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April 23, 2014

Charlotte Bobcats center Al Jefferson: 'I should be good for tonight'

MIAMI – Charlotte Bobcats center Al Jefferson sounded optimistic at morning shootaround about his ability to perform tonight against the Miami Heat, three days removed from a Plantar Fascia injury.

            “I can’t say there won’t be any kind of pain. But I feel like every hour it’s getting better and better,” Jefferson said, his left foot in a protective boot. “It’s responding really well. I should be good for tonight.”

            Jefferson strained his left Plantar Fascia – the connective tissue between his heel bone and his toes – in the first quarter of Sunday’s Game 1 of this playoff series. He made all four of his shots from the field before the injury, then was 5-of-13 the rest of the game.

            Jefferson suffered pain so severe he needed two injections to stay in Sunday’s 99-88 loss. The question for tonight is not just Jefferson’s availability, but his effectiveness, playing with this injury.

            “I don’t think we’ll really know until the game starts,” said Bobcats coach Steve Clifford. “If he can be effective, we’ll play him. If not, we’ll get him out.”

            The only other potentially significant injury for either team involves Heat point guard Mario Chalmers. He sat out practice Tuesday and was limited in shootaround Wednesday by a shin bruise. Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said Chalmers’ availability will be a game-time decision.

            The Bobcats have treated Jefferson’s injury with electric stimulation and laser technology. But mostly this is about resting his foot inside that protective boot. Jefferson got the boot refitted after realizing the first one he got was too small.

            Spoelstra anticipates the Bobcats running more pick-and-rolls tonight to take some burden off Jefferson’s post-up game. But the Heat is preparing like Jefferson will be his normal self.

            “We’re going to treat him like he’s 100 percent,” said Heat center-forward Chris Bosh. “He’s one of the league’s best post players. You can’t just let him get to the spots he wants. He’s got two moves that are almost unstoppable.”

            In Game I the Heat guarded Jefferson primarily with Udonis Haslem, for his ability to deny post players their optimum spots on the floor.

            “What separates UD is his intellect, his savvy. It’s not just brute force,” Spoelstra said.

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if Jefferson is healthy, we might steal this one. if he is hurt we are down 0-2 coming back to CLT.

Posted by: Joe John Johnson | Apr 23, 2014 3:09:17 PM

This sucks. Al was rolling in the first Q last game. They had no one that could gaurd him. Not that I expect them to win, but we will never know how close the games could have really been.

Posted by: David | Apr 23, 2014 3:12:34 PM

If Jefferson goes or doesn't go , Clifford must vary his lethargic offense and get plays that get the wings inside to get fouls called on King James and Wade . Clifford has fallen in love w the over USEAGE of Jefferson who distracts the other players trying to be fed . His failure to move clogs driving lanes for the wings and his failure to set screens and handoffs impedes their way to the basket . Put Zeller in at the elbow and let him make the passes . Had Clifford designed an offense to include all the players , he would have won COY . But it was only dump in to Jefferson . While Pop, Hornacec and Thibbs had everyone involved . Deron left and so did Sloan bc they both wanted no part of this garbage .

Jefferson can change I hope . If he does , we can get out the first round . King James passes to the tune of 6 assists a game . Durant passes big time to . A clown can get doubled and hit an open man . Tell me about his stats and Clifford's merits . Both have great merit and deserve a ton of credit . ( that's for you clowns ) . But if you want to get out the first round or better , design a complete offense that makes all these guys better including Mkg . Cdr . And all the wings . Pop , doc , Thibbs and Hornacec would . God bless the Cats n Mj .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 23, 2014 3:51:54 PM

2:35 in the 4th WTF is Kemba doing running straight into a triple team and jacking up a prayerful heave?!? That is p-i-t-i-f-u-l. 1=1 assist to T/O ratio in game 1....Shorty just ain't a PG, never will be.

Regardless of the outcome I'm sure the MKG slurping is coming full-force...LMAO. Slurpers, John Daly can shoot 64 but follows up up with 82 most of the time...

Getting a big kick out of the OUR TIME spots Boobs are running..."Ridenhour behind the back to Kidd-Gilchrist, OOOOOHHHHH!!!!"

Then they pan to the bench where all the starters, Al, Shorty, McBob, etc...are out of the game cooling their heels -- but MKG is in the game because he rode the pine for all of Q4 up to that point but Cliff threw him a bone during garbage time against the opponent's 3rd string...

...and the Boobs choose that time/play to feature in a television commercial?!?

LOL....only the Boobs.

Boobs now 0-6 franchise playoff record.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 23, 2014 9:45:21 PM

Your an idiot this team has went from the bottom of the league the last two years and there making every game against the champs interesting. ..so go over in your lil corner suck your thumb and continue to b the retard u are nasturd...cats gonna loose this series ..but it's still fun to watch..can't wait till next year...

Posted by: shane | Apr 23, 2014 10:29:30 PM

Congrats to MKG, the dude's not even 21 yet and already an elite defender, for having his best night of the year when we needed him most-

Posted by: The Dude | Apr 23, 2014 11:09:59 PM

Nasturd, ha. That is appropriate,. A total turd.

