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June 10, 2014

Steve Clifford: Charlotte Hornets assistant Mark Price ready to be a head coach

Charlotte Hornets assistant coach Mark Price was in his usual routine Tuesday morning, working on small forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s jump shot after another workout of draft candidates.

            Price’s routine gets shaken up after that. Coach Steve Clifford confirmed the Cleveland Cavaliers have asked permission to interview Price for their head-coaching opening.

            Price was one of the most popular players in Cavs history. He played there his first nine NBA seasons, making four All-Star appearances. The then-Bobcats hired him last summer, both to work on shooting technique and pick-and-roll decision-making.

“It’s great,” Clifford said of Price getting this interview. “Obviously we don’t want to lose him. He’s done a great job here. But he’s ready to be a head coach.

“The fact that they called and asked permission to speak with him shows how much they think of him as a coach. It would be great if it works out – bad for us, but good for him.”

            Clifford said Price is not the only Hornets assistant ready for this step. Associate head coach Patrick Ewing interviewed for the Bobcats job that Mike Dunlap got in 2012.

“I love my staff. (Price) is ready to be a head coach, Stephen (Silas) is ready to be a head coach and Patrick (Ewing) is ready to be a head coach,” Clifford said.

“Again, the commitment (owner) Michael (Jordan) made last summer and the work Rod (Higgins) and Rich (Cho) did: We spent a lot of time and a lot of money putting this staff together. We have a great staff and it makes things a lot easier on me.”

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I hope Price doesn't get the job. He has unfinished business here. MKG still can't shoot straight.

Posted by: J | Jun 10, 2014 12:53:20 PM

Wow...on one side I am actually SUPER excited that other teams are actually and seriously considering a Bobcats/Hornets coach for their vacancy. This says alot of the state and quality of our current coaching staff.

In the past you would hear things like that regarding coaches of teams such as: Spurs, Lakers and Celtics. It's good to know that a team in Charlotte is competing with those teams in at least one positive aspect.

On the other hand, (selfishly speaking) I hope Mark stays here at least one or two more seasons. I would love to give him that extra time working with Kemba and MKG, to see how much of a positive influence he can be to both of them. He can help those two kids become very special players, perhaps, even all-stars if both players actually buy into his teachings.

Posted by: RobC | Jun 10, 2014 1:01:51 PM

Here come the negative comments around something that should be viewed as a positive...3, 2, 1....

Posted by: Steve | Jun 10, 2014 2:27:42 PM

Ditto on what everyone else has said so far. It's apparent that Price is pretty valuable to this staff/team and with all of the momentum this organization has right it would kinda suck to lose him right now especially with the unfinished project of MKG's shot as previously mentioned. Knowing the Cavs, they'll make the wrong move which may at least allow us to keep him one more year...

Posted by: TheRealJD | Jun 10, 2014 3:50:51 PM

Price was a brilliant point gd . When he played , he played correctly . He's a no nonsense guy . He understands the fundamentals for sure . I can tell you in no uncertain terms , he will help Kryie if Kyrie wants help . But too often , it's about awards and money . Kyrie knows full well that he must facilitate much better for his team to go anywhere . And play some defense . W him at least , he has the skillset . The only issue w Price is does he have the stomache to deal w the multifaceted egos in Kyrie and Waiters . It's rumored that Calipari could possibly bring King James back home and that's why he was offered the job . But Price is a solid candidate . I would like to see a few more yrs at head assist an coach . But anything is better than Brown who was a clown and grossly overrated .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 10, 2014 4:00:24 PM

And come on . Price has no exclusive on teaching shooting mechanics . The problem is building his shot devoid of the hitch . This seems to be very difficult . Most players do not have the hitch and merely have to build in the proper mechanics . Ie stacking , proper footwork , knee bend , correct alignment of the r arm next to his r eye or somewhere above but on the same plane , wrist pronation , wrist snap and follow thru . Mkg rotates his r arm from one o'clock to ten o'clock r before release . You will notice his misses are mostly at the side of the rim as proof . Kids that started early who couldn't reach the rim compensated doing this . I say use the glass bc he's not building the hitch out and it's been two yrs now or more . Or use one hand . His boy Henderson should shoot w one hand too to get the wrist snap and follow thru routinely . Jefferson shoots w one hand . He has naturally the wrist snap and follow thru that cones w doing so and equally , it improves his shooting each time he shoots it plus keeps him warm .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 10, 2014 8:40:54 PM

Dang this Kawhi Leonard is a stud. Cho the Great took Shorty and Buttfumble ahead of Kawhi.....where do you think Kawhi was listed on Cho-Pet's rankings? Did Cho completely ignore him? Heck, I'm pretty sure the Spurs wouldn't accept out entire starting 5 in return for Kawhi Leonard....just awesome.

