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July 06, 2014

Agent confirms Charlotte Hornets rookie P.J. Hairston was in an altercation in Durham

Charlotte Hornets rookie P.J. Hairston got into an altercation with a high school basketball player in Durham Sunday, his agent confirmed to the Observer.

Juan Morrow, who represents the 6-foot-6, 230-pount Hairston, said his client was playing in a pickup basketball game when tempers flared.

“The other guy pushed (Hairston) and he pushed back. Both shoved each other,” Morrow said in a telephone interview.

At that point the altercation escalated into punches, the agent said.

“He swung at P.J. and P.J. swung back,” Morrow said adding that “both connected.”

Morrow said police were never called in reaction to the incident.

The Hornets issued a brief statement Sunday night, saying they are aware Hairston was involved in an incident and are gathering further information on what happened.

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Seems like the boy playing against PJ started it you do not put your hands on people and expect nothing no matter what is at stake.


It was a setup.

Posted by: Chltpreach | Jul 6, 2014 10:43:21 PM

Dude- instead of playing "mine's bigger than yours" with some teenager- WALK AWAY!! That's what adults do. Especially adults who are trying to convince people that they've reformed.

Posted by: Hoagie58 | Jul 6, 2014 10:43:25 PM

Another thug from unc-ch.......was hoping to pull for the hornets, i'll pass.

Posted by: Stuart Lail | Jul 6, 2014 10:44:32 PM

So much for my high character player theory. Was really hoping they stole this guy and he could help them.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 6, 2014 10:45:18 PM

That is the problem with Charlotte the college basketball divided us long ago and now nobody pulls for people from other schools who come here. So much talent in state and so much hate from all sides. NBA will leave here again because fans wait to pounce on players from other schools. You never see that stuff in other NBA cities or states.


Steve smith Beats up his own guy and could run for Mayor today and win, PJ gets in a fight with the other guy on his own time and now he can't help us on a Basketball Court? You guys baffle me...

Posted by: Robert | Jul 6, 2014 10:54:22 PM

Kick some ass let's go hornets

Posted by: Kevin | Jul 6, 2014 11:24:46 PM

Even if it's not his fault people are shaking their heads and thinking not again! P.J. must learn that he can't go some of the places he used to go or do some things he used to do or hang with some of the people he used to hang with especially in the same old settings. So no more hanging out with the fellows in Durham and Greensboro. Too much is at stake. As much as he may want to remain a regular guy, the money and NBA career now separates him. And there are a lot of jealous people out there who want to "prove' themselves at his expense. He is a "marked man" and they know it. So no more pickup basketball games with immature high school students who want to prove that they are as good or better talent than you are. And if you're P.J., there is nothing more to prove at that level. If you want to still interact, do it at an organized basketball camp in an exhibition capacity. It's not always the most talented that gets to perform, but rather the most disciplined. After Chapel Hill, it's way past time to learn the lesson and also to get better shepherds.

Posted by: Chuck | Jul 6, 2014 11:50:19 PM

Get rid of this bum now. He doesn't deserve a chance at the league over plenty of other players that can fill the roster spot.

Posted by: Jack | Jul 7, 2014 1:11:47 AM

Red flag, Hornets gamble on P.J Hairston already a mistake. Sign him to a unguaranteed rookie scale deal. Give yourself a out Charlotte if P.J Hairston goes nova. Waive him and charge it to the game. In fact just trade him now, don't even risk it. Bring in Marshon Brooks.

Posted by: Rahshon Gamble | Jul 7, 2014 1:51:45 AM

P.J Hairston
And Gerald Henderson
2015 1st round pick
To Golden State
Klay Thompson
Maurice Spriehts

Posted by: Rahshon Gamble | Jul 7, 2014 1:55:57 AM

Klay Thompson . Lol. The Warriors have been trying to get rid of this kid for two yrs . He has a low bb iq , no real place on the ct except the corners , can't finish , is a turnover machine like Ben Gordon and is a poor on ball defender at sg . His stats are hyped bc he's in an uptempo game . Think
Evan Turner when he left Phillys high octane offense .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 7, 2014 2:47:11 AM

Plain and Simple!!!!!! Stay the Hell out of Durham!!

Posted by: James Mckissick | Jul 7, 2014 7:09:19 AM

PJ, you played college ball and in the NBA D League. Michael Jordan needs for YOU to practice all of your basketball in the TIME WARNER ARENA ONLY. If someone needs to see you play, let them buy a ticket to SEE you PLAY. The Hornets need you in the gym shooting 500 to 1000 shots a day to improve and perfect your game BEFORE THE NBA SEASON STARTS. NO NBA TEAM WILL PAY YOU TO PLAY PICK UP GAMES. DEVOTE YOUR TIME TO BASKETBALL. OUTSIDE OF BASKETBALL, YOU HAVE A BULLS EYE ON YOUR, BACK THAT YOU WILL NEVER LIVE DOWN.

