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July 07, 2014

Charlotte Hornets lose power forward Josh McRoberts to the Miami Heat

1ukaYm.Em.138Back in October Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan said one of his biggest concerns was that power forward Josh McRoberts might exercise the opt-out in his contract.

Eight months later Jordan’s worry was justified. After opting out last month, the 6-foot-10 McRoberts decided Monday he’ll sign with the Miami Heat. ESPN, which first reported the deal, said McRoberts will get a four-year, $23 million contract with a player option after the third season.

That’s the most the Heat could offer – their mid-level exception. The Hornets, with abundant cap room, had the resources to offer more.

This is a huge raise over the $2.7 million McRoberts was scheduled to make under the terms of the contract he voided.

McRoberts’ agent, Mike Conley, Sr., told the Observer the Heat offered slightly more than the Hornets’ best offer. Conley added that McRoberts struggled with the choice because of his relationship with Hornets coach Steve Clifford.

“He just labored over it because he so loves Clifford,” Conley said.

McRoberts’ departure means the Hornets lost their starting power forward and a key component to their ball-movement and spacing. McRoberts averaged 8.5 points, 4.8 rebounds and 4.3 assists. He shot 36 percent from 3-point range. But those numbers don’t fully convey his value.

“The success of this team is McRoberts – how well he can connect the dots,” Jordan said in the preseason.

McRoberts had one of the best assist-to-turnover ratios in the NBA last season at 4:1. He was crucial to the then-Bobcats’ ability to swing the ball effectively from side-to-side offensively.

The Bobcats played a late-season game in Boston that point guard Kemba Walker missed due to injury. McRoberts had 10 assists in that game, and center Al Jefferson was asked about McRoberts’ point-guard imitation.

“When Kemba does play we tell them Josh is still our point guard,” Jefferson joked that night.

Coach Steve Clifford said several times after the season that retaining McRoberts was a priority. When the Hornets used the No. 9 overall pick to draft Indiana power forward Noah Vonleh last month, Clifford immediately texted McRoberts to reinforce that selection didn’t diminish McRoberts’ value in Charlotte.

The Hornets do have a stock of power forwards, having used their last two top-10 picks on Vonleh and 7-footer Cody Zeller. After a slow start Zeller improved notably in the last two months of his rookie season. He averaged six points and 4.3 rebounds, being named second-team All-Rookie.


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Sad day for Hornets. Josh was the glue that sort of held the team together. He'll be missed greatly. This, along with all of the negatives of PJ Hairston over the weekend bodes ill for the team. Need a big positive to right the ship.

Posted by: eduardo | Jul 7, 2014 4:14:47 PM

Good let him go, he's not worth that amount for 4 years anyways, we have 2 big time draft picks that need to step up now and we have that money to spend elsewhere.

Posted by: Hot Sauce | Jul 7, 2014 4:17:45 PM

"sad day for the hornets" are you kidding? he is a mid level player. it's arguably a good thing for him to go elsewhere. especially to miami (especially if they lose bosh and lebron, but even if they keep them). he's either going to be an addition to a team we already can't compete with, or he'll be alone with dwade and danny granger to pick up the pieces.

but we have zeller and vonleh (and yes biyombo too) who need minutes. all 3 are better prospects than mcroberts. zeller is already better. let the coach coach to his strengths for once and see what happens. MKG can do all of the playmaking mcroberts did if they just give him the ball. or better yet........

let lance do it.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 7, 2014 4:20:54 PM

McBooberts was at his pinnacle last season. His ceiling was realized. Our two strong forwards (can't make myself call them power forwards) are young and full of talent. