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March 26, 2014

Bobcats' Gary Neal to miss a couple of games with knee, ankle injuries

Charlotte Bobcats coach Steve Clifford is shutting down reserve shooting guard Gary Neal to allow Neal to recover from ankle and knee injuries.

Clifford estimated before Wednesday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets that Neal would miss 2-3 games.

Clifford didn’t play Neal in the second half of Saturday’s victory over the Portland Trail Blazers to rest Neal’s sore knee. Since then, Neal has also developed an ankle injury. Walking into the Bobcats’ locker room, Neal was limping noticeably.

“To me, until he can play (effectively), it’s not wise” to use him, Clifford said. “It will hurt us here the next two or three games, but getting him well is the best way to go.”

Neal is the Bobcats’ leading scorer among reserves, at 10.5 points per game. It seemed clear in his last appearance, against the Houston Rockets, that his injuries affected his play: Neal missed all eight of his shot attempts, most of those bouncing off the front rim.

“He’s not able physically to play,” Clifford said. “He can’t push off” his legs effectively.


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Frustrating I WANT THIS WIN!!! BAD.
Payback needs to happen from last week and other obvious reasons.

Posted by: DShtg!! | Mar 26, 2014 6:33:40 PM

Just another huge win for the Bobcats. This team is Chotastic and Clifferiffic!

Posted by: Dave | Mar 26, 2014 11:09:23 PM

Game was amazing. Great crowd. Best part was the house given to the wounded warrior. Very touching. Great gesture by MJ and the bobcats.

Posted by: Jason | Mar 27, 2014 8:58:55 AM

Great win...If they play like that the last 10 games or so they'll probably move up to 6th which if the raptors are the 3rd spot the cats can beat them in a 7 game series. ..but I still think they gotta play MKG more...

Posted by: shane | Mar 27, 2014 10:11:58 AM

I love seeing Cody Zeller pumped and mad after that hard foul. That kind of passion with all his skills will do him good.

Posted by: RobC | Mar 27, 2014 11:08:43 AM

I have really enjoyed watching the Bobcats play this year!!When they move the basketball on offense, they are tough to beat. Jefferson has really given the team a huge lift with his scoring and rebounding. I can't wait for them to dump that lousy Bobcats name and be the Hornets again!!

Posted by: Jon | Mar 27, 2014 11:42:58 AM

^ ^ ^
I also liked Biz doing the right thing and grabbing Cody, right when he was going up for a face-off with Gutierrez! Biz saved Cody a T, and they let the refs take care of the Nets' player (flagrant 2).

Beautiful act of support towards the wounded Marine and his family!

The Bobcats are 12-7 since the All Stars break. Keep those wins coming!

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 27, 2014 11:46:52 AM

It's Clifford's fault for failing to demand the cutters be hit in his offense which is heavy USEAGE of Jefferson . Jefferson can pass out of double teams quickly back to an open wing player , hit a cutter cutting from the weak side to finish or hand the ball off when guys run their defenders tight off him going thru . These are passes or plays made by all the top stars on teams . This will vary the offense . This will punish the defense so they think twice about doubling . If Jefferson has any respect for these fans , for basket fundamentals and the game , he will do this all game , every time it available . And these plays are available all game every quarter . Morons will regurgitate what got them here . That Jefferson did this and that . Of course he did . But to go further , it's a must . He's failed to go further in every yr of his last ten yrs bc he won't play help defense or pass . I will ride this point until he changes bc Clifford and staff ignore it glad to get to the playoffs . I want the Cats to win and go further . If you want to see more minutes out of Mkg btw , Jefferson must make these passes to the wings . He can stay on the floor as a cutter who gets the ball . Will Jefferson hit cutters ? He hasn't in yrs past , being more interested in forcing shots out of double teams missing open teammates . It's how he got here . I wish to thank him a thousand times for getting the Cats from the basement . But nows the time to do some soul searching so you don't leave the nba known as a ball hog teams never wanted back bc you never passed half as much as you should or played any below league average defense . What's it going to be ?

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 28, 2014 8:48:40 AM

Is Kemba going to run the pick and roll or pick and pop with any regularity ? Is he going to play on ball defense like Beverly which is the only way he can defend bc of his height ?is he going to get inside , draw two defenders and hit the open teammate inside ? Is he going to stop dribbling the ball up ct on the break killing fast breaks ? Is he going to not get abused in the playoffs constantly being put in the pick and roll and roll on defense for easy buckets ? Is he going to get easy buckets for teammates all game ? If not , Marcus Smart is on his way . The point gd of the future that will glady do all of the above and score .

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 28, 2014 8:54:53 AM

The Cats need a third scorer to carry them to a win of a series . Henderson has to step up like last yr after the break . He must demand the ball in weak side isos away from Jefferson . Post ups , back doors and hand offs . He's actually the only two way player . Most teams start. 4 . He cannot allow Jefferson to dominate the ball who must reverse it for corner threes or hit a cutting Henderson or Mkg . All the wings in fact must demand the ball . Cdr must jump up and down and demand it be reversed to him as well bc both Kemba and Jefferson will not willingly do it .

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 28, 2014 9:20:26 AM

Some very interesting and encouraging stats on Cody Zeller since the All-Star break, he is averaging: 15.3PPG, 10.8RPG, 2.6APG, 1.5BPG while shooting 48%FG and 79%FT (Per 36 Minutes). That's really good to see from a rookie big man that looked lost initially, has great skills and athleticism, and was your #4 overall pick. He is starting to get this whole NBA game, I have a feeling he will be solid in the next 2 years.

Posted by: RobC | Mar 28, 2014 11:17:48 AM

Zeller never looked lost . Some of you didnt know what to look for or what you were seeing in his development . His development is going pretty quickly . It takes yrs for big men to blossom . He's as athletic as they come for a 7 footer . He will be better once they fix his shooting Mechanics which are flawed in part as to his shot at the elbow and he bulks up below the waist . His body is shot to death below the waist . He must as well stop driving in like he's a guard and put his body on defenders . He must continue to react as soon as he gets the ball and before the defense sets . This is why he's excelled recently .

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 28, 2014 2:28:16 PM

What was Gerald Henderson thinking going under the screen at the end of tonight's game? The Magic need a 3 to tie the game all Henderson had to do was stay with his man and not follow the screener.

