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February 21, 2014

By the numbers: No longer accurate to call Charlotte Bobcats offensively inept

Back at the start of the Charlotte Bobcats’ season, this team was easily defined: Excellent defense dragging along a pretty bad offense.

            That’s no longer so accurate, as far as bad offense.

Compare the numbers between the first 38 games of the season and the last 17. Huge difference:

                        First 38                Last 17

Record:          15-23                  10-7

PPG                93                       100.5

FG%               42.5%                 47.2%

3-pt%             33.9%                  38.7%

Assists/game  19.4                      25.1


So ask yourself what happened roughly 17 games ago: Two things – Al Jefferson got truly healthy after hobbling around on a severely sprained ankle. And coach Steve Clifford decided to rely more heavily on his starters, tightening the rotation. Now they truly play inside-out through Jefferson in the post, and it’s proven to be very effective.

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NASATAR. Kemba Walker is not well read? Your trolling of the Bobcats is one thing. But thanks for taking it one step further. Some nice insight into your pathetic life. and don't pretend you want to discuss the Bobcats. Better defense, offense, better record, solid coach, cap space, picks. But that is not improvement? Just a trolling hater who is big into stereotypes as well. Quite a combo there. Congrats!

Posted by: Matt | Feb 21, 2014 6:16:06 PM

Watch out! NASTAR's worst nightmare coming true. Bobcats are on track. Getting better in all areas with room to grow.

Posted by: Mike T. | Feb 21, 2014 7:08:57 PM

Matt, why are you so angry about the truth? http://offthebench.nbcsports.com/2011/04/12/kemba-walker-says-hes-only-read-one-book-in-his-entire-life/

As for you Mike T., and all the other slurpers who are deluding yourselves, I think a simple repost from a few days ago is in order -->

Steve, actually I'm pleased about Clifford and Big Al. The Big Boy is clearly an offensive dynamo and I'm a fan of Clifford, but you continue to lose sight of the realities of the situation. Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho put an AAU coach in charge of this team for a year, I mean are you kidding me?!? Then they finally cave and get a real coach and what message is this coach sending them -- your draft picks suck. Air Min touted Biz as the next Olajuwan but what's the reality? The reality is he's 9th or 10th in the rotation for the lowly Boobs...this while a 37 pick who washed out with 5 other teams is a starter and viewed as a cornerstone of the offense.

Steve, let's get back to the real world and The Promises that were made when The Plan was embarked on...

1. Repeated forays deep into the playoffs.
2. A championship contender.

So what's the reality?

1. Love the Big Boy but he's in his 10th year already, been to the playoffs twice and in the one series where he was a starter Utah got swept 4-0. Do you think he's the guy to lead this team "deep into the playoffs" in like his 14th year? Will he be a "championship" center in year 15?

2. The coach is sending the front office a clear message on their draft records/strategy...you suck. Just ask charlottean... Now charlottean is in complete disagreement with Clifford, which is fine, but there's trouble in paradise folks -- Cho and Cllifford clearly not on the same page. You can phrase it anyway you like but The Plan was to "develop assets"...Biz rides the bench, MKG rarely plays more than 20, Zeller less than that...assets aren't being developed.

3. We aren't even back to where we were before The Plan, a tortuous plan during which the Boobs set all-time NBA records for futility, started. You slurpers act like we've accomplished something, we've accomplished n-o-t-h-i-n-g....well there is that all-time worst season in NBA HISTORY.

When this franchise actually wins something I will be the first to give credit to Air Min, Yes Co & Cho but until then I'm going to hold them accountable for the miserable and unprecedented levels of failure that they have foisted onto us fans....

...accountability people, that's what makes the world go 'round -- join the real world slurpers.

PS...clearly Rod Higgins continues to be large and in charge, how y'all feeling about that?!?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 21, 2014 8:14:09 PM

Just another win for the Bobcats

Posted by: Hank | Feb 21, 2014 9:29:50 PM

7 wins, 21 wins ....and still counting. You look more and more like an idiot every single day!

