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June 18, 2014

Charlotte Hornets' Josh McRoberts opts out of contract, will be a free agent in July

The player Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan calls his “connect-the-dots” guy has chosen to hit free-agency next month.

            Power forward Josh McRoberts exercised his option to void the remaining season on the contract he signed last July. He’ll hit the open market after a strong seventh season in the NBA. He played in 78 of 82 games, all of them starts. He averaged 8.5 points, 4.3 assists and 4.8 rebounds he also shot 36 percent from 3-point range.

            Those numbers somewhat understate his contribution. Coach Steve Clifford constantly praised McRoberts for his decision-making and ball-movement, along with his defense.

At a pre-draft press conference Wednesday afternoon, Hornets general manager Rich Cho made it clear they will pursue McRoberts aggressively: "Josh is a big part of our team. We definitely want to re-sign him."

            McRoberts was scheduled to make just under $2.8 million next season. It’s possible via free-agency he could roughly double that salary. The Hornets are expected to make a run at re-signing McRoberts once free-agency begins. But if McRoberts goes elsewhere, the Hornets have an alternative in Cody Zeller, who they drafted fourth overall last June.

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Welcome to the Hornets Greg Monroe.

Posted by: apauldds | Jun 18, 2014 1:56:39 PM


Posted by: J | Jun 18, 2014 2:02:16 PM

I think Cody can be solid but im not sure he had enough time to put on weight to play 30 plus min a night and I hope he has worked on his 15-18 ft jumper as while.

Posted by: jason | Jun 18, 2014 2:13:33 PM

they should be going all in on kevin love even if it's for one year and nothing more. if the chance of him resigning is 20%, that's 20% more than it would be to get a player of that caliber to come here as a free agent. and we could probably have him for jefferson + this year's draft picks. completely worth it.

even if you love jefferson, you know love is better and jefferson only has 1 more year on his contract from our end. he has another big year and it's almost guaranteed he opts out just to secure a longer deal before his legs give out.

you get love for jefferson now, you keep the cap room to go get someone else (bledsoe, stephenson, hayward, etc.) and you have a legit shot at giving love his first taste of the playoffs and being able to offer him a significantly larger max deal than any other team. that stacks odds in your favor big time.

otherwise, we'll have to play against him in either boston, chicago, or cleveland as golden state is the only team out west that has a decent shot of getting him via trade (and it's not that great of a chance compared to the other 3 teams named).

everybody is hung up on upgrading around kemba and al and that is ignoring the fact that you only go as far as your best players take you in this league. we have to upgrade our top end talent. love has struggled to get past mediocrity while playing out west and with NO 2nd option on his teams. not to mention his teams have injury riddled the last 2 years. you get him AND a legit robin AND our young guys mkg, biz, zeller, kemba, etc. that immediately makes for a legit team in the east that you can build on from there.

desperately in need of a move to lift up from mediocrity. once the picks are made, they lose value even if they are good picks. trades are more likely when they are picks because of the elasticity of the asset. now is the time to make the move.

and i love greg monroe, but pairing him and jefferson would be disastrous on defense. and i think too much of a duplicate on offense. not to mention he's not on love's level and he's looking for max money and probably getting it somewhere.

Posted by: charlottean | Jun 18, 2014 2:14:54 PM

McRoberts no doubt made valuable contributions to the team chemistry and offensive flow. Great guy. The question becomes whether some other free agent could make more valuable contributions to the Hornets at whatever level of compensation McRoberts is now seeking. Cap space is a wonderful thing for a rising team to have in hand, and it looks like our growing cap space could help us land an all-star caliber player either in free agency or in a trade with a team looking to reduce salary on its way to signing one of the league's opt-out superstars.

Who knows, with this extra cap space in hand, maybe we could even land a superstar ourselves.

If I were James, for instance, I would think twice before passing on a chance to play on a resurgent Hornets stocked with young talent, a gifted point guard (Walker), superior post play (Jefferson), an incredible defensive talent (MKG), and two first round draft picks. If we could pick up James without sacrificing any pieces in the process, this is precisely the kind of young energetic team that could keep him in the hunt for many years to come without requiring him to do all the defensive, rebounding, and post-play dirty work that ages a player.

Plus, despite these complimentary players, the media will never predict him going the Hornets, so he will get most of the credit if the team rises to the top seed in the East and wins it all next year. In fact, if he wins a few titles for the Hornets, with Jordan a vocal ally, James will go down as the greatest of all time.