Posted by: jon | Mar 28, 2014 10:23:00 PM

I believe coach Clifford is a good coach...but the last few games even though they won a couple he's trying to go with scoring by putting CDR in at SF but the defense sucks with him in in the fourth quarter. .he's got to c that he's got to play MKG in the 4th...This team is built around defending not scoring. ..

Posted by: shane | Mar 28, 2014 10:33:46 PM

Too frustrated.. Classic horse shit after big win,, POSERS!!!!

Posted by: DShtg!! | Mar 29, 2014 12:34:50 AM

No challenge...
Posers,, thats it!!, after big win NOT EVEN BACK TOOOO BACKS. EPIC FAIL LATELY!!?!!!!%%%%!


Posted by: DShtg!! | Mar 29, 2014 12:44:28 AM

Sorry very irritated at loss I really didnt see enough of game to.comment just....
We should have beat sh. Out of 'em! just frustrated
Looked as if officiating was aweful. Shady
Since the trade this team is really reminding me of the playoff bobcats of old. Around 20 3's a game and losing and winning close games. Making it way harder than it should be.

Posted by: DShtg!! | Mar 29, 2014 5:31:07 AM

The claim is always no one will shoot so Kemba has to take the shots . Lol . If he got in the lane and passed to the open man after two defenders were drawn to him , they could win . But he won't bc he's greedy and wants to keep his average up . Jason Kidd told Deron Williams that his job was to get in the paint which will certainly draw a defender . When he comes , pass it . If no one comes , shoot it . But Kemba shoots it when defenders come . He forces , forces and continues to force . The morons will counter w he had 8 assists . But he should have had 14 w the number of possessions .

Big Al . Lol. He began to pass to cutters . But as usual , he slacks off , looks guys off , refuses to make the pass or hit cutters as the game goes on . These two have to stop basking in the glory of where they got us and play bb the correct way . If your stars don't play correctly every play , your stars lose the game and playoffs . These are two the most selfish , greedy players in the league , outside Melo .

Move the ball , hit cutters , get it to the open man by making the extra pass . Play help defense . Big ALS help defense was putrid . His blocking out was worse . Playoff teams will front him and if the Cats don't share the ball , they will lose . Clifford has zero control over Jefferson or
Kemba .

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 29, 2014 8:43:31 AM

Hey Iron Man. Can you evaluate why the pacers got crushed by the Wizards last night? Let me guess someone was not passing out of double teams. Some one was jacking shots. No cutters. Not enough lobs and back door cuts? Give me a break. Junior BBall analyst that could never play a lick. Find a real hobby.

Posted by: Jason | Mar 29, 2014 1:55:51 PM

"Junior BBall analyst that could never play a lick."

Wow, didn't realize realize playing ability was a prerequisite for analytical skill -- guess that explains why Cho had 3 jobs in less than one year and ended a part of Midget Managemt Co., and is likely the lowest paid guy in the league as compared to his peers. If that weren't bad enough, to add insult to injury he has Hot Rod Higgins for a boss!

So, CDR, where does he rank on this team in terms of true ability to "play" the game? Top-3?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Mar 29, 2014 3:03:05 PM

Jason, I'll agree with you on Ironman, that he's writing the same things, no matter what the team actually does. My memory of those posts goes back to 2008, when Larry Brown was coaching the team. Since then, Cats' coaches and point guards have changed, games have been won and have been lost, but his rants and lecturing stay the same.

About last night, of course he's way off when it comes to Big Al, BUT, what he wrote on Kemba is unfortunately right.

Al Jefferson scored 20 points at 62.5%; this is a spectacular field goal shooting percentage, against very tough defense. He took just 16 shots in 42 minutes on the court, which is not at all much for the team's nr.1 offensive option.

But Kemba...
Kemba was really forcing too many shots, with defenders all over him, instead of passing to open players. He made some tough shots, but he missed many more, and thus wasted possessions. Stats prove it. He finished with 24 points, but that was at 32% shooting from the field, on 25 shots from the field attempted. This is wrong, really ridiculous.

I don't think Kemba is "greedy", or selfish, or a "ball-hog". He's one of the just two truly aggressive scorers the team has; that is, a guy who's not afraid to take the shooting responsibility upon himself, and who really wants it.
The issue is that his finishing ability is not equal to his desire.
He has the quickness, but not the size and the strength to beat defenders on the drive AND finish at a higher rate.
Conclusion: he needs to pass more and force shots less. Which means, a little less "green light" for his scoring attempts from Coach is needed.

His 8 assists last night show just this: in spite of his aggressive scorer mentality, he's also very capable to create for others.
He can, and he needs to do it more.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 29, 2014 3:43:01 PM

The worst thing for the Cats last night, though, was the rebounding. The Magic has 21 more rebounds, and especially, 10 more offensive rebounds than the Cats, with all the extra second chance points that come with that rebounding discrepancy. Better rebounding work would've won the game.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 29, 2014 3:57:46 PM

I never realized writing the same thing over and over again passed for "analytical skill". Analytical skill must a have a different meaning in troll world. Or you are as big of an idiot as Iron Man is. More back door cuts and lobs and the Cats win easy. Ha.

Posted by: Jason | Mar 29, 2014 5:15:17 PM

Basketball fundamentals are what I preach which haven't changed much from yr to yr . You clowns that have a problem w it are beyond stupid . And citing Jeffersons stats do not indicate what he did or could have done w possessions . He's slow to pass out of doubles . Certain touches lead to turnovers which don't count as missed shots . His inability to move the ball and get hockey assists is equally as important to this teams success . The number of times the fundamentals are ignored will always be brought up until changed . If you don't like it , don't read . Most of you guys wouldn't know the difference between baseball or basketball let alone any bb fundamental schemes and the only thing you can post are bad jokes .

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 29, 2014 8:31:20 PM

Yes. We get it. The first hundred times you posted the exact same thing about fundamentals was enough. If only Detroit was more fundamentally sound they would have beaten Philly tonight, Give it a rest. Your basketball 101 act is beyond boring and remedial. Maybe go get a mice little rec team to coach so you can implement your principals and you can run the table in the Y league.

