because he made tyrus thomas and ben gordon work too hard. are you effing kidding me MJ? rod higgins owes this city an indefinite amount of damages for pain and suffering caused by his idiotic decision making if you can even call it that. effing incompetent clowns. you can't have an executive that probably struggled to break 1000 on the SATs if he even did (someone please find out). he's getting killed by all the smart kids."

Wait a minute... I thought there was a new sheriff in town named Cho the Great?

Is this not the case? Cho-pet isn't large & in charge?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 25, 2014 4:18:58 AM

I thought the Bobcats were on the verge of 3-0 without Kemba? Is this not the case?...LOL. Dude was hating if they won and now hating when they lose. The ultimate Hating Hater.

Posted by: Key | Jan 25, 2014 7:00:38 AM

The team is not good. Worse yet, they are team that is playing veterans that are not good. A rebuilding team has to play its young talent. That is as basic as it gets. Would love to know how that happens. Who makes that call over there? Can't be the coach. No first year coach on a bad team should have that kind of power. No way it is MJ. I refuse to believe he would be on the phone saying we have to play McRoberts. Doesn't make sense.

I do agree with Charlottean somewhat around development. It would be almost impossible to miss on that many picks. You would be more right with a dart board. It has to have something to do having no idea how to handle player development. I think they are actually in the middle. Poor scouting and poor player development. A daily double of death for a NBA team.

Really sad. When this team does anything you start to see the excitement in town. Too bad they can't just find and commit to some young players to get behind.

Posted by: David | Jan 25, 2014 7:13:31 AM

Clifford should be fired for never doubling , trapping or fronting Melo to get ball out of his hands . You make the others beat you from the start who could never shoot like that . He embarrassed Mkg .

Posted by: Iron man | Jan 25, 2014 7:59:08 AM

Sadly, Clifford lacks any type of in game adjustments. It is ridiculous for them to lose to the Knicks by so much after beating them about a week ago.

This franchise has no plan. Cho is an idiot who doesn't know how to put together players on a basketball team. Probably because he never played. He would be better off teaching Physics in college or something.

And when is Higgins EVER going to be fired or held accountable?? Coach after coach, plan after plan, but Higgins remains.

Posted by: D.W.G. | Jan 25, 2014 8:14:04 AM

Higgins is the constant here. Who has he ever drafted? Where has he won? He is responsible for putting the plan in place to develop players. Where is it? The guy put his son on the team for Christ sake. What was that like for a rookie coach trying to develop a team. That is reprenehensible. Sticking him with your son. Dunlap was set up to fail.

I have never ever seen someone do their job so poorly and keep it. Seriously. Maybe in the history of professional sports. I was thinking about keeping my tickets for the first year of the Hornets, but forget it. I have been to some season ticket events when Higgins was present. Not good not good at all. I thought putting him with Cho could help, so I stuck it out for a while. I guess not.

Where is the young talent? Why do these guys not play? Every team is playing them except us. Do we know something they don't? I would not bet on that. I would rather see Cody and Biz play instead of a bunch of guys that have already hit their ceiling and will never be here in 2 years any way. By the way, has this team ever heard of the D League? Every one else seems to have. Either calling us up of playing them there. Ridiculous.

Either rebuild or don't. Either way. I don't care any more.

Posted by: Henry | Jan 25, 2014 8:53:42 AM

Anyone that wants to get a fire Higgins billboard. Count me in. Just let me know where to sign up.

Posted by: Scott | Jan 25, 2014 9:08:40 AM

Higgins has been with the team since 2007. He has had one winning season and has never drafted an all-star. Not sure you can do much worse than that. The only thing he appears to be good at is keeping his job. Must be some skill in that when you look at his record.

Posted by: T | Jan 25, 2014 9:19:39 AM

"I thought the Bobcats were on the verge of 3-0 without Kemba? Is this not the case?...LOL."

Another slurper who can't recognize even the simplest of facts, even when it's served up to him on a platter. This is exactly the type of person Air Min's we'll serve you turd and you'll like strategy is built upon. Sad.

David, all joking aside, who do you think is making that call? Someone is, who?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 25, 2014 9:39:06 AM

So you were insulting Kemba because you felt the Bobcats were about to go 3-0 without him. Then they lose so you rip the Bobcats instead. You really don't see the irony there?

I guess Kemba means more to the team than you thought? No wait. It means the team is not as good without him? Hold on....can't say that. Oops...hold on...I mean...

Never mind. The Boobcats just suck. Hilarious.

Posted by: Wierd Al. | Jan 25, 2014 9:56:24 AM

what? because we beat the clippers without paul and toronto? that's something to write home about? we're 19-26 in a year where several teams are trying NOT to win and we ARE trying. that's worse than 19-26 last year.

cho has value, if only because SOMEHOW there have been no idiotic trades since he has been around. there has been the jefferson signing and the dunlap/clifford fiasco. but those are far more reasonable eff ups than the dampier or diop trades. i didn't like how cho handled augustin's situation either.

i'm just tired of fans being led to believe that guys like mkg, biz, cody and others can't play. these guys are 21 and under.....all of them are/were elite prospects. ELITE. there were teams in the top 5 tempted to take biyombo. there's a reason. big guys like him aren't easy to find. there are not 5 biyombo's in the d-league right now. there are not 5 biyombo's in europe right now. i don't even think there's more than 1 in either. the guy is 21.

guys don't become mcdonald's all-american's on accident. ap all americans as freshmen on accident. these guys can play and would be having a ton of success on other teams right now. what dunlap did for kemba last year is what should have happened for mkg and biz and zeller. and would have if we had kept the guy that did his job.

we hired the assistant who couldn't help get any success out of a kobe/pau/artest/howard/nash lineup. they're having almost the same kind of year with just pau and kendall marshall right now. and marshall is a great example of a guy who wasn't given a chance by phoenix or washington and can CLEARLY play. as in....he's probably playing in the rookie/sophomore game at all-star weekend now. that's what happens when guys get matched with a coach that believes in them. danny green with popovich. lin with whoever it was in ny (woodson or d'antoni?) stephenson with vogel. etc etc etc

mkg is a stud prospect. anybody that doesn't see that, doesn't know basketball.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 25, 2014 10:03:50 AM

Ultimately the owner of every team is responsible. However even a marginal owner can get by with the right management. All signs here point to Higgins. He has been the constant since day one and has only taken on a more prominent role. I may be influenced by the previous posts, but it does seem pretty obvious. No way Jordan is managing things like minutes of young players. Not many would. Higgins job is to create the basketball strategy. He is either is not doing it or not doing it well. Every owner exerts influence and some are better than others. But you don't fire the owner. You would think he would at least want to try a different approach when this one has not worked for so long.