Posted by: Jeff | Jun 18, 2014 2:18:17 PM

We should go after Pau Gasol

Posted by: Hot Sauce | Jun 18, 2014 2:20:51 PM


That's one of the best squads in the east right there folks, just trade for Afflalo and sign Gasol with free agency money and we are rocking and rolling next season!

Posted by: Hot Sauce | Jun 18, 2014 2:26:01 PM

At $2.8 mil, McRoberts is a steal. But I see him as one of those guys who can only fit in certain systems and the Hornets are one of them. I guess at this point of his career, one more lucrative contract may be more important than playing time.

Posted by: Mike Jones | Jun 18, 2014 2:30:59 PM

McRoberts is a good guy off the bench realistically, once we have a few decent offensive options he will not necessarily be missed. I would let him go if he wants more than 3.5 per yr. Also just to set this straight he is not a good 3 pt shooter. I cringed everytime he launched a line drive 3 and at 36% lets dont act like he hit that many. Zeller is a much better shooter/rebounder/energy guy. Time to roll with Zeller and let someone else overpay McRoberts

Posted by: I am your father | Jun 18, 2014 2:46:31 PM

No way do you trade all that for Love for a possible 1 year rental ! The whole purpose of wanting Love is to combine him with Big Al and Kemba. I would be all for the #9, #24, Zeller and maybe Neal. But that's it. You can't give up too much young talent plus our best player. Plus if we did do that trade, he would come to a team not much better than his. The only plus is that it's the East and would be easier to do damage in the playoffs.

Posted by: bb1130 | Jun 18, 2014 2:51:23 PM


Posted by: Bobcat Bucks | Jun 18, 2014 3:05:52 PM

bb1130 -

I get your point that trading both 1st Rounders and Jefferson seems like a bit too much for Love, but that is only from the perception of a Hornets fan. The truth is in the last 5 years, Love will be the best player since Lebron James* (technically a sign & trade) to be traded. Love's impact on any team will supercede Al's impact and is not even close. I love Big Al, but my biggest concern is that #9, #24 and Big Al may not be enough to even tempt Minny.

Posted by: RobC | Jun 18, 2014 3:47:19 PM

We are not trading Big Al, he is the best center in the league and he wants to be here so just let it go.

Posted by: Hot Sauce | Jun 18, 2014 3:54:47 PM

if trade big Al I will give up my season tickets.....that would be the dumbest move ever besides drafting Morrison. C'mon guys lets not get carried away here. We aren't trading our All NBA Center any time soon

Posted by: J | Jun 18, 2014 3:57:38 PM

The pf position is a net negative here . In as much as I really like McRoberts bc he facilitates , his defense is attrocious . There's so much Mkg and Henderson can do to cover these three other guys that cannot play on ball defense . Kemba and McRoberts do play good help defense btw. You must not stunt Zellers growth . He's a shot blocker , help defender and can provide mid block and high post passing which is critical to this teams improvement . Enough of the arc positioning of McRoberts who jacks threes and causes run outs . Get Payne instead of Love who can compliment Zeller . If you get Love , it will crush the development of Zeller among a ton of other things . Love and Jefferson won't work on defense . ( I think ) . If you get Love , get a shot blocking , defending , help defense average scoring center to compliment him . There's guys out there like that . Jefferson will break the bank in trying to re-sign him going on his last big contract which wil be for 4 yrs for sure . He still won't pass or defend . And his greedy ass won't ever consider giving a team a break bc he's not into winning a championship .

McRoberts is a bench guy . He could fit in on a few top teams but it must be w a guy like Ibaka behind him . Zeller can pass and it's time to turn him loose if he's bulked up . Henderson and Mkg will suffer more tho bc McRoberts was the only one that did makes plays for easy buckets w them although not nearly enough bc of the high USEAGE of the two ball hogs .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 18, 2014 4:10:27 PM

IF (HUGE IF), Minny accepts #9,#24 and Al Jefferson for Kevin Love. The next step would be to help LA Clippers make a run at Lebron James. Based on ESPN they have talked about trading DeAndre Jordan and Jamal Crawford for expiring low dollar contracts. We could offer 2nd Rd, Biz, Haywood and Neal for both Jordan and Crawford. That would free $8M on the Clipps and the Hornets would still be like $5M under the Cap. Then sign several low-dollar FA like: Ramon Sessions, Jordan Hill, Pargo, Tolliver, CDR and/or George Stiemsma.

