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April 12, 2014

Charlotte Bobcats guard Kemba Walker out again versus 76ers

            Charlotte Bobcats point guard Kemba Walker will sit out his second straight game tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers to rest a sore right groin.

            Since the Bobcats are off Sunday – coach Steve Clifford never holds practice the day after back-to-back games – this buys Walker two days of rest before possibly testing the injury in shootaround Monday morning before they play the Hawks in Atlanta.

            “Hopefully by Monday,” Clifford said of Walker’s return. “They did a (magnetic resonance imaging) and it’s not anything serious.”

            The road game against the Hawks is second-to-last of the regular season. The Bobcats host the Chicago Bulls Wednesday night, and in all likelihood the Bulls will be still playing for the third seed by then. They need to finish ahead of the Toronto Raptors to remain third since the Raptors’ Atlantic Division title is an automatic tiebreaker.

            Clifford said he’ll base Walker’s availability on how he’s feeling. However Clifford said it would be disadvantageous if Walker doesn’t play at least one more game before heading into his first NBA playoffs.

            The Bobcats gave up control of the sixth seed in the East by losing to the lottery-bound Boston Celtics Friday. Clifford’s displeasure with his team’s defense Friday was not lessened by a new day.

            “Last night we were pretty disinterested most of the game,” Clifford said of the Bobcats giving up 106 points and 52 percent shooting to the Celtics.

            “If we’re not defending, there’s no way we win in the playoffs,” Clifford added. “There’s no team we’d play that we’ll outscore.”

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Wondered how long before Mcbob was coming off bench. Really been getting on my nerves... Dribble two feet basically hand ball off set screen and jack up 3s. Reminding me of someone. He can do so much more. Dont know if hes still hurt or what.
Ridenour and pargo SMH!
IM lovin some CDR though wow. Last night was off a little but passing, driving can jack it up and hit'em.

Posted by: DShtg!! | Apr 12, 2014 8:14:07 PM

Obviously wasnt quite halftime when posted. Luke and Pargo had pretty good night.
Mcroberts 9 shots 13 pts i think 1or2 trips to free throw in two games with kemba out, pretty good "d" though. I dont know just seems could be more.
Thank goodness for second unit getting to free throw line tonight. just frustrating loss against Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: DShtg!! | Apr 13, 2014 6:18:05 AM

MKG has been flat out making plays lately. how anybody could be down on him as a prospect is insane to me. he would be stat stuffing on a bad team or a team without a veteran go-to scorer.....instead he's starting on a playoff team as the 5th youngest guy in the league.

everybody is enamored with the youngest guy in the league who hasn't done anything in comparison to what MKG did last year or this year. i just don't get it. 10-8 a block and a steal in 22 minutes. and he's had a ton of games like this lately. as much as i would have preferred they play toronto first, it will be fun watching him go at george or lebron for 4 games. great experience for long term future full of matchups against them.

and yeah since coming back, mcroberts has been mediocre at best and the minutes have reflected that with cody playing more than he did before mcroberts got hurt.

extremely weird watching ajinca have a big game against dwight howard last night. he and augustin were complete busts, right? it's the picks, right? not to development?

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 13, 2014 3:48:32 PM

oh and congratulations to steve martin.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 13, 2014 4:03:04 PM

charlottean, you're always very eager to restart old arguments.
I'm NOT saying with me, but generally, with anybody who had, or has, a different opinion.
Chewing endlessly on the same issues.

What's the point? Is it to tell other fans: "See, I told you so!" ?!
So what??
Life goes on, this is all water under the bridge.

It happens all the time in this league, that some players don't reach their peak with a team, they move on, and then they do better elsewhere. Again, so what?
That's "life in the fast lane".

It happens a lot, and it's sadder when some talented players can't find their niche in this league, in ANY team, and then go overseas and become stars.

Your last post is not something I took personally.
But, I think it's silly to restart arguments about players who haven't been in this team for a few years, and whose positions (starting PG and back-up C) have been filled just fine.

Since you did, a few notes on accuracy.

D.J. Augustin was never a "bust". (I know, some fans said he was; big deal, so what?).

He was given a Q.O.; it was rescinded because he didn't take it. It was reported repeatedly that he was sick and tired of playing for a losing team, which is what the Bobcats where at that time.
He wasn't happy with being part of the "wreck" part of the "wreck and rebuild" plan.

He went then through two franchises that gave him no real chance (Indiana and Toronto). Then, he was able to take advantage of Chicago's need at his position, and he's doing well there.

It's not surprising. He was already playing well for Paul Silas, in '10-'11. The team was failing, for well known reasons, but DJ was doing well. Then, '11-'12 was a little less good for him. Everybody in that team became discouraged and underperformed, because the team was built to fail. It wasn't his fault, he wasn't a "bust"; but he paid the price of having a failed season on his record.

He was four years with the Bobcats, two years as a starter.
This is when he was developed as a player, and this is why he's able to help the Bulls now.

Ajinca indeed wasn't developed here.
Guess what, he went through two more NBA teams, Dallas and Toronto, and they didn't develop him either.
Then, he had a new opportunity to develop his game, playing two years in France. He came back a better player.

Now, he averages 5.7 ppg, 5 rpg for the Pelicans, the 12th in West.
You CAN'T judge a player - any player - by picking out one game (or, a few), when he's at his best (same thing, about one or a few games when he's at his worst). You have to look at his averages.
Ajinca can be a starter in a lowly NBA team, or a back-up in a good team in this league.

Again, so what? The Bobcats "survived", can win and keep getting better without DJ and Ajinca.

Posted by: Sandy | Apr 13, 2014 11:16:45 PM

^^^Good point. How many fans in other cities are looking at what McRoberts or CDR are doing for instance and saying the similar things?

Posted by: Mike T. | Apr 14, 2014 10:25:32 AM

^^^^^ Zero?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Apr 14, 2014 9:27:15 PM

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