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March 18, 2014

Bobcats define Matt Carroll's role, bring Muggsy Bogues into the fold

The Charlotte Bobcats are defining Matt Carroll’s role with the team and bringing Muggsy Bogues back into the fold.

            A couple of months ago I reported Carroll, who played 7 ½ of his 10 NBA seasons as a Bobcat, was joining the organization. The franchise didn’t initially define his role.

            The Bobcats are now calling Carroll a “team ambassador” with a variety of roles. He’s started doing radio color analysis on home games (long overdue Scott Lauer got someone to interact with).  Carroll will also serve a variety of community-relations roles with the team.

            I hope the team considers having Matt do some road games on radio, at minimum in the playoffs. Radio might not be the Bobcats’ top platform, but doing this well, particularly in the post-season, should matter.

            The Bobcats are calling Bogues a “Hornets ambassador” as the team transitions to the new name, logos and uniforms next season. Muggsy was an original Hornet and an incredibly popular Charlottean who still lives here. Having him make appearances at games and community events can only be a plus.

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"The Bobcats/Hornets are making Charlotte proud while the Panthers are an embarrassment." --predicted no one

Posted by: Brandon | Mar 18, 2014 7:51:59 AM

"Radio might not be the Bobcats’ top platform"?? This is SO true. Ever try listening to the weak 610am signal after dark? It's like tapping into a broadcast from Iceland. Impossible to hear/listen to.

Posted by: steve | Mar 18, 2014 7:52:44 AM

Can I get Muggsy to work for the Panthers part time?

Posted by: Jerry Richardson | Mar 18, 2014 8:05:49 AM

I agree with Brandon. People can rip the Bobcats all they want in this town but MJ and Cho came out after the Gerald Wallace deal and said we are taking a step back to take a leap forward. They have a clear vision that is taking shape and I am proud to call myself a fan

Posted by: spaceman mike | Mar 18, 2014 8:10:19 AM

It's amazing what good management/ownership can accomplish. We are lucky to have this organization.

Is there any doubt that the Bobcats/Hornets will have two winning seasons back to back long before that other team in town?

Thank you MJ and Cho!

Posted by: Go Cats! | Mar 18, 2014 8:10:34 AM

Well well . Finally you get Jefferson to buy into moving the ball . You can't blame the loss on him . When doubled , he passed . Now he must make the other Cats cut . He hit spot up shooters and played more than token defense . For the Cats to prevail against a playoff bound team , the pt gds must facilitate all game as well . Kemba had no assists in the third , chose to shoot and not get any easy buckets in the lane . He and Henderson must share the scoring load but Kemba must as well facilitate bc of the small margin for error with this team .

I told you before of the egregious defense being played at the pf position . Clifford cannot continue to play high scoring guys one on one with zero adjustments . He must implement traps and a scheme to take the ball out of the hands of the high scorer .

The ball must move even more than it was . The three ball shooters got only contested shots . This means that one more pass must be made to get a shooter clearly open . Jefferson had 3 assists . But more importantly , he had hockey assists which are not recorded but are vital to man and ball movement .

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 18, 2014 8:29:48 AM

You're totally right Brandon. Panthers are an embarrassment. I'm so ashamed of them for having a 12-4 record and a first round bye in the playoffs.

Posted by: James A | Mar 18, 2014 9:10:58 AM

James A, you've apparently been asleep the last two weeks. We've gone from having a team we could build upon and add talent to be a super bowl caliber team to *hoping* Jerrico Cotchery signs with us to be our #1 receiver.

We still don't have a starting tackle to replace Gross, we've lost most of our starting secondary and only replaced one with a lesser caliber player (than Mitchell), and the WR position has been decimated.

All while we've made offers to players who rejected our offers, including one who said openly he wants to play in Carolina, another from Charlotte who signed with the next team he visited, and another who had the same offer from Tampa Bay.

I'm proud of our 12-4 Panthers, but this team we have now does not resemble them. As it stands now, we've got to hope every draft pick is capable of being a starter or contending backup.

Posted by: Brandon | Mar 18, 2014 9:19:38 AM

Everyone has to calm down about the Panthers. When your former GM leaves you in an awful salary cap position and a key veteren unexpectedly retires, there's going be a tough period. You can be worried about the 2014 season, but don't put any blame on Gettleman.