Posted by: Mike T | Feb 21, 2014 9:31:48 PM

C'mon NASTAR. You are the biggest hater ever. Just admit it. So when are these deep forays into the playoffs supposed to happen in a rebuild. Year what? They keep improving and it kills you. Next year they will definitely be in the playoffs, by the next year they will win a series. Just...like...MJ...said. More picks more cap space to get better. Sorry hater. Thanks for keeping the team accountable. At least you have something to do.

Posted by: Matt | Feb 21, 2014 9:36:29 PM


Oh yeah? When/where did MJ say we would win a playoff series in the 2015/16 season? Where/when did Air Min say it was a 6 year process?

I can show you where/when His Minimumness said he n-e-v-e-r anticipated finishing DFL in the league. Not to mention twice.

32, 35, 44, 34, 7, 21....Mike T., that series of numbers look familiar to you? You want to take a shot at interpreting them?

Trust me Matt, I don't hate anything. In fact, there's a lot to like about the Boobs these days but unlike you simpletons I've not lost sight of The Promises.

The problem with you slurpers is Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho have brainwashed you into thinking a rice and water diet is tasty...so then they mix in a few lima beans and you morons are ecstatic and think the next step is steak! You're in for some serious disappointment.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 21, 2014 10:00:39 PM

NASTAR, you really need a better hobby.

Posted by: Bull City Dog | Feb 21, 2014 10:14:50 PM

NASTAR has serious egg on his face. At least I hope that is egg. Ewwww. Gross.

Posted by: Alexander | Feb 21, 2014 10:29:12 PM

Don't feed the troll!!!!!!

Posted by: Paulie | Feb 21, 2014 10:55:57 PM

LOL…… for the moment, NASTAR99, has the point advantage.

Look, NASTAR99 and Charlottean agree on the same thing from different angles.

It's the draft picks. We got the 2, 4, and the 7 picks and they aren't getting any playing time- huge, huge, problem.

Are they bad picks, or are they not being developed and will flourish when they go to another team?

They're not getting enough PT to know.

Posted by: The Dude | Feb 21, 2014 11:02:34 PM

The Dude abides...

A flurry of name calling and juvenile attempted insults combined with absolutely zero refutation of hard facts can lead to one and only one conclusion, slurpers just can't deal...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 21, 2014 11:22:58 PM

Uh no. They are getting plenty of playing time for a playoff team. Zeller is getting better. Biz has played well and MKG is playing more aggressively since the all star break. Clifford is bringing them along just fine while putting up W's. How novel. Winning and developing players. Absolutely perfect.

Posted by: Tom | Feb 21, 2014 11:24:09 PM

Meh; not enough playing time for top draft picks- plus, what- a playoff team in the Eastern Conference?? Forget about it; throw those guys out there and see what happens.
It's interesting though that MKG played 31 minutes, only 3 shots. That's certainly buying into what ever Clifford is selling; and that MKG is probably getting 30 min based on his defense. Mugsy- only 11 shot attempts (made 3) and 8 assists…..

Posted by: The Dude | Feb 22, 2014 12:29:19 AM

Clifford is a big whopping idiot if he thinks he can call Jeffersons number so many times early in games while the others stand around , rot , grow cold and out of Rhytm . The back ct is suffering mightily while Jefferson takes 30 shots , clogs the lane and begs for more attempts including the few his teamates get thru out the game . This will work against a crumb team and one w no bigs but no where else . All you do is take away the little confidence the rest if the players have which is waning . Who would come and play with such a ball hog who's gone no where in the playoffs . It's not a secret , no team he played for ever wanted him back . Move the ball , get man movement and prepare for playoff teams the correct way . This is as much Clifford's fault bc he's calling his number all game to the detriment of the rest of the team . Jefferson was out playing w the bench hoarding all the shots . If you don't pass it to him , he's mean mugging you . Be nice if he put half that effort in on defense . The word is out on him . No players will sign and play w such a greedy ball hog who rarely passes . He had one assist last night . Lol.