Posted by: Jason | Mar 29, 2014 10:36:29 PM

The "bad jokes" here are your repetitive rants, Ironman. And the fact that you're deluding yourself for the past five or six years thinking that only you know anything about basketball fundamentals, while all the coaches, point guards and other players of this team do nothing but fail to implement them - thus leaving you with no choice but to keep preaching them over and over -, this is "beyond stupid".

I'll take a little time on your repeated stupidities, though I'm sure with you this will be nothing but a waste of time.

The ball gets to Al Jefferson in almost every possession. It should, because he's our best offensive option. Any time he realizes that he's closely defended (either double teamed, or even having a very good defensive center tightening up on him), he's passing. Last night, he definitely passed more times than he shot. Usually, it takes him a few seconds to decide whether to shoot or pass. You don't seem to understand that this is useful, as it draws more of the opponents' defense around him, creating thus more space for the other Bobcats before he's passing.

Another example of your lack of understanding of how the Cats offense really works: "he stands around clogging lanes", which is supposedly bad for the other players' movement.

Coach Clifford, Kemba Walker, and Rick Bonnell too, have explained repeatedly how making Big Al the focus of the offense helps the team: it's not just his scoring, it's opening the floor for the other players, because of the defensive attention Big Al draws upon him.

All your rants are full of stupid complaints on what Al does and doesn't do, without even a shade of understanding of these things (as explained above).

Of course many of his passes are "the pass before the assist" (hockey assists), or, the pass before a drive he enabled by drawing defenders on him (in which case no assist is counted), and it's all right when this happens late in possessions. But, you see, this is not hockey, so we don't keep count of any such passes; this, of course, gives you the opportunity to keep yelping your nonsense.

Another one from you: "he has to get 5 assists a game." That's in your parallel universe.
In the real NBA, Al Jefferson ranks 6th among centers, with 2.2 apg. There is only ONE center reaching 5 apg: that's Joakim Noah, with 5.1 apg. (Pau Gasol is second, with 3.3 apg). But Noah isn't much of a scorer: 13th center, at 12.4 ppg.

Al Jefferson is the second best scoring NBA center, at 21.5 ppg (just .7 ppg behind DeMarcus Cousins, and 3 ppg above Dwight H.). For the second best scoring center in the NBA to be also 6th center in apg, that's really good.

One more of your gems: "If he would play fundamentall bb , there would be no need for McRoberts in the starting lineup as much ."

This is so ridiculous, I don't know why I even bother to answer.
1. How can a player who ignores the fundamentals of basketball (because, you say, it's not what he's playing) rank second center in the best league in the world in PER (the overall player efficiency rating), with a whole array of All Star centers trailing behind him.
1. DeMarcus Cousins - 25.9, 2. Al Jefferson - 22.6. Warning: if you try to answer this, you can only make yourself look even loonier than you are.
2. You're selling Josh McR very cheap in that ridiculous quote. You're not aware that he ranks second among power forwards with 4.2 apg, just .2 apg behind Kevin Love.
Josh has great court vision and is an excellent passer. This is a talent you can't easily dispose of, or replace, quite regardless of what your other players do.

The Bobcats get a total of 6.6 apg between their starting "bigs", and that's really good.

I.m., you're just parroting some really nice phrases you probably heard from your high school coach, and then you pose as "the great expert", lecturing all our coaches in the past few years (all four of them, plus their assistants!) as well as our players in how you need to play basketball in order to win games! Unfortunately, you're as clueless as you're arrogant: a real pest.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 29, 2014 10:41:00 PM

**you can't be that much of a defensive liability b/c of your height and still get the green light to go 3-18 every game**

Posted by: the Dude | Mar 29, 2014 11:24:12 PM

If the Bobcats did everything that Iron Man wanted every game, they would be the Spurs. It took years for Pop to get his system in place. For the first year under Clifford they have made huge strides. To expect much more this year is just foolish. It is actually amazing what they have done considering Clifford inherited almost the entire roster. Between the way he has coached them up and the way some have developed only Hornacek might be dong a better job. More time in the system and more players that fit the system bode well for this team.

In Orlando, there can always be better ball movement. But they simply got out worked. Rebounding and free throws tell the story. It happens in a long season. So far this year they have responded well after these games. Not having Neal to knock down shots for the second unit really hurts.

Big Al's defense is certainly not great. But carrying so much of the offensive load takes a lot out of you. He could be better, but their team defense is much much improved over last year. Still top (10) I believe.

Posted by: Mike T. | Mar 30, 2014 6:37:51 AM

"For the first year under Clifford they have made huge strides."

This is true. Air Minimum better step up and renegotiate that deal and lock Clifford in long-term because I guarantee you the rest of the league is noticing how good Clifford is. It's really going to h-u-r-t His Minimumness to have to pay a coach $5,000,000+.....Min is gonna hate that, LOL. Boy I would love to be Clifford's agent right about now...he's flopped the nuts against the dumbest gambler of all time!!

Jason, my comment was strictly directed at your moronic assumption that playing ability and analytical skill were somehow linked -- we need look no further than the Handout King for irrefutable proof that this not the case!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Mar 30, 2014 8:51:12 AM

Sandy cites PER in his post above...for your information I have looked up the corresponding stat for each of our starting 5...

Big Al = 3 (well earned)
Josh = 40
MKG = 42
Hendo = 33
Shortster = 16

Further illustrates just how good a job Clifford is doing...

CDR = 43 (D League guy at same level as #2 pick)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Mar 30, 2014 9:06:34 AM

Lol. You guys or dolls always respond with what has been done as if that defends , answers , addresses , is a response to what is not being done at this present time . The Cats are trying to get to 6 th seed to avoid certain death. You clowns want to tell us what they did to get here to justify their failure for man and ball movement which costs most games , at least in part . My post after each game addresses the specific failures . I will address them until they change , Bonnell addresses the real issues as other writers do in other cities , the staff picks up on it or other enlightened fans call for change after seeing the light of being cheated . You guys don't post in redundancy ? Lol.

