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July 02, 2014

Charlotte Hornets announce summer league roster

The Charlotte Hornets announced their roster for summer league in Las Vegas. As expected, Cody Zeller and first-round picks Noah Vonleh and P.J. Hairston will participate. Others invited to play:

            Jordan Bachynski, Arizona State center; James Bell, Villanova guard; DeMon Brooks, Davidson forward; Justin Brownlee, St. John’s forward; Josh Davis, San Diego State forward; Jerome Dyson, Connecticut guard.

            Justin Jackson, Cincinnati forward; Mickey McConnell, St. Mary’s guard; Roberto Nelson, Oregon State guard; Jared Shaw, Utah State center; Jamie Skeen, Virginia Commonwealth forward.

            The summer roster will practice in Charlotte next week before flying to Las Vegas for the start of league play July 11 against the Golden State Warriors (8:30 p.m., EDT).

            Associate head coach Patrick Ewing will coach the Hornets’ games in summer league.

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can't wait©bart scott.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 2, 2014 3:29:20 PM

Nice nice

Posted by: Hot Sauce | Jul 2, 2014 3:32:45 PM

When are you slurpers going to wake up and smell the coffee?

Read it and weep...


A story on the grantland.com website says the Hornets lost about $12 million last season, despite a $22 million revenue-sharing payment from the NBA.

Grantland writer Zach Lowe obtained a confidential NBA memo describing league-wide finances for the 2013-14 season. According to that story, the Hornets basketball operation ran at a $34 million loss, which was partially negated by the $22 million revenue-sharing payment – largest the NBA redirected under new rules attached to the collective-bargaining agreement.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/07/01/5017967/mcroberts-agent-hornets-allow.html#storylink=cpy

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 2, 2014 4:00:38 PM

Blah blah blah

And the Hornets will change all of that, good day to you buddy ;)

Posted by: Hot Sauce | Jul 2, 2014 4:36:07 PM

NATSTAR, do you ever get tired of making yourself look like a fool? Jordan paid $275mil for the franchise, and it's worth is north of 425mil now per Forbes. His operating loss means nothing. He made more money in one day last year than you do in five years at your Mc'D's job. Go away, nobody takes you seriously.


Posted by: Truth | Jul 2, 2014 6:17:23 PM

Why is Bizz taking the summer off? He needs lots of work, and everyone knows it.

Posted by: Truth | Jul 2, 2014 6:20:30 PM

Read it and weep? Isn't that same clown that used to quote Forbes like the bible? I guess the Forbes numbers are not good now because they don't support his argument. No wonder he got fired.

Bucks sold for 550K. What are the Hornets worth? Bob Johnson has to be losing his mind every time another team gets sold.

Posted by: Alex | Jul 2, 2014 6:27:49 PM


Posted by: PanthersD | Jul 2, 2014 6:42:04 PM

Pulling for Jamie Skeen. He was a local hero here in Richmond, during VCU's Final Four run. Would like to see him make it.

Posted by: Clay | Jul 2, 2014 6:51:17 PM

This guy may be the biggest troll I've ever seen on the Internet.

Has to be extra sour at a time like this.

Posted by: Geroge | Jul 2, 2014 6:54:15 PM

It is disappointing. So many things going right for this team. Really good for Charlotte. So much excitement.around them in the off season for a change with the draft and the Hornets coming back. What is the possible benefit of going out of your way to put a negative spin on everything they do? Nothing productive about it.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 2, 2014 7:20:22 PM

What happened with Jamie Skeen? I know he had issues at Wake Forest but I'm talking moreso as a player. Coming out of high school, I thought he was sure to have a nice long NBA career....moreso than Anthony Morrow. He had excellent height and frame and pretty skilled handling and shooting the ball for a guy his size.

Posted by: cornchip | Jul 2, 2014 7:34:07 PM

I think Jordan Bachynski and DeMon Brooks can make the team. Jordan can be a solid backup center in the NBA for years. DeMon Brooks can score a ton of points. Jerome Dyson could also make it as a third string point guard. Jamie Skeen could surprise us - and watch out for Mickey McConnell.

Posted by: Dom | Jul 2, 2014 7:36:46 PM

I think Bachynski, Brooks and McConnell are the only ones with any chance. Bachynski is 7'2" and a decent athelete who was a bordeline second round pick. He needs to add some beef. Brooks is small for a power forward - so he must show he can play on the perimeter (defense is huge here since we already know he can score). He has potential as a wing in the NBA though. McConnell could surprise us - he is one of those fast, slippery point guards who could be third string.