Posted by: Iron man | Feb 22, 2014 4:05:33 AM

Did you even read the blog? 25 assists per game over the last 17! A team record 42 assists in a game before the break. This is the best passing team they have ever had and they are doing it with a dominate post game and defense. What about Al's 8 assists last game?

Hey Dude. You should watch a game. Might help. MKG took 3 shots? Do you even know how shot attempts and fouls work? Quite an expert!

NASTAR, the Dude and Iron Man. Now that is a dream team!

Posted by: Tom | Feb 22, 2014 8:01:13 AM

Name calling? Holy crap that guy is psychotic. No one does more name calling and throws around more insults than that guy. Does it in almost every post. If there was ever an indication that he is straight up mental, it is that statement right there.

Posted by: Jimmy | Feb 22, 2014 8:06:38 AM

Great game by Zeller last night. Last 2 were big improvements. He is going to be a good player. Really figuring it out. Actually, Zeller, biz and MKG are all playing better since the break.

Posted by: IU | Feb 22, 2014 8:09:31 AM

This guy can coach. Bottom line. As the talent on the roster matures and they add more, no reason to think they will not continue to improve. It is like having Larry Brown with out all the baggage. Their defense is really amazing. They are on a string and almost never put of position. Just keep getting better. Looks like they are now picking up Clifford's offense. Kemba and Al's pick and roll looks much better. Everyone is making great entry passes to Al. Tonight will be a real test. Looking forward to the game. One of the hottest teams in the West against our improved Bobcats!

Posted by: Truth | Feb 22, 2014 11:53:59 AM

Whatever the reason, they have not made the bad mistakes they used to make since Cho arrived. Maybe Jordan is maturing as an owner. Maybe Cho is making the call, maybe he is just a sensible voice in the room. But the moves like trading for Dampier, signing Thomas, adding Higgins son to the roster...the complete brain cramps that have killed this team have stopped. At least they have a chance now. They could still be a lot smarter like other teams who do things like leave roster spots open to add free agents or D league talent, but things have been much better. This is a crucial off-season. They can take a big leap with the right moves. The East is not getting better overnight. At least it is finally interesting to follow.

Posted by: Steven | Feb 22, 2014 12:05:13 PM

Just not giving away all their picks was a nice change of pace. Still paying for that Thomas deal.

Posted by: Baller | Feb 22, 2014 1:02:56 PM

Cho, I understand you didn't want to give a future pick but I'm very disappointed that you didn't get Evan Turner. He is the future, young and has developed into a go to guy. He scores 17 points a game. I love our young guys MKG, Zeller, BIZ and Walker. Each of these have needed time to develop, I felt this was our chance tomove up to the sixth spot. Look what happen by getting Big Al, we got a lot better. If there isn't a Carmelo or Durant type talent in draft let it go unless you're going to but those picks together and get that caliper talent. I didn't know much about Evan Turner but obviously he's good because the Indiana Pacers gave up Danny Grainger for him. We're tired of losing.

Posted by: BigTyme Bryan | Feb 22, 2014 3:27:08 PM

Does this team seriously have 26 wins right now. From 7 to 26 in 2 seasons? Can't say many would have predicted that including me. If they end up around 35 wins that is huge progress. Playoffs or no playoffs. Puts them on track fop low to mid 40's next year. Make the right move and they are then in 50 win territory. That is the kind of team we need in Charlotte!

Posted by: Gumbo | Feb 22, 2014 6:54:03 PM

"Does this team seriously have 26 wins right now."

Are you unsure? Can't read?

"Make the right move and they are then in 50 win territory."

So in 2 years it's gonna be the a Heat, the Pacers and the Boobs? Everyone else in the East is gonna lay down for us? This is what you really believe? HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 22, 2014 8:29:30 PM

^^^You are like the teams good luck charm. Keep the moronic talk coming! Thank god you don't get embarrassed. Hate to change it up now that things are going so well.

That was a great win tonight. Another one! Let's go Cats. Lets go Cats.

Gumbo might be a little high with 50. But high 40's consistently with this coach and the flexibility they have. More than possble in another year.

Posted by: Mike T | Feb 22, 2014 9:31:28 PM

"But high 40's consistently...."