I like the fire Higgins billboard idea.

Posted by: David | Jan 25, 2014 10:04:44 AM

I agree with Iron Man. Clifford should be fired for not doubling Carmelo and getting the ball out his hands. Carmelo had ZERO assists because the Bobcats never made him pass the ball. MAKE SOMEONE ELSE BEAT YOU!!!

Posted by: jon | Jan 25, 2014 11:46:24 AM

in both the defenders and the coaches defense......melo was hitting anything and everything. dude was taking tough shots. there's not a whole lot of scheme you can do to stop that. you can try to double, but you can't double the guy when he doesn't have the ball. dude wasn't getting open looks, he was just ON.

doesn't change the fact that clifford needs to be fired though. problem is......we're firing way too many coaches. but this dude is crazy dumb.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 25, 2014 3:30:27 PM

A superstar torched the Cats in his best career game, and some fans can’t stop wailing and whining.
Melo was unstoppable in this game, no matter what you tried to do. He kept making tough contested shots.

At 19-27, the Bobcats don't count as one of the good teams in this league.
But they are a better team than last season.
After 46 games, they were 11-35 last season. They are a better team because the roster was improved, and they have a better coach. When I read the "fire Clifford" calls, I didn't know what to do first: laugh or throw up.

The Bobcats took Miami into overtime, beat the Raptors (at that time, one of only 4 Eastern teams with a winning record), and beat the Clippers. Poor Clippers, they were missing their starting PG… But the other team on the floor was also missing its starting PG, so such excuses are not needed.
Right after losing in Charlotte, the Paul-less Clippers went on to beat the Raptors and the Bulls, in road games. I don’t think they care about any excuses, they prove that they are still a good, winning team.

Last season, the Bobcats defense was laughable. Throughout the season, I posted critical comments on Dunlap's very simple, to the point of being naive, defensive schemes; I wasn't the only one to notice the defensive failures.

Last season, the Bobcats' defense was 29th in the league in points allowed (102.7 ppg), and tied 26-27th in FG percentage allowed (.471).
This season, for defense the Bobcats rank among the top 10 in the NBA.
They are 6th in the NBA in points allowed (97.3 ppg), and tied 8-9 in FG percentage allowed (.446).

I don't know how warped minded anyone could be in order to deny the big improvement in defense (chill charlottean, I know that‘s not you; they know who they are, some of them posted above).

But congratulations anyway to the fans who know better than Steve Clifford how defense should be played, and who feel it's very important to post their wise advice on how to run our defense.

I'd rather agree with several NBA coaches who have been praising coach Clifford for his defensive schemes, which account for this team much improved defense this season. Better conception and organization of the team work in defense, this is what brought it to a higher level this season.

- - -

D.J. Augustin plays at the level we see now precisely because the Bobcats developed him, especially in the two seasons when he was the starting PG.
After leaving this team, he played in two teams where he wasn’t given the same opportunity, and where he didn’t do much, and this season Chicago gives him again this opportunity to start only because Rose and Hinrich are injured. That’s why he got to start in just 6 games for the Bulls.

They did nothing to develop him; he’s already in his 6th NBA season. The Bulls reap the fruits of his development in Charlotte. His best career season remains, so far, the third ('10-’11): 14.4 ppg, 6.1 apg.

There is one very noticeable difference between how DJ was in Charlotte, and how he is now. Growing a little older, he matured, and he gained in confidence.
His lack of confidence was the worst thing about him while he was here, and I’m really glad to see how he got better in this regard. This is an important change, and it can turn him into a better player. So, it can be argued whether we should’ve done more to keep him. Maybe, it’s debatable, it’s easy to talk now, in hindsight. But the Bobcats did develop him as a player.

Posted by: Sandy | Jan 26, 2014 2:02:29 AM

What incentive does a player like Kemba have to stick around this dump of a franchise?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 26, 2014 2:13:16 AM

On our young lottery picks, our supposed "elite talent" is far from being all that.

Evidently, we’re missing Kemba. Evidently, he’s one of our two best players.
But, he might, or might not, be our “point guard of the future”. He’s not a ball hog, but he certainly has the “shoot first” instinct. He only averages 4.4 apg this season. But, in the last 10 games he played, he averaged 7.3 apg, which was good (and, it was a result of learning to play with Jefferson).

If we bring other high caliber scorers in this team, then we’ll need to see how Kemba will adjust his game, to become a facilitator first.
As long as this doesn’t happen, his scoring ability is badly needed by this team.

Just like Kemba, Hendo is given every opportunity to succeed. In fact, it looks like he reached his ceiling.
I think he’s talented enough to average 17-18 ppg (not 15.2, as he does now).
What holds him back has to do with the mental aspect of the game only. I posted this before, when Hendo played under our previous coaches: he’s not a great competitor, his desire to win is not strong enough.

I never said he has NO competitive fire. But I said it through the years, and I have to say it again: his competitive fire is not at the level needed to propel him to a higher degree of success.

Last season, before the All-Star break he averaged 12.5 ppg. In the last 27 games of the season (that’s quite a long stretch), a “miracle” happened: Hendo remembered that this is contract year, that “judgment day” (for his contract renewal) is approaching, and he went up to 19.3 ppg in that last stretch! That’s huge, his scoring went up by more than 50%.
Don’t expect to see THAT Hendo again this season. Wait for his next contract year. Or, maybe, don’t wait, and find a more fiery competitor as a starting SG before that.

Just last night, against the Bulls, with Kemba out, his scoring was so needed. Hendo played 37 minutes and scored 11 points.

More important, with just 4 minutes left in the game, Gerald Henderson was at 5 points! When he came back to life, it was too late - he scored 6 points in just 4 minutes; in those minutes, he wasn’t bothered at all by AJ great offensive game (and the offense going a lot through him), he just FINALLY wanted to add his scoring to AJ’s. Where (and when...) there is a will, there is a way...