Posted by: John | Mar 18, 2014 9:22:45 AM

What a hypocrite. State that people criticized the Bobcats for taking a step back but they had a clear vision so now it's OK? Hello! That is what Gettleman is doing, executing a vision on trying to keep the Panthers competitive while he works us out of salary cap hell.

We wont have flexibility until next offseason but you short sighted Nimrods out there seem to forget that. Most ignorant sports fans on the planet in this city.

Posted by: Rick B. | Mar 18, 2014 9:32:29 AM

Unless I am missing it, I believe the BOOBcats still have a losing record this year...and will finish the season with a losing record. The ONLY winning season the BOOBcats had was followed up by breaking up a playoff-caliber and chemistry-filled team.
Jefferson has been impressive, Walker has played over his head...and the rest of the team has failed to impress. Hendo is a backup Shooting Guard, MKG has a ways to go, Biyombo has been a waste, and Zeller hasn't done anything special.
Sure BOOBcat fans, jump up and down while the team is a losing one...and always has been. We'll see what happens when the 2014 NBA Draft rolls around, along with this summer's Free Agency period. Don't get your hopes up.

Posted by: U dumb Rednecks | Mar 18, 2014 9:42:42 AM

John, The Panthers had $27 MILLION to spend in Free Agency and wasted HALF on one player. They had 21 free agents and needed to leave money for the rookies drafted in the NFL Draft. Blowing the budget on one player was NOT the fault of Hurney. Cutting Smitty and costing the team money was NOT the fault of Hurney, either.
This is ALL on Gettleman. The Panthers will SUCK next year!

Posted by: U dumb Rednecks | Mar 18, 2014 9:51:00 AM

I'd agree that Gettleman knows what he's doing... if he wasn't making offers to these free agents and all (but one) have turned him down. We've basically lost 5-7 starters and have replaced one of them in the FA, and you simply cannot get 6 starters in the draft. I still hold out hope that Gettleman knows what he's doing but it's becoming less certain as his offers continue to get turned down and the number of starting-caliber players dwindle. There are still a few starting WR's left, so hopefully this week will prove that Gettleman has been a genius by not jumping to please last week's free agent market signers.

On an unrelated note, deciphering these Captcha things are super annoying. M, wait is that an M? n? no that's an i and a j, or it's an f?

Posted by: Brandon | Mar 18, 2014 10:01:07 AM

Disappointing loss last night. The Hawks gain on us and we lose the tie breaker. Tough games coming up will be a true test of this team. I'm hoping last night isn't the new norm.

Posted by: apauldds | Mar 18, 2014 10:03:23 AM

what the bobcats did is NOTHING like what the panthers are doing.

the bobcats made an idiotic trade (dampier deal) coming out of a MEDIOCRE playoff birth (comparable to going 9-7 and getting in) and then when the result was a below mediocre season the following year.......THEN they traded wallace for 2 first rounders. after the dampier trade there was NO WAY they were contending.

the panthers went 12-4 and let a few young guys go, and CUT steve smith without getting any kind of compensation, but while still having to pay him for 2 more years. after they just traded jon beason for a 7th round pick (and have to pay him a ton of money too).

none of that is remotely comparable.

and wallace is nowhere near the caliber of player of steve smith. you're talking all time great compared to 1 time all-star.

i swear this city has THE DUMBEST sports fans in the world. ask anybody out of town how it looks from their view. it's gruesome. ask players in the league and their agents. it looks toxic what is going on.

and forever the panthers have been a solid run organization. even when they were losing, it was intentional rebuilding. you don't intentionally rebuild when you have cam newton and luke kuechly entering their prime. they were the products of the previous rebuild. rebuild again? what the eff is the guy doing? makes zero sense.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 18, 2014 2:54:36 PM

This basketball franchise continues to make huge improvements. I have no skin in the game of the Hornets, but it's savvy to bring in former players from both brands (Hornets/Bobcats)moving forward. The FO continue

I used to love listening to radio broadcasts of any sports team I followed, especially baseball & football, but 610 WFAN is a very weak signal that fades to oblivion 45-60 miles outside of Uptown and as previously stated by "Steve", the signal at night is even worse locally. That needs to be fixed and no doubt that Scott Lauer needs a sidekick so I'm happy for Matt Carroll as one of the local good guys.