HAHAHAHAHA!!! That is a GOOD one!!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 22, 2014 9:59:17 PM

Great win over Memphis. Biz, Cody, and MKG are playing great. Kemba had 31 points and clearly outplayed Conley who is having a career year for a 9 year vet.

Memphis is playing for a playoff spot and came in playing their best ball of the year.

Go Bobcats.

Posted by: Tyrese Jones | Feb 22, 2014 10:20:07 PM

Clifford has these guys rolling. Production from every where. Beat a good team when Al had a tough night. That is strong. Kemba looks to really be figuring it out. Letting the game come to him. Love the way Cody and Biz are playing with confidence off the bench. That was a good team they beat tonight. Tough stretch coming up, but they gave themselves a cushion with this post all star stretch. Love the way they are set up for the future. More talent on the way this summer.

Posted by: Baller | Feb 22, 2014 10:29:34 PM

Tyrese, why not 3 or 4 more posts under different names...surely 2 wasn't enough to scratch the itch.

Another sub-20 minute game by M-CSS-KG, did he play at all in the 4th quarter?

Tolliver played 27 mins. How long until Clifford does the right thing and starts Tolliver, bring Can't Shoot Straight off the bench for a spark? (obviously not an offensive spark)

Got a kick out of the Boob announcers repeatedly saying Memphis was a "top team in the West"...Wtf, they are in 9th place!!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 22, 2014 10:56:05 PM

Nitwit 99 stfu!!!
Big Al relax on the B/tching at everyone. A Positive Reinforcement for some.... A negative for some. Mean Muggin opinion, I do appreciate caus that speaks more than words. STOP THAT NOW! AN ATTA BOY GOES A LONG WAY!!
Now that is maybe what Zellar needed. Awesome.
Not all need to b bitched at or we all could bitch at u tonight big boy!!!%!!!

Posted by: DShtg!! | Feb 22, 2014 11:07:15 PM

NASTAR. Memphis was 16-5 in their last 21. Had won 4 straight. Had everybody back and healthy. That was a good win. Questioning the coaches rotations. Seriously? Now that is funny. I am sure Clifford is concerned about what you think is the "right thing" You trying to minimize this win shows you are a simple little troll. Back in your cave now. Since they have the 4 best teams in the NBA coming up, you can come back out soon enough. How pathetic is your life that this is the way you get your kicks? So sad for you.

Posted by: Mike T. | Feb 22, 2014 11:20:24 PM

"It is like having Larry Brown with out all the baggage."

HAHAHA!!! That is a GOOD one too!!

Mike T., you are correct, every win is a good win for the Boobs. However, Memphis is still 9th no matter how you dice it...deal with it moron.

I'm not questioning Clifford's rotation, I think he's great. However, it's a known fact NBA teams routinely protect their own draft choices at the expense of better players and obviously we are seeing a textbook example of that here...but Clifford by himself is smarter than Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho combined and it will be interesting to see if Midget Management will get out of the way and let the smart guy do his thing...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 22, 2014 11:36:32 PM

DShtg...crystal meth?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 22, 2014 11:38:54 PM

Really? But why is Cody not starting over McRoberts? There are huge holes in everyone of your theories. Coach is bucking Cho by not playing the young players. Coach is not bucking Cho by starting MKG. Give it up Moron. You could not look like more of an idiot.

Posted by: Mike T. | Feb 22, 2014 11:41:49 PM

Sitting a rookie behind a 2nd rounder from Duke can be somewhat rationalized by Midget Management without losing face (at least with slurpers like you).

Sitting a #2 pick behind behind an undrafted veteran who has spent half his career playing semi-pro ball is a whole different ball game from a losing face perspective....

....thing is, this is exactly what should be done.

The concept of nuance isn't a strongpoint for you is it?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 23, 2014 12:01:39 AM

Here's an interesting one... Despite a stop-start checkered career Tolliver has played almost exactly 2X the number of minutes as M-CSS-KG...

...3pt results.

M-CSS-KG = 2,953 minutes, 3-for-18 from 3point line.