That would give the Hornets a solid Team to make a run at one of the Top 4 spots in the East, with:

PG: Kemba/Sessions/Pargo
SG: Henderson/Crawford
SF: MKG/Taylor/CDR
PF: Love/Zeller/Tolliver
C: Jordan/Hill/Stiemsma

That is a much better team than Minny and way better than last years Bobcats, both defensively and offensively. Is also a very young team who's core can compete for the next 5-7 years.

But that may be dreaming too much, heck I would even add a future 1st Rd pick to Minny and a future 2nd Rd to the Clippers to make that happen.

Posted by: RobC | Jun 18, 2014 4:27:02 PM


Posted by: Teddy` | Jun 18, 2014 4:28:50 PM

Keep McRoberts for up to $6 Million. He is the "white Boris Diaw". Also, draft McBuckets unless one of the top 8 slide (perhaps Randle because of his foot). McDermott would be the best available as well as filling a need. And he is not Adam Morrison 2.0. Rather he is maybe Gordon Heyward 2.0.

Posted by: Wes S. | Jun 18, 2014 4:32:09 PM

Don't let my boy McRoberts go. Unless he wants to much money. Then draft TJ Warren and get us a nice free agent. Ahhh. So many possibilities. Playoff team, draft picks, cap space, young talent, billionaire owner and me. Absolutely amazing. Glad they went with Nike over Julian. Even I don't look good in pleats!

Posted by: Hugo | Jun 18, 2014 5:03:56 PM

Why would a young team on the rise give up assets for a rental? We should be keeping our assets and adding talent with available cap space and draft picks. No more addition by subtraction.

Maybe it's the fog of bad Bobcats history, but the history has just been rewritten. We're a Hornets team, coming off of a playoff birth, with most of our talent returning, tons of cap space, draft picks, and a home crowd ready to support its new look Hornets.

Don't panic, don't get fleeced in a trade by undervaluing Charlotte as a destination. Take advantage of teams looking to create cap space and/or sign quality free agents outright, make some savvy draft picks, give our young guys a chance to mature, let the team develop its identity on the way to a top 4 seed and a playoff series victory, then watch Charlotte become an NBA destination city.

Posted by: Jeff | Jun 18, 2014 5:07:46 PM

McRoberts has alot of the same skill set as Boris Diaw does for the Spurs. They should defintely try to resign him- he's a proven commidity.

They should NOT go after Kevin Love and other high priced players- the Brooklyn and Lakers approach (and they're in deep trouble now...). The Hornets should approach things like the Spurs and OKC- build with young talent. Becuase they already have the most important ingredient- a good coaching staff with a successful system. Build around that...

Posted by: PantherD | Jun 18, 2014 5:17:02 PM

Seriously . McRoberts is not good on defense . He got abused almost every night . He and DIAW are the same on offense . McRoberts may even facilitate better . But DIAW can drive better and post up . DIAW can cover from the sg to center . And do it well .

Rob c. That's the best lineup posted of all time . I would tweak it tho and get a better back up defending pass first pt gd in Livy . And get a Tolliver like arc guy shooter in a vet at sf to compliment Mkg better and be counted on to make shots in the clutch . Like a Deng who would cost too much or a younger Coran Butler kind of guy . If Tolliver could cover sfs , he would be perfect . But your team as it sits would do major damage .

James is driven by Niki who has figured it out . Put a star trio together inc the best player and get rich . Mj would have done it if Niki had figured it out then . He had the big two back then . Don't think for one moment this trio stuff will fade when James retires . The nba loves mini dynasties too and makes a ton off the concept . Kyrie , Embiid and who never could be next . The supporting cast there already is nice . Add a Durant and in 2 hrs when he's moving , they could top anything James puts together .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 18, 2014 6:20:02 PM

If he wants too much let him go. That leaves us with 17 million to play with. Give Gasol 8.5 million a year on a 3 year deal. Give Deng 5.5 million a year on a 3 year deal. Trade the #9 pick to Golden State for Harrison Barnes. Draft Shabazz Napier, Elfrid Payton, or Tyler Ennis at #24. That leaves us with a stacked lineup from 1 to 12. Experienced starters with a young youth waiting behind them. These moves would have us set to take the East.