MKG plays great defense. He showed that even against LeBron and Carmelo, even those two were simply unstoppable. But he’s really “offensively challenged“. I know he’s only 21. I don’t think he reached his ceiling; but that’s not a very high ceiling, regarding offense.
You know something about wing players’ offensive talent since college, and then since their pro beginnings; you see the talent at those stages - IF it is there.

Evidently MKG is given the chance to be a starter. Both last season and this one confirm what was known about him since he played for Kentucky: his potential in defense and rebounding is way above his offensive potential. Again, I expect him to become better in offense, but estimating a ceiling of about 14-15 ppg (season averages) seems not only fair to him, but rather optimistic.

About Cody, I don’t want to repeat what I already posted (on his performance and his strength). Only added years, not added minutes NOW, will show if he can live up to the high expectations from him - based on his skills and athleticism.
I certainly hope he will fully justify being the 4th pick overall, but at this point Josh McRoberts is the better player at PF. We’ll see, in the next seasons. At this point, any more talk about Cody is treading water.

Biz is the one and only young Bobcat who needs more playing time than he’s given. Not a whole lot more, but definitely several minutes more than he usually gets lately.
An “elite” talent, he is only for shot blocking and rebounding.
He is so obviously limited offensively.

But, earlier in the season, when he was playing more, he showed overall improvement compared to the previous season. Not anymore, since his PT has been decreasing. It’s tough finding minutes for him, when Big Al plays at the level we see.

Still 1. I don’t believe in overloading playing time and the scoring responsibility on one player as much as it’s done now with Al,
2. If Al played again about 33 mpg (like he did earlier in the season), then you could use him intensively per time played, at both ends of the floor, and Biz could contribute more in his areas of strength and
3. It’s possible to play them together limited minutes, and I can think of several types of play that can be run by using both of them together (unlike others, I’m not gonna go into any detail, because I can’t believe the coaching staff can’t see those ways of running offensive plays with both AJ and Biz on the floor).

Especially now, when we’re going into this road trip to the West (haters rejoice, a losing streak may be coming into your welcoming open arms!), I really hope Big Al’s minutes will go down from 38 per game, and Biz will get his chances to contribute.

Posted by: Sandy | Jan 26, 2014 2:35:04 AM

I just noticed a typo: MKG is 20, not 21. Sorry for the typo, the rest of my argument remains the same.

Posted by: Sandy | Jan 26, 2014 2:41:29 AM

haven't gotten to your 2nd post yet sandy but on the 1st......DJ was THIS guy as a rookie. he was THIS guy at texas. he had games like this his rookie year and at the beginning of his 2nd year. not many after that. we DE-veloped him. there's no way you can give our franchise any credit for his current success, that's just insane. as for clifford's credit on the improvement, i've said it before and i'll say it again.....scheme has a lot to do with it but i think the bigger issue was having mcroberts and zeller over mullens and warrick. less ben gordon. and early on when the numbers were insanely high.......there was a whole lot of taylor, mkg, and biyombo.

you can't possibly give clifford credit for improvement that came by having an improved roster (remember dunlap was carrying not only gordon but tyrus thomas and gana diop, too) and simultaneously ignore the improvement we had under dunlap while getting younger, not older. clifford went straight to the vets and we improved marginally. dunlap got that same kind of improvement out of getting younger and developing guys. there's way more merit there, i don't see how you don't get that.

I honestly think that dunlap was keeping things elementary defensively in year one to lay the foundation with the young guys to build on - not just ignoring the fact that we were getting lit up on the 3 point line every night. we weren't giving up layups last year like we are this year. shot charts are going to be misleading to this because of the decreased turnovers/transition buckets this year (a positive, no doubt caused by excessive posting up) but that was the one thing we emphasized last year and that got VERY strong once mullens departed the rotation.

on pace for 34 wins with a SIGNIFICANT increase in average age per minute played. if dunlap had been retained and we won 28ish games with a MILD increase in average age......that's more sustainable improvement. i don't know how you can't be on board with that logic. jefferson isn't getting better. he's playing great offense, horrible defense as he has his entire career. which is why his teams can't win. he can't guard 4s because he lacks athleticism and he can't protect the rim because he lacks athleticism and defensive instincts.

more people are frustrated with the overall direction than the strategy. the only strategy issue i have is not putting guys in a position to succeed except al and mcroberts. henderson deserves more credit for all of the adapting his game has done to all these coaching changes. absolutely impressive. posting al as much as we do and refusing to post cody or biz just doesn't make any sense at all to me. or anyone. you don't make the whole team suffer for the benefit of one guy's game unless that guy is the cornerstone and can carry you all the way and you build around him. that would require trading all of our young guys for spot up shooters.

the frustration is way more with higgins/cho/jordan whoever is responsible for the overall lack of direction and impatience and the constant indecisiveness displayed by this franchise. since 2004.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 26, 2014 8:15:40 AM

and your 2nd post.....

the last part about biz needing more time and al playing entirely too much, being entirely too much of everything and not netting positive results IS THE ENTIRE ARGUMENT AGAINST WHAT CLIFFORD IS DOING.

if jefferson was playing 28-30 and biz playing 18-20 every night, not only would the team be better this year and biz be getting better, but we would be preserving al's health/trade value and the team would be better positioned for next season which matters way more than this one.

and no......cody is light years ahead of mcroberts. the experience factor is the only thing leaning mcroberts way besides maybe passing. you give zeller the playing time now and he's A BIG IMPROVEMENT over josh for next season. if we don't......it might be the same situation next year.

you gotta eat your vegetables sometime. these guys just keep thinking it's all about eating cake and get disappointed when the results aren't positive.

henderson's burst last year had way more to do with getting comfortable with ANOTHER offense and with mullens leaving the rotation. a lot of things opened up late in the season as dunlap made adjustments to what did and didn't work early on and there were tweaks to the roster and rotation. you HAVE to give dunlap credit that he didn't stick to one failing lineup all year. he didn't stubbornly stick with mullens when it became VERY apparent that he lacked the balls necessary to succeed. henderson isn't built to be a go-to guy. but he also isn't built to be in this offense with al posting up non-stop. a spot up shooter would succeed much more. think glen rice with anthony mason. or dell curry with larry johnson. henderson is way more rip hamilton type. he thrives coming off screens for midrange jumpers, scoring in transition, and posting up. he's getting none of that. the fact he's scoring 15 a game this year is proving that he wasn't just playing for the contract and that he legitimately deserved it.

couple unrelated notes:

- terrence ross just showed what can happen when you move a veteran that isn't going to carry you anywhere to make room for a young guy that just might be something or might not. terrence ross could be a byron mullens type, or he could be a paul george. 51 points is absolutely not something you can ignore. that's eye-popping. wouldn't have happened with gay on the roster. what would biz be capable of if we traded al and gave him al's post ups? addition by subtraction.

