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April 03, 2014

Bobcats roll out the paint cans for Al Jefferson's All-NBA campaign

The Charlotte Bobcats had some fun with center Al Jefferson’s All-NBA campaign, creating a “Big Al’s Paint” website to promote his in-the-paint scoring skills.

            The Bobcats released the site -- http://www.bigalspaint.com/shades-of-big-al.html -- to the public Thursday. Three media members from each of 30 NBA cities, plus various national media, vote between now and the end of the regular season on a variety of awards, including three center slots on the All-NBA team.

            Certainly Jefferson deserves consideration. He’s 13th in the NBA in scoring at 21.5 ppg., (ahead of all centers except Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins at 22.3) and ninth in rebounding (10.4 per game, seventh among centers). He’s the only player in the Eastern Conference to average 20 points and 10 rebounds this season.

            More importantly, he’s had a huge impact on the Bobcats’ 37-38 record. They are closing in on only the second playoff berth in franchise history and Jefferson’s low-post scoring has been crucial to recovering from a 21-120 record the previous two seasons.

            The Bobcats were looking for a creative way to spread the word on Jefferson’s accomplishments. So they created an on-line “paint store” motif that they will supplement with a press kit to potential voters.

            Among features on the website: Quotes from a variety of opposing players and coaches, an abundance of statistical comparisons and stories written by national (Sports Illustrated and USA Today) and local (Charlotte Observer) media outlets.

            Jefferson’s primary competition for one of three All-NBA center spots are likely Houston’s Dwight Howard, Chicago’s Joakim Noah and Indiana’s Roy Hibbert, all of whose teams are also either in or close to qualifying for the playoffs.

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he definitely isn't besting Noah and you have to think it's unlikely he beats out Hibbert or Howard.

Howard quietly has better numbers, in more games played, on a team with a better record, all while playing great defense. and posting slightly better offensive efficiency even with that horrible free throw shooting.

hibbert is nowhere near as efficient on offense or a threat in volume, but the guy is the premier defensive tackle style center. he doesn't get any sacks, but he stuffs the run and impacts games in ways that allow playmakers to make plays.

it's a toss-up with hibbert and jefferson, my opinion would depend on how we finish out the remaining regular season schedule. we finish with 42-40, i feel better about jefferson as all-nba 3rd team than if we finish 40-42. and also how indiana closes out. if there's a 15 win margin between the 2......they aren't even playing in the same league at that point.

pekovic had himself a very nice season as well and the wolves sit 37-37 right now. if rubio were what he was supposed to be.....he love and pekovic would win 50 games a year.

deandre jordan doesn't get a lot of credit because of how limited his offensive game is and how goofy he is in general, but he's no javale mcgee. dude is sitting on 10 and 14 and 2 and a half right now, missing no games playing 35-36mpg on a (currently) 54 win clippers team. mind you on cp3 and griffin's back.

al deserves credit for having probably his best year of his career and being an offensive monster. but all-nba? for a guy that doesn't play defense and might finish a game or 2 above .500? vs. the other guys?

those 15 spots every year are sacred. I still need some convincing.

zeller needs to be all-rookie 1st team. they effed him on the rising stars game, but there has not been a rookie with a more impactful rookie year other than ARGUABLY mason plumlee. oladipo and carter-williams just stat stuffed on bad teams. hardaway jr should be in the mix but if we're talking 1st team.........those 5 are it. there wasn't anybody else more deserving of a 1st team slot.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 3, 2014 3:28:24 PM

28-120, not 21-120

Posted by: Joe John Johnson | Apr 3, 2014 3:28:43 PM

Whether he's selected or not, Al Jefferson has created a buzz (ta da!) around Charlotte NBA ball that has not existed since early years of the Hornets, and it's a heckuva lot of fun to witness!

Posted by: Sevonef | Apr 3, 2014 4:57:59 PM

Put him on the all franchise team if not for big al this franchise would be toast again al has created buzz in the city and he is the main reason for us going to the playoffs and looking forward to next season al has save this franchise and mj is thrill

Posted by: Teedog | Apr 3, 2014 6:17:55 PM

He is geting consideration for all NBA? But wait. He doesn't pass out of double team effectively enough. How can this be?

Posted by: Jason | Apr 3, 2014 9:13:33 PM

If you put defense first as what you're looking for in a center, then of course Noah, Howard and Hibbert are the three All NBA centers.