Posted by: Dom | Jul 2, 2014 7:53:25 PM

Skeen isn't quick enough to play on the perimeter and he is too small to play under the rim. If he dropped down to like 215 he might break through... I am really hoping Brooks or perhaps Skeen turn out to be a sleeper...

Posted by: Dom | Jul 2, 2014 7:56:09 PM

Excuses excuses...

100 times you slurpers crowed about how this team was now profitable, 100 times you were wrong.

This may be the stupidest comment ever: "His operating loss means nothing."

Truth, if that were true Air Min wouldn't have led the charge for money making franchises to subsidize money losers, high class food stamps if you will. Also, as math clearly isn't your long suit, your guess at a "purchase price" needs to include all the losses over the years...

Alex, you may have a point, looks like the Forbes number were WAY too optimistic....losses have been worse than even I expected.

For example, Forbes suggested "12-"13 operating profit (before rev sharing) would be $7 million. Now we don't know what actually happened in "12-"13 but we do know that in "13-"14 we saw a steady stream of press releases out of Boob Central about how great season ticket sales are, and how many new sponsors there were, yadda yadda yadda, so it's safe to assume "13-"14 was better than "11-"12....

.....whoopsy daisy, lost $34 million in "13-"14. What was it in "12-"13, had to be more. Jeez, that doesn't bode well for prior years....and the aggregate loss since Air Mon took over, OMG.

Mike T., I'm not spinning anything, those numbers come straight from an article published by Bonnell, citing Grantland.

The point is I've been telling you we are hamstrung by an owner who is underfinanced and doesn't possess the business acumen to do this right...a 100 times the slurpers said "oh lookee the team is making money you don't know what you're talking about"....yeah, right.

BTW boys, what the Buck's sold for is irrelevant, current bills have to be paid and some phantom gain that may never be recognized don't pay the bills...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 2, 2014 7:58:57 PM

12 million? MJ can handle that. Obviously 9 million of that alone was Tyrus Thomas. One more year of that on his books? Thanks to revenue sharing, when that comes off the books with the appreciation of the asset. MJ will be in great shape with this investment.

Posted by: Emile | Jul 2, 2014 8:19:56 PM

yeah skeen is definitely nba caliber talent, but he's one of those guys that won't get an opportunity because of the perceived size issue.

he's 6'8 in shoes, doesn't have hops, but he shot 35% from 3 in lega A last year. I agree he could benefit from dropping some weight, but he's at 242 and carmelo is about the same size (a little shorter) and plays at 236.

still though.....he's an anthony tolliver type quality end of the bench guy for an nba team. didn't get many opportunities last year behind zeller/biz/mkg....i expect minutes to be there at the 3, but not so much at the 4 with zeller and vonleh in the post. daniels didn't look good in summer league either and he looked great come playoffs. some of these guys just need opportunities.

if a guy can hang in top level euro ball, he can hang in the nba. k.c. rivers falls into that same category of talent coming out of charlotte. demontez stitt and doneal mack as well (to lesser degrees).

who said biz was taking the summer off? him playing summer league wouldn't be valuable for him nor zeller/vonleh. he needs to be working on free throws, catching passes and not much else. and staying healthy.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 2, 2014 8:28:03 PM


you do realize that memo was basketball opps only and did not include ALL other business opps associated with owning the team, right? doesn't include naming rights to the arena, leasing for concert events, arena related marketing, etc.

and how can he be "underfinanced" AND taking such losses in stride? that's kind of oxymoronic.

under new collective bargaining, only prokhorov has had the balls to throw cash to the wind and it got him nowhere. even miami is tightening purse strings. if jordan even gets NEAR the tax line in the next few years, he's doing everything you could ask.

you are overly critical, overly disgruntled and severely lacking logic in your constant griping about jordan.

any other owner is moving the team. be thankful he's the guy and be thankful he's finally figuring it out and getting rid of guys like higgins.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 2, 2014 8:56:17 PM

That a guy with 3 NBA seasons under his belt still has trouble "catching passes" is really, well, unreal....and troubling. Shocking. Disappointing. Letdown.