Sandy . I was not referring to you as to my comment about bad jokes . But you continue to as well defend Jefferson w past feats to foolishly attempt to address what he's not doing to get the 6 th seed . I don't think you have a grasp on hockey assists . And who cares if they aren't kept . Jefferson , while doubled in the low block , could quickly hit Zeller at the elbow . Zeller could quickly hit a streaking weak side cutter . This would be not only a score , possible and one but also a hockey assist for Jefferson . Equally , this is available all game . Not just the first qrtr where he may get his obligatory 2 assists . Who cares if only one center averages 5 assists a game if Jefferson can do the same if he passes timely out of doubles ?

Jefferson could hit a cutter who rubs his man off him on a cut thru. He misses timely pitch outs to wings wide open set up directly on the arc on his side when the wings defender has doubled . He misses cutters after he screens and rolls or pops , only to selfishly shoot. Whatever any other center is doing or not doing or is averaging in assists will defend this crime . Nothing about where the Cats came from , namely the basement for yrs , will defend this tragedy . You clowns love to cite past to defend the present . You clowns love to quote the stats of Jeffersons as if that's going
to ameliorate his atrocious in game passing , which if changed , by reason of his touches and usesage , could get the Cats to 6 th seed .

No one is saying that Jeffersons doubling doesn't open up scoring opportunities for teammates . But you're kidding yourself if you think for one minute when he camps down low begging for the ball even when his number hasn't been called , he's not clogging lanes for the wings like Mkg to drive . Get out the way . Move to the other side . Set a screen . It's funny you bring up Noah . Bc he does all those things and makes his teammates better . Jefferson is too lazy to do it . It's funny you bring up Noah and his 5 assists a game bc they come from hitting cutters , lobs and back doors . Jefferson should try it w some of the huge amount of touches he gets . The playoffs are near . The 6 th seed is in reach . Teams will front Jefferson , make the entry passing angles tougher , play his receiving hand more and show quicker in doubling . The need for him to pass in the way outlined will be the only thing to save the Cats . Responding by regurgitating his stats won't . Assuming I only played hs ball won't or got this stuff from my hs coach won't . I played beyond that btw. Following good bb practices will .

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 30, 2014 9:06:45 AM

^^^you act like the league is full of great passing big men. Talk about being stuck in the past.

Posted by: Jason | Mar 30, 2014 10:04:59 AM

"you act like the league is full of great passing big men. Talk about being stuck in the past."

That's your excuse? Exactly the same as excusing Shorty's weak FT stats because Tony Parker isn't so great from the line -- moronic rationale. To Shorty's credit he addressed the shortcoming and is over 90% from the line for the last 17 or so games. In terms of playing style Big Al is certainly a blast from the past!

People, I think we have a new candidate for King Slurper!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Mar 30, 2014 10:44:56 AM

An excuse. 6 centers in the entire league average more than 2 assists and Al is one of them. Keep on trolling. At least Iron Man has a buddy. What a twosome you are. Two little peas in a pod. Nice to see you have a kindered spririt out there. Probably hanging out"slurping" each other. Makes a lot of sense to bitch about Al right now. Losers.

Kemba's FT shooting has gone up every year. No excuses. That is exactly how you do it.

To troll someone else or suck some d$!&. The two things you are good at. You talk about it enough.

Posted by: Jason | Mar 30, 2014 3:48:42 PM

"Big Al = 3 (well earned)"

Can't read can ya?

Shorty was up from 78.9% to 79.8% year 1 vs. year 2...you think that's good? And for the first half of year 3 he was under 80% again so stick that "every year" nonsense right into your ear! Finally he buckled down and did the necessary work -- that is the one and only explanation. In fact he could have put in the work 2 years ago but chose not to.

Excuse making slurpers like yourself are exactly who Air Min's ludicrous business plan is predicated on, give yourself a big pat on the back!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Mar 30, 2014 6:17:43 PM

Everyone knows who the King Slurper is. Nasturd in a landslide.

"I must have you guys all worked up today" No. Your just a douche bag troll.

Posted by: John | Mar 30, 2014 6:19:26 PM

John if I didn't know better I'd say you were trying to hurt my feelings? LOL...

Do you have anything to add to the discussion or are just another of a long line of slurpers who can't form a cogent thought?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Mar 30, 2014 7:08:08 PM

Nastar talks about Cho and his failures. At the end of games , he has 3 high lotto picks sitting at the end of the bench doing absolutely nothing as to contributing in producing a win . All the while , every other lotto pick is not only playing but producing . I told you before what the standard is .. If your pick can't score big in a playoff series , leave him on the board . Under this standard , not one of the 4 would have been claimed other than
Kemba . But Kemba should have been shipped for Kyke Lowry or Eric Bledsoe , both pass first , big , strong defending pt gds who could lead the Cats in the future . I like Mkg and Zeller but Clifford doesn't seem to care much . We know what he thinks of Biz .

It's on Clifford to get more players going . His offense sucks and involves only two guys if the arc guys aren't hot . He's a good coach but now he must go forward . Cho messed up by not getting him two way players . There's only one of the team . There must be 4 on the starting unit to get to and out of the first round and for sure the second round .

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 30, 2014 7:51:56 PM

Add to the "discussion"? Now that is funny. 21 wins to what this year? Couple of troll D bags on this blog. "Discussion". Finally some real humor. Hilarious. Really really funny.

Posted by: John | Mar 30, 2014 10:13:52 PM

Ironman, you live in a world of your own, in which the only tactical schemes that matter are those in your mind, while any positive achievement of our team this season doesn't matter - because, of course, it doesn't meet your standards.
Mike T. tried a gentle way of bringing you back to earth; as expected, it didn't work.

Your post (at 9:06 p.m.) shows at least some awareness that you prefer posting overwhelmingly negative comments over any kind of balanced, realistic, analysis.
Such analysis must be based on 1. analyzing what this team and its players ARE doing well in order to show such improvement this season and 2. acknowledging that in the real world you don't have perfect players, each one has strengths and weaknesses; our top players' strengths deserve to be emphasized, precisely because these strengths have brought the team where it is now.

This is what coach Clifford does, and it's one more of those things that you fail to understand: he's not building plays for an imaginary team made up of imaginary players, designed to meet some unrealistic standards that Ironman deeply loves, but, he's trying to get the best out of the real players we have, finding the ways of using them to their strengths. He's very successful at doing so.

What you are doing is precisely the opposite of a balanced and realistic analysis.
You're looking for negativity only and you totally overemphasize it; only under pressure from other fans you'll occasionally pay some quick lip service to this team's evident big improvement this season, but only to flee back quickly into overwhelming negativity.

You're foolishly ranting about what you see as failures (again, you're overemphasizing and overstating them), and you fail miserably to settle into reality - where the positives about this team are far exceeding what you're capable to acknowledge.
As in: hey, why would you ask me to look for positives, when the ONLY POSITIVE that matters to me is the game plans I see in my head!! Everything else about the Cats has been, and still is, so imperfect, that this team doesn't earn a more balanced (i.e., including an analysis of the real positives) from me!! That's you, Ironman. You're not aware of this, but your obstinate negativity is YOUR problem, it's in your head, it's not "all that this team deserves."

- - -

Besides, a balanced and realistic analysis includes negative comments too - of course.
I posted one above on Kemba; it's very critical, and yet it mentions positives about him too. Overall, his qualities and his potential are much better than what you can see.
Just this season, when I prefer to look at what makes this team better, I posted A LOT of critical comments too, relating to various players' limitations, or failures in various games (just above too, on several things that went wrong in the Orlando game).

The team improved greatly this season. It will need further improvement in the upcoming seasons. There will be more roster changes, to this purpose. This can be expected to happen, but, it's very different from your continuous ranting and lecturing - which is going on for years - which only consists in projecting the standards in your mind upon the Bobcats, and then constantly taking them to task for failing to meet them.

You'd be much better off sticking to PS3, or X-Box, where can always lead your team to run just the plays you want. That virtual reality suits your mind much better than the messy real world, to which the NBA belongs.

- - -

Just another example of your foolish stubbornness. Again, you're going on with Joakim Noah and his assists count, which is unique in this league for a center.
Again, you prefer not to notice that overall Big Al contributes more to his team than Joakim does to his, as showed by his superior PER.

Or, another piece of nonsense, on coach Clifford: "His offense sucks and involves only two guys if the arc guys aren't hot."
A good example of exaggerating something you don't like, while also being incapable to see the positives in this offense.

I mentioned this before: this team has only two truly aggressive offensive players, who can really be depended on in most games, in order for this team to have any offensive punch.

The offense is built around them, but it's idiotic to claim that it "involves only those two." That never happens, that would be no way to win any game - but, that's your twisted perception.

Stats don't lie. Big Al and Kemba average together 39.4 ppg; the Bobcats average 96.4 ppg. That's about 40% of the team total for the two of them.
They dominate the offense, for sure, but 1. that's very different from the imaginary claim that "the offense involves only these two guys" [never!] and 2. their dominance is actually a good thing, with the players we have now.

Improving the roster next season can change this - but, NOT the way you want (by replacing the starting PG). This is an issue on its own - which way you improve the roster next season. I commented on it in the past, but, it doesn't belong to this already long enough post.

- - -

I can't leave this out: it's so ridiculous that you're trying to hide behind Rick Bonnell in your post above - as a cover for your obstinate negativity.

Rick provides a good example of balanced and realistic writing, where both positives and negatives are analyzed and exposed. I'm usually in agreement with his comments; it's something I mentioned many times in my posts. I also had some occasional points of disagreement with him, which is the only normal thing to expect.

But, any criticism of the team I read from Rick through the years is usually fully justified. His genuine basketball analysis skills have nothing to do with your repetitive unrealistic rants.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 31, 2014 12:10:59 AM

Nothing about the Air Min & His Boobs is balanced, or reasonable.

John, should we have a "Boobs Came Close to .500" banner made up to present to the team? Maybe a miniature version for you to hang in your cubicle?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Mar 31, 2014 12:59:16 AM

How many teams have improved their win total as much as the Bobcats this year? You really are an idiot. "Discussion". Yeah right. Hilarious. What a D bag.

Posted by: John | Mar 31, 2014 6:39:20 AM

I so wanted to come on here today and blow steam about augustin having ANOTHER huge game for chicago.....

and then i glanced at kemba's stats (the ones that matter). dude is significantly improving his shooting (ft and 3s) without compromising his volume at all. he's having a solid year. still needs to do more shot creating, but he's having a good year.

augustin still should have been the guy and we could have used that pick on thompson or leonard or whoever, but at least they didn't get them both wrong as it looked after walkers rookie year when they let augustin go.

while i'm not with nastar by any stretch (dude is delusional).....the team's "improvement" comes from replacing dead weight with productive players. but the only way the team actually improves in a legitimate fashion is if they develop guys like mkg, zeller, and biz. walker's there. henderson is less than he could have been, but he is what he's going to be. the other 3 still have major room to grow. that's the only way we become legit.

.500ish isn't anything to write home about. ANYBODY can sign a bunch of free agents and muster a .500 record in any given year and an 8 seed that goes nowhere. we were sold on rebuilding the right way for the long haul. they skipped some steps and it looks impatient, but it still might work out because I think they've nailed the picks.

everybody that is down on MKG, zeller or biz fail to realize how young these guys really are. MKG is younger than all but 4 or 5 guys in the league and he's a starter and a KEY rotation player on a playoff team. there aren't a lot of guys in NBA history that have done that at his age. same can be said about biz and cody doing what they're doing as solid rotation players on this team at their age (21). guys aren't in their prime until 25ish. 27 they peak. think about that. we're talking about 20 and 21 year olds.

best case scenario right now is we pull out the 6 seed and win round 1 (if toronto) and portland somehow either slips to the point where they are picking 14th, or win the lottery and keep the pick. we end up with no picks this year, but 3 picks basically guaranteed next year with limited protections. that's something to look forward to as trade assets while bringing everybody back without drafting a guy next year that won't play or will and will cramp someone else's minutes in a negative way.

hoping for that 6 seed.....7 seed is going to be brutal.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 31, 2014 12:53:40 PM

What did Thibbs tell Dj to do that made he come from being a deadman at Toronto and Indiana?????? He told him he wants him to get assists at the rim !!! To iniate the offense as much as he could in the paint . It's the lobs , alley oops , back doors and dimes on the break he never threw here or in the other two stops . Old school bb . The more things change , the more they stay the same . Lol. Lol.

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 31, 2014 1:12:47 PM

no.....he just put him in the game.

dj barely played in indy and toronto. not a lot of people score 30 in less than 10 minutes.

the guy was a stud as a rookie and then he didn't play much his 2nd year. the guy plays more, he produces more. especially when he has a reasonable supporting cast. here he had.....gana diop, tyrus thomas, najera, mullens etc. awesome.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 31, 2014 1:33:27 PM

Yeah i have to watch us in a series with Miami i will have to move away from my family till its over.
I loved what Clifford had to say Friday night in post game "we are not good enough offensively not to defend and rebound".
I just hope the guys were listening. Ironman has his and my peeves are jacking up 3s. Does get frustrating. Dont get me wrong its awesome when guys are "stroking". Reminds me when used to watch LJ do a heat check at begining of game and would hit a 3 and I would say "Oh CRAP!" to myself.
Wide open ones are more than ok and not deep in a game with the lead.
Anyway i am nervous about tonight.

Posted by: DShtg!! | Mar 31, 2014 1:44:29 PM

Yeah. DJ had alot of assists at the rin last night. 3 total to be exact. Scored 33 points. Does Iron Man even follow basketball? Guy is out to lunch big time.

Posted by: Jason | Mar 31, 2014 1:59:22 PM

Hey Jason .. In mean stupid . Dj comes off the bench . He averages in the last ten games 4 assists a game . Kemba starts and barely averages more than 5 . Do you follow bb or better , do you know any ? You guys want to be funnymen . But what's funny is you don't know a lick of bb .

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 31, 2014 3:21:49 PM

they both have roughly the same per 36 stats across the board, however walker gives you more steals/blocks/rebounds and augustin shoots the ball better and gives you slightly better assists/to given that he's not the primary playmaker in chicago (noah) while walker really is.

you COULD argue that jefferson getting the amount of isos that he does eats away at a lot of walker's available assist opportunities. he's still playing good ball all in all and he's shown flashes of an ability to drive and dish. price appears to be rubbing off on him in good ways. maybe i'm attributing improvement to the wrong guy, but coincidentally, his passing and shooting has improved this year since price has been around (and previously knocked both abilities).

i'm just glad walker is solid given that we let augustin walk with no compensation and used #9 picks on both (plus the 5 on felton).

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 31, 2014 3:26:54 PM

It's more than that . W Walker , there are certain kinds of assists that are not made . These are ax toy the kind that would improve the wings ESP Mkg . Ie lobs , dimes on the break , back doors .

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 31, 2014 4:15:39 PM

Sorry . They are actually the kind that would keep Mkg on the floor and improve scoring all over the place at every position , get more free throws , the team in the bonus and injure defenses more . .. Assists at the rim .

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 31, 2014 4:46:57 PM

^^^Hey moron. Kemba barely averages 5 per game? Try 5.9 genius. Can you even read? What a dope.

By the way. How many lobs did the Spurs have last year? Go look that up you fool. Wow. How did they ever make it to the finals.

and DJ played 31 minutes last game. More than the starters. Are you always wrong or was this the first time?

Posted by: Jason | Mar 31, 2014 6:25:02 PM

he's wrong a lot, but the concept that kemba is not a great shot creater isn't one of the things he's wrong about. it's not about assist numbers because hockey assists are just as effective and aren't tracked as frequently. the guy touches the ball more than anybody else in the league and he runs one of the least efficient offenses.......that's anchored by one of the more efficient offensive big men in jefferson.

walker's far from flawless. but he's playing good ball overall and he's made MAJOR improvements since his rookie year which have me buying into him barring an upgrade being wide openly available (and yes there are several guys better at his position, he is nowhere near top 5 but undoubtedly a top 30 and probably top 20 pg right now).

and he even had a stretch of games recently where he was dishing it out like he's supposed to. he just didn't maintain that momentum. but it's progress. I would have never imagined a 16 assist game in his career after the last 2 years. now I (and he) know he has it in him.

but the truth is: assist leaders don't win championships. guys like ron harper and mario chalmers and derek fisher have a lot of rings between them. fisher might be grabbing another one this year.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 31, 2014 7:19:08 PM

I'd call Tony Parker an assist guy, just talking recent years, fo sho.

Posted by: the Dude | Mar 31, 2014 8:23:42 PM

"How many teams have improved their win total as much as the Bobcats this year?"

So we make up a "Most Improved" banner and hang it in the cable box? LOL...

As the bass player once said...."yo easily amused aren't ya"...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Mar 31, 2014 8:42:41 PM

"...there are several guys better at his position, he is nowhere near top 5 but undoubtedly a top 30 and probably top 20 pg right now..."

That's about right. Another way to put it is he's in the bottom tercile -- yet he's expected to be a playoff winning PG? When did a bottom tercile PG (for now, new PG's entering league every year) ever led a team to repeated forays deep into the playoffs, or a championship contender? Those are The Promises you know...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Mar 31, 2014 8:53:27 PM

So they are supposed to go from 21 wins to the NBA championship you troll? Most improved is a big deal you freaking pathetic moronic troll of a person. What an absolute super douche.

Posted by: John | Mar 31, 2014 10:37:42 PM

Boy, you're a really really angry one. Definitely at the front of the pack for the 2014 Angry Award!

The Promises were for "repeated forays deep into the playoffs" and a "championship contender".

Now slurpers like you get all jazzed up about a 7 -> 21 -> 30-something progression...

...were you similarly jazzed when we went 32 -> 35 -> 44? Did that fire you up? If so, how did you feel when we then went 44 -> 34 -> 7?

You do realize we have the same two clowns at the wheel as we did then? Air Min and Hot Rod Higgins.

Where did you shake out on Silas & Son? Dollars to donuts you thought they were the long time solution. ANSWER THAT ONE SLURPER!

Then I bet you were all jazzed up when we hired that AAU coach Dunlap. ANSWER THAT ONE TOO SLURPER!

Going from 7 -> 21 -> 30-something is child's play, almost impossible not to (especially when the rest of the conference just blows chunks) ...but let's take stock in what we got:

1. we do have a real deal coach -- will Air Min pay up the $5,000,000+ it's gonna take to keep him? Remember Clifford's $6 million deal is only guaranteed through next season, the 3rd year is a team option. Screw around too long and Clifford might just decide to coach out the rest of his contract and play the open market. If I'm Clifford's agent I tell him not to sign for anything less than the 5-large because clearly the guy knows EXACTLY what he is doing and he WILL be a hot commodity with other teams.