Posted by: Shedwilliams | Jul 7, 2014 8:25:20 AM

He's heading to Las Vegas this week. He'll be alright.

Posted by: apauldds | Jul 7, 2014 9:02:29 AM

Another great UNC grad pick by Jordan. Milk Dude May, Felony Felton and now P.J.

Posted by: Todd | Jul 7, 2014 9:57:03 AM

Good thing he didn't have a gun handy!

Has Punch Drunk Hairston signed his contract yet? I know college scholarships preclude players from playing pickup ball for fear of injury, surely the Boobs have a similar clause in theirs?

Ol' Punch Drunk got himself into all kinds of trouble when he was broke, imagine his opportunities now that he's rich!!

This has Air Minny's fingerprints all over it....no way Cho wanted this guy.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 7, 2014 10:11:01 AM

Someone called the police over a minor playground pickup game scuffle between two grown men? I must be missing something.

Posted by: alke | Jul 7, 2014 10:21:59 AM

Oh, I see. The guy who threw the first punch was in high school. Where were his parents/coach? I'm more curious about how this even occurred. Not rushing to judge, but it sounds like PJ was defending himself.

Posted by: alke | Jul 7, 2014 10:25:47 AM

alke, what you are missing is the ability to read and comprehend.

"Morrow said police were never called in reaction to the incident."

Slow and easy now, one word at a time, you can do it....

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 7, 2014 10:29:15 AM

Police were never called? So why is this a story? If you haven't been in a scuffle during a pick up game. You never played one.

Posted by: Jim | Jul 7, 2014 10:56:57 AM

So why is he playing a pick-up game again??

Besides the obvious how stupid can he be comments this is just a minor stupid moment if he can play better than hendo I am sold.

Posted by: Season Ticket Holder | Jul 7, 2014 11:08:43 AM


CBS Sports says Josh Gordon DUI and Hairston are linked. We have all this good news and one kid damages Hornets brand. This kid is trouble.

Posted by: kelso | Jul 7, 2014 12:10:59 PM


Posted by: the Dude | Jul 7, 2014 12:43:52 PM

MJ, Ewing, and Cho better tear this guy a new one

Posted by: the Dude | Jul 7, 2014 12:47:29 PM

and we're worried about stephenson? last I checked lance has been keeping his nose clean off the court. this guy has about 5 incidents in 1 year. i still support the pick because he's a lottery talent without all the charades....

but seriously.....this dude is a walking warrant.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 7, 2014 1:08:03 PM

Gordon DWI and Hairston are linked. Hairston and Gordon were at a party with Fats Thomas, and Hairston let Gordon drive his car home. Fats is the one who posted bail for Gordon.

Apparently PJ is hanging with the old gang again. Kid is either going to be trouble, a bust or both.

Posted by: marty hurney | Jul 7, 2014 1:26:33 PM

Hairston punched a kid who he couldn't stop and was embarrassing him . You know the kid oissed him off but you can't react this way . He's another guy who has little self control like Stephenson who clowned in a contract yr . They're impulsive . I should talk . I know from experience . When presented w these situations , it's hard to react calmly if your impulsive , full of testosterone and guys are embarrassing you . I believe , Hairston will learn from this . He never thought out the situation ending like this before and is under a microscope . He will be really passive now and not instinctive . A guy will slap him in the summer league and he will turn the other cheek . It takes time . All kids use pot and players self medicate . They all speed and accept gifts . They all get threatened and need guns to defend themselves if they hang out w the ruff crowd . He must change the culture . We need some tuff guys on the team . Wade is a tuff guy . Beverly is a tuff guy . Westbrook is a tuff guy . The wings here are tuff guys on the defensive end as they lock down but don't cause off ct problems or get into fights on the ct . But the more the better . You just don't need tuff guys who are sick guys too . Stephenson is a sicko . You've never heard Hairston messing w teammates which is over the line . Stephenson punched one and kept an on going feud w another . Teammates took sides . It all started w the leaving of the Nuggets coach who had them in check . They need a guy like that here if you bring Stephenson anywhere close to here . The staff is too soft to handle him .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 7, 2014 2:02:54 PM

Mcbob gone.

Posted by: DSHTG!! | Jul 7, 2014 3:13:51 PM

^^^^ more cap room because of that. good move for both parties. no state tax for mcroberts and he's either on a contender or he's there with wade trying to salvage what's left. either way its good for his career and wallet.

better for us......pencil zeller in for now, use that cap room to get......that's right.......

STEPHENSON + LOVE. get it done already.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 7, 2014 3:19:50 PM

Whoopsy....legal system involved now, charges have been filed..