Is this guy gonna be offered another contract?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 2, 2014 9:00:10 PM

he should. he's 21, big, athletic and does 3 things well. he should be kept to continue to do those 3 things well and hopefully get better at the other things.

the hands HAVE improved, and there are a ton of big men in the league that are just as bad or worse.....look at kendrick perkins. if he just improved the hands and the free throw shooting, he would be a significant piece for us for a long time.

a lot of you guys undervalue his impact on both ends. he gets more possessions and gets more out of them than everybody else on the team. it looks UGLY. he doesn't score a lot. he turns the ball over a lot, misses free throws, yet still produces more net gains than ANYBODY else on the roster. and it's not even close.

teams win with guys like biz. now would be the perfect time to give him a 3 year 9 million extension to buy him and the team some time to see what he can really be. if they moved jefferson and picks for love and played him next to biz/zeller in a 3 man rotation......we would win 50+ games instantly. with or without stephenson. but seriously....the stephenson thing needs to happen like now. we're talking tyrus thomas money for a guy that has done a helluva whole lot more than tyrus thomas did prior to getting his deal based on potential.

i would keep biz way before I would overpay kemba. you always need big guys in this league.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 2, 2014 9:14:25 PM

"i would keep biz way before I would overpay kemba."

Me too.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 2, 2014 10:04:06 PM

Are the Boobs in the mix with anyone of note?

Radio silence...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 3, 2014 1:10:09 AM

No negative spin? To quote SNL....really?

Because Cho keeps it quiet that means nothing is happening? You criticized a draft that received high grades. Then assume the worst claiming the owners under financed. That is just in the last 3 days. The guy has owned the team now for what, 4 years? Though there have been a variety of reports on when they make or lose money and on franchise value and on his net worth as well as earning power. there has been zero on his ability to fund the team.

Whatever floats your boat. But then to ask why people resort to name calling? Again. No real value to it, but I can understand why. Thought I would take one shot at explaining it. If you don't get it, just means you don't want to get it.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 3, 2014 1:46:35 AM

"But then to ask why people resort to name calling?"

I never asked why...

...I know why, the slurpers can't handle the truth.

"Funding" the team at a level that keeps it solvent is one thing. "Funding" it at a level that delivers on The Promises (repeated forays deep into playoffs, a championship contender) is a completely different animal.

Sure, His Minimumness can keep the thing afloat and limp along appearing in the middle of the pack in good times, but he just can't compete for talent with the new breed of multi-billionaire owners (with real liquidity) who will behave irrationally and don't care about profits.

Case in point: "Milwaukee’s new ownership group, led by Wes Edens and Marc Lasry, two private-equity giants, wants to win big. The days of competing for profits and the no. 8 seed under Senator Herb Kohl are done..."


So, you ask, how does this affect the Boobs? First thing the new Bucks owners did was lure Jason Kidd to a small market with a $5 million per year offer that doubled his annual income...this on the heels of Kerr and Fisher getting $5mm/yr deals too.

Fact is Coach Cliff is better than all three of those combined and the market is now telling us Coach Cliff is a $6-7mil/yr guy....and I guarantee you Coach Cliff's agent knows this. CC's agent works on a %, he's gonna squeeze every dime out of Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho as is possible...

...see where all this is going?

Given the clear lack of profitability, think His Minimumness is ready to step up and spend spend spend to keep up with the Lasry's? Is he prepared to lose $50-60mm/yr on an operating basis (before rev sharing)?

That's the situation....not good.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 3, 2014 8:24:31 AM

Re-branding cost money and a lot of it so it's no surprise the Hornets were operating at a loss last season. The bigger surprise is that the loss wasn't more. Compared to the Nets, I would say the Hornets are in good shape. With a better team coming off a playoff appearance and the whole excitement surrounding the Hornets, their revenue will increase next season. I've seen new and old Hornets gear being worn everywhere! I never saw people wearing Bobcats gear. I just don't understand why people talk about another individual's money like they are their accountant. nASStar you have no idea what Jordan is willing to pay. You sound like an ass!

Posted by: DS | Jul 3, 2014 9:34:38 AM

"...it got him nowhere."

Got him 19 playoff games and a second round appearance. Air Min's Flying Boobs are 0-4 in playoffs, same time frame.

"you do realize that memo was basketball opps only and did not include ALL other business opps associated with owning the team, right? "

Of course I do. And I have as much faith in AM, YC & Cho running those businesses properly as I do the Boobs....namely none. Already begging taxpayers for a handout to spruce up luxury boxes that go unsold!

" if jordan even gets NEAR the tax line in the next few years, he's doing everything you could ask."

Not even close to doing everything I can ask for.....give me a Mark Cuban all day, every day. Now there's a guy that DELIVERED on The Promises....