- and people keep mis-remembering how the augustin scenario played out. he turned down an extension that was below what other pgs were getting at the time. this was under the OLD cba. felton got 7.5 a year and DJ was no doubt better than felton and younger. mike conley got 40 million in 5 years......again.....dj was better. we offered less than that and he declined to play out the last year and hit restricted free agency. then we drafted kemba, lockout happened, team was HORRIBLE, kemba ate into some playing time, he missed some time with the ankle issue and then hit restricted free agency.

nobody was going to tie up cap space on an offer sheet that everybody assumed we would match. the new CBA had tightened the market as well. we restricted his free agency until AFTER the market dried up and we had sessions lined up and then pulled his offer leaving him with almost no options. 3.5m to indiana was his market value AT THAT TIME, had he been unrestricted to begin with? he would have gotten one of the deals that guys like dragic, lowry, lin, teague, and others got.

then he barely played. indiana had george hill making 40 million over 5....of course he's going to play 36 a game.

what dude is doing now is what he was doing when he was a rookie and what he would have done his entire career here if we had let him. he was the best offensive player we had the ENTIRE TIME HE WAS HERE. and unlike a center, you can hide a weak defender at pg as long as he plays hard (al plays relatively hard but you can't hide him).

- i just watched the orlando game (i watched the 2nd half live but just watched the whole thing) and ramon sessions just had 2 turnovers and a steal in between them in about 10 seconds. this guy kills me. his turnovers are so dumb. he's so talented and so dumb.

- mkg and zeller and biz are absolutely elite talents. mkg is only offensively challenged as a stand alone jump shooter. biz is only offensively challenged as a go-to guy. you play to guys' strengths and they succeed a whole lot more often than when you ask them to do things they can't do. MKG has handles, court vision, great passing and can finish at the rim.......he should be running our offense the way mcroberts does.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 26, 2014 8:41:49 AM

There isn't a team in the NBA that would run its offense through MKG. If the Bobcats got lucky in the next draft and could get Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker. MKG would go from starter to bench to out the door. MKG would be a better fit on a West Coast team like the Nuggets. MKG needs to be surrounded by 4 good scorers.

Posted by: Bobby | Jan 26, 2014 11:34:19 AM

Did NASTAR really just ask why a player that he thinks the team is better without....would re-sign with the same team? If he was this funny on purpose he could carve out a nice career.

Posted by: Oliver | Jan 26, 2014 1:57:18 PM

bobby if we draft parker (if he leaves) or wiggins......it'll be a good kind of problem to have, but that won't have MKG out of the league. you might want to poll some GM's and see what they think of MKG.......he's the 5th youngest guy in the league at 20. he's younger than a ton of the incoming draft class.

the only hole in his game is outside shooting. the guy finishes at the rim, handles the ball, passes extremely well, runs the floor, plays defense, blocks shots, gets on the boards, posts up well, etc. etc. etc. you guys kill me with your perception of him. he's almost a year younger than zeller. think about that. he was winning a national championship when kids his age were still in high school.

look at his game tape and box scores from the first half of last year. you mean to tell me THAT GUY isn't a stud prospect? that you can't run an offense through him? come on.

mkg = 4 games of 20+ points as a rookie, 3 in his first 30 games.
kobe = 4 games of 20+ points as a rookie.

what happened from there? kobe was in the right position with a better franchise who game him the reins and the room to grow into a franchise guy. was mkg ever going to be a 25+ ppg guy in this league? probably not, but he was going to be a franchise guy if he had been drafted by a better franchise.

we have a track record of ruining great prospects and he's one of the guys we're currently working on.

i keep saying it and you guys keep ignoring the evidence. writing is on the wall....and augustin is writing more every night. ajinca clocking starts for new orleans - him even being in the league after what we did to him is proof that he WAS a stud prospect.

flip flop barnes with mkg (which is actually what i wanted and asked for pre-draft and on draft night).....mkg would be looking like a stud out in GS and barnes would be looking like a bust here. same with beal, or drummond, or robinson or waiters or ross or rivers or whoever.

keep thinking the problem isn't player development and coaching.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 26, 2014 2:44:09 PM

Are you aware that MKG stated, when coming back from injury, that he sees himself as a defensive player/rebounder in the first place, and contributing to offense is secondary TO HIM? His words...
He knows how many college freshmen are showing more offensive talent than he ever did.

When you keep singing the praises of a failed head coach, are you aware that he himself acknowledged that his ways of approaching players don't work well with pros, INCLUDING the young ones?
MJ referred to this too, that young kids nowadays are different from his times, and that's why you have to be more of a "players' coach" in order to win them over. I'm not talking now about, let's say, Nate McMillan and his well documented problems with veterans.
I'm talking about Dunlap and his abrasive personality and ways of approaching players.

His only success story was Kemba's development, and Dunlap himself gave Kemba as an example of a young player who didn't like his approach (too much being in his ears, or micro-managing).

And making excuses for his poor defensive organization ... I'm not buying it.
Josh and Cody are not very good defenders one-on-one (yes, they are better than Mulley and Warrick, but that's not any BIG improvement), Big Al is not a good defensive center (though he's not as bad as you're saying either), Biz is the defensive specialist and he's playing less now than last season (unfortunately), MKG was a starter and a good defender, getting his minutes last season already, and you still refuse to acknowledge that Steve Clifford does a much better job than Dunlap on our defense.

Our improvement is in the interior defense in the first place, while the defense perimeter is still an issue.
Last night we allowed the Bulls a ridiculous 26 points in the paint, and our bigs are not defensive specialists - except for the one who played 10 minutes only.

And denying that our franchise developed DJ in his two years as a starter ?! Saying that he was as good in college, or in his rookie year as he is now ?!

“what dude is doing now is what he was doing when he was a rookie”.
Wow, this is the worst joke I read in a long time.