But, it ain't necessarily so...

If you appreciate the kind of skills that make a center an offensive threat, Al Jefferson is one of the two best in the NBA, right behind DeMarcus Cousins.

To have an objective judgment, you need to put offense and defense together. As a quick answer, only Dwight Howard is doing really well at both ends of the floor. Noah's offensive skills have always been, and still are, rather limited (I mean, decent, nothing great), and Hibbert is even less of an offensive threat. But Noah is by far the best passing center in the league, besides very good defense and rebounding. So, you can hardly leave him out.

For the third spot, between Al Jefferson and Roy Hibbert, I definitely go with Big Al.
To make this choice, you look at the stats, beyond personal preference. That's the PER (player efficiency rating), which combines several important offensive and defensive stats.

The difference between Al Jefferson and Hibbert is nothing but huge: 22.5 for Big Al, 14.3 for Hibbert.

Actually, AJ is also above Dwight Howard and Joakim Noah for PER, but not by that much. DH: 21.6, JN: 20.1.

Maybe the PER is not a perfect measurement, so I allowed for using judgment beyond numbers when saying that Dwight Howard and Joakim Noah can't be left out. But, these two players also rate well for PER.
This stat, even if it's not 100% perfect, matters; it's the only one that allows making a direct overall comparison between players, factoring in the main statistical categories.

When players are close in PER, there is room for non-statistical judgment. When one is far behind, like Roy Hibbert, there are several good reasons for that.

Dwight, Joakim and Big Al for the All NBA team.

Posted by: Sandy | Apr 3, 2014 9:47:06 PM

Big Al certainly can paint the paint, good onya big boy. Hope he gets it...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 3, 2014 10:38:50 PM

how can noah be both the best passing big man and offensively limited at the same time? he also arguably has the best handles of a 5 also. and undoubtedly the best all-nba celebration dance.

noah and howard are the 1-2 there's absolutely no room for any debate about that this year.

jefferson and hibbert are opposing 1-way players essentially although I'll argue that hibbert's offense is better than jefferson's defense. you can argue that jefferson's offense outweighs hibbert's defense all you want, but indiana's w/l record over the past 3 years compared to jefferson's begs to differ. hibbert is the constant in that lineup. collison turned to hill. mcroberts/hansbrough became west. granger became george. jones became stephenson. hibbert is the constant. ask pat riley why he was so worried about hibbert that he signed bird back, brought in greg oden, and tried to bring in andrew bynum twice.

I would put cousins in the mix, but his team has performed so poorly that you can't name him one of the 15 best in the league. i don't care how smooth the boogie is. i'll take gasol, pekovic, jordan over cousins on legitimate impact in real games. jefferson, too.

we also haven't talked about bosh. while i know he's a 4 man by nature......he has started 73 games this year and all but a few were at the 5. anderson plays less than 20 mpg.

by default you HAVE to put bosh in the discussion at the 5 because that's where he's been playing. he's quietly having a great year where his numbers are constantly diminished by playing next to lebron. but he's been efficient, consistent, and he's not going to be one of the top 3 4's picked when you talk griffin/love/aldridge/dirk/timmy/ibaka/randolph out west.

jefferson deserves praise. no doubt. he's close, but he's not there. if he gets it, it's on the strength of offensive stat lovers.

were gerald wallace or stephen jackson all-nba caliber guys? they won 44 games.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 4, 2014 12:44:18 AM

I think he has a shot based on their improvement since he arrived. Obviously Clifford had a big impact, but from the player side, he is the only new starter on a team that will end up improving by around 20 wins. That is a big number and he will get much of the credit.

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 4, 2014 7:50:06 AM

^^^ mcroberts only started a fraction of last year. not to mention MKG, kemba, and gerald are all a year older and have a complete year playing together.

everybody puts all of the improvement on jefferson (and he IS a huge part) but you're ignoring the replacement value. we could have plugged in ANY starting caliber nba center or power forward there and experienced the same impact. we only would have been slightly worse off (but probably just outside the playoffs) with biz starting at the center all year. probably a 32-35 win team.

subtracting mullens alone was a positive. that guy just didn't get it. loaded with talent but horribly inefficient and basically just basketball dumb. probably life dumb too.

we swapped out jefferson, tolliver, CDR, Mcroberts, zeller, neal, ridnour, pargo for diop, thomas, mullens, carroll/warrick, sessions, gordon, adrien, cory higgins, reggie williams all since the beginning of last season.