Way to go Air Minny -- picked another winner!!


Kid says Punch Drunk hit him without provocation. Punchy says that's not true. Now Punch Drunk is in a twitter row with the kid.

Then there's this doozy: "Cook, the public relations agent working with Hairston, said,

“P.J. is a young man who’s trying to navigate certain processes and has cut all ties with former friends and people he’s been around. He’s really excited with playing with his teammates in Charlotte. He’s so proud to be a member of the Hornets. Being mentored by some of those older guys on the team is going to be a good thing for him.”


Josh Gordon is driving Punch Drunk's car when he gets arrested for DUI. Punchy's buddy "Fats" Thomas bails Gordon out...

...but Punchy has "cut all ties", yeah right.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 7, 2014 3:23:05 PM

Definitely gotta make something happen. Hate to lose anything to them. The heat have been right up our but since they got the guy we had on the 10 day contract. Can't remember his name.
Looks as if they'll/heat will have McRoberts of the majority of last year as opposed to last couple of months. If toe was the problem which would make sense why the drop off.

Posted by: DSHTG!! | Jul 7, 2014 3:33:24 PM

Lmfao . Nastaris has to be the funniest guy on the Internet . You guys are wasting your time trying to show him up on front office stuff . The front office is way to stupid to defend . They now have a situation w this kid they have no clue how to handle . Chos bs about high character stuff was bs and went out the window when he looked at Stephenson and Hairston . Now they will pay for the reversal in position . The criminal complaint changes everything . Everything . This is a mess .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 7, 2014 3:35:36 PM

So Rick,

I read McRoberts agreed with the Heat for 3Yrs/$23M...any news on that???

Posted by: RobC | Jul 7, 2014 3:37:32 PM

I really don't get what is the big deal on the PJ issue. Somebody said it already, Steve Smith did way worst stuff, was always a distraction, and the guy can run for major and win in the Carolinas.

PJ, note to self - get into an NBA court, play hard and become a legit NBA starter and you will be fine.

Posted by: Go Hornets! | Jul 7, 2014 3:41:28 PM

steve smith was a legend. pj hairston is an unsigned draft pick. HUGE EFFING DIFFERENCE.

I was talking about lance stephenson who has already made his bones so to speak. still applies to hairston, but hairston is far more aligned with his buddy josh gordon right now (and even gordon has done big things already that hairston hasn't).

Hairston was STILL a good value pick for us at 24/26. You take a flier on a guy like that. but it's getting ridiculous with him. and there's no way you can say lance is a problem and simultaneously be ok with hairston who has done far worse in the total view of the situations. he's been a running headline for the past year while stephenson hasn't had an incident off the court in almost 4 years.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 7, 2014 3:48:56 PM

"I really don't get what is the big deal on the PJ issue. "

Well for starters he has been formally charged with assault & battery. You get that?

There's a comment on Fowler's blog suggesting the YMCA has video of the incident. Now I don't know if they really do have video but here's what we do know:

1. There was an altercation of some sort.
2. Punch Drunk's agent said "both connected".
3. High school kid says he never threw a punch.
4. Punchy has been charged with assault & battery.

Why? If they "both connected" why was only one charged? Think maybe the cops have seen a video of the incident?

Coach Cliff can't be happy if McBob, one of his fav's, leaves. Won't take much more for Coach Cliff to coach out his contract and test the waters of free agency...the Boobs, can't make this stuff up.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 7, 2014 3:57:36 PM

So when the charges get dropped you will all be lining up to apologize? Nope. Just internet trolls that disappear.

Posted by: Jim | Jul 7, 2014 4:03:28 PM

coach cliff needs to stop valuing mediocre veterans over high prospects. he needs to take some statistic courses while he's at it. he also needs to be thankful he got a shot as the head coach. nobody else was lining up to hire him.

"In spot-up catch-and-shoot situations, Lance is converting at an adjusted field goal percentage of 59.8 percent with a points per possession clip of 1.16. That ranks him in the top 90 percent in the league and in front of the decent spot up shooting trio of Ray Allen, Matt Bonner, and Klay Thompson. If you just said to yourself ‘what the...?!’ after reading that, trust me, you’re not alone. HoopsHype "


Posted by: charlottean | Jul 7, 2014 4:18:05 PM

"So when the charges get dropped you will all be lining up to apologize?"

Apologize for what? Punchy embarrassing our fine organization and town?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 7, 2014 4:45:56 PM


Not good... Kid says there's a video. Think Punch Drunk tries to buy him off?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 7, 2014 6:27:58 PM

nobody want in on the lance stat?

of course not. is there a video of lance pushing the girl down the stairs or was that just a money grab attempt?

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 7, 2014 9:25:06 PM

This one sure fizzled out...

That video's a comin' ;0)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 8:45:03 PM

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