....repeated forays deeeep into the playoffs and a CHAMPION!

Cost him exactly $150,530,433 in luxury tax payments over a 9 year timeframe...there's an owner who did EVERYTHING a fan can ask for.


Remember what Cuban said way back in 2006 when Minny took over the team, "Welcome to my world, Michael. Get out the checkbook."

Been 8 years now....nothing to show for it.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 3, 2014 9:46:50 AM

"Re-branding cost money and a lot of it...."

It cost $4mm tops...another $30mm whoopsy to explain there, want to try?

"With a better team coming off a playoff appearance and the whole excitement surrounding the Hornets, their revenue will increase next season."

It just might, heck it better, a lot....but Boob Central told us that's what happened this year and the losses are the worst in the NBA.

"I've seen new and old Hornets gear being worn everywhere! I never saw people wearing Bobcats gear."

That's wonderful. You know just recently I saw an old guy in new Hornets gear hanging out in a bar with his posse hitting on white sorority girls 1/3rd his age...danged if it wasn't a key member of Yes Co.! He really should be more discreet.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 3, 2014 10:07:47 AM

You really need to get a handle on how the new CBA works. 6 teams paid the luxury tax last year. Only 3 of them made the playoffs. Even Cuban refuses to go there under the new rules. Your assumptions and information you are presenting is outdated.

The Milwaukee comment is funny. We have a better coach at a better price, but you are somehow turn that into a negative. Really? Really?

43 wins and the playoffs. A draft that received high marks across the board. The dismissal of Higgins. The Hornets. Solid coaching. There is much much more. Obvious signs of improvement. What exactly is the benefit of dismissing all these indicators? If you don't believe they will take the next step that is fine. However all these steps signal a change in direction. Would 50 wins next season make you stop or would there just be something else? As Charlottean noted at one point. There certainly appears to be more to your story.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 3, 2014 10:12:12 AM

Mike T., a foray "deep into the playoffs" would be a start ;). Until then we are no better than the team that lost 1st round in 2010, Air Min said that wasn't good enough. When the Boobs exceed that threshold we'll talk...

"As Charlottean noted at one point. There certainly appears to be more to your story."


"Even Cuban refuses to go there under the new rules."

We'll see about that!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 3, 2014 10:28:43 AM


""Even Cuban refuses to go there under the new rules." We'll see about that!"

You are already seeing that of Cuban. Why do you think Dirk said that Melo to Dallas was "not realistic". Why do you think Dirks contract is on hold, until they get Melo's final word. Cuban of 2 years ago would have sign Dirk already and still deal with Melo. It is not a slary cap issue, since the Mavs have the cap to sign both Melo and Dirk.

Cuban use to be the first guy to throw big money at whatever free agent he wanted. Now he is REALLY managing his slary cap, because he knows the financial implications are extremely different. Will Cuban be willing to go a few millions over the Tax ($1-$5M), maybe so. But I can guarantee you that he will not go over as he use to in the past ($12-$20M Plus). The 2011 Mavs that won the Championship were over $15M over the Cap, I doubt Cuban will do that again. That championship cost him an extra $15M in 2011, it will cost him $70M plus based on the current CBA.

For example: Based on the old CBA, the Nets would have paid close to $18-$20M in Tax. Because of the new CBA, they paid close to $85-90M in Tax this season. That's an impact of over 400%, even for a filthy, rich, billionaire like Prokhorov, that is a big difference. Even worst is that they were almost swept by the Heat and struggle big time to beat Toronto (no knock on Toronto, but the Nets were suppose to be a Championship caliber Team).

Posted by: RobC | Jul 3, 2014 11:15:32 AM

yeah you are using old precedent to justify actions under new CBA. jordan had a team RIGHT AT the tax line a few years back and decided not to go over it to pay the tax for a mediocre team.

prokhorov spent boatloads more than everybody and BARELY made the second round. stop acting like they had such a great year, they won 44 games and had a much more favorable matchup against toronto than we did against miami. they didn't beat miami either. we could have beaten toronto just the same. I wouldn't be on here talking about our success if we had beaten toronto, either. there were only 2.5 (counting chicago) real teams in the east last year. we weren't one of them, and neither was brooklyn. they were just as close as we were with like 3 or 4 times the payroll expense. and they also don't have the young talent that we have nor did they have the 2 draft picks. I would never ever try and make the argument that their ownership has done a better job, because they just haven't. he did everything he could to win and all he did was become dan snyder part 2.