all of that combined + guys being a year older and playing together more is the improvement.

remember that we improved DRASTICALLY last year under dunlap also. doubled the winning% while getting younger and still carrying all of those dead weight veteran contracts. this isn't all about jefferson. and the only way we get to 50 wins with the current makeup is because of mkg/zeller/biz improving, not because of jefferson.

we've won 44 games once before. jefferson hasn't even done that. in his career. although 36-30 in the lockout year was on that pace.

i don't intend to temper people's excitement. i just can't stand seeing people simultaneously disregard MKG as a bust and giving jefferson some kind of god treatment.

what MKG is doing at age 20 on a playoff +.500 bound team is remarkable. imagine what he could do if he actually got the ball every once in a while.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 4, 2014 1:15:42 PM

and on that note, they should be campaigning for young'n to get a nod for all nba defensive 2nd team which would be far more deserving than al getting all nba 3rd.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 4, 2014 1:16:26 PM

Charlotean .. You're wasting your time . Most of these idiots do not understand the finer points of winning bb beyond a scoring average . In fact , they draw conclusions almost solely upon scoring averages . When you add up all the things Noah brings to the table , respecting offense , defense and transition , it's not close . Good luck convincing slurpers that played nothing beyond the church league . Lol.

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 4, 2014 2:06:05 PM

You said it correctly months ago . Robin Lopez and Milsap . Ship Kemba in trade for Lowry back when he was drafted or trade the pick and trade for Lowry or Bledsoe . Henderson , Milsap , Bledsoe , Lopez and Mkg/ cdr . Grab Neal , run Sessions out of town and you have a real team, money to bring in another FA . , plus Zeller .. Real team . Players who play both ends .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 4, 2014 2:14:16 PM

Noah gets free throw assists , hockey assists , more assists . They more than make up for his scoring average which is less. Noah sets screens which initiates the offense and is involved as the roller which precludes stagnant offense , none of which Jeffrrson can do . Jefferson gives everything back and some on defense bc he's not a shot blocker , rim protector , on ball defender or help defender . That's how he got here , having three of his previous teams pass on him . This will all be seen in the playoffs . He's improving but I doubt much to make a difference .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 4, 2014 2:46:01 PM

And if you want to get out of the first round , it's not close . You go w a center that defends , passes , rebounds and has an efficient offensive game . This is a number of centers not named Jefferson . Look at the renter for Orlando . He outboarded Jefferson , out scored him , got more of the trio of assists thus making his teammates better , played way better on ball and help defense . This is why they won . An average center who stats aren't overwhelming who won't be close to being considered for all nba . But coaches putting a team to win rounds would jump over tables trying to get him over the one dimensional Jefferson who's being considered for all nba . Noah too .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 4, 2014 4:39:31 PM

charlottean, I put Noah as second center for the All NBA team, I also said why, so I have no argument on his overall worth. But, to your question: "how can noah be both the best passing big man and offensively limited at the same time?", the answer is more than obvious. I watched this player since his years with the Gators, and with all his development since, his scoring skills and ability are still exactly what I said: decent, nothing great.

The only real difference I have with you was about choosing between Jefferson and Hibbert. Your point is: "indiana's w/l record over the past 3 years compared to jefferson's begs to differ. hibbert is the constant in that lineup." Fine. Is Hibbert an important part of their success? Of course. Is he their best player? No. They have a great season, but the answer to this is: IT TAKES FIVE.

That's why, my main point about Big Al was NOT what you chose to refer to (that he's the Cats' best player this season, and he sure is a big part in the team's improvement; and I said "part" - for the Cats too, "it takes five").

My point is that people shouldn't overlook the aggregate stat, based on putting together the main offensive and defensive statistic categories, which is the PER. When we compare individual players, the huge difference between these two (in Jefferson's favor) should be conclusive. Again, his PER is second among NBA centers.

Ironman, even you acknowledged more than once that Jefferson improved his defense. While it remains true that he's not a rim protector, and he's not quick enough to be a factor as a help defender against smaller players, he still contributes in defense: it's limited, but it's still a contribution.

In the first place, there's his defensive rebounding. You didn't stop a player, but, he misses his shot; then, no harm done, UNLESS the opposing team gets the offensive rebound. Which means: defensive rebounding is an important part of defense. Al Jefferson gets 10.4 rpg, out of which 8.5 are defensive rebounds. Then, Big Al is always blocking some shots (72, 1.1 bpg) and getting some steals (62 this season, .9 st/g) too.

Nobody should go crazy over this comment.
I'm NOT comparing him to the truly good defensive centers, including their shot blocking figures.
I'm saying that he's one of the two best NBA offensive centers, and he's not going to sleep in defense either, but contributes SOME defense too - putting more effort into it this season than earlier in his career.

Posted by: Sandy | Apr 4, 2014 4:55:53 PM

This is a reasonable post Sandy . But No coach would take Jefferson over Hibbert . The reasons that they wouldn't should be the same ones factored in why he deserves to be selected over Jefferson . His impact on defense making players deciding not to come in the paint dribble driving and instead to pull up is big . Not huge like Howard but big . Jeffersons is zero . His help defense is huge . Jeffersons is poor . His pick n roll defense is huge . Jeffersons is zero or beyond zero . Think what James did to Mkg and why which is a typical day at the beach w Jefferson . Hibbert can be a part of the pick n roll too which Jefferson cannot be a part of much . Bird makes Hibbert get hockey , free throw and assists on goal . Jefferson has no incentive and gets few . These assists must be added to his scoring average . These assists as well allow his teamates to get better which Jefferson has yet to do . I don't even like Hibbert . I think he's soft . But these intangibles are rarely factored in as they should be unless you've played the game , understand the game or refer to in part the advance stats that shed some more light on the entire impact of players .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 4, 2014 6:56:14 PM

Also , Jeffferson is not making any defensive impact on games that changes much . He has done as much as any other factor in killing the back ct scoring which was the highest after the break last yr of any duo in the nba . This is bc he clogs the driving lanes , runs over to the weak side to command the ball , commands the ball on multiple possessions , does not screen much which kills the spacing for the guards who need spacing too and of course refuses to get hockey , free throw and assists when doubled . This is not lost on smart agents and players . Players do not wish to camp out deep beyond the arc waiting for a bone . I submit when this changes , he will be MVP and the Cats will win the East .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 4, 2014 7:11:13 PM

Orlando can't allow Kemba to get into the paint at will and create shot after shot for his teammates. Oladipo needs do keep his man out of the lane or he will never be a complete point guard. Vaughn has to do a better job coaching his point guards to stop penetration. Where was O'Quinn's help defense and he was abused by Al down low.

Posted by: Jason | Apr 4, 2014 10:45:03 PM

Ironman, the following is clean criticism. It’s “radical”, but it’s clean of any insults.

The first thing you need to understand is that you're not the only one who knows about basketball fundamentals and about intangibles. However, there are different ways and different angles of looking at the game.
You showed a couple of days some awareness of the real difference between you and other fans, including me.
Again, there are enough people whose understanding of basketball leads to a very different viewpoint from yours. And the real difference, which I referred to above, is that you always look for what is missing, and either refuse to acknowledge the positives (most of the time), or you do your best to downplay them.

Why are you doing this, why do you go into endless detail about the team's supposed failures - in a way that makes you totally unique among all those who post here? Why do you believe that only you have the right understanding of the game, to the point of thinking that you can lecture every coach we had in the past 5 or 6 years?

This is not easy to answer; again, your commenting manner is one of a kind, very different from those whose support you're seeking (charlottean and Nastar - who, evidently, are also very different from each other).
Paying close attention to your numerous comments, here is the answer: you believe that team work is ALL that matters, you NEVER show any appreciation for what individual outstanding talent does for a team, and as a result you only overemphasize and overstate anything that's MISSING with regards to our team work, and you are missing out, always, on a lot of the good things this team and its players are doing.

Don't misunderstand me: I too love seeing good team work, but 1. I'm not looking for perfection, and I don't imagine that any shortcomings in team work will be corrected thanks to fan advice and 2. I see star power too as an important factor in a team’s success.

There is good team work, at both ends of the floor - but it's not perfect, and for you, ONLY what's missing matters (yes, you even said it a couple of days ago). There are also some great things our best players do, in every game, thanks to their individual talent, but they go under your radar - because it's not what you care about.

If you can't accept the above - which is an explanation of why people who know the game can have a very different perspective on it from you - don't even bother to read my next comment, which answers in more detail some of your points.