Posted by: John | Apr 23, 2014 11:15:43 PM

Clifford finally turned the wings loose . They were not distracted by having to force feed Jefferson . Clifford designed plays for Mkg who flashed in the post and immediately got post ups , dribble drives off screens and dribble drives where Jefferson wasn't lane clogging or demanding the ball . Henderson was more active too in reacting as soon as he got the ball , not looking for Jefferson . They both went to the line 12 times and combined for 37 points . Jefferson played his heart out . He moved the ball and tried to defend . He missed bunnies bc of his injury but the effort was there . When you include the wings in the game who are the only ones who can score inside , you can be in any game . This team gets turned over too easily . Kemba had more turnovers than he was credited for and struggled again getting the team into the offense . As usual , he forced too many shots at the rim and was a bad volume shooter . You can't get out the first round w a pt gd his height who gets easily trapped and turned over , who shoots a horrible shooting oercentage from the field but won't stop shooting and can't get double digit assists at the rim . He's lucky he's not facing a high scoring pt gd in this series to expose his defense .

Put Zeller in at the elbow and let him make passes as he can see over the top . Calm him down bc it's his first yr but it's better to have him pass than have the pt gds inc Neal get turned over . Why there was no screen for the arc shooter at the end was baffling . Notwithstanding , this was a good effort from the Cats .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 24, 2014 7:57:39 AM

Well at least when the Bobcats season is over we have minor league baseball and lacrosse to look forward to. Depressing.

Posted by: Ethan | Apr 24, 2014 10:22:47 AM

iron man clifford designed 1 play max for MKG. almost all of his plays were off of him getting loose balls and rebounds and going at the rim solo. dude was NOT being given the ball in the half court like he should have.

and it was further proof of how under utilized he's been all year. he's just as effective in a post up as al is, so why not give him 4 or 5 while al rests every game?

and the defense? lebron had 32 points. 23 where while MKG was off the floor. of the other 9? at least 4 of them were on henderson in the 2nd quarter where MKG was guarding wade in an effort to stay out of foul trouble (which was a great coaching move if clifford did that).

the kid is the 5th youngest in the league and just went toe to toe with either the best or 2nd best in the league. he's the future of the franchise and people need to stop talking about being an offensive liability because he isn't a jump shooter. neither is/was stoudemire. or smith. neither is kemba for that matter.

the kid is a star in the making. it's time we start telling him instead of telling him how bad his jump shot is. by all means fix the jump shot, but give him the ball anyways.

22 points on 18 possessions. 4 FG misses where 1 was a blatant goal tend (it worked out, nobody is mad - neal got a 3 point play on the follow) and he was hacked on at least 2 of the others that went as blocks. the kid dominated the game.

lebron scored 5 points on him in about 20-22 minutes of him guarding lebron. in a playoff game. a close playoff game.

and kemba was absolutely horrible last night. there was no defense for that performance at all. he was horrible.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 24, 2014 12:06:00 PM

You want to see terrible? That is how they look when Kemba is not in the game. There is no one else other than MKG who can even put it on the floor against those guys. Give him the 3 or 4 fouls he deserved on his drives and his stat line and the game are completely different.

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 24, 2014 3:04:26 PM

I would argue that gerald was able to do well considering wade was just draped on him the entire game.

but yeah kemba deserved some calls too. but he also missed a wide open layup where he didn't get fouled. he missed everything inside the arc except one free throw pull up. 2 of the 3's he made were complete prayers.

the guy ran down the shot clock on every possession, made side to side passes that did absolutely nothing to move the defense or get the ball where it needed to go and while MKG was absolutely dominant, kemba refused to give him the ball in the half court even when he was flashing open in the lane OVER AND OVER AND OVER. mkg could have had 40 last night. it's not like this is the kid's first time having a big game. they just refuse to act like it and continue to let kemba jack up horrible shots.

food for thought: MKG averages .954 Points per possession over his 2 years. he's 20 years old. hasn't developed 3 point range yet. kemba averages .875 points per possession over his 3 years while coming in the league 2 years older and having the ball in his hands as much as he wants.

I mean that's only about a 9% discrepancy for the guy that is an "offensive liability"

kemba needs to give him the effing ball and take open shots. he wastes entirely too much valuable time doing NOTHING at the top of the key. our offense has been horribly inefficient even with jefferson being efficient for about 30% of the possessions. the problem is walker. i'm tired of nobody admitting it. it's always henderson or MKG who get blamed even though they significantly outperform him with less and worse opportunities.

i like walker and want him to get better and be the guy everybody thinks he is. he has a great attitude and there's great chemistry between him and teammates - especially the young guys..... but after 3 years and no real improvement.....all i see is brandon jennings with less playmaking ability and less size.

last night was HORRIBLE. and nobody is talking about it. people are acting like what MKG just did was mediocre and what walker did was too. neither were mediocre. one was great and one was horrible. the kid held lebron to 5 points in over 20 minutes guarding him in a close playoff game. AND scored 22 and brought down 10 boards inspite of the insane bias from the officiating crew. as a 20 year old. against 29 year old LEBRON.

22 on 18 possessions or 16 on 21 possessions.

and remember the fast break where it was kemba and MKG (and i think cody following) against lebron by himself and lebron drew the charge? that was on kemba, too. dude gave the ball up way too early on one of the most elementary plays in basketball. those are plays NBA players, especially top 10 picks, franchise pg, #2 scoring option, #1 primary playmaker should never make.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 24, 2014 4:06:14 PM

"3 years of no real improvement" I really don't agree with that. Not performing as well as I would like in his first playoff series, but I thought he made great strides as distributor this year especially since the all-star break. Improved in the pick and roll and his on the ball defense. Better from the stripe as well. That Heat defense was tough on the perimeter. Most teams would have been in the penalty each quarter playing like that. He an MKG could be deadly in a more uptempo system.