there hasn't been a situation yet where MJ has declined to spend money that he should of. the only debatable cases were felton (he had to pick between he and thomas and picked wrong), and probably kwame brown (who didn't do anything after leaving for more money). there have been far more cases of overspending. we haven't been at the bottom of the league in payroll many years at all, yet teams below us have been in the playoffs.

arguing about brains is accurate. arguing about finances is just ignorant. and you keep contradicting yourself with your arguments. pick one side and stick to it. we know you hate the guy. hate him all you want, but he's been a good owner. not the best, but a good owner. far better than his predecessor and improvement has been marked over the last few years. the higgins move was the most obvious sign of it that you could imagine.

seriously though.........stephenson + love needs to happen. today.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 3, 2014 11:24:34 AM


Really loved KC Rivers when he played his ball at Charlotte. But as far as being in the same league as a Skeen or a Morrow or Jamison or even a Curtis Withers, I didn't see that kind of talent from him. Those guys popped off the court.

To me Rivers was more in the Ish Smith/Brandis Raley/Ian Miller/Chris Parker range. Demontez Stitt is between the two tiers imo.

Posted by: cornchip | Jul 3, 2014 11:31:58 AM

More to the story as in you obviously have some sort of issue with the organization. No one goes to the lengths you go to disparage them or gloss over any improvement. I don't need to know any specifics or what it is. Doesn't matter. Your comments make things clear that there was something. The deep forays into the playoffs is great. So even if they win a series or 2 next year you get to keep going. Sounds really enjoyable. You are on your way to crippling Jordan's Empire or whatever goal is. Good luck with that!

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 3, 2014 11:50:00 AM

brandis was the man, he was built to play the 3 at an elite level and just didn't have the height to do so... got hurt a little in college and had to play with devin downey which didn't help anybody.....KC was absolutely in morrow and skeen's league.

4 solid years of ACC ball and remember.....a few of those guys took an extra year of high school. and almost none of them have the size KC has.

people sleep on the guy..... 9th all time ACC 3 pointers. 9th in %, too. 13th all time in steals. 23rd all time in made buckets.

i mean we're talking ACC. as in jordan, worthy, thompson, redick, hill, laettner, jamison, carter, wallace, stackhouse, anderson, price, scott, duncan, hansbrough, lawson, may, felton, etc. and he was the leader on winning teams. he's absolutely in the ballpark of skeen and morrow and withers and even mcinnis.

jamison is a notch above all and no doubt was the GOAT charlottean prior to steph. I think curry holds that title well going forward. nobody is close to those 2. workman would probably be third.

either way....i think that era of 2005-2007 was a golden era for charlotte hoops that somehow didn't come to major fruition. a lot of great talent in europe, probably more pros than any other 2 or 3 class stretch......but only 2 guys in the nba. 3 counting ish smith, 4 if you count seth. but all those other guys are pros somewhere.

we're forgetting dijuan harris too. if he was 5'11+, he's in the league or at the least on the fringe.

you'd be surprised how many of those names were once at the same high school before being run off by a not so bright coach. and others who saw it and opted not to go there as freshmen.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 3, 2014 12:04:24 PM

*BACK TO THE ORIGINAL TPOIC* @Truth totally agree with your Biz statement, I thought I was alone in wanting him to play on the SL team. I at least hopes he's working with the coaches and/or is traveling with the team to Vegas.

Posted by: TheRealJD | Jul 3, 2014 12:29:26 PM

Don't get me wrong I'm not taking anything away from Rivers...he was excellent. That 2005-2007 year group was the first group that I think the AAU system really came completely to fruition as far as kids playing AAU from the middle school (or earlier) on up. The first group where all kids knew was AAU from an early age for better or for worse. I think it helped the guards which is why we've seen so many explode.

I'm partial to the 1999-2001 year group myself though...Parker, Jacobey Thomas, George Leach (he had this other guy on his team too, about 6'6, who was even better than he was...can't remember his name for the life of me), plus some nice players from around the area like Kris Lang and Dwon Clifton.

Who remembers Justin Gray? I know he was not a great athlete to be that small but I thought he had NBA skills as well....could shoot it with anyone.

Posted by: cornchip | Jul 3, 2014 1:08:41 PM

"We have a better coach at a better price..."

No doubt, but are we going to pay up to keep him, what do you think? If Clifford gets a 5 year, $26,000,000 offer away will the Boobs match? Your thoughts?

"...obviously have some sort of issue with the organization."