Big AL - Biz
Gasol - Zeller
Deng - MKG - J. Taylor
Barnes - Hendo - Neal
Kemba - Napier, Payton, or Ennis

Posted by: bb1130 | Jun 18, 2014 6:21:11 PM

McDermott would compliment Mkg well . The sf position would turn into a net positive . So much is made of his failure to have explosion or be quick . All these guys lose that stuff as each quater goes by . Harden is not quick . Neither is Coran Butler , Pierce , Dunleavy , Deng or guys like that . They lower their shoulder and get space . Turn away and get space . Fade . Side step , ball fakes etc . He has the height . The shot and knows how to get off . Of course , this means you must add a shot blocker at pf or center which should be done anyway . Clifford took him to dinner so he must be high on him . I would think he will shoot better than Heywood from the arc who's not coming here anyway . I don't see Love coming here . He's very vocal . He wants badly to get to the playoffs . Why would he after 5 yrs or more waste time coming to a team where the center does not pass when doubled or play any defense ? And a team where the pt gd is a poor shooter , doesn't spread the floor , doesn't facilitate and takes way too many shots based upon his shooting percentage ? Love may have been one of the guys who didnt want to play w Jefferson . Don't tell me Love will go for that bs that Jefferson pulls . And don't tell me Jefferson will defer just bc Love is here . He's going to put up the same number of shots w guys draping on him to try to make the Allstar team . He really thinks his style of play wins playoff rounds . If Love came here , he would be furious when he watched guys blow by Jefferson while Jefferson did nothing , not even raising his hand .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 18, 2014 6:35:54 PM

Jefferson is the best center in the league, he shot 51% from the field, he can put up as many shots as he wants to as long as he keeps his percentage over 50% like he did, that's great! He wants to be here and god dang he is a freaking awesome person to be the face of this franchise right now, so go blow smoke up your own chimney little buddy.

Posted by: Hot Sauce | Jun 18, 2014 6:53:08 PM

After watching the Spurs, MKG is irrelevant. Thoughts so far:

- Go after Barnes, Gordan Heyward, or Chandler Parsons. Draft Doug McDermott (Trade MKG for Barnes)

- Go after Greg Monroe or Gasol (if cheap)

Miami has shown their weakness. If we can spread the floor with Big Al, and surround him with skilled shooters who defenders must respect, no reason why this team can not execute similar to Orland when they had Dwight Howard surrounded by the likes of Rashard Lewis and Turkalo (sp).

This game is about SCORING. There are no more SHUTDOWN defenders in the league as it is all about team defense.

Smarten up Hornets. Now is the time to strike.

Posted by: Hmm | Jun 18, 2014 7:00:49 PM

Iron Man is correct that McRoberts is no Diaw on defense. He also is not as good of a scorer as Diaw. Essentially, McRoberts is a play-making energy big, a unique skillset in the NBA. We shouldn't overpay him or sign him to too many years since we have Zeller waiting. I would prefer to have a clear upgrade like Gasol on a short deal instead of a guy like McRoberts if the staff wants to keep Zeller on the bench for now. I would love Deng at 5.5 but he will definitely get more than that.

The good news is that the Hornets have lots of assets and options. They haven't made a terrible signing or significantly overpaid for anyone in the last few years so let's hope that trend continues.

Posted by: Cats_Fan | Jun 18, 2014 7:13:13 PM

I think it's a tough call between McDermott & Stauskas. I'd learn toward Stauskas for fit and upside. While they have very similar offensive strengths and defensive weaknesses, Stauskas has more "height" relatively speaking at his position, can mix it up a little bit at point guard, which could allow him to be our combo guard off the bench, has what looks to be a quicker release, reminding me of Curry in this and the pg regard, and is younger, which traditionally means more potential upside. Thoughts?

Posted by: Jeff | Jun 18, 2014 8:18:31 PM

Zeller, drafted 4th in the first round doesn't start. MKG, drafted 2nd in the first round to not play in the 4th quarter. Biz, drafted 7th in the first round doesn't start and gets DNP's. Either they need to get their drafting corrected or they need to start playing these first round picks.

PJ is better then Stauskus, McDermont, Harris, and Hood. He won't be there at 24. Please don't pass on him at 9.