I actually remember very well the Cats in season '08-'09. DJ's role at that time was to provide a scoring spark coming off the bench. As a starter, Paul Silas' (with Stephen Silas' important help in working with guards) was great for him.

Here is a comparative stat, per 36 minutes played: DJ had 4.7 a/36 in his rookie year, and he went up to 6.5 a/36 and then to 7.8 a/36 in his two years as a starter with the Bobcats.

This franchise developed him as a pro PG and the Bulls benefit of this now.

You refuse to see that Hendo is a player who can turn it on when he really wants to, but can also be pretty passive quite often. It has nothing to do with coach Clifford, or with Big Al, that’s how it always was with him, and I commented on this in past seasons.
I referred to last night's game as a very good example. I also mentioned that this season Hendo had 8 games of 20 points or more; Big Al‘s role in offense doesn‘t bother him, when he wants to turn it on. It just doesn’t happen as much as it should.
The numbers are just a confirmation. If you watch the games, you can see the difference between his being relatively passive at times, and him starting to either take more shots, or drive more.

Why would you deny this? Because you’d rather use Hendo’s way of playing for another attack on coach Clifford‘s ways, that don‘t suit your theory. False, as shown above; the team needs more than one top scorer. But you have to go more with the one who is willing and able, than with the one who is not always that willing, and not always that able (as in “not a very consistent shooter“; but when his shots aren‘t falling, he‘s sometimes, not always, ready to compensate by driving more).

These are facts.
But, why would you care ?

You're posting here for years your theory: that we draft well, but we are the rookies' graveyard, we don't develop them, we have and had such elite talents on our team, but we can only wreck them.
Either they escape this terrible place and are successful with other teams, or they are sadly finished.
The other part of your theory is that the management is to blame for not being consistent in going on with the youth movement program, and that can only result in failure (or, mediocrity at best).

Posted by: Sandy | Jan 26, 2014 8:41:48 PM

Some comments are laughable i.e. taking DJ’s stats for last 4 games versus a career. His career is 9 points a game and 2013-2014 10 points a game. Average assists for his career is 4 per game.

Kemba has better overall stats than Kyrie this year yet Kyrie is a starting all star on a worse team. Kemba would have double the assists on a team that shoots better than 40%. He creates at will and his points are needed.

Lastly, Kyrie, Lillard, Westbrook, Curry, and Wall take more shots than Kemba. Today’s point guards shoot because they are good. The game is not the same as the 1950's.

Posted by: Tyrese Jones | Jan 26, 2014 8:42:19 PM

You've been doing this for years.
Assert your theory, and damned be the bare facts. You either ignore inconvenient facts as long as possible, or WORSE, when this becomes impossible, you start twisting around the facts to make your distorted interpretations fit your well known theory (examples of that, in my previous post, as in many others).

Here is another example: "MKG ... should be running our offense the way mcroberts does". Yes, sure. This season, MKG has 1.2 assists per 36 minutes, Josh McRoberts has 4.9 assists per 36 minutes.
Damned be the bare facts.

Really, it’s so obvious that you believe your theory, and your twisted reinterpretations of facts, are the truth, and the only truth, and no factual discussion can ever move you from your beliefs - as unrealistic as they actually are.

I have no theoretical agenda to defend. My only “agenda” is my desire to see this team succeed, whichever way this can be achieved.
I call the facts as I see them - the good and the bad, without any of those prejudiced misinterpretations meant to suit your phony theory.

Reality is always a lot more complex than any phony theory.
In the real world, this team had both good and bad draft picks (but never a truly great one), it had both good and bad free agent signings, and good and bad (sometimes, terrible indeed) trades.

The realistic approach to success is NOT in a fixation with high draft picks, and giving them lots of playing time to develop; with the "young core" we have, this is actually asking not only for developing genuine potential, but it’s also your wishful thinking - against known facts - to somehow create “elite” players just through increased PT - as if that could ever generate a kind of talent that doesn’t exist (or, exists at a very limited level only).
You’ve been overestimating several of our current, or past, young players for years. This is a very unrealistic approach.

Why are you doing this? Because nothing is as important to you as your prejudiced theory, and looking at this team through its distorting prism only.

Posted by: Sandy | Jan 26, 2014 8:51:48 PM

Sandy, your posts are very informative!! Yow do a better job of reporting on the Bobcats than Rick Bonnell. I have to laugh at NBA teams that are tanking. All these teams are doing is taking the risk that a player may be good and if he is good that he won't leave after his contract is up. The bad teams in the NBA are the player development teams for the better teams. Let the bad team take the risk and then pick up the player if he is good as a free agent. Every notice that the teams in the lottery are always in the lottery. They can't keep their own players.

Posted by: Jon | Jan 26, 2014 9:32:51 PM

were the warriors not bad while they were developing their core? okc wasn't horrible while developing their guys? the clippers not bad developing theirs? how about how san antonio got duncan? miami wasn't bad before they drafted wade? boston wasn't bad when they traded jeff green and al jefferson and others for garnett and allen?

is washington not suddenly a decent team and looking upward? new orleans not looking primed for contention going forward?

the league is cyclical. the draft is the way teams add value. signing a guy in free agency means you gave him more than others would. drafting a guy means you get whatever available player you want at the price slotted for the pick. it's not entirely about keeping the pick either. its about the value.

you really going to say ainge doesn't know what he's doing? and kupchak doesn't know what he's doing? but somehow rod higgins and cho do?