Posted by: Sandy | Apr 5, 2014 12:00:05 AM

Evidently, Hibbert has a bigger defensive impact than Al Jefferson; I had no problem acknowledging that.

But to say that Al Jefferson's impact in defense is "zero", that he "is not making any defensive impact", this is a big overstatement. You never seem to care about any stats, but that's the only way to settle issues. Otherwise, anybody (you, I, anybody else) can say "I'm wright, you're wrong", as an unverifiable empty boast.

Roy Hibbert is a rim protector, Al Jefferson isn't, and Hibbert does better at help defense too; I mentioned such things too.
But Al Jefferson is a much better rebounder than Hibbert, and that goes for defensive rebounds too.
Roy Hibbert gets 6.8 rpg, out of which 4.2 are defensive. I already posted Al's numbers: more than double Hibbert's number for defensive rebounds, at 8.5 dr/g.
I said it more than once, defensive rebounds are an important part of defense, teams lose games when they allow too may offensive rebounds.
This is also a part of basketball fundamentals.

I posted above Jefferson numbers for steals (guess what, better than Hibbert's in this category too) and blocks. They don't make him one of the "good defensive centers" of the league, but, look at them along with his defensive rebounding, and you'll see that he's not "zero", or "no impact", in defense.

In offense, you're talking about hockey assists, assists and screens. Truth is, I see Big Al passing a lot, and, I'll have to repeat this:
Of course many of his passes are "the pass before the assist" (hockey assists), or, the pass before a drive he enabled by drawing defenders on him.
I already said it, just because in basketball we don’t have stats for such passes, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t give them! It only makes it easy for you to claim that he’s not doing it.

Only the assists are counted. They are far from showing all the good passes a player gives, but they are the best indicator of a player’s work as a facilitator for others.

And here are the stats: Al Jefferson 2.1 assists per game, Roy Hibbert 1.2 apg.
Denying Big Al’s passing ability, just because he does it less than you wish to, is an example of what I said before: you overlook many good things about this team, just because they don’t fit YOUR idea of the game.

Screens are basketball fundamentals, and so are post up moves for centers; those are now described as “old school”, because so few players are capable of them. A player who, even though he’s 7’2”, doesn’t have the skills for a post-up game, is certainly busier setting screens for teammates than a high scoring center.
You need capable scorers in the pick and roll to use these screens. Roy Hibbert’s scoring is sub-mediocre, especially given his size.
Al Jefferson has to, and can, do with less screening, because his game is more focused on posting up, which results in his scoring, and also in useful passing to teammates.

Evidently, he’s a great scorer: 2nd among NBA centers.

This is star power and it does a lot of good to this team.

Big Al is overall the better player between these two; based on all the above points (which acknowledge a few advantages for Hibbert), it’s not even close.

- - -

The only reason Hibbert was picked to be an All Star is because, at that time, the Pacers were riding high, at the top of the Eastern conference, while the Bobcats were, as usual, a losing team. Of course the coaches look at this, always.

Things have changed quite interestingly since then (I'll be back in detail on this), and this is why Al Jefferson was selected East player of the month. To me, it's obvious that, if the All Stars choice was made now, Big Al would've been picked over Hibbert.

Twelve players were Eastern All Stars this year.
Only four were chosen East player of the month this year. LeBron was chosen twice.

One out of twelve vs. one out of four. What distinction is the greater one?

Also, the way the Pacers play now (sputtering), compared to how our team plays, makes it sure that, at this time, Roy Hibbert wouldn't be chosen an All Star.

Posted by: Sandy | Apr 5, 2014 12:11:28 AM

The Pacers lost last tonight at Toronto!
Are we sure we want to face the Raptors in the playoffs ?! I'd much rather have the sputtering Pacers.

It's not just about their last game.
Since the All Star break, the Pacers are struggling - at least, relatively to what you'd expect from the team that used to be at the top of the Eastern conference until recently.

The Pacers are 13-12 since the All Star break.
The Bobcats are 15-8 since the All Star break!

In this part of the season, the Bobcats are certainly playing as a good team. The more they learn to play together, under their new coach and the more the newest Bobcats integrate in the team - the better they get.