Tolliver = 5,832 minutes, 249-708 from 3point line.



Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 23, 2014 12:23:31 AM

Do you really believe your bullshit? 2nd rounder from Duke? That has played on how many teams? Sure. They are all sitting around worrying about losing face. Not the style of this coach. What is the teams record since MKG came back? His rotations sure are working. You are the biggest moron of all- time. If he plays the young guys it's a mistake, if he doesn't play them it's a mistake. This coach is working it perfectly. Team is getting better and young players are coming along. That is really pathetic. Tell me, why do you spend so much time on this again? Might want to watch the Nets game tonight to see if your Bobcats can jump into 6th place. That should make you happy.

Posted by: Mike T. | Feb 23, 2014 12:35:38 AM

You're right, not the style of this coach. So, clearly, Air Min has issued an edict that Can't Shoot Straight is untouchable. Really pitiful when you think about it...but given the insanely bad draft track record His Minimumness has amassed you can't blame him for attempting to save at least a smidgen of face, can you?

As for the 2nd rounder from Duke, regardless of how many teams he has played for he was still the 37th pick, deal with it moron. You're not real big on acknowledging facts are you? Memphis is 9th in West, McRoberts was a 2nd rounder -- these are facts, deal with them moron. Oh yeah, Tolliver was undrafted out of Creighton and he's outplaying our #2 out of Kentucky!

Watching Nets now, 84-82 Warriors with 2:36 to go, good game.

6th place? With 30% of the season to go? Where do you predict they finish?

Oops, 84-84...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 23, 2014 12:48:21 AM

Dumb f###!99
I have been around here longer than u have been thought about. Observing from a distance. This will be the last time I ever engage with your ignorance.
GO THE F! AWAY BYE!!!!!!!!

Now my point was Big Al needs to slow down the Bossiness and maybe be little more Encouraging since he can have bad nights too! Sometimes being positive can go further than showing frustration towards the people who are trying to help. ECSPECIALLY when u have to depend on teammates to pick up your slack!
However Zellar ,wow he looks like he has benefitted from Al's hardnosed approach maybe what he needed!

Forgive me, that was not appropriate... Or was it

Posted by: DShtg!! | Feb 23, 2014 3:37:03 AM


Posted by: DShtg!! | Feb 23, 2014 3:48:20 AM

Hey coach, Remember now. McRoberts was drafted in the 2nd round 6 years ago so it is OK to start him over Zeller. Yes I realize Tolliver has averaged more minutes over his career, but if you start him that will be a real red flag. What's that? You want to start MKG because he is one of the top defensive players in the league and can cover the other teams top scorer, You really like the way the team has played since he came back from injury? Oh. Al's not the best defender so it helps having him there. You like Tolliver off the bench because he is a little one dimensional? You play him based on match ups? OK. Got it. Just wanted you to know in case you get any ideas.

Holy sh&$t NASTAR is a Moron.

Posted by: Mike T. | Feb 23, 2014 3:51:30 AM

Loved that the end of that Warriors game. Seriously, is NASTAR right about anything? It's almost statistically impossible to be wrong as much as that.

Posted by: Mike T. | Feb 23, 2014 3:55:25 AM

I have to disagree about Mkg . He starts BC of his defense to avoid blow outs from the jump .

Posted by: Ironman | Feb 23, 2014 8:00:06 AM

But .. He's a slasher . So is Henderson . You can't expect great slashers to be great shooters . They are great cutters and dribble drive guys . Set a screen , move away and take a man and let them drive off the weak side . Set thm up for back door plays . Get them easy buckets in transition and secondary break points . Clifford is not using either one correctly . They need too , a pass first point guard . When both go to other teams , most will see the difference BC Cho and Clifford can't figure it out here . Both would shine hugely in the passing system of a team like the Bulls .

Posted by: Ironman | Feb 23, 2014 8:06:58 AM

But also , the high usage of Jefferson was fools gold . He will face the same defensive schemes against the Nets , NYC , Pacers and possibly the Heat this time around . He must set screens , work give n goes w the wings and pass quickly to cutters and open guys around the perimeter . His pick and roll defense w Kemba is putrid . The Cats still have no measurable pick nd roll offense either . Wo both , dont expect them to go far in the playoffs . The main objective here is to increase the wings scoring at costs .