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 26, 2014 11:28:06 PM

sandy you clearly don't know what the word facts means.

how is mkg going to have assists when he doesn't have the ball? are you really that stupid that you are making THAT argument? we should run the offense through mcroberts? that's what's going to get us to contention?

we developed dj by sitting him behind felton so we could let felton walk instead of giving dj the reins year one? he had several games like he's having now - as a rookie. THAT is a fact. that actually happened. you are passing off your opinion about henderson and clifford jackson and al mutumbo as if that is facts.

assist to turnover was low as a rookie because he was playing with felton all the time and shooting more. he didn't get better as a point guard, he got worse. because we didn't play to his strengths the way dunlap and clifford (both) have done for kemba.

have i ever argued about dunlap being the right guy to win a ring? nope. ever argued that he was a nice guy and a player friendly coach? nope. better coach than clifford overall? probably not. but for THIS TEAM? THIS SEASON? absolutely. and clifford is not the guy either. he's no larry brown. brown would have this team above .500.

mkg says he's a defense first guy because that's what's been drilled into him by clifford. paul george says he's a defense first guy in interviews. dwight howard says stuff like that. noah too. marc gasol. so on and so on. those teams go through them on both ends. MKG is of that fabric. watch what happens when he's in DJ's shoes. that's all i'll keep saying. all i'm trying to point out is that mcroberts isn't going to bring us into contention. he's a poor man's diaw. having MKG in the corner as a spot up shooter is HORRIBLE not just for him but for the team offense. playing to his strength would be wise (i'm sure you'll argue that as well). the kid is of the fabric that you put the ball in his hands.

tyrese: we're talking more like 12 games this year coinciding with him playing., an entire rookie season, several other spotty moments when he was here. the numbers coincide with his minutes. his numbers overall are better than kemba's. all shooting stats, assist to turnover, win-loss, etc. he isn't just lighting it up right now, they are winning. no deng, no rose and butler/hinrich/boozer have all missed games in this stretch. he and noah have instantly sparked a really incredible pick and roll duo. like 90% of noah's assists came from dj out of the pick and roll. it's just great basketball they're playing.

its not like i need to argue it - i've been doing so for years. now chicago just helped out my argument by giving him a proving ground platform. he's not going anywhere, there's 30+ left in the regular season and they're making playoffs too. watch the games. we not only let the guy walk, we got zero compensation for him.

same thing will surely happen with biz and mkg in the next few years. just remember this convo when they're playing great ball elsewhere.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 27, 2014 12:01:40 AM

"the only hole in his game is outside shooting."

Yeah, outside of a foot! 39% from the line in 2014. Can you say Knoblauch?

Biz slipping to 10th in the rotation...never seen an "elite" 10th man before! HAHAHAHA!!

Slurpiver, answer the question, why would Shorty stick around this dump of a franchise? Unless that is he can't get an offer of any kind elsewhere (like Henderson), which is a distinct possibility!!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 27, 2014 12:28:25 AM

Lakers are tanking ? In your mind only. They have bad luck with injuries. Before Kobe got injured again, they still had great hopes.

The Celtics? That's one of the few teams truly tanking. We'll see where that will take them. They do it, the results are as uncertain as can be, and they don't like it. Their assistant GM submitted a proposal to do away with this lottery system, that rewards badness, and encourages doing it on purpose.

I don't blame any team for just being bad. It happens, sometimes, to the best franchises. Doing it on purpose is a very different thing, and it's unacceptable. This season, there are three franchises only whose management went for tanking in the 2013 off-season.

- - -

About MKG and Josh, what I quoted are facts, facts only.
As for you, what you did in your reference to MKG, Josh and playmaking (which I quoted) was taking your futuristic projections for the facts themselves.

Your future projections of what MKG, or Biz, or Zeller will be aren't facts; they are your personal wishful thinking.

And you keep ignoring the facts I mentioned on DJ's development here, in his two years as a starter, preferring instead your twisted interpretations.

You live in a world of your plans and futuristic wishful thinking, and you proclaim it to be the only reality. No amount of factual data I (or anyone) would put in front of you can change this; that's the only way your mind can work.

Again and again, you think you can infer from a player to another. That's wrong, I proved this with examples in prior posts.
You prove exactly nothing about one player by referring to another.

Anyway, to play your absurd game for a little while, did Paul George - who was always a good player at both ends of the floor - ever say that scoring is secondary for him, that it's not a major concern for him (as MKG did)?! This is quite different from any kind of emphasizing defense and its importance for the player.

Of course, for Dwight Howard and Joakim Noah, defense is the main strength, and their offensive skills are not equally advanced. As for Marc Gasol, he's all right, but I was never very impressed with him.

What's your point about him and offense? Nothing special, a 7'1" player who averages 5 field goals per game.
If that's your comparison with MKG, for once it might - just might - be a pretty good one. I said already I estimate MKG's offensive ceiling at 14-15 ppg (just like Marc, hurray!). But, it will take him a few years to get there, and that doesn't make him an elite player.

All this tedious arguing is a huge waste of time, and is due only to your stubbornness in trying to prove that you're so right with your unrealistic theory and wishful thinking.

OK, I'll summarize my disagreement with you, and I'll put an end to this endless, chewing gum-like (ever extending) arguing.
Yes, we developed at least some of our draft picks. No, none of them was a great one.
No, our "young core" is not "meant for greatness", if only given enough playing time steadily. You constantly overestimate their worth.
Yes, draft and develop is a way to keep improving our team, but it alone won't be enough. The other avenues (free agency, trades) will also be needed.

Now, believe what you want. But, as for the arguing, enough is enough.

Posted by: Sandy | Jan 27, 2014 1:29:11 AM

While Kemba is out , the scoring totals will be low . Jefferson has to get at least 5 to 6 assists a game to cutting moving teammates . Not just passing to flat footed guys expecting them to make a shot . He had 7 assists in a game and they won . If you have the ball as much as he does , he must get assists . He's a greedy no dee playing ball hog that talks defense and sharing the ball but doesn't .

Posted by: Iron man | Jan 27, 2014 7:15:38 AM

"the only hole in his game is outside shooting."

Yeah, outside of a foot! 39% from the line in 2014!! Can you say Knoblauch?!?

Biz slipping to 10th in the rotation. Danged if I've ever seen an "elite" 10th man!!

Slurpiver, answer the question, explain why Shorty would want to stick around this dump of a franchise? Unless that is he can't attract a credible offer elsewhere (like Henderson), which very well might be the case. 5'11" two-guards not in high demand in the NBA...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 27, 2014 8:26:49 AM

LAKERS AREN'T TANKING?! holy cow i've heard it all.

i'm done. you are seriously the most delusional sports fan ever. my world of "wishful and futuristic thinking" is the world that good teams live in where guys like james harden become franchise players by getting an expanded role. where a guy like dj augustin deserves to be a starting nba point guard over SEVERAL unworthy candidates. a world where the teams that win the championship, often have a guy like biz averaging less than 10 points, more than 10 rebounds and playing great defense. the futuristic and wishful world where a guy is better at age 25 than he is at age 19 if he is given the proper coaching and room to develop. so effing wishful and futuristic that is. here's another wishful and futuristic concept:

you are absolutely delusional.

nastar - the guy is nearly as accurate a free throw shooter as walker. 143 for 192 at kentucky (74.5%) 140 for 187 (74.9%) last year and he's 47 of 87 (60.3%) for the season including the recent shooting woahs since coming back from the injury.

hmmm.......intelligent person wouldn't happen to consider the brace he's wearing on his off hand as being part of the problem, would they? 2+ seasons of 75% and a sudden stretch of failure coinciding with the injury.........completely coincidental, right? i still don't get the reference to chuck. if it was turnovers, sure......shooting?