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 24, 2014 5:59:32 PM

Have you noticed the disparity in fouls. The NBA officials suck. It is hard to believe that the undersized Heat are the greatest shot blockers that ever played the game. Getting just a few calls what have a made a difference.

Posted by: Tyrese Jones | Apr 24, 2014 7:18:06 PM

I don't pull advanced stats . But I wish someone would post where Kemba is this yr w assists at the rim . I'm sure it's well below league average as it was last yr . He refuses to get in the lane and do anything but force it instead of drawing defenders and hitting an open teammate . I don't think he ever will shoot over 40% from the field and doubt he's there now . But he keeps shooting . The Cats could have had Burke , Lilliard , Carter Williams , Bledsoe or Lowry . These are point gds of the future . Mj thought he was drafting Iverson . Lol.

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 24, 2014 7:45:15 PM

Maybe Iron man should be our PG. Just a complete idiot. He and NADODO would make a great backcourt. LOL

Posted by: Tyrese Jones | Apr 24, 2014 8:03:06 PM

mike - he DID improve in the distributing category in spurts but he's still not consistent with it and he's still way below average. i mean WAY below average.

he was shooting like 44/35/84 at one point and finished at 39/33/84. through 3 years its 39.8/32.2/81.0. it just isn't good enough to justify the amount of shots he takes and the lack of creating he does for guys who are more efficient.

he's eligible for an extension this summer. I sure hope they wait on him. i mean these are slightly worse numbers than the ones that we let felton and augustin walk for nothing with. are we seriously gonna give this dude 8+ per year because he's got big enough balls to take (and usually miss) the clutch shot every time? i sure hope not. it's a position we need to upgrade and nobody likes to hear that. everybody loves the dude, me included. but he's just not a good shooter and he's not big enough to defend to the level he's capable of skill wise.

if we want to like the guys and be mediocre - that's fine. i won't enjoy a contender that i hate, either. I would hate to have to pull for guys like lebron or wade or chris paul. the guys are absolute D's and B's. but i would also prefer we not overpay the guy that's holding our team back and making our offense look bad. when people say our offense is horrible, they immediately point to hendo, mkg, biz, cody, etc. and say they're the problem. and they just.....aren't. tony parker would have those dudes churning out 100 a night easy.

it's just reality. it's a tough reality but it is what he is. he's the one holding them back and he's gotta get better.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 24, 2014 9:50:01 PM

shane thinks losing is "fun"....that's ripe.

Shorty is in the bottom half of the league at his position. Well, actually, he's not even playing his position but that's another discussion....

Agree with charlottean....DO NOT extend Shorty.

Slurpers, remember Shorty and DJ were both #9's by the Boobs....Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho could easily look to supplant Shorty just as they did with DJ.

Gonna be real interesting to see what M-CSS-KG brings to the table next game....I'm betting last one was a fluke. If it wasn't where the hell has it been all year?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 24, 2014 11:38:59 PM

"Mj thought he was drafting Iverson."

That is funny! LOL.... (and no doubt accurate, what you get with Midget Management)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 24, 2014 11:43:30 PM

where has it been all year? hard to score without the ball (jefferson and walker ate up over 56% of possessions). hard to score from the bench (24.2 mpg). dude's been playing ball when the grown ups allow him to play.

dude's been on a leash all year like mikey mike the hypy hypo from old school SNL.

he had several big games last year before the concussion.

won't be a fluke. dude won't get the ball, he won't play but like 25 minutes, and he'll have a stat line of like 9-7-2. lebron will score 80 while he's on the bench and EEEEEEEEEEEEEVERYBODY will blame MKG.

the dude had 27 against the other guys in like 16 minutes and 5 against mkg in like 24 minutes. and ESPN wrote "solid game by MKG but lebron torched him for 32" as i'm sure all other reports read from the crowd that didn't actually watch the game.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 25, 2014 12:41:01 AM

oh and they'll pay walker. no way these guys know real analytics. they'll pay him based off of his decent PER and +/- numbers.

draymond green alert.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 25, 2014 12:41:58 AM

You all do realize they are playing the Heat right? Also, might want to look at Kemba's numbers pre ankle injury. His shooting % was improving until that point. He is far from the perfect PG, but this walk it up team doesn't exactly play to his skill set. His assists numbers including assits at the rim had to be up the second half of the season.

A lot of points would struggle in this series. Do you actually see how they are defending him at the top? They are trying to keep him out of the lane at all costs. Especially with Al hurt, they are not going to let Kemba beat them. Their aggressive perimeter D is exactly why MKG had such big game. Think it was just a coincidence? As they are doubling Kemba and rotating on D, it is creating driving opportunities for other positions. It is amazing how little objectivity there is here. If Gerald was better and stayed aggressive he would have had as many opportunities as MKG last game.

Posted by: David | Apr 25, 2014 2:54:24 AM

Nassturd I don't think loosing is fun I enjoy the improvement the hornets organization has made..I enjoy watching a team that for the last to years couldn't find there azz with both hands have had this big of a turn around and there giving the champs more than they thought they would ever get out of a seventh seed..If big al wasn't hurt cats would have prob won the other nite.like I said I don't enjoy loosing. ..but at the same time I don't think a team can go from the worst team two years in a row to beating the champs in the playoffs. ..If I thought that I would like u a complete moron..but I'm not .I understand that there has to b a building process...something that u need to start understanding. .Then you wouldn't post so stupid s**t all the time. .