Let McBob walk. He's a liability on defense. He should not be a part of this team's future.

Posted by: D.W.G. | Jun 19, 2014 9:27:03 AM

Greg Monroe is the WORST possible Free Agent and Fit the Hornets could try and get. He doesn't fit ANYTHING this teams needs. He is a low post scorer - Jefferson is way better. He is a decent rebounder - Jefferson is way better. They are both equally bad on defense. Monroe is an even worst passer.

Posted by: RobC | Jun 19, 2014 11:08:07 AM

DWG .. Leave the heavy lifting to me. Or some of the other guys who understand the game . Lol. But these happen to be good points . I have never seen pj yet but I will come up to speed soon . A number of posters disagree w you on him tho .

Guys dog Nastaris but he wants excellence like the Spurs have and pull off . Parker was taken at the end of the first round . Ginobli in the deep in the second round I think . Leonard at 16 . Green wasn't drafted if I remember correctly . But look at how they developed them . They all shoot the same . Leonard wasn't even considered a shooter . Green was a bum by most accounts . Durant says Loenard is a product of the system ( meaning he's overrated ) .. Green is the biggest product of the system . If Mkg , Zeller , Taylor , Kemba were developed correctly and half as well as what the Spurs do , they would all be better . Most much better . Biz too . Pop was yelling at Parker the first two yrs bc he was playing just like Kemba . They would have taught Henderson the same shooting mechanics . W his atleticism , ability to dribble drive and defend , he would be their all star now like Leonard is . Mkg would be too as he's Leonard but quicker and there would be no hitch . So shoot him for wanting excellence like the Spurs which isn't happening here .

The claim that individual defense has gone the way of the buffalo and it's all about team defense is unfounded . .. Or worse .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 19, 2014 11:42:44 AM

Rob c . Monroe is one of the best passing centers in the league . He at least tries some on defense .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 19, 2014 11:44:54 AM

Trading #9, #24 and AJ for Love? No thank you. Really dumb idea. Almost as dumb as drafting McDermott. He won't be a starter in the league in 5 years. DON'T WASTE ANOTHER LOTTERY PICK ON A CRAPPY MID MAJOR WHITE GUY!!!

Posted by: Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo | Jun 19, 2014 2:48:42 PM

Those uniforms are at best average . Julian or any designer could have done much better . I know Mj wants to build out his own brand but Mickey Mouse could have done as well .

Nastaris is vilified . But he wants excellence . Pat Riley is taking no prisoners . This must not be done correctly but done w done superbly and masterfully . There's serious debate over these picks . Not one is ready anyway for sure to seriously help . This means get vets at sf ( back up) and pf which are the most imp changes if y'all insist on keeping Kemba . If you were extremely serious , a trade for Lowry would be job one . It's starts w a pt gd who can defend , score and facilitate . Period . Most of y'all want to thread water .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 19, 2014 3:03:36 PM

That's right, I want excellence, I demand excellence, I can handle excellence!! The slurpers can't handle the truth...

Guy who designed some of the greatest selling uniforms in history offers to do it again, FOR FREE, and the Boobs completely fumble it. Typical.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 19, 2014 3:50:26 PM

^^^There is a surprise. NASTAR doesn't like the new uniforms. Do you like Al? Coach Clifford? a 22 game improvement in one season? 2 first rounders this year? Like any of that?

Demand excellence? What exactly do you do that is excellent? Troll on blogs? Awesome!

Michael Jordan using someone other than Nike to design his unis? Now that would be a fumble. Free? All the money MJ has made Nike, what do you think Nike charged Jordan? Assuming you are not due in surgery later today.

Posted by: Jim | Jun 19, 2014 4:32:02 PM

I think coach Clifford - and MJ and Rich Cho too - made it clear that Josh McRoberts is a great asset to our offense. He is complementary to Kemba in running the offense, and without him, our ball movement would be far worse. People should also remember the immediate great impact he had in the previous season, after just joining the team.

He's the second best PF in the league in assists, and he's a decent 3 point shooter FOR A PF. Besides, he's not great as a scorer, rebounder and defender; not "horrible", not great either.

For what he's very good at, the Hornets need him. It's not about splurging on a Tyrus Thomas kind of contract. It's about giving a raise (as in: a better contract) to a player who earned it (about $5 mil per year, in my opinion).