You're right, having the single worst franchise in NBA history doesn't do it for me, I have an issue with that.

"there have been far more cases of overspending..."

Yeah, when it was OPM. You can rationalize the Nets until you're blue in the face but they've played 19 playoffs games in the last 2 years...we are 0-4 in the same period.

"...even for a filthy, rich, billionaire like Prokhorov, that is a big difference. Even worst is that they were almost swept by the Heat and struggle big time to beat Toronto (no knock on Toronto, but the Nets were suppose to be a Championship caliber Team)."

Chump change for Prokhorov, rounding error. He doesn't think twice about spending $60,000 for lunch. Repeat, Nets have played 19 playoff games in last 2 seasons....we are 0-4 in same time frame.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 3, 2014 1:48:45 PM

george is my boy.

justin gray was nice, too. forgot all about him. i think if he had left the same year as paul he would have gotten a shot, but he's one of those guys that's too small for nba 2 guards and isn't a pg. 3rd all-time ACC in 3's.

jobey thomas is so european professional that his wiki page is in italian.

parker was just a disappointment. he and skeen are in the same boat there. oozed talent, got to the good D1 program and just couldn't keep it together.

a few prominant foreign pros, but no nba talent out of that bunch.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 3, 2014 2:00:10 PM

i would never pay an nba coach that kind of money unless they were in poppovich/jackson/riley stratosphere.

they're just like the pgs......to replaceable. there are soooooooo many great coaches overseas, in the minors, in college, and on other team's benches. clifford is completely replaceable.

that said, continuity is valuable IMO. but talent trumps everything in this league. I could coach the heat to title contention, (look at what mike brown did for years as one of the worst coaches in the league) and simultaneously guys like D'antoni or Mike Woodson can't help it when they get handed bad rosters.

mike dunlap with the same roster probably yields the same results as clifford. sam vincent however, is a completely different story. there's a line, but once you have a coach above the line.......they're almost the same value wise. the talent is just too high to be "out smarted".

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 3, 2014 2:05:53 PM


You friggin' dumbace:

"If Clifford gets a 5 year, $26,000,000 offer away will the Boobs match? Your thoughts?"

- You're speculating (and hating) on something that hasn't even happened yet, you freaking dumb ace. And my thoughts on that are that you're a moron. BTW, it's 'Hornets' now, you dumb turd.

"You're right, having the single worst franchise in NBA history doesn't do it for me, I have an issue with that."

-You numbskull, they did have the worst record in a single season, but I'm pretty sure the Clippers would still get the worst franchise in NBA history. Get your facts straight, hater.

" Nets have played 19 playoff games in last 2 seasons....we are 0-4 in same time frame."

-True, but to be honest aside from the owner's mega-wealth, I actually like the Hornets' current situation as opposed to the Nets.

Hey everyone, look! NASTAR99 is jumping up and down like a six year old: "we suck, we suck! way-wah-wah". Way to hide though when we have a good draft, big man. Go stick a pacifier in it, you sodding baby.

Posted by: the Dude | Jul 3, 2014 2:14:41 PM

NASTAR you are a joke!!!

No, that is not "chump change" for anyone. Second, the Nest have played 19 playoffs game in the last two seasons with BY FAR the highest payroll in the NBA and they just barely made it out of the 2nd round.

They were suppose to WIN a championship, not a playoff team. They should be showing off a Larry O'Brien Trophy and all they have is a team full of overrated, overpaid athletes, they have absolutely no cap or space for improvement, they have no picks in the immediate future, and have no assets of interest to anyone in the league, while paying hundreds of millions of dollars in salary and tax. Now that is missmanagement at its best. They played 19 games in the last two seasons, out of at least 32 (at best) or 56 (at worst) that they shoul've played assuming they won a championship or two. That is called UNDERACHIEVING...BIG TIME!!!

The Bobcats played 4 out of zero projected...yeap, you guess it...that is OVERACHIEVING.

The Bobcats made the playoffs last year, when they were projected to win 27 games, instead they won 43. The only reason they were swept, is because of the matchup with Miami (not much of an excuse, true) and injuries to Jefferson and Taylor to a lesser extent. I can guarantee you that if both Jefferson and Taylor were healthy, the Bobcats would've win at least 1 or 2 games. Taylor's defense was severly missed. Again, the Cats were not suppose to be in the playoff to begin with. A healthy roster could've beat any other team in the first round, including Indiana, Toronto, Chicago and Washington. The Heat beat a team with half it's rotation in rookie contracts, that was also missing their best player at full strength and one of it's best defenders.

You are nitpicking to somehow try to make yourself feel better...and it is sad and shameful. The Hornets are in much better shape going forward than half of the league.

This team cleaned up some bad moves from the past (Tyrus Thomas), invested in a significant rebranding a great coaching staff and some decent talent, that will build for the future. Yes, they had Basketball Operating lossess (no one said they were going to make money this year...NO ONE)! Also, that doesn't mean the organization lost money, its refering to the basketball operations ONLY. There are over a dozen additional revenue segments that are highly profitable (such as: Arena Management) that will make up for that loss.

Posted by: RobC | Jul 3, 2014 2:17:40 PM

and let's not all forget that a major part of thomas' issues were health related + the coaching turnover. he fit with larry brown, he did not with silas or dunlap. or he might have with dunlap, but we went with mullens instead. either way he was overpaid, but health had a lot to do with it.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 3, 2014 2:21:53 PM

I would like to know who NASTAR would like to get in free agency. On the off chance that it was realistic, he would then have to be happy with at least one move by this team. What say you NASTAR...who do you want them to sign? Probably should throw out a number as well so you can't criticize them on that after the fact.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 3, 2014 6:22:23 PM

who cares what he wants....he WILL be unhappy regardless because it's a grudge, it's not logical complaints he has.

and screw every other scenario.....the realistic possibility that NEEDS to happen is stephenson + love.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 3, 2014 6:32:07 PM

Boy, slurpers are teeeesty today!

You morons say nobody should be concerned with how much Air Min does or doesn't spend but in the same breath criticize Prokhorov for spending too much....LOL.

OK, Mr. Prokhorov and Air Minimum took over similarly moribund franchises as majority owner at the same time (Boobs were previously run into the ground by Minny but we'll set that aside for now).

Since the two took over, Nets have 19 playoff games and 8 wins. Boobs have 4 playoffs games and 0 wins. Nets have played almost 5 times as many playoff games and have twice as many wins as Boobs have even played -- that's a huge divergence in production...


Why has Prokhorov been able to deliver so much more?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 3, 2014 6:51:44 PM

"Yes, they had Basketball Operating lossess (no one said they were going to make money this year...NO ONE)! "

Forbes said they made $7 million in '12-'13...was there an expectation this was going to reverse to the tune of $40 million year/year? You are aware the Boobs are DFL in the the NBA on operating income? (losses in the case of the Boobs) Yeah yeah, no big deal, MJ's rich...LOL.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 3, 2014 7:02:27 PM

Every one , every player , every staff is running around trying to put the big three together . Well it's a great day in America that team bb trumps the big three bs . James , Melo , Howard etc can keep on w it but there will be a team sitting in the way that shares the ball , cuts , screens where each individual plays team and individual defense . The Hornets have the big three here . After the break the yr before when he wasn't as good as he is now , Henderson averaged 20 a game and was the 8 th leading scorer in the league . The same guy the front office is tripping g over trying to get to Stephenson . Stephenson can play but so can Henderson and in fact Mkg . He will come here under Clifford's offense ( dump into Jefferson ) and be confused , let down , cheated and want out . I agree w Charloteann that Dunlaps offense was better . It had way more moving parts despite a pt gd who can't pass . Get a pt gd in here that can run an offense . Now Dargic is on the block . Run an up tempo game . Stephenson will be confronted by the same hurricane that hit Evan turner when he left Philly , the same one that hit Henderson and clipped his wings when Jefferson got here under Clifford's offense . Poor Mkg didnt even get a chance to get out the blocks when Clifford came . It could under the correct situation , be the big 4 but I doubt it . If not ship them both and watch another team take the refuge and turn it into gold .( DIAW , Wallace , Jax , Felton ,Shannon , Dj ) .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 3, 2014 7:23:50 PM

Guess you were right Charlottean. I will refrain from engaging in the future.

I am in the Hayward camp. Like his all around game. Only 23 years old. Would be a great piece for this team. Excellent passer. Would play well off of Al and Kemba. Can play him with MKG as needed. Nice nucleus as Vonleh and Hairston develop.