Posted by: shane | Apr 25, 2014 11:43:08 AM

david he only played 2 games after the ankle injury. please check the facts before saying it. he had 2 solidly good months and 3 bad months on the season. his total numbers are bad for an nba pg. not in the top 20 in any category besides volume stats.

if gerald would get the ball a bit more, he might be able to have a few more of those opportunities you mentioned. passing a bit more effectively would go a long way. MKG did what he did on loose balls. nobody was feeding him the ball, yet they should have. especially in the 2nd half after he had 15 in the 1st. he played more in the 2nd half and got less shot attempts. explain that to me, dude was cutting wide open the entire 2nd half. they didn't start double teaming him or denying him the ball. its just bad offensive leadership. bad coaching too, but that's part of not having a lot of time to adjust to a significant injury to your focal point.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 25, 2014 12:37:05 PM

Okay some of you are out of control negative.
Quick Recap:
Past two seasons were so bad I left most games at halftime. And maybe 1-2 "big wins" in the seasons.
This year over .500 and beating some top teams and ended on great streak and showing team synergy big time.
Worst luck possible getting Heat in 1st round and then Al being injured.
We would be beating or at least a 6 game series with anyone else.

MKG and Zeller showing nice improvement lately. If Neal had actually made any 3's before the non attempt in game 2 we may have won that game. I mean with Big Al seriously hurting we almost beat the Heat at home.

2 years ago that would have been an utter fantasy and many of us thought 5 years out.

Posted by: Season Ticket holder for now | Apr 25, 2014 12:42:31 PM

"dude's been on a leash all year"

Why is that?

Shorty is ranked #19 at his position on PER numbers...why would Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho pay up for that?

shane, you're a point misser extraordinaire... The point is due to lackadaisical play by the Heat game 2 was there for the taking and at THE MOST CRUCIAL point in the game, our non-point guard known to regular folks as Shorty completely screwed the pooch with an asinine head long solo rush into a swarm of Heat players...

...but you thought it was "fun to watch". That's just great.

Get a kick out of this "Boobs are giving Heat all they can handle"...what a bunch of nonsense. Heat are cruising along about 60% and turning it on whenever needed...

...in fact, Heat are toying with the Boobs.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 25, 2014 12:42:54 PM

^^^Congratulations on finding the negative in any situation. That is a rare talent. Not the trait of anyone truly successful, but still a rare quality. Great season. Massive improvement. Bright future. But some how you can still find negatives. Really really impressive.

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 25, 2014 1:16:15 PM

Two atta boys Big Al and Mcbob.(even though hes been getting on my nerves). Mcroberts with that foul was FING AWESOME. Made the whole season worth it to me. Lebron.coming down the lane like a dump truck and I cant believe it has taken this long. Refs hadnt painted themselves into a corner he would have been ejected or are they tired of seeingg him showboating. Used to think Lebron was classy and Wade was the punk.
Yes Kemba has been frustrating. In transition when you think he would see some guys cutting to the basket not gonna happen. Game previous to playoffs trying to win in regulation that Kemba dribbled time away and shot and mIssed clifford said "you think you pass the ball one time". I dont know that is frustrating he has made some good shots, but as ive said before making way to hard.

Posted by: DShtg!! | Apr 25, 2014 1:21:15 PM

SThfn, good post.

There is no doubt strides have been made. This team is highly competitive, well coached, and punching way above their weight.

However, this does not exempt the management and organization from analysis and/or criticism.

Let's face it, they are lucky as hell to be where they are this year, a few facts:

-- Eastern Conference a historic flop, this won't remain the case.
-- Boobcat draft picks continue to not pan out.
-- Shorty just is not a true PG, and never will be.
-- 2 of our most productive players are a d-league callup and a 5 team washout.
-- Looove Big Al but he's long in the tooth, too heavy, and obviously injury prone.
-- All year the team has has had the benefit of being overlooked.

Everyone keeps saying "1 good player and we are top-4 in the East"....nonsense. Fact is we were bottom half of the NBA in terms of overall record (16th out of 30) and it's not like everyone else is gonna stand still just for us.

The Promises were (i) repeated forays deep into the playoffs and (ii) a championship contender. We need to add 5 or 6 good players for that to be even a remote possibility... About the only guy on our roster who has the potential to be productive playoff calibre player 5 years from now is Cody, and he's gonna need to grow some balls in the meantime.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 25, 2014 1:54:04 PM

^^^ MKG as well. and as much as you disagree....biyombo too if they actually spend some time developing him.

deandre jordan was dominant last night. biyombo is every bit the player and athlete he is.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 25, 2014 2:31:53 PM

- East will not improve over night. will take multiple years.
- Kemba, Hendo, MKG (player of the game) all Bobcats picks all played heavy minutes in a competitive playoff game against the reigning champs.
- Kemba has improved his assist total every year. Averaged close to 8 since all-star. He is becoming a point guard. One series against the Heat does not change that.
- Clifford has done wonders with D league call ups. Cap space and picks will give him a better roster to work with next year.
- Big Al has had no significant injuries until this year. Both of the ones he has this year will simply take rest. No knees or shoulder surgeries.
- Overlooked? Most irrelevant comment of all.