And lookee there, good ol' Boris Diaw taking a charge from Lebron at a crucial time, oh BTW, Boris started tonight...but the moronic combination of Air Minimum and Silas & Son couldn't even find any minutes for Boris...just awesome.

Mark Price is a class act, basketball IQ is off the charts....no way he sticks around here working for a bunch of front office morons and wasting his time trying to fix an unfixable shot....LMAO.

Anyone hearing anything on The Boobs extending Coach Cliff? Better do it now....price of poker just went up, D. Fisher just got a 5X5 deal, Cliff is worth that much or more. Will the Handout King pay up? Or will he lose him?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 10, 2014 10:58:03 PM

Anyone see Danny Green last night? Can you believe how many teams missed on him? Some of the twice. Crazy all these great GMs in the league can do that.

Posted by: Hank | Jun 11, 2014 5:53:44 AM

Hank, how is it the Spurs end up with players like Kawhi and Danny Green and Boris is an integral part of the squad (started last night) while the Boobs end up with a #2 who cannot shoot and a #7 who cannot catch/dribble//shoot, etc...?!?

Last night Van Gundy had a great quote, "it starts with ownership"...

Excuses, excuses....

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 11, 2014 8:04:26 AM

Point here is obvious. You can look at any GM in the league and find numerous misses. It is comical when people talk about who missed on who. Happens every year to resident genius GM's.

Some people like to take shots to take shots. Bottom line. Cho was brought into rebuild the team. 7 to 21 to 43 and the playoffs. Now they have picks and cap space they didn't have before he got here. Second guess all you want, but that type of improvement is very solid. Man, If he would have only hit on every decision, they might still be playing right now. Season 4 for him? Shaping up well based on their ability to add players and another year with this head coach. They go from 43 to 48 - 52, then what does anyone have to say?

Posted by: Steve | Jun 11, 2014 8:33:46 AM

It's worse than that . POP went looking for Danny Green . But he's playing in a system . Mkg would shine in that system too . So would Neal . ( he did ..lol) . Henderson . Tolliver . cdr . Kemba too . Taylor . It's ball movement , screens and man movement . They have a shooting coach that has taiufht them how to catch and release all the same and follow thru . Price btw was criticized in Atlanta bc no one got better shooting and in fact the oer centages went down . He still will be a very good coach I think bc he will follow the fundamentals inc the offensive ones . Unlike here .

DIAW plays better defense and passes better than Splitter . He helps stops James from getting inside much better . The Heat do not play Battier or Haslem , two great defenders now . They play three guys who suck on defense in Allen , Jones and Lewis and have no center . They have fallen out of the top ten in defensive stats this yr . James does not want a center . He says they clog the lane . That's why Oden is not playing . Jefferson is clogging the lanes for the wings here . That's why Henderson and Nkg stats went down this yr . At least Bosh moves over to the corners and screens up top .

DIAW wanted to play in a passing system . There has never been one here . Mj is to be faulted bc he played in one every yr Phil was there . Get a real passing system and you won't hear a peep from me .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 11, 2014 8:38:31 AM

" The ball must move or die". Man . The ball moved last nite all game for the Spurs . Will it ever move here ? No one took over 13 shots . As DIAW said , if I get doubled , I pass . See . Price won't stay here . He knows the culture . Kemba jacks instead of facilitates first . The ball sticks like glue in the hands of Jefferson and there's no easy buckets . He can't change it so he's moving on . Why not ?

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 11, 2014 8:43:20 AM

And Hollins is in the mix at Clevland . And Del Negro . Price would be better served to be the head assistant coach under one of them first . Mark Jackson , Kidd and Fischer were current leaders somewhere or lead announcers . Price has been only a shooting coach . He mtay not get other interviews for a head coaching position outside of where he was a hero .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 11, 2014 9:18:15 AM

I malign Kemba in his role here . He needs to come off the bench . But he could be a serious Hit w the Heat . He wouldn't have to pass but only score , playing off the ball . His defense would hurt them but it's better than Allen's , Jones or Lewis . Chalmers and Cole suck . He could be a Patty Mills w the Spurs but better . Don't think he has no options outside of the Hornets .

Posted by: Iron man | Jun 11, 2014 9:31:27 AM

"Man, If he would have only hit on every decision..."

What decisions has he hit on? Please list them.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 11, 2014 9:36:26 AM

"They go from 43 to 48 - 52, then what does anyone have to say?"

Is that your prediction?

If they win 50 and then lose in the 1st round it can only be deemed a failure -- Air Min & The Slurpers said that's not good good enough.

Fulfilling The Promises requires winning 2 rounds in multiple years and contending for a championship, that was the whole premise behind "The Plan".

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 11, 2014 10:00:52 AM

Heat, Thunder, Pacers, Spurs, Clippers....that's the complete list of NBA teams who won 50+ games this season.

Do you slurpers really believe that's in the set of possible outcomes for the Boobs next season?

Hey, who is this "superstar" the Handout King is referencing?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 11, 2014 10:06:58 AM

So, the comments totally get off topic. I wonder how that happened?...

Posted by: TheRealJD | Jun 11, 2014 10:36:31 AM

What decisions has he hit on? Seriously? Trading Magette and getting a 1st. Kemba, Clifford, Big Al. Amnesty of Thomas. Cap management. Still too early on some of the picks. Jesus. They are so much better off than they ever have been.

Posted by: Steve | Jun 11, 2014 10:46:01 AM

I think they should get Peterson. He would really improve this team.

Posted by: Loki | Jun 11, 2014 10:48:42 AM

"Trading Magette and getting a 1st." So that was a genius move that nobody else thought of?

"Kemba." Undersized 2-guard playing out of position and even undersized in his new position, great!

"Clifford." Dunlap?

"Big Al." Good decision. Departure from build through draft blueprint?

"Amnesty of Thomas." Wow, who else other than Cho would have thought of that? (flip flop on Cho's part, see below)

"Cap management." People, math is fun, embrace it...it's really not at all hard. Clearing cap space was on the agenda well before Cho's arrival. Now, if you're saying nobody in senior management could add and subtract prior to Cho's arrival I might having a hard time arguing against you there.

"They are so much better off than they ever have been." When you completely dismantle a team and follow that with EPIC levels of failure never before seen in NBA history but destined to take the place of the mudshark in your mythology, it's impossible to stay that bad forever, by default the situation will improve.

In fact, they are about exactly as good as they were in 2010, same level of wins, swept out of the playoffs. What happens from here is anyone's guess but you morons think everyone else is going to roll over for the Boobs, it ain't gonna happen.

Here's a great quote from Cho upon his hire: "It's not going to happen overnight,'' Cho said. "The good thing is we do have some flexibility cap-wise coming up in the next few years. We have some good young players in D.J. Augustin and D.J. White, Gerald Henderson and Tyrus (Thomas). We've got three picks in the top 39 this year.''

Prior to his arrival the table had already been set on improving the cap situation and 3 of the 4 players he cited aren't even here anymore!

We've had 4 picks in the top-7 since 2011 and none of them would start (or even play much) on any of the final 8 teams in the NBA playoffs this year. Heck, it's doubtful any of them would start and play for ANY playoff team this year, other than the Boobs that is.

With our highest paid player being one who did not come to us through the draft, and His Minimumness talking about bringing in a "superstar", should the build through the draft blueprint now be considered abandoned?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 11, 2014 12:30:43 PM

^^^Wow. The hate is palpable. What if they win 48, 49 or 50 and get past the first round. Very possible next year with me on board. Who would get the credit for that? Maybe I would.

Posted by: Hugo | Jun 11, 2014 1:57:40 PM

Next year if they win 50 and get past the 1st round I have a very large problem ;-)

Now, how much money would you be willing to bet on that?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jun 11, 2014 3:06:38 PM

yeah i wouldn't bet money on a 50 win team involving al jefferson ever.

that said.........we have plenty of guys that could start on a top 8 team. they wouldn't be the top 3 options on those teams, but biz could start for a miami or san antonio or AT THE VERY LEAST be in the rotation. they've both won championships with centers worse than biz.

henderson could play for okc, san antonio, clippers, etc.

you could swap mkg for kahwi leonard RIGHT NOW and not notice a difference in result.

our top guys (walker and jefferson) are not good enough to be top guys on great teams. but our role players and young guys are absolutely good enough to play (and start) on some great teams.

we just have to upgrade our top end talent. cho hasn't been a life saver, but he's been light years better than rod higgins. cho inherited a HORRIBLE post dampier trade situation. they were only historically bad because silas ran off diaw and a 1-2 week injury for augustin turns into a third of the season because of the lockout schedule.

cho still needs to make some big moves to prove himself further, but i think this shake up at the top proves that the team is at least moving in the right direction (away from the FOM mentality).

cho has made zero trades that looked anything like: matt carroll for gana diop
walter hermann for nazr mohammed
tyson chandler and alexis ajinca for ericka dampier, eduardo najera, and matt carroll.

and let's remember it was higgins who got horrible value for wallace. trading him wasn't the bad move but when the trailblazers turned around and got a top 10 pick for him from the nets, really makes you question the number 24 and 20 picks we got for him.

critical offseason for cho though. he needs to make a ballsy move to get this team anywhere beyond where they're at.

and they will not contend with jefferson on the roster. will not happen. great scorer, horrible defender. can't win with that.

Posted by: charlottean | Jun 15, 2014 12:29:29 PM

The team with the most points wins in this game. The shooters are sitting on the bench while Henderson and Al cannot hit the side of a barn at times. Need a new coach, Price know the importance of scoring. Defense alone cannot win a game, just look at the record. Clifford need to go.

Posted by: g8 | Feb 23, 2015 1:51:28 PM

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