Posted by: Ironman | Feb 23, 2014 8:13:07 AM

^^^doesnt it sound like this person does not watch the games? They put up 46 in the second half on a great defense last night with basically no Al. Went almost exclusively to the pick and roll to score. As a team they pass it better than they ever have. WATCH A GAME PLEASE.

Posted by: Dave | Feb 23, 2014 8:24:33 AM

Louis Tape aka Ironman. I know you are the same person lol. Keep on denying it. BTW, I copied and pasted one of your comments here and put it on Rufusonfire for the others to know that you change your name when you post on other sites LOL. You and "Ironman" are always negative towards Kemba, you talk down on the team regardless of what they do, you talk down on Cho and Higgins, you question the coaches, you talk about cutting and backdoor passes, etc.

Anyways, great win. Four in a row!

Posted by: D.W.G. | Feb 23, 2014 8:41:10 AM

How about the way they played the last 2 games without their 6th man? It again shows the value of the coach. Cody and Biz are looking great off the bench. Totally different from early in the season. The second group holds their own now. The substitution patterns are great. I don't think I have ever felt that was about this team. It doesn't matter that the are winning. What the coach does most games just makes sense. It really looks like this coaching staff has been helping Kemba. His game is more controlled. Even when his teammates miss shots like last night, he keeps making the right pass. Could have had 15 assists last night easy. There are a lot of things to like about this coach. They finally got this right and now the future is very bright.m

Posted by: Pat | Feb 23, 2014 9:21:45 AM

D.W.G. that's funny! Where is that? I'd like to read it.

Posted by: Rufus2 | Feb 23, 2014 11:42:01 AM

Gambling is not allowed at Bushwood, sir....and I am never wrong.

That Warriors game was a doozy, a real pleasure to watch true PG's ply their trade.

Clippers adding Glen Davis to the roster.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 23, 2014 12:14:15 PM

NA A-hole, maybe Kyrie would be a good fit.

See Bleacher Report even tough most people know Kyrie is selfish and not a team player. No excuses or complaints for our PG, just trying to help the team make the playoffs.

By the way Curry shoots 18 shots per game and has knock down shooters to pad assists. I love Curry and think he is a great PG but this is the NBA and the better players shoot no matter what the position. This is not the 1950's.

Look at Cleveland's record the last few years and compare Bobcats progress versus Cavs. Who has made the most progress. You should post on the Cavs website instead of being a disgruntled "terminated Bobcat employee" whose sole existence revolves about hating the Bobcats. The Observer should ban you.

Bleacher Report:
Irving ranks 30th in the league in assist-to-turnover ratio, tied with J.J. Barea and fellow Cav Jarrett Jack. His shooting percentage ranks 13th among all point guards.

Irving's durability has also been a question after he missed 38 games over his first two seasons, making his reliability in the future an additional concern.

Cavalier Attitude

Unfortunately, Andrew Bynum's presence may have rubbed off on Irving, as he's suddenly become pouty instead of feisty with his team continuing to plummet in the standings. Through 50 games, the Cavs are just 17-33. Their defense is rotten, surrendering 102.7 points per game, and they rank 24th in both offensive and defensive efficiency per NBA.com.

According to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal: "Two opposing general managers this season have told me they think Irving is pouting."

Irving's demeanor has been one of the central problems this season. Instead of cheering his team on, demanding that they be accountable for their poor play and encouraging them to work harder and play better, Irving has seemed malcontented and disinterested.

Posted by: Tyrese Jones | Feb 23, 2014 1:01:46 PM

While us Charlotte fans are enjoying the season and everything about it, NASTAR loser is on here crying constantly, I LOVE IT!!!! LET'S GO CATS

Posted by: Steve | Feb 23, 2014 1:27:54 PM

Cleveland doesn't hold the record for WORST, NBA, SEASON -- EVER...

...the Boobs do!