7 to 21 to 43 wins. Anyone else but the Heat and they probably win a series. Maybe even this one with Al at full strength. Certainly on track to live up to the "promises". Don't have a crystal ball to say it will continue, but to say otherwise is simply counter to the trajectory they are on.

Posted by: Hank | Apr 25, 2014 2:41:29 PM

I'm not missing your point nasturd your missing mine ..again in plain English I don't enjoy loosing but I have enjoyed the improvement this year...yes kemba screwed up at the end of the game forcing his offense to much.he is a 3rd year pg in his first playoff series against probably the best perimeter defensive team in years he has to fail in order to get better. ..it seems to me that you have a higher standard for this team than 100% of the rest of the world..But realization is that this team had twice as many wins this year than last..The team is gonna get better. ..and the team IS only one good scoring wing away from being a top 3 or 4 seed in the east...for you to say 6 good players away that is where u show your Ignorance..and for u to say the heat was cruising at 60% and turned it on when they had to and was only playing with the cats is the most unrealistic crap that iv ever even Hurd you say...If u watched the hole game the other night and say the heat was playing at 60% you no nothing about basketball period. ..either that or you just hate the organization so much you have to talk This crap to fill better about your self or something. .I don't no how the cats wronged you but man you really need to slow your roll on this team...I think your prob is that this team is getting better and better and it's hurt fillings bc they have done more this year than u thought...and doing things you said they couldn't do, like finish the season above 500...and I'm gonna reiterate one more time I don't like losing. .but from where this team was the last couple years I'm exited the way there headed...yes its gonna b really hard to win a game this series bc big al is hurt..but there only gonna keep getting better...but this is my last post towards you..obviously this team could win mt Rushmore and u still would put them down...There gonna be a really good team for years to come...go hornets! !!

Posted by: shane | Apr 25, 2014 2:56:45 PM

Nasturd. That is his name right? Just mad cause the Bobcats are making him look dumber than he already is. Every idiotic comment coming back on him. Too bad no one knows who he is. He would way to embarrassed to write half this garbage.

Posted by: David | Apr 25, 2014 3:07:44 PM

Yep..your right

Posted by: shane | Apr 25, 2014 3:19:39 PM

woah hank.....gotta call you on a few points there.....i'm with you on most of it, but....

east won't get better overnight persay, but a ton of guys were out this year. rondo being back immediately makes boston better. horford being back makes the hawks as good as they were the first half of the year. rose potentially being back plus possibly mirotic and or carmello? chicago looks poised for improvement upon what was already a 4 seed.

philly has MCW, Thad Young, tony wroten and a whoooooooooooole lot of cap room they could throw at hayward or monroe or whoever......plus they have nerlens noel coming in, a guaranteed top 5 pick, plus new orleans' pick which is only top 5 protected and projected to be 10th. they won't be as good next year, but they could easily be an eastern conference power in 2015-16.

boston has a few extra late first rounders in the next 2 years to go with a high pick this year (5-8) plus cap room plus danny ainge.

toronto doesn't lose anybody unless lowry is dumb enough to leave. and they're all young. i don't put a ton of stock into derozan and ross but derozan has already established himself as a solid 2 way player regardless of how bad a shooter he is. valancunius has looked good enough in the playoffs to put stock in him being the franchise guy they thought he'd be when they drafted him.

indiana and miami aren't going anywhere. as bad as indiana is playing right now, they are not THAT bad. and neither is atlanta who is beating them. milsapp, teague, korver, brand, antic, lou williams....they are equal in talent to our roster without a doubt, but they are older and more playoff experienced.

washington is going to separate itself.

milwaukee lands parker, then what?

cleveland was only bad this year because they have the worst coach in the league. they fix that and they will be a perennial top 4 team. even if waiters and irving are throwing blows at every halftime and postgame interview, they still have a ton of talent. and bennett is an elite talent, too. his coach is just an idiot.

we haven't guaranteed next year's playoff spot by any stretch. detroit has drummond who appears to be headed to dwight howard/shaq level soon. new york is still a playoff contender if melo stays (and he will have every reason to do so). brooklyn will keep all their important parts - I expect pierce and garnett call it after this one but even if pierce comes back, he'll play less.

it's not guaranteed that we sustain this. a lot of teams tanking this year. the key to our future success is MKG and Zeller. with Al hurt, they have a perfect opportunity to give MKG 2 games to build on what he just did and just feed him over and over and over and over see what happens. If he fails, so what? we were going to lose anyways and the kid is 20. but if he succeeds and has 2 more big games? watch the jump for next year with him knowing he can play on that level.

kemba's improved assist totals come down to this:

6.2 per 36. major improvement. his assist % has gone down which just means that the team is making more shots and he isn't contributing to those additional makes (jefferson, surely). walker hasn't improved unfortunately. and he and biz both are in awkward situations for their contracts going into the last year of the rookie scale prior to RFA. neither is really in a position for an extension, but both are young and promising enough to want to keep and others to want to have.

it isn't about him having a bad playoff series against a GREAT team. it's more about a guy who hangs his hat on being mr. big moment, not being mr. big moment. if he isn't that, then what is he worth at all? mr. 39% doesn't sound as good. he has a LONG way to go in learning how to play point in the nba.

the "improvement" in the w/l record was just swapping out dead contracts and weak talent for solid veterans. it isn't actual improvement of the team that is sustain-ably moving upward. it's just swapping diop and mullens for jefferson. tyrus thomas for anthony tolliver. having mcroberts a whole year. gordon for gary neal. having zeller. having the other guys older.

one thing I haven't heard from anybody anywhere that crossed my mind......imagine having jeff taylor healthy instead of CDR. CDR has been great, but he can't guard lebron anymore than I can. would have been nice to of had him this year. he's a wildcard going forward not knowing how he'll recover.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 25, 2014 3:39:14 PM

"MKG as well. and as much as you disagree....biyombo too if they actually spend some time developing him."