Posted by: Sandy | Apr 5, 2014 12:20:25 AM

In the huddle the other night , Pop told his team he didnt care who won the game so long as they played the right way . Imagine that . He didnt care who won . But in reality , whomever plays correctly , more often than not ,wins . The Cats two highest scorers do not play the game right on either defense or offense. They slack on defense and do not share the ball as close as they could on offense . It will the the undoing of this team . Larry Browns favorite line was we did not share the ball . It's the number one evil in losses in the nba over time. Teamwork on both ends btw is the number one reason for wins. Be careful what you wish for . The Pacers play 18 games in one month . This is unusual . The Cats do not match up w the Pacers but do w the Raptors which is far more imp. The Pacers too , have the tools to shut down both Kemba and Jefferson , unlike the Raptors . Be careful . Hibberts less rebounds per game is more a product of his teamates ,three who are fierce rebounders . Hibbert blocks out better than Jeffrrson too , who goes after boards by any means necessary . Even turning away from an oncoming dribble drive guy to board his miss, padding his stats . The more you learn about his selfishness , the quicker you learn why teams failed to re-sign him . If he changes here , we can win . There must be a change in his mind of team first . Of teamwork . Of team overall .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 5, 2014 1:38:01 AM

And you're not counting free throw assists which are huge . When a player passes to a player who gets fouled but misses the shot , this is counted as a free throw assist . This is exactly to kind of assist that Naoh and Hibbert get but Jefferson does not . No it's not counted but it's a huge overlooked intangible , adds to making players better ,gets teams in the bonus and adds to the bottom line scoring totals . It changes team defenses and I weakens individual on ball defense too .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 5, 2014 1:44:13 AM

You made a good point about the match ups (harder for the Cats against Indiana than against Toronto). Still, when a team is struggling, you can take advantage of that, regardless of how the match-ups work when they are in good shape; it's not the same thing when they aren't.

But, for the rest...

Same as with the "hockey assists": "free throw assists" are not counted, and that's the only reason you can claim Al Jefferson doesn't give them, and I can't have the numbers to prove you wrong. The same kind of issue, and therefore the answer is the same: only the ASSISTS are counted. They are far from showing all the good passes a player gives, but they are the BEST INDICATOR of a player’s work as a facilitator for others.

Noah is the best passing center, Big Al is better than Hibbert in this regard (passing) too.

And about the rebounding, when the Pacers' SG and SF are better rebounders than the 7'2" center, that's in the first place a sad reflection on the center - before sending congrats to the wings for making up for the center's weakness.

Anyway, the Bobcats win, the team is on a course of improvement, Kemba is getting better as a playmaker too, and you're looking for negatives, as usual. You're talking about "the undoing of this team", no less, you predict failure if they'll keep doing what they're doing - which is what makes them successful and improved, and evidently, you didn't get my message: team work is very important, any coach wants it from his team, but star power and individual talent are very important too, and winners find their balance (i.e., that particular balance best suited to their roster) between these two sides of the "path to success".

Look, you stated your case very clearly, and I did the same about my standpoint and my reasons to oppose yours. So much so, that there was already quite some amount of repeating in this exchange. I certainly didn't expect you to change your mind, even as I think you're very mistaken, but I wanted to clarify where I stand vs. you on these issues.

Having said this, I'm done with this argument, since its potential was exhausted. Going on would be treading water, repeating the main points while adding various details that make no difference as to the essential opposition of standpoints. I'm done.

Posted by: Sandy | Apr 5, 2014 3:03:02 AM

To cheapen the value of hockey assists and free throw assists , both of which Jefferson nor Kemba get by saying they aren't counted and bc they aren't counted , you can't prove me wrong is disengenous . And no player is perfect . And neither do I expect perfect . I do expect that if certain players can do things that are fundamentally available to them and they are not doing those fundamentals , they get called out .

Mj is not half as dumb as people think . In fact he's brilliant . He's not saying much right now but watch what this team morphs into . It shall be one that has starters that play both sides of the ball , cut ,screen ,get out and back in transition and get assists , hockey assists and free throw assists ... Just like his teams in college and the pros . He knows he can't win w any less . He knows he needs a passing system , a big strong defensive pt gd , a star yes but two way players that share the ball overall . I'm done too . But let me leave you w this . Mj averaged 32 points one yr . That same yr , he averaged 8 assists . His career average was 30 and 5 assists . He played under the triangle . Can you imagine how many hockey and free throw assists he got ? Ans. A ton . And he averaged 5 each yr . He too had a ton of touches like 22 a game . The beauty of touches and passing ESP when doubled is its easy to hit the open man , like throwing a rock in the ocean . But you must have the will and desire . Watch the kind of guys Mj keeps on the team and the others he let's walk . And the ones he drafts going forward and ones he targets in free agency . It may surprise a few here bc they base it on all star games and scoring , devoid of the intangibles . That's not Mj . He knows better .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 5, 2014 8:17:07 AM

Probably should not gloss over the fact that the Bobcats have one of the best assist to turnover ration in the league. They also rank 16th in overall assists per game. Considering their style of play and they limited number of possessions they get. That is respectable. Combine with the assist/turnover ratio, they are actually very proficient passing the basketball. But let's not let the facts get in the way.