So you think the Cav's are the yardstick against which we should be judging ourselves? Compare a midget to another midget and one of them might look tall, I get it...

Pacers would be a better yardstick...how we doing?

Look at Larry Bird's legacy as an NBA executive and then compare it with the absolutely putrid stench that is Air Min's track record as an NBA exec/owner*. Worst part is if the NBA hadn't played favorites a decade ago by implementing their own peculiar version of affirmative action we could have had Larry Bird all along!

Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho would trade Shorty for Kyrie in a blink of the eye if the option presented itself -- period.

2× NBA All-Star (2013–2014)
NBA All-Star Game MVP (2014)
NBA Rookie of the Year (2012)
NBA All-Rookie First Team (2012)
NBA Three-Point Shootout champion (2013)
NBA Rising Stars Challenge MVP (2012)
2× NBA Rising Star (2012–2013)

That list drives you crazy doesn't it?


Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 23, 2014 1:40:09 PM

Cleveland with Kyrie. Let's see how he is making Cleveland winners as well as having more talent than the Bobcats:

2011 21
2012 24
2013 22 to date

Bad apple, selfish, not making anyone better. Just like Paul, they will never win a championship. Just stats with nothing to show.

Bleacher Report:
Given the way the Cleveland Cavaliers have been playing lately, the Cuyahoga River might as well be on fire. Electric third-year point guard Kyrie Irving has been lackadaisical in his play, and that has resulted in diminished playing time. As he rattles the cage and sulks through the losses, it comes at an awful time since his regression dovetails with numerous ascendant point guards.

There is no denying that Irving was on almost everyone's list of top-10 point guards—and plenty of top-five lists— before this season started, but what a difference a year makes!

We examine Irving's recent play and also consider his disgruntled attitude regarding the Cavs' losing ways.

After delineating the league's best point guards into three tiers, it is clear that Irving has indeed fallen out of the top 10 despite his potent stats.

Posted by: Tyrese Jones | Feb 23, 2014 2:56:55 PM


#1 Draft Pick
2× NBA All-Star (2013–2014)
NBA All-Star Game MVP (2014)
NBA Rookie of the Year (2012)
NBA All-Rookie First Team (2012)
NBA Three-Point Shootout champion (2013)
NBA Rising Stars Challenge MVP (2012)
2× NBA Rising Star (2012–2013)


No opinion on Pacers vs. Boobs?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 23, 2014 3:43:56 PM

Bleacher Report:

Given the way the Cleveland Cavaliers have been playing lately, the Cuyahoga River might as well be on fire. Electric third-year point guard Kyrie Irving has been lackadaisical in his play, and that has resulted in diminished playing time. As he rattles the cage and sulks through the losses, it comes at an awful time since his regression dovetails with numerous ascendant point guards.

There is no denying that Irving was on almost everyone's list of top-10 point guards—and plenty of top-five lists— before this season started, but what a difference a year makes!

We examine Irving's recent play and also consider his disgruntled attitude regarding the Cavs' losing ways.

After delineating the league's best point guards into three tiers, it is clear that Irving has indeed fallen out of the top 10 despite his potent stats.

Kemba stats are basically the same as Kyrie this season and he tppk over 100 less shots. Kemba plays hard and is a team player.

Kyrie is cancer on the team. Your true character shows when things are not going well.

You cannot rest on your laurels in the NBA. Kyrie took a step backward this year and Kemba took a step forward.

Posted by: Tyrese Jones | Feb 23, 2014 3:55:04 PM

So glad they have a coach. There are so many players that you never really find out about because of coaching, To see how much Kemba has already benefited has been great. He has always been fun to watch, but now he is leading the team and playing within himself and making his teammates better. That play last night when he tracked down Calathes, made the steal and found Tolliver was amazing. A 5 point swing on hustle, instinct and unselfishness. One of my plays f the year so far.

Posted by: Pat | Feb 23, 2014 6:34:41 PM

Well that's gotta be a first....guy made starting lineup of All-Star game and was MVP but took a step back. LOL. Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho would swap Shorty for Kyrie faster than you could say "War & Peace"!