Never happen...

Love it when you guys come with the name calling.....gotcha ;)

- East will not improve over night. will take multiple years.
**We'll see**

- Kemba, Hendo, MKG (player of the game) all Bobcats picks all played heavy minutes in a competitive playoff game against the reigning champs.
**That and $2.11 will get you a coffee at Starbucks. They lost against a team that was coasting...and when Heat tried to hand 'em one our non-PG threw it away...real PG would have handled it properly. Hell, lowly Nets went 4-0 against Heat this year.**

- Kemba has improved his assist total every year. Averaged close to 8 since all-star. He is becoming a point guard. One series against the Heat does not change that.
**Nonsense, he's still the low-IQ chukker he's always been, and always will be. Not even top-15 at his position with new/better talent entering league every year.**

- Clifford has done wonders with D league call ups. Cap space and picks will give him a better roster to work with next year.
**Clifford is the real deal, no doubt. If our management weren't such midgets Clifford could be in his 2nd year with the Boobs. Air Minimum better get out the checkbook, keeping Cliff will be REAL expensive! Who are we going to add to the roster that will make a difference?**

- Big Al has had no significant injuries until this year. Both of the ones he has this year will simply take rest. No knees or shoulder surgeries.
**You are kidding, right? Ankle surgery and torn meniscus in 2006, completely torn ACL in 2009, in case you missed it likely to have another ankle surgery coming after this season**

"Jefferson acknowledged his right ankle still gives him enough trouble that there’s a good chance he’ll need offseason surgery to “clean up” the joint."


- Overlooked? Most irrelevant comment of all.
**Only a true slurper would delude themselves into thinking teams don't continue to ease up when playing the Boobs...you're one.**

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 25, 2014 3:43:37 PM

Jams attacked all nite. ..
The heats defense was at 100 % kemba screwed up the last few minutes and the cats still only lost by a couple points. ..cats are really young with a lot of talent there gonna get better..cats gonna be in the playoffs for years to come. .Zeller will become a multi time all star. .mkg will be a good player for the next 12 13 years a lot to look forward to ...no matter what delusional people may Say Or think...

Posted by: shane | Apr 25, 2014 5:33:09 PM

All that being in the past now...
I feel like we will win this game tommorow night. However it depends on the mental state of the guys with Al hurt. Are they gonna mail it in or what! The Bobcats never won a playoff game and could possibly.go down in history as a "Team" that never won one. No Pressure! yeah i get it still same franchise fpr next year blah blah. Analytical priks.
Anyway what i saw last game was we looked like we were in standard play and Heat were in fast forward. We, half step behind in everything we did and still almost pulled it out.
I dont beleive heat are what they were in last two. They are.so many thing we did wrong but sooo many did right its hard to pinpoint. We clean up THE STUPID AZZ TURNOVERS FROM LAST GAME AND WE HAD IT... AND WILL AT ABOUT 9:30 SATURDAY NIGHT! Kemba dribble out.... CHILD PLEASE!

Posted by: DShtg!! | Apr 25, 2014 10:54:54 PM

Nice rant DISHtag.... ;0). You the man!

Someone on this blog was calling Joe Johnson into question not too long ago.....y'all see his line tonight?

11-17fg, 3-4tpa, 4-4ft, 29pts....in 39 mins -- that's what All-Stars do slurpers.

I remember you morons saying, hell, I can't even remember his name....that tall, gangly white boy we had not long ago...you morons said he was a "borderline All-Star"...HAHAHAHAHA!!

Take the SlurpGoggles® OFF morons!!!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 25, 2014 11:16:31 PM

"cats gonna be in the playoffs for years to come"

Oh yeah? They ever gonna win in the playoffs?

Remember, just getting to the playoffs IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH...

...The Handout King said so hissef.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 25, 2014 11:19:50 PM

U didn't even have them making the playoffs. ..um I believe u have been wrong on most of your predictions for the cats....but yea they need to start wining when they do get to the playoffs. ..

Posted by: shane | Apr 25, 2014 11:33:22 PM

Lillard's play is simply jaw dropping.....Shorty just isn't in the same galaxy.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 26, 2014 1:14:26 AM

Al Jefferson has averaged 70 games a year over his 10 seasons. I dont believe injuries have been a big issue for him. Discussing the negatives around this team playing the world champs while not at full strength is absurd. Particularly when it is an injury to the best player and the center peice of the offensive philosophy all season. Of course some of the players will struggle. They are doing things they didn't have to all season and the Heat can defend them completely differently. How did the Blazers look without Aldrige this year or Memphis without Gasol? There are some really interesting posters here. They might know a little about basketball, but the lack of objectivity is astounding.

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 26, 2014 5:10:57 AM

Mike T., what did you think when they ran Gerald Wallace out of town and why do you think they did so?