2. We have an owner that's a flat out liar (not to mention dumb and underfunded) as evidenced by this on the subject of tanking: **The Bobcats owner scoffed at the idea Friday, telling The Associated Press, "I don't know if some teams have thought of that. That's not something that we would do. I don't believe in that."**

44 -> 34 -> 7.....case closed.

3. we have a #7 pick who can't catch and is playing 7-8 minutes a game. The more time that passes the less involved he becomes.

4. a #2 pick who can't hit the broad side of a barn and is outplayed nightly by our D-League pickup. Our D-Leaguer already gets more minutes than our #2 pick, and in the playoffs that differential will only increase.

5. a 5'10" two-guard attempting to play the point. He goes 6-22 and 0-10 tonight and everyone is gushing about how he "put the team on his back and led them to victory"....LOL, the other team could not have been more inept. In the playoffs they'll post hit butt up until his nose bleeds.

6. a PF who washed out with 5, f-i-v-e, five other teams before landing a starting role with the Boobs. He gonna be the difference maker in the playoffs?

7. a world class scoring center who unfortunately is allergic to defense and has a consistent track record of playoff failure. I like the guy and hope he breaks the trend but seems unlikely. Keep in mind he'll be 30 on his next birthday, has 10 years and a lot of miles on the odometer. All the slurpers endorsed sending several former players packing over age/mileage concerns that were way less than Big Al is currently registering.

8. our #4 pick is starting to show some glimmers of productivity but he's a long way from being a team leader in the playoffs and he's soft. The other night I thought he was going to cry after a 159lb 10-day contract kid hacked him. Playoffs are brutal fella.

9. our starting 2-guard couldn't get another offer on the open market. Bottom tercile player, not a difference maker.

10. a moronic fan base with no disposable income and are unwilling to hold team "leadership" (use that term loosely) accountable. The folks in town with cash just don't care.

Ladies and Slurpers, that's tonight's top-10!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 1, 2014 12:53:42 AM

Really enjoyed the game last night, Caught the last 2 home games. OT against Brooklyn and this comeback. Incredible. I have my own top 10 list. A illite more positive and definitely more objective about things I like about this team and what they are doing.

1. Clifford. Found a great coach. Coach of the year candidate.
2. Zeller. Has his best game of the year. Continues to improve. Playing like the PF of the future for this team. Versatile and plays with incredible energy.
3. Rich Cho. Great trades, no bad deals and the cupboard is still full of picks and cap space thanks to him.
4. Big Al. Just turned 29 and his low to the ground game will just keep going. The 2nd best FA signing in the league next to Howard. Maybe the best. No FA has had a bigger impact.
5. Bench play. Finally. Neal has really stabilized this unit.
6. The Hornets. Can't wait. The name belonged here. Thanks for bringing it back.
7. Kemba. Impacted the game even while not shooting the ball well. Turning into a solid distributor and underrated on D, gave Wall fits last night. He is a gamer in every sense of the word.
8. CDR. Talk about a great pick up. Enthusiasm is infectious, it is clear he is relishing this opportunity. Have to root for a guy like that.
9. Chemistry. This is a group of good guys. Pulling for each other. Not worrying about minutes. As Bonnell says. Best locket room he has covered.
10. Jordan. Buying this team. Bringing the name back. Doing things in the community. Hiring Cho. Improving as an owner. Love the direction of this team.

A couple of moves this summer and high 40's or 50 win season is not a stretch. The East is weak and will not get better overnight. Give Clifford a couple more players that fit his system and the first year as the Hornets will be a good one!

Posted by: Henry | Apr 1, 2014 8:53:53 AM

That is much better than super douche troll Nasturd. 21 wins to 40. Can't find anything positive. Simple little hate mongering troll. Angry? How many negative posts are you up to about one of the most improved teams in the league. Nice "discussion" hilarious.

Posted by: John | Apr 1, 2014 12:03:01 PM

THats just nastar for ya he's even an idiot in his own mind...He just has a problem believing it...he's always putting the team and owner down..but in actuality the average age of the rotation is like 23 ..that means we can keep on getting better without coasting a ton of money. .and as the teams in front of us gets older and gets out of the way while where improving where gonna b one of the top teams in the league. ..but the idiot will still have something to say that he thinks is genius But is really just stupid...and we'll all just comlain and debate with him and after all that we'll just laugh...bc he'll never learn...or except that the cats\hornets are headed the right direction. .

Posted by: shane | Apr 1, 2014 1:43:18 PM

Lol y'all keep cracking on Nastar calling him an idiot . But not once have you provided any credible evidence to refute his claims . It's always he's a troll , hater , stupid . Try refuting his claims cogently . Y'all look like the idiots w the same old replies .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 1, 2014 2:18:06 PM

And Charlottean . .. You're better than this . The three guys you named , , Fischer , Chalmers and Harper are all products of huge passing systems . The system , two being the triangle produced heavy assists at the rim totals . The same w the Spurs system and the Heat . . And you don't need an assist leader to prevail as you should know if you have this assist at the rim stat . Bigs passing to bigs . This is what in clamoring for Jefferson to do bc of our impotent pt gd . Equally , another deficiency here is w Kembas on ball defense , opposing pt gd penetration and help defense . Your three pt gds brought up never ever had these problems . The Gm and or coach brought guys in that fit . These defensive issues are huge and can't be corrected w Kemba . He played well in stretches last nite . But he missed guys openly on drives to the rack whc were shameful . One being Jefferson who was rightfully pissed running next to him on the break . A pt GS can't do this . Good game tho

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 1, 2014 2:34:36 PM

Henry, I certainly don't agree with all your points, but nice post.

John, get some anger management counseling, you'll be glad you did.

Iron man, ain't it the truth. When the serious name calling starts I know they are at wits end, and defeated...

Let's get a couple things straight, I think the world of Clifford. I really like Big Al a lot. Ditto MKG, he's a sensitive kid and I actually kind of worry about him. As a group our players are a bunch of nice guys, keep their noses clean, don't end up in the paper for anything except basketball related news. Collectively the chemistry is good and they really are playing well as a team -- this means a lot in hoops.