Pacers vs. Boobs, how we doing?

Larry Bird coach:
NBA All-Star Game head coach (1998)
NBA Coach of the Year (1998)

As executive:
NBA Executive of the Year (2012)

His Minimumness as President:
Fired by Abe Pollin

As owner:


CBS Sports: "Jordan hasn't just failed as an exec, he's the greatest failure ever"

Michael Jordan, running a basketball team?

Failure as big as it's ever been done.

This guy is something out of The Unnatural, a reverse Roy Hobbs. When he walks down the street, people will look and they'll say, "There goes Michael Jordan, the worst NBA executive there ever was."

And that's saying something. Any idea how bad Elgin Baylor was? Chris Mullin? Isiah Thomas.

They're bad, but when it comes to the worst, well, let's carry this 1980s movie motif a bit further and quote from Highlander: There can only be one. And if the topic is worst basketball executive, that one is Michael Jordan. He's Lowlander. The worst of all time.



Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 23, 2014 6:40:48 PM

Tyrese. You need to adhere to the don't feed the troll signs.

Posted by: Real | Feb 23, 2014 9:18:09 PM

i think the offense improving has a lot to do with coaching and a lot to do with chemistry being built with time. al not being healthy early on definitely contributes as well. but continuity is such an underrated element in the nba.

that's why you hear me argue so often for us to keep our guys together when they're young and build them up. the good teams successfully do that over and over and over again. guys get used to playing with each other and for their coach (the same one, not a new one every year) and they're just harder to beat than guys that may even be more talented.

***only applicable if you have a good coach and guys that have great work ethics/physical ability/attitudes.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 23, 2014 11:50:15 PM

"guys get used to playing with each other and for their coach (the same one, not a new one every year) and they're just harder to beat than guys that may even be more talented."

100% correct there. I know you're not a big Clifford fan but the more I hear the guy speak the more impressed I am with him -- he is really smart and very level-headed. Hopefully out Midget Management doesn't find a reason to alienate him too. Where you been?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 24, 2014 12:31:39 AM

DWG .. Your issue is about as relevant as a spec of sand on the beach . What's imp are the substance of comments . If Kemba or anyone is not playing defense , help defense or moving the ball as they should to the detriment of the team , they will get ripped by me . Kembas playing much better as of late btw and he's improved in the ways in complained about . If you have problems w good play tough .

Posted by: Iron man | Feb 24, 2014 8:43:28 AM

Everyone needs to quit arguing with nastar bc in his mind he's always right ..He just can't see the truth..he's hung up on the past...The bobcats are playing some of the best ball in the league. ..they have a rough 4 games coming up..it will be hard to win all four of them..but if they did nastar still would be hating. ..nastar sits at home looking up big words in the dictionary to Hate on the cats...Although I don't think slurpers is in there...just give credit where credit is due nastar. The cats are getting better...and shorty as u call him...is playing very good ball...All the analysts rave about him..and coaches that have to game plan against him say that he's as hard to get there team prepared for as almost any pg in the league. ..so look up some more words and continue your hating...I'm just waiting till Friday to see how the new additions to the team help us win..

Posted by: shane | Feb 24, 2014 10:16:24 AM

Shane, in response...

I do
not necessary

shane, like most all slurpers you've lost sight of The Promises:

1. repeated forays deep into the playoffs.
2. a championship contender.

It's nice that the team has improved from an NBA ALL-TIME WORST SEASON but that and $2.11 will get you a coffee at Starbucks.

The question is can The W.O.A.T. & His Yes Men deliver on The Promises?

Do you think they can? Will a 14th year veteran be the linchpin in the post?

PS...glad to know I can help you sharpen up that vocabulary, you're welcome!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 24, 2014 7:13:22 PM

Watching Knicks vs. Mav's right now, they just showed a shot of Mark Cuban in the audience...

...said "last year was the 1st time in 12 years his team has missed the playoffs".

Now that's what I call an o-w-n-e-r.

The W.O.A.T. can't compete with that...shoot me.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Feb 24, 2014 9:17:33 PM

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