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 5, 2014 9:42:07 AM

And consider the following .. The Pacers are deeper . They have had a big bench player out in Watson . They played an unusual amount of games in one month . They are not playing loose

bc they're no longer on top and are too conservative . Hibbert is not getting the usual number of offensive boards but that won't be a problem w Jefferson who goes after boards and doesn't block out . Hibbert is not playing his usual rim protection bc of some off ct issues but this will be resolved come playoffs .

Lance is overrated . He trying to take over to prove he was passed over for the Allstar game . He will go back to being a pass first sg in the playoffs and get out in transition more when Neal comes in . Hill is a good taller defender on Kemba and they build a wall to the rim . They know to cut off Kembas foul line shot and will beat him there or simply trap his short butt .

George will leave his personal issues behind him whic have bothered the team and him . He will get the calls against Mkg who smothers opponents too much instead of bodying them up . Mkg will be left out the offense to tire George who will rest on defense or trap more . The Pacers have problems but they're long . Very long . West will destroy McRoberts and Zeller every game . There's no answer . They will put Kemba and Jefferson in a ton of pick and rolls . Neither can run it or defend it which is a crime and pivotal . Scola will be key too . The Pacers shall front Jefferson , take away the passing angle for the entry pass to him and move him totally out of the low block where he dominates before the play is started . Dribble drives by the Pacers will be the theme of the day every game all game to attack Jefferson , Kemba and McRoberts .

Be careful what you ask for . The only way to defeat the Pacers is to share the ball to no end . Make them get tight bc most of them are soft . Make the extra pass to get an open shot or to a cutter . When the Gulf War pilots got in combat , they forgot half of what they knew when shot at . This can be done to the Pacers who will be petrified if the Cats are in a game . You get tight. You lose accuracy . As stated , most of them are soft too so it will show up even more . Keep it in the low 90's . They will get tight . It's the only way . Ruin they're defense which is the stingiest in the nba in the paint by attacking it w cuts , hockey assists , free throw assists , pick n rolls and lobs . You are correct , they are weak now but around the 20 th of April , they will be rejuvenated .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 5, 2014 9:55:13 AM

Mike .. Dd you know that some of the best passing pt gds have a high number of turnovers a game ? Do you know that bc Kemba is a great ball handler and in transition turnovers are low bc he keeps the ball in his hands in transition keeping turnovers low but in doing so , kills a ton of scoring opportunities ? What would you prefer the missed opportunities or the scoring opportunities . Before you cne up w the bad jokes and cynicism , have someone bring you up to speed as to the entire picture . In fact. Go to Hoops and Heels where they teach the gals the basics . Guys are invited too . It's just a term of art .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 5, 2014 10:31:35 AM

Iron Man. Was simply pointing out that the Bobcats as a "team" are proficient at passing the basketball. You might not be aware that many teams focus on limiting turnovers and spend a great deal of emphasis on it.

It is very interesting that even though I was focused on team basketball, you immediately directed your response toward Kemba. Your issues with him, regardless of the reasons, clearly clouds your judgement.

The funny thing is, I do not think the Bobcats have much if any chance in the playoffs. However it has nothing to do with how they play. They simply do not have the talent at his point to challenge teams like Indiana and Miami in 7 games series. But if it makes you feel better to keep writing the exact same thing about the exact same players. Enjoy.

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 5, 2014 1:16:37 PM

What's funny is not your post but that you would find it odd to bring up the guy who starts at pt gd , Handles the ball most possessions and thereby being a leading candidate for the most turnovers . And of course teams spend a great deal of time limiting turnovers . But such a practice should not do it to the tune of precluding assists , hockey assists and free throw assists . In fact they don't . But Clifford's learning and is not a great offensive coach . He has a no exceptions mandate of defending wo fouling . You see certain guys carrying this too far by not touching or turning sideways to avoid contact in the paint . This has caused a lay up line mentality by opposing teams who drive in untouched who also never get a hard foul from nary a Cat . I'm not the coach but this is foolish and will at some point , be adjusted . Just like allowing Kemba to dribble the ball up ct on the break missing scoring opportunities to keep turnovers low .