Last night's game was disappointing, but only dims the bright lights of late for a single game. Making the playoffs at all will be a huge accomplishment, but you can't blame a fan for getting greedy by wanting to move up a few spots to avoid IND/MIA in the 1st round. Tomorrow night's game against in BKN will be further proof of where we should expect to land.

Posted by: Murdock | Mar 18, 2014 3:23:53 PM

going all in this year to get miami or indiana round one feels like a waste, but if they can slide into 6 and beat toronto......that changes a lot.

getting all these young guys 2 series' of playoff experience would be a huge come up. not quite the route that coincides with a proper rebuild, but way better than the expected 36 win season.

we have a softer schedule in the last 10. only washington and chicago above .500 and both are at least beatable. especially the 2 home games. lot of road games against tanking teams.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 18, 2014 5:21:36 PM

Going "all-in" would define what DET, NOR & BKN did. We didn't do anything of the sort. We pretty much moved laterally once you factor BG & TT contracts coupled with 2:2 in the MIL trade at the deadline. We cut the dead weight, signed Hendo & McBob to favorable team contracts with a player friendly last year option. Picked up Tolliver on the cheap and CDR off the D-league scrap heap. I would not categorize our FO decisions anywhere near "all-in" and thank God they didn't.

Anything the Cats do from here on out is gravy. They already met their realistic win total with 14 games still remaining.

I don't think people should in any way compare where this team is now to the 2010 team that ended up similarly in terms of playoff seeding. Who this team is on paper doesn't reflect that team, much if at all. This team's future vs. that team's future will end up very differently regardless of who the 1st round opponent will be and the outcome.

Posted by: Murdock | Mar 18, 2014 6:09:20 PM

Great piece on the Bobcats and that status of the franchise from USA Today (with all due respect to your extensive reporting, Mr. Bonnell): http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/bobcats/2014/03/17/kemba-walker-steve-clifford-al-jefferson-charlotte-bobcats-nba-rebuild/6535997/

Posted by: Murdock | Mar 18, 2014 6:22:14 PM

yeah i didn't mean all-in, all-in, i meant they went for it this year instead of holding back and focusing on development. and keeping the picks. likely will only have portland's pick.

they are definitely in a better position. not even debatable. that team was a 6 seed at best. this one is mediocre now, but with potential for growth in kemba, mkg, biz, and cody. and improvement from hendo. and more time to gel with al.

they have to develop the young guys to get beyond the middle.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 18, 2014 8:06:43 PM

"i swear this city has THE DUMBEST sports fans in the world."

That's a fact... The poor slurpers just cannot help themselves no matter how hard they try.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Mar 19, 2014 1:05:05 AM

This team is Chotastic I tell ya. Chotastic!

Posted by: Jamie | Mar 19, 2014 4:59:41 AM

only here do they boo boris diaw, and cheer josh mcroberts.

they talk about jake delhomme like he was the problem with the organization. about steve smith like he was average when he was the greatest professional athlete to ever play ANY kind of ball in charlotte.

talk about john fox like he wasn't a GREAT coach. correction, IS a great coach.

prefer gettleman over hurney, even though gettleman hasn't done anything thus far but win with hurney's roster and then blow it up.

talk about 4 in 18 as in 4 winning seasons in 18, but disregard that only 4 times in 18 has there been a season of 6-10 or worse. in a league built for parity.

grown adults begging for the team to bring the name back, even though there are kids that grew up with bobcats posters on their wall. oh eff that.....these "adults" care more about the jersey color and the mascot than the actual game.

i love this city for a lot of reasons, but the sports fans here are absolutely atrocious.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 19, 2014 10:06:40 AM

This guy NasTurd posts every day and is obsessed with Bobcats. Funny that he a other Sports Fans in this City call themselves DUMB.

Posted by: BuzzCats | Mar 19, 2014 10:23:28 AM

referring to the rule doesn't mean you don't consider yourself an exception.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 19, 2014 2:02:38 PM

When you call Boobcat HQ if you want to reach Muggsy or Matt be sure to ask for the Sales Department...

Maybe they should switch Larry to Sales and put Muggsy in as Head of Player Personnel?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Mar 19, 2014 10:18:31 PM

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