Ownership/management, different story...just a joke, pitiful. There's a reason Air Min was highlighted by CBS Sports as The W.O.A.T. http://www.cbssports.com/nba/story/18932942/jordan-hasnt-just-failed-as-an-exec-hes-the-greatest-failure-ever

The fact is His Minimumness is completely unqualified to be running a big business like NBA teams are -- totally out of his league. The Charlotte based franchise already has significant built in disadvantages, it's a real shame that it's also saddled with the W.O.A.T. NBA executive. Slurpers always say "oh but Cho is in charge now", nonsense, he has z-e-r-o ability to make any decision autonomously. Facts, Cho had 3 jobs in less than a year. OKC didn't value him enough to keep him. Portland fired his butt in very short order. He ended up joining the laughable outfit known as Air Min & Yes Co...that's the best he could do?

Bottom line -- Air Min "lead" this franchise to depths NEVER BEFORE plumbed in NBA history -- EVER. We aren't even back to where we were the one decent year we had in the history of the franchise, yet y'all act like the war is won!

Going from 7 to 37 is child's play...going from 37 to 50+ is extremely difficult...you slurpers act like it's as easy as stepping off the curb.

As of now we have banner suggestions of:

"Boobs Were Almost .500"
"Boobs Are Most Improved"
"Boobs Are All Nice Guys"

Let me know when this franchise actually WINS something that is banner-worthy...

...when they do I will be the first to congratulate them.

Slurpers, remember The Promises...
1. repeated forays deep into the playoffs.
2. a championship contender.

Until one of those happens it's all chaff.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 1, 2014 3:32:07 PM

The issue here is unrealistic expectations. The Bobcats are clearly much better. Nothing to argue there. 21 wins to 37-40 may be "easy", but you can't get to 50 without getting to 40 first. The Bobcats are obviously not a great team. But their progress is substantial in any context. Can they take the next step? No one can answer that question except history, But you can't take the second step without the first one. At least they have done that this year and it has been an enjoyable team to watch.

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 1, 2014 4:00:33 PM

Seriously. Does. Anyone know Iron Man? He has to be retarded...I mean slow...um mentally challenged. Kemba can't play D. Al can't play D. A power forward no one mistakes for David West. Henderson and 20 year old kid. But they are top 10 in almost every defensive category? Guy is literally clueless. I am insulting you because you are a complete moron and just plain wrong. How did the Bobcats win with no lobs last night? And the Spurs and.....

Posted by: Jason | Apr 1, 2014 4:10:44 PM

"The issue here is unrealistic expectations."

100% agree. So what should realistic expectations be?

Just getting to the playoffs and losing round 1 most of the time?

Regularly advancing deep into the playoffs?

A championship contender?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 1, 2014 4:19:37 PM

A championship contender! If u take away just half of the injuries they had this year the cats would have had around 45 wins this season.. If the team improves a fourth better next year which is very realistic. .There gonna b a team that will get to the second round..hell if the they get to 6th in the standings they could get to the second round this year...The point is they have a extremely young team all of them have more Room to grow..except maybe big Al. ..so with the fact of the team being really young and hardly any experience and the chance to prob get to the second round this season u don't see this team getting any better ??

Posted by: shane | Apr 1, 2014 5:00:03 PM

And I mean championship contender a few years down the road...you no when the cats are old at like an average of 27 or 28 or something. ............

Posted by: shane | Apr 1, 2014 5:06:34 PM

Shane, key word, "realistic" ;)

Big Al, 10 year vet
McRoberts, 7 years
CDR, 6 years
Hendo, 5 years
Shorty, 3 years

These are the players getting prime time minutes when the games are on the line...that's a veteran lineup.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 1, 2014 5:16:28 PM

I'll agree with that...The oldest one is big al...and he wouldn't no pic and roll defense if it smacked him in the face...but he can get better at that .mkg will get better kemba has improved every year .he's 23..he'll keep improving. .Zeller is gonna b the starting pf next year...Over the last 15 game look at his numbers per 36 min..He should be getting as many min as mmcrob now...All I'm saying is how can u beat on a team all the time ..When they have improved so dramatically from last season to this season. ..they all have very high work ethic and with work comes results. ..I know getting on her expressing your thoughts is nice and all..but u have to give credit where credit is due..90 % of nba analyst have the bobcats as one of the best young upcoming teams in the league. ..we have to get a better starting sg...move hendo to 6th or 7th man ..which will make a deeper team...I believe the need to get a proven scorer instead of taking another unknown from the draft..These are all good things goin for the cats..know one thought they would have a chance at locking up a possible 6th seed this year but look they have a very favorable schedule 6th place is very possible. .yes the coach needs a lot of credit. .but at the end of the day players have to play...

Posted by: shane | Apr 1, 2014 5:43:26 PM

I'm beating on ownership/management, the franchise, and the affiliated track record and results (or lack thereof).

To a player they are good guys, no issue with any of them. Judging them critically vs. their potential, their peers, expectations Air Min has set for them, and what they might (or might not) accomplish, is just part of the evaluation process.

"Improving vs. last season" doesn't do anything for me because it didn't have to get as bad as Air Min made it, fans suffered needlessly due to his ineptitude. So until he delivers on The Promises, which I consider to be severely misguided, I'm gonna keep on hammering him and his clown posse!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 1, 2014 5:58:52 PM

PS...can you link a couple forward looking articles from these NBA analysts? Articles that project expectations over the next 3-5 years?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 1, 2014 6:00:42 PM

It was word of mouth. .Some of the analysts where resent nba players...but at the same time mj blew a team up that tean bc it wasn't gonna get any better ..As a fan yes it sucked for two year..but it has been exciting watching them improve so much this year..and we are far ahead potential wise now then when we made our only playoff run...mj hasent had a A+ owner carrier but depending on the rest of the season I'd say a B would be pretty close on the job he has done...and of course that is an opinion. .

Posted by: shane | Apr 1, 2014 7:09:17 PM

Fair enough shane. They certainly are a lot more competitive and more fun to watch, no doubt.

As for His Minimumness, he's coming up on his 8 year anniversary of assuming control. If your GPA is 0.08 after the first 7 semesters a 3.0 in semester 8 only pulls you to a 1.08...can't award a degree at that level. Guy should step down.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 1, 2014 11:34:02 PM

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