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 27, 2014 2:22:23 PM

DJ Augustine has a 5 year career 9.6 PPG, 40% shooting, 4 APG. 4 teams in 5 years. Lucky to be in the NBA.

Posted by: Tyrese Jones | Jan 27, 2014 3:09:38 PM

Sounds like there is some consensus on Kemba. Even NASTAR thinks the Bobcats should re-sign him. Question now is for how much.

Posted by: Monster | Jan 27, 2014 7:55:09 PM

Looks like Charlottean was on point with everything about this franchise.

Dunlap developed Kemba and played the young guys. He tripled the win totals and did everything they asked of him. It wasn't fair that they fired him because he wasn't friendly with reporters and the veterans didn't like him. Man I wish he was here now.

Clifford is super overrated. It's infuriating watching these vets get all these minutes. Watching them pad Al's stat while Biz sits on the bench. Not developing MKG and playing to his strengths. Not playing to Zeller's strengths. These DNP CD's for Biz.

If given minutes, confidence from their coaches, and more playing time, this young core would be explosive. I never understood the logic of drafting guys in the first round to sit on the bench and not start. The starting lineup from the start should have been Kemba, Hendo, MKG, Zeller, and Biz and it should HAVE STAYED THIS WAY. You have to play the rookies and young guys. You have to start somewhere. Big Al was a mistake and knee jerk reaction signing. Milsap would have been a better fit here.

Posted by: D.W.G. | Jan 27, 2014 7:57:58 PM

7-8 million a year, 5 years. they should go ahead and try and get biz to sign a 4x4 deal while they're at it.

tyrese DJ averages 14 and 6 per 36. 40 from the field, 37 from 3, 87 from the line. TS of 54%.

walker goes for 18 and 6 in 36. 40 from the field, 32 from 3, 80 from the line. TS of 50%.

so we're talking about 4 more points gained less efficiently. and you're comparing the guy who never had the right coach until now vs. the guy who had the right coach last year AND this year. let's keep in mind that kemba is only 2.5 years younger than augustin.

we aren't talking about a fluke game or 2.....we're up to 23 games with the bulls averaging 30 mpg. he's putting up an insanely efficient 16 and 7 and they're winning. that's the key to it all.

how many 10-3 stretches has al jefferson been a part of in his career?

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 27, 2014 8:15:27 PM

or hickson, or robin lopez, or trading for gortat or whoever. we had tons of options. al was the bigger name with the bigger stats that never won him anything. i said all of this last year at the deadline when there were rumbles of a trade for him. again as free agency approached. again after the signing. we had cheaper options that FIT better, that win more games.

impatience. just like they were impatient with felton and impatient with morrison and impatient with augustin and impatient with ajinca.

they were impatient with tyson chandler's recovery. impatient with dunlap. the only guy they gave a fair shake who didn't take advantage was mullens. I was a big proponent of giving him a shot last year. I was also a big proponent of aborting that plan when he consistently proved that while he oozed talent, it would never materialize because he just doesn't get it.

everybody else? impatience. short term gains for long term failure.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 27, 2014 8:38:46 PM

"hmmm.......intelligent person wouldn't happen to consider the brace he's wearing on his off hand as being part of the problem, would they?"

From the line he should be able to make 3 or 4 out of 10 one-handed flipping them over the shoulder with his back facing the basket -- there is now a serious problem between the ears. The sooner you admit there's a problem, the better off you'll be.

Look, I told you Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho couldn't do it...and you fought me and fought me and fought me...now you understand the truth which allows you to start agitating for proper change...feels good doesn't it?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 27, 2014 10:55:56 PM

you're confused. i stated the fact that since cho, it has gotten better and no idiotic trades had been made. they were absolutely on track up until this year.

there might be a problem between the ears. everyone has convinced the kid that he can't shoot and that he can't score. confidence and balls are major comodities in the nba. clifford doesn't seem to be bringing either out of anybody.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 28, 2014 9:29:52 AM

Regarding DJ, not a very intelligent analogy. This is the pros and players get more time based on ability.

Do you think Kemba or Lebron would average more points if they took more shots per game. Of course they would. Kyrie takes 3 more shots per game than Kemba so times 40 games that is 120 more shots.

It is all relevant regarding playing time and blocks, rebounds, assists, scoring average, etc.

Do you think the Thunder would play Durant less minutes and then say he would score more if he played more minutes!! Of course not. He plays more minutes because he is a superior player, it is the pros, and the better players play more minutes.

Posted by: Tyrese Jones | Jan 28, 2014 11:41:05 AM

"they were absolutely on track up until this year."

That and $2.11 will get you a medium roast at Starbucks. Have to run all 26 to complete a marathon...it's patently obvious to everyone with any ability to assess management horsepower that Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho are only good for about 18.

As for bad trades, still a long way to go before the Feb. 20 deadline ;0) How you feeling about that? Confident Air Min & Higgins won't do something really dumb?

Signing/trading/hiring are basically the same thing, a commitment of firm resources. You hate the Clifford hire as well as the Jefferson addition, where was Cho the Great on those?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 28, 2014 12:13:12 PM

tyrese i don't even know what the eff you are trying to say. you aren't making any logical sense at all.

players who play more, score more by default. the rate and efficiency at which they score IS RELEVANT. kemba gives you less points per shot, less points per possession, less offense in general. that's what the stats say, not what i say.

i don't know what you are arguing against. that his 9.6 ppg is because he can't score as well as kemba? that guys who don't play much aren't any good? if that's the case......how do guys like dragic become all-stars? zach randolph? james harden? paul george? KENDALL MARSHALL? they said he couldn't shoot (like mkg) and he's 2nd in the league in 3 pt shooting right now.

what are you even saying?

if james harden plays with durant, he scores less. does that make him any less of a scorer than monta ellis? there are way too many variables in play here and you're looking at 1. look at all of them.