"...center peice of the offensive philosophy..."

That's a good one! What's it called?

Seems to me there are 4 primary sets:

1. Pass it to Al.
2. Pass it to Al.
3. Pass it to Al.
4. Pass it to Al.
5. Don't pass it to Al, Shorty chukks up a low-IQ shot.

You are 100% correct about one thing...

...The Slurpers have no objectivity whatsoever!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 26, 2014 7:44:53 AM

To break it down simply for you it would be inside out basketball. There are many nuances to it, but that appears to be as much as you can handle. Especially for someone that thinks Gerald Wallace was the center piece of an offensive philosophy. Just because you lead your team in scoring does not mean that a teams offense is built around that player. When they traded Wallace I thought they traded a player for 2 number ones that would be lucky to be a 3rd or 4th option for most teams. I was wrong, he was more of a 5th option.

Your ignorance is astounding. Maybe you are just a hateful troll, but it is still astounding.

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 26, 2014 9:02:20 AM

Are people really bitching about a team that just went from 21 to 43 wins and are playing the Heat in the playoffs? Even if you think they need to get better, great. In the off season make some suggestions on how they keep improving. This whiny bitch stuff is embarrassing.

Posted by: John | Apr 26, 2014 9:57:25 AM

It's amazing how Toronto, Brooklyn, Golden State, Dallas, Chicago, Memphis, Clippers, Indiana, Washingon, Portland. All playoff teams overlooked the Bobcats this year. That Nasturd guy is just busting people's chops right? Not being serious. That would be very sad.

Posted by: David | Apr 26, 2014 10:33:18 AM

Charlotean .. Pls explain what you mean by Kembas assist per centage has gone down . Where is he exactly on assists at the rim totals for the rim . You say way down . Where is he as to hockey assists and free throw assists ? Thank you so much . Who do you see as a pt gd of the future ?

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 26, 2014 12:07:33 PM

And where s Kemba respecting defensive stats , pick n roll offense and defense . Thanks loads .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 26, 2014 12:14:47 PM

You would think everyone would be pulling for the Bobcats. We went from the NFL playoffs to hosting Lebron. Next up more minor league baseball and lacrosse. Christ. It can't get any lamer than that. Thank go for the NFL draft.

Posted by: Ethan | Apr 26, 2014 12:30:04 PM

I have been to a Knights game. Enjoyed it, but the games have zero meaning, basically a night out you can do every once in a while. Lacrosse. You could not pay me to go. Games are meaningless and the stadium is a joke. If you have a kid that plays maybe. Other than that. Nope. I will stick with the big league sports. Even when the teams are bad, it is worth going to see the opponents.

Posted by: John | Apr 26, 2014 1:14:17 PM

As usual Mike T. can't answer a simple question....moron.

Yeeeeaaaaahhhh....Boobs are giving Heat "all they can handle", HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Boobcats 0-7....and counting....

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 26, 2014 9:00:09 PM

Here's a good one....

....went to Nets game and sat in first 4 rows directly behind Boobcat bench -- our tickets were sold for .30 of face by a TEAM OFFICIAL!

I KID YOU NOT, team employee put personal seats on StubHub for 30cents on the $dollar!!

How pitiful is that?!?

PS...Air Minimun should go back upstairs and sit in the box and screw around with his DumbPhone, he ain't doing the team any good sitting on the bench and picking his nose...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 26, 2014 9:08:13 PM

Whoopsy daisy....looks like Boobs will be ONLY team to get swept this year -- none of The Promises will be upheld.

The only question left to be answered is will the HEAT hold The King and D Wade out of game 4...?

As far as I know that sort of thing has never been done in the playoffs but then again, the Boobs routinely plumb NBA depths never before seen yet destined to take the place of the mudshark in your mythology...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 26, 2014 9:46:50 PM

It just Baffles me....
Kemba dribbles everybody watches. Who ever is there to set screen enough to dribble 12ft and stop and no movement, from anyone. Pass the ball two times if lucky and jack up long two or three. No driving and kicking just 1 or 2.passes and shoot. DO WE HONESTLY THINK CLIFFORD TELLS EVERYONE TO STAND STILL AND NOT MOVE. K BLACK AND WHITE SHOWS WHERE WE SHOULD BE... when he draws it up on white board that IS just a generalization not the end result!
From what i have seen Sessions and CDR are the two that get the concept. Cdr end of 3rd drives draws 2 kick out to Mcbob. WOW NOVEL CONCEPT!! NO FING BODY WANTS TOOOOOO PENETRATE. HOW ARE U SUCCESSFULL PENETRATION... Goes back to Adam and Eve RIGHT! are WE here from people standing around. Sorry.
Anyway forgive me.
Defensive side classic everynight OVER HELP, UNDER HELP.
IT JUST BAFFLES ME. You cross the road u look both ways u take A **** u clean up.
There is no way Clifford is not telling these guys or
... IDK!!!!!!
Thanks for letting me vent and appreciate your patience...
Ready to move on to the New Generation!

Posted by: DShtg!! | Apr 26, 2014 11:08:08 PM

Oh ur kidding me Sessions is gone..... Wow!
Idiots. Hence why Neal is ineffective and.......... Well what at this point. He dosent drive either.
CDR IN idk how many games i have seen try to drive and move the ball!!!!
Far as im concerned many good changes to be made for next season!
Al Jefferson, their is a Helluva lot of guys in NBA should look up to you and appreciate!!!!