Could still go after Love.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 3, 2014 7:46:41 PM

i like hayward a lot. too expensive, restricted as opposed to unrestricted, no known relationship with any of our guys, and I'm not so sure he's a great fit.

if we're talking equal salary to stephenson, I would def take hayward, but we aren't. we're talking 12+ for hayward and 9+ for stephenson aaaaaaaand hayward is still restricted. even a max deal won't get it done. utah just doesn't win anything by letting him walk.

stephenson you could call up and say "44 over 4 years" and hang up and dude would be on a plane. it's overpaying the guy, but it's no different than overpaying al last year.....it leads to things. we have cap room this year and next that needs to be used to position us long term. it's either roll the dice on stephenson and try and make a move for love, or it's use the cap room to acquire more assets in the vein of the ben gordon deal, and then later using those picks/young players to upgrade in a package.

but stephenson and love are just sitting there for the taking. both deals could be made by morning and everybody would wake up like "wtf are the hornets contenders?"

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 3, 2014 8:22:47 PM

I would be good with either. Stephenson already turned down 10. Only concern there is personality based. Probably would have to go high on Hayward or Utah will match. Hayward has to have some sort of a relationship with Big Al from playing together. I would pay for either. With a new TV deal on the horizon the cap will be going no where but up. Signing either of these guys could look like a bargain in a couple of years.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 3, 2014 9:54:02 PM

The hornets are finally making the right moves and definitely a team on the rise. We are the farthest thing from the "boobs". A team like the Hornets has to hit in the draft and find the right complementary pieces in free agency. Its not likely we would sign a free agent with the same impact as Al Jefferson. I'm not interested in any big free agent (that we have a shot at) except Chandler Parsons. This team is young and going and easily in position to be top 5 in the east next year. By the way, did I mention I HATE NASTAR?!?!

Posted by: Big J | Jul 3, 2014 10:51:17 PM


"Boy, slurpers are teeeesty today!"
-LOL that was actually funny, dude

"Since the two took over, Nets have 19 playoff games and 8 wins. Boobs have 4 playoffs games and 0 wins. Nets have played almost 5 times as many playoff games and have twice as many wins as Boobs have even played -- that's a huge divergence in production…"
-Yes, man; because we went through the whole Bob Johnson/Larry Brown/Rod Higgins/Paul Silas/Mike Dunlap freaking disaster while the Nets did an absolutely brilliant job of hanging in sub-mediocrity!

Posted by: the Dude | Jul 3, 2014 11:49:03 PM

LBJ's best bet at this point…… CLE. They could trade Wiggins for Love right now; or keep him… and the coach has proven he can win with lesser talent-

Posted by: the Dude | Jul 4, 2014 2:19:42 AM

stephenson turned down 8.8/year. great math.

utah will match no matter how high it is for hayward. his max is only like 13 or 14 and they have over 30 million to spend and nobody to spend it on. there's no way they let that guy walk and there's no way he's worth 14 to us anyways. stephenson is the better fit even WITH the personality concerns. we actually NEED that guy. we need a little bit of crazy mixed in with all the even keeled guys we have.

i would be completely on board with parsons (I was on here calling for him in the draft....the guy showed every bit of his game at florida and nobody paid attention). the only issue with parsons is that he doesn't want to leave houston unless he has to, and if that happens.....he's going to have a ton of offers to choose from.

like i said.......lance could sign today. there's a value in tangibility of an asset. and the ripple effect of being able to reach for a love -or other- matters. we could pull stephenson and love off, resign kemba AND biz AND jeff taylor and still have 10 million in cap room next summer before extending MKG. and that's with keeping henderson (or kevin martin if we have to make that swap to get love).

i have not seen a better scenario for this franchise throughout this rebuild. it's sitting on the table so blatantly obvious.

we would have kemba/lance/mkg/love/biz/zeller or vonleh or both/taylor/henderson or martin/hariston/ and 10 million in cap room next summer.

and we could easily parlay kemba into rondo or holiday or something if we wanted to go that route. or go sign brandon knight for the cheap, let kemba walk and have more like 15 million in cap room.

i hate over speculating this time of year, but they gotta make a grown man move this summer or next. there won't be many opportunities like this for a mid level small market team to pull a coup on the league.

time for cho to step up big. he's done well with the small stuff, but he didn't get anything for gordon's expiring, and he hasn't really pulled off a big deal yet.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 4, 2014 12:41:41 PM

"-Yes, man; because we went through the whole Bob Johnson/Larry Brown/Rod Higgins/Paul Silas/Mike Dunlap freaking disaster while the Nets did an absolutely brilliant job of hanging in sub-mediocrity!"

Dude, give it another shot? That makes no sense.

Big J....f**k you very much ;)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 4, 2014 7:21:40 PM

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