And if the Cats play correctly , they are not as deep in the woods as you conclude . That's the beauty of everybody playing their roles and the right way . Talent wins but playing the correct way prevails most times .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 5, 2014 2:31:57 PM

I don't have time to analyze the 16 point guards from this year playoff teams for you. But you might enjoy the exercise. All with different strengths and weaknesses. A lot of what they do is predicated on the team around them. This assignment might help you understand the nuances of the sport a little better. You could start with the 2 teams in each conference if it easier for you. It is Chalmers, Hill, Parker and Westbrook if you need help. Maybe look at the the roles they have based on the systems and the type of talent that they have. Review all the numbers and how their teams have performed even if they have been injured. Have fun. This might clear things up for you.

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 5, 2014 5:04:33 PM

What the hell did you just say ? You sound like you got off your meds or something . Your post was unresponsive and made zero sense . I challenge you guys to cut out the cynicism , jokes , what you don't have time for in response to bb stuff and talk ball . There's about 4 posters w a modicum of appreciation for bb . The rest are bad jokesters totally lost in space .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 5, 2014 6:23:04 PM

If you don't understand that post, the rumors around your handicap may be accurate. Sorry. But at least you have access to a computer. Many in your situation do not. Very happy for you.

Congratulations to the. Bobcats. Over .500 and in the playoffs. Well done!

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 5, 2014 10:21:24 PM

I really think this was impressive work by Rich Cho as GM. Came in to rebuild this team and in 3 years has them over .500 and in the playoffs. Whatever your opinion of his methods, it has worked. They are also in a position to improve during the off season. If they continue to make smart moves, they could easily be to 4 in the Easy next year. Exciting stuff for Bobcats and Hormets fans. Congrats to MJ as well.

Posted by: Dave | Apr 5, 2014 10:51:20 PM

A layup line mentality? Might want to check the Bobcats defensive numbers. That dude is bat s&?!t crazy. Wow. Nice to know that one of the best defensive coaches in the NBA can get tips right here. And he does it with Al and Kemba to boot wow. Just wow.

Posted by: Jason | Apr 6, 2014 7:28:54 AM

Stop the hate and appreciate! This team plays hard and is run to watch. Props to Clifford. Bobcats and Panthers both make playoffs. Nice! Can't wait to see who we play.

Posted by: JJ | Apr 6, 2014 9:38:53 AM

I think we will get the 6 seed. We look very good and very competitive.

Posted by: Tyrese Jones | Apr 6, 2014 10:51:16 AM

Man can Clifford coach. We have some decent players, but he gets the most out of them. Get more players that fit his system and watch out for this team! The Hornets could be touhg next year!

Posted by: Gamecock | Apr 6, 2014 1:16:49 PM

How did the Cats win ? They shared the ball . When they do , you won't hear a peep from me . Lol. Jefferson had 4 assists , screened and kicked it out . Kemba has to get more help when screened . The help defense was slow if almost non existent . Mkg has to find his way on the floor in crunch . His defense is vital . In the last two minutes , the game stops enough that you can switch he and Biz in on defensive sets . Solid team win .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 6, 2014 1:50:05 PM

MKg is doing his job to be on the floor in crunch time Clifford wants to go with CDR bc of shooting ability. ..and CDR almost coast them the game late with a turnover .He got baled out bc they finally got a stop at the other end....mkg needs to b in the game the last 7 to min of the game...DEFENSE wins most all games not offense especially when you don't have a good offensive team and a center that can't play defense. ..

Posted by: shane | Apr 6, 2014 3:15:54 PM

Can't believe how well this is shaping up for the Cats. Indy is in a free fall, we play well against Toronto. The only team I don't want to see is Chicago. Have a feeling most teams don't want to see us right now.

Posted by: Henry | Apr 6, 2014 7:34:16 PM

"If they continue to make smart moves, they could easily be to 4 in the Easy next year."

That a good one!

shane, get yourself a dictionary man....

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 6, 2014 10:23:48 PM

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