1 guy had a better rookie year and then year 2 was put in a smaller role with an older point guard on a veteran roster in win-now mode.

the other guy had a worse rookie year and then year 2 was given the reins to the franchise with a roster in rebuild mode and no point guard in front of him and a coach that worked tirelessly to develop him.

same scenario?

all it takes is one coach to believe in a guy and give him a shot to see if he has it. some turn out like DJ is in chicago or kendall marshall in LA and others are like byron mullens was last year. but judging a guy on what he isn't being given the chance to do? no sense in that.

NASTAR - they don't go 18, they went like 5. and no i have zero confidence in them going forward. i feel a MKG and Biz connected trade raping coming any moment now. people will laude it as a great deal until the other team wins a championship or some ish in a few years and people are like "we used to have that guy?"

but there have been zero dampier deals in the past 3 years. zero diop deals. zero mohammed deals. no tyrus thomas deals. the deals that have happened have been maggette for gordon and a 1st (approve), getting mullens for a 2nd (worth the gamble, approve), what am i missing?

the swapped augustin for sessions which was the right move in order to go all in on walker and develop him correctly as opposed to trying to salvage augustin and hurting walker in the process. but it was dirty how they handled augustin and brown's restricted free agency that summer. that along with signing jefferson, firing dunlap are really the only complaints i have transaction wise.

but the jefferson signing and dunlap firing did SO MUCH damage. easily set the franchise back at least 2 years if not more by making a short sighted move. hickson got 5 million. lopez got something like that. dalembert, scola.....tons of guys available that would have fit better.

and now we're staring down a scenario where we continue to try and win this year......miss the playoffs by like 2 or 3 games, end up picking 11th (thus losing the pick to chicago), get detroit and portland picks in the area of 13 and 25, absolutely destroy the confidence of MKG-zeller-biz, lack the cap room to make 2 godfather offers this summer (think monroe and stephenson), and wind up with a completely mediocre team again next year before moving jefferson for bad contracts and picks and repeating the process again.

somebody tell me how the current path leads us to a 6 seed or better next year. or even an 8 seed. tell me the 7 teams that will definitely be worse than us NEXT YEAR. i'm not even positive milwaukee or orlando will be worse than us next year. what happens if they land parker and embiid respectively?

orlando rolls out a embiid/vucuvic/harris/afflalo/oladipo with harkless/nicholson/davis on the bench super sized lineup that nobody can guard but can somehow guard everybody

milwaukee has sanders/henson/parker/freak/knight with ilyasova, middleton, and mayo off the bench?

did i mention that both teams have major trade chips AND more cap room for next year than we do. yeah that's the reality of it all.

if you build through the draft you build through the draft, if you build through trades and free agency, great.

we aren't doing EITHER correctly. that's the frustration. and no.......there is zero confidence in the turn around. i'll start getting more confident when the minutes start to turn around and some trades start happening. which again, i don't expect to happen.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 28, 2014 1:08:09 PM

Del Curry was on the radio this morning talking up a 6 seed...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 28, 2014 1:17:03 PM

Nice try, ch. (above, Jan 27, 2014 2:22:23 PM).

I suppose people who know you personally have told you, more than once, that your favorite ideas are delusions.
Do you feel better about yourself when you're throwing around this word?
You should, so I'm sure you'll keep doing this.

Your big plans and futuristic visions for the team are DELUSIONS indeed.
And an individual who lives in his fantasy world and is taking his delusions for "The Reality", while constantly reprocessing within his own little mind the actual facts into twisted interpretations, with the sole purpose of making them "match" his prejudiced notions, is DELUSIONAL.

That's who you are, and you'll never get it (that's the nature of the delusional mind).

Posted by: Sandy | Jan 28, 2014 2:16:06 PM


What is the difference between Kyrie and Kemba stats this year. Kyrie takes more shots, same percentage, better surrounding cast for a few more assists. We all know Al is a black hole, no one can shoot, Gerald plays one on one, and we have no fast breaks.

Posted by: Tyrese Jones | Jan 28, 2014 3:29:01 PM

Let's see...

NBA All-Star Team --> Kyrie 2, Shorty 0

NBA All-Rookie 1st Team --> Kyrie 1, Shorty 0

NBA Rookie of Year ----> Kyrie 1, Shorty 0

Rising Stars MVP --> Kyrie 1, Shorty 0 (wasn't even picked when sides were chosen)

All Star 3-pt Champeen --> Kyrie 1, Shorty 0

Youngest Ever to Score 40 @ MSG --> Kyrie 1, Shorty 0 (Air Min had record until Kyrie broke it)

Shall I go on...?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 29, 2014 12:25:53 AM

Oh yeah...

Salary Remaining on Current Deal -->

Kyrie, $21,850,000

Shorty, $10,275,000

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 29, 2014 2:01:41 AM

correction.....milwaukee does not have more cap room, they have slightly less barring dumping one of their veterans. i was looking at the wrong year there, sorry.

sandy - no. nobody says i'm delusional. never in my life. can't join you there. i don't say ish like the lakers aren't tanking. like boston isn't tanking. like the only reason new york and bk aren't tanking is because they traded their picks. i'm not arguing with you further. you are absolutely lost in the world. good luck.

nastar - kemba has a way better attitude and that matters. teammates like kemba, teammates punch kyrie in the face.

i would absolutely trade kemba for kyrie, but i would not peg a big advantage to kyrie in championship potential. i think walker will eventually end up in a jason terry type role and thrive. which is specifically why i am big on us doing anything and everything to get smart or exum to run the point. or evan turner/lance stephenson. get that baron davis/david wesley type backcourt duo.

i just don't get your obsession with walker and mkg, they are FAR from the problem with this roster/franchise as a while.

you talk about kemba's w/l all the time. how does al jefferson's look?

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 29, 2014 9:09:43 AM

"nastar - kemba has a way better attitude and that matters. teammates like kemba, teammates punch kyrie in the face."

That and $2.11 will get you a medium roast at Starbucks.

4-10 from the line for your boy tonight. He missed as many as the rest of the team combined. If by some fluke the Boob's ever get ahead in a game against the Spurs I know what the strategy will be, Hack-A--MKG. (presumes he's in the game when it counts, which is doubtful)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jan 30, 2014 1:37:06 AM

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