The Hornets need to get better next season. The first need to be addressed is to add scoring punch on the wings, through the Draft, or free agency, or both.

Chemistry, togetherness in a team, are very important; just look at the new NBA champions. So, I don't believe in any big overhaul, but I want to see limited changes.

The Bobcats have been 4th in the NBA in defense last season. It's the offensive fire power that needs additions, and the wings need to, and definitely can be, upgraded in this regard.

Posted by: Sandy | Jun 19, 2014 4:57:44 PM

Henderson averaged 14 points a game . W two ball hogs that's actually a miracle . By reason that they never hit cutters , used back screens to cause back doors or threw any lobs it's beyond a miracle . Henderson could not make open jump shots which almost always are set shots . This will come as w all jump shooters . If they do the rest , he will resume his 20 points after the break like the yr before . The addition of a no passing ball hog that's well known for such practices is tough for any of the wings bc they don't get Rhytm or multiple touches . W Mkg , they need to simply call his number . At least Henderson gets his number called . Mkg must learn to hit a set shot too . Having said this , the upgrade is at the sf rotation bc the sg rotation is a net positive at 25 points a clip . The floor can and should be spread by the sf and point gd as well as the sg spot . Spreading is overrated . See the playoffs and how the arc guys got run off the arc or were contested causing loss after loss . The mid range game is still very imp to the game despite claims to the contrary .

The most imp upgrade is a pf who not only scores but plays help defense , on ball defense and blocks shots ...game after game , McRoberts was abused by damn near every pf in the league . Abused . When discussing his merits , include the real issues w him . This team can no longer afford the horrific defense at that spot . The team defense must pick up next yr to compete again . McRoberts has too many places to go and will not be worth his asking price here . Plus he stunts the growth of Zeller . The team is better served w a pf who gets in the high post to make passes to improve the offense which Zeller can do . McRoberts caused runouts more than he was worth when he missed the arc ball . Then a back up sf vet that plays both ways . Then a back pt gd that can defend and facilitate . In that order . Affalo did not flourish until a yr ago . But he's 28 now . He's the only sg acquisition worth talking about . But knowing Cliffiord , he will use him at sf replacing Mkg , not Henderson . Afflao played sf as much or more in Orlando . In any event , the ball must move ... Or die .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 19, 2014 5:52:38 PM

Can you see NASTAR feverishly voting against the Hornets uniform. Will be an exciting night for him. Quick...how many devices do I have. Hate them...hate them...hate them. That is quite an existence.

Posted by: Michael | Jun 19, 2014 5:59:28 PM

Jim, I haven't even seen the new uniforms, my comment was about how the situation with Alexander Julian was completely fumbled. You tell me, how do they look? Are they cutting edge? What are the key design features? How do they compare to the work AJ did for the real Hornets?

You morons really make me laugh...had Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho done the smart thing and allowed Alexander Julian to design the unis, how would this have affected Nike in any way? Slurpers, please explain...

I get a kick out of how much press Cho is being quoted in all of a sudden...and you slurpers thought he was running the show before, LOL. Read between the lines and it sure looks like the coach is singing from a different hymn book than than Cho and a perfect illustration is the fact the MKG+Fumblerooski = less than 30 combined minutes per game...wait, I thought job 1 was "developing talent"?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 19, 2014 7:38:47 PM

Air Minimum? Don't you mean maximum? Guess who was wrong again. What a complete shocker. So NASTAR is a uniform design expert too? Wow. Can't believe he has so much time to spend on a sports blog with all this expertise. Haven't seen the uniforms? Tough to get here without seeing them. Well. What is one more lie at this point.

Posted by: Dave | Jun 19, 2014 8:10:13 PM

Dave, I knew you couldn't.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 19, 2014 8:33:36 PM

That is a nice comeback when caught in a bold face lie. Probably works well when you practice it in the mirror.

At least Iron Man has your back. If there were any doubts, they have been completely erased. Hopefully there is an open room for you next to him in the psyche ward.

Posted by: Dave | Jun 20, 2014 6:19:07 AM

"Tough to get here without seeing them."

Ever bookmarked anything? Give it a try, can be helpful...especially with webpages for completely inept organization like CO.

