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April 16, 2014

Good thing Charlotte Bobcats' Steve Clifford can coach; he never would have made it as an IT guy

            One more thing we learned about Charlotte Bobcats coach Steve Clifford Wednesday: He’ll never be accused of being a computer nerd.

            Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, one of Clifford’s mentors when Clifford joined the New York Knicks as an advance scout, told the story pre-game: Clifford had impressive basketball credentials, but the advance scout’s chief responsibility is filing reports about upcoming opponents overnight via the computer and email.

            That was far from Clifford’s strength back in 2000.

            “It started off in training camp. He’d stay up all night trying to learn that computer,” Thibodeau recalled with a laugh. “So he does the first report and there are errors everywhere – they even hit the (play) diagrams.”

            It’s funny now, with two close friends both having ascended to NBA head coaches. But did Clifford ever figure out that computer?

            “He had to,” Thibodeau said, “or we all would have been fired.”

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