Posted by: DShtg!! | Apr 26, 2014 11:18:10 PM

Clifford went right back to going to Jefferson exclusively . The ball stopped moving , players stopped moving and the players grew ice cold . Hasn't he learned ? The players stood around the perimeter and tried to force feed him despite being swarmed and fronted . This leads to a stagnate offense . He scored but never set a screen or passed to any cutters as usual.

Kemba was trapped . Not once did he come up top to give him a ball screen , to free him up . . He stayed deep in the low block and clogged lanes for the wings to drive . Who wants to lay like this ? Clifford has no idea how quickly things can and will change if he refuses to build out an offense that includes a pick n roll , man movement and ball movement to shift the defense . This sucks . There is zero facilitating as Kemba is overwhelmed w just initiating the offense . There is zero easy buckets to get the wings going . They're not shooters but slashers , cutters and dribble drive guys . Mkg ánd Henderson got zero ball screens on the weak side to get to the basket . Zero . Use of Zeller at the elbow was a joke . Get an assistant coach in here who can design an offense other than dump it into Jefferson . I told you this would be taken away before the playoffs . You beat the Heat by running Wade , James and Allen thru multiple screens each play until they're totally tired out like the Mavs did and the Spurs did . Nothing else will work . But here , the entire offense is spread and dump into Jefferson . If a teammate cut , he wouldn't pass anyway . And Clifford doesn't see he's slowly working his way to the door . Neal didnt just suck from last yr to this yr . He's in an offense that makes him suck .

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 26, 2014 11:19:17 PM

Valid but we knew Jefferson was handicapped going in. So everyone else needs to move for him!

Posted by: DShtg!! | Apr 26, 2014 11:33:53 PM

Other thing how many times can u underestimate their D.. Telegraph passes and hold on too ball like bread. U pump fake and hold on like life its self!!

Posted by: DShtg!! | Apr 26, 2014 11:53:06 PM

"By the fourth quarter, Jordan had left his seat on the bench."


Way to go W.O.A.T.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 27, 2014 12:47:27 AM

Reality sucks huh?

1-6fg, 1-4ft, 3pts, 4to....stunk up the joint, as expected.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 27, 2014 11:49:56 AM

ironman - assist % is the % of baskets one's team makes while one is on the floor that were assisted by that player. his assists are basically flat per 36 minutes over the 3 years. we're talking about less than half an assist per 36 minutes improvement, while shooting at or just under 40% and very low TS%.

assists don't really matter as much as people put stock into them, but they are a good measure for pg decision making, especially in transition. when a team grabs a rebound, outlets and the pg has the ball in transition, good teams get good shots out of that situation.

hockey assists? they are pretty flat for nba point guards. CP3 is on top at 2.2 and the #30 guy is at like 1.3. kemba is good for 1.7, but he's #1 in passes thrown which just tells you he has more volume and less effectiveness. points created per game he's 20th, per 48 he's like 45th.

the stats just don't show any evidence of him being an effective playmaker for himself or others. he LOOKS a lot better than his results actually reflect.

that leaves open the argument that he could become a better shooter and see a ripple effect caused by that = more open teammates, more assists, etc. but it hasn't appeared likely through his first 3 seasons. usually those jumps happen in year 2 or 3 for primary ball handlers.

nastar is historically wrong about almost everything, but the truth is.....kemba isn't in the same league as the older guards of paul, williams, rondo, parker, nelson, lowry etc. or the younger guys like curry, conley, wall, dragic, lawson, westbrook, lillard, bledsoe, teague, knight, irving, isaiah thomas etc. etc.

he's in the boat with brandon jennings, mcw and a few others who have huge games from time to time but generally don't have great games.

he and ricky rubio are a lot a like in that they get more credit than they deserve because of how exciting they are.

he and gerald are a lot a like in that they are nba starting caliber players at their positions, but barely. they would both be best suited as the 5th best starter on a good team or even coming off the bench as a key rotation guy. but for them to be the 2nd and 3rd options is why we struggle. they just aren't that good. neither are horrible, but they just aren't cornerstone guys.

they are both GREAT lockerroom guys, GREAT energy guys, good solid players that you definitely want to have. you just can't rely on them to carry you to contender status.

walker had a really good game 3 compared to game 2. but he, like most of our starters was on the floor the last 6 minutes of the first half and the first 6 minutes of the 2nd half when we went from up 3 to down 20 real fast.

as much as i've convinced myself to get on board with the move to get better now and develop guys to get even better for the future......I still think we're going to kick ourselves next summer when we miss the playoffs and watch the top 5-8 picks in this draft class be absolute stud impact players and watch zeller, mkg, and biz not reach their potential while being told they are role players to support al (who will never carry this team past where he has already).

impatience has been the franchise's problem all along and I think this season is going to prove to be another example of it. the only way it doesn't turn out that way is if either MKG/Zeller/Biz or all 3 make a big jump in spite of their current roles or we land a major major major brilliant trade/signing which is really unlikely given our front office's track record. as improved as its been under cho, it still hasn't been anywhere near brilliant and rod higgins still exists. the guy that said the dampier trade was a cost saving move.

long way to go to get to the top and we might be further away as opposed to closer.

here's to hoping jeff taylor comes back in a major way next year. and hoping doug mcdermott or rodney hood falls to the portland pick (won't happen).

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 27, 2014 2:00:10 PM

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