Dave, what's your take on the new uniforms? How do you think they look? Are they cutting edge? What are the key design features? How do they compare to the work AJ did for the real Hornets?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 20, 2014 8:37:57 AM

You bookmark Ricks Inside the NBA columns specifically and bypass everything else in the Observer? Just when you think you have heard it all. Man do I feel sorry for your employer, family, et all. Or do you only lie with your troll personality? That is really sad. I actually feel sorry for you now. You can keep on trolling. I will leave you alone. Didn't realize how bad it was. At least you can hang with Iron man. Enjoy!

Posted by: Dave | Jun 20, 2014 9:27:11 AM

big al and love won't work... and i will hate to see big al be traded for love... i mean come on guys, big al loves charlotte... love doesn't... so i bet love will only be a short term solution to be in a playoff race... if the hornets wants to compete for a championship, they should try to build a decent team around big al and kemba... try to trade hendo, that's if somebody wants to take him... if zeller gets some muscle, he can actually be a starting power forward... and start gary neal... the guy needs a break...

Posted by: GP | Jun 20, 2014 9:28:48 AM

So many GM's that post their thoughts under all these articles. Rich Cho better look over his shoulder because some of you are gunning for his job. So many arguments that are posted include inaccurate details and facts. Some of you guys should stop posting your passion filled rants and look at the team objectively and use facts and evidence. Even the people who make valid point muck it up by becoming argumentative in their statements. Some of the stuff people say makes no sense (i.e. trade Big Al to the Timberwolves, the team that let him leave for Utah just 4 yrs ago). If we are going to be fans lets be educated common sense fans.

Posted by: Eric | Jun 20, 2014 9:41:39 AM

some of you have no idea what is realistic and what isn't.

and yes, you would give up all of that for love being a 1 year rental because it would give you at least a solid chance at him resigning long term. and jefferson is only under contract for 1 year also so you're giving up the 9 and 24 in this draft (likely role players) for the upgrade and shot at having the franchise guy that jefferson will never be.

jefferson is like 4 or 5 years older than love. and can't guard 4's, making him a major defensive liability you can't hide like you can love (who as bad as he is, is way better than jefferson).

if golden state is dumb enough to give up thompson, lee AND a first for love and martin.......the deal is off the table for anybody. that's just way overpaying. thompson is a comparable and younger talent and lee + a 1st > martin. if they make that move, it will be another impatient idiotic move by their front office (just like signing igoudala was). lee + barnes + 1st is almost the same talent, but doesn't effect positions and chemistry the same way. barnes is just as good as thompson if given the chance.

pau gasol isn't signing here. and he definitely isn't signing here for 8.5 million. his value is higher than that.

and you can't sign him AND deng with our cap room. nor would you want to. signing deng marginalizes MKG as signing gasol marginalizes zeller. if you're making that kind of move, you better be getting a franchise player in his prime (love).

dion waiters being available and on rookie scale should be somebody we should look at. I would love a simple 9th for waiters swap. i'm not a big waiters fan at all, but he would give us what stephenson would, slightly less defense, slightly better shooting, slightly less crazy, equal attitude. cost a lot less.

the idea of deandre jordan being available would provoke the same kevin love type deal from my end. that guy absolutely dominated at times in the playoffs. deandre jordan is a LEGIT big time big man who hasn't had the healthy issues most bigs have. the guy just led the league in fg%, rebounds and 2nd in blocks. if he and love were a possibility.......

walker/henderson/mkg/love/jordan with zeller and biz and taylor and neal off the bench is a contending lineup in the east. if kemba learns how to throw a lob.

they have to make a big ballsy move this summer. these assets disappear on draft night. they become names that people might not want. and we aren't going anywhere with jefferson as "the guy". or with kemba as the other guy.

it doesn't matter if jefferson likes it here or not......he's older, he's a defensive liability you can't hide, and he's only under contract for this next season. which means he'll either be overpaid to stay or overpaid to leave. and jefferson isn't carrying us anywhere. everything jefferson does, love does better. plus the passing, plus the bigger name to be more likely to draw another guy.

nobody is jumping up and running to sign up to play with jefferson, but we land love? oh guys would line up to play with that dude.

Posted by: charlottean | Jun 20, 2014 9:51:56 AM

Yep, that's right DB.

Dave, why are you so angry with me? Have I hurt your feelings somehow? If so, I apologize.

Hey, BTW, how's that basement line working for you? You bulldozing folks all over the internet with such unique witticisms? LOL...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 21, 2014 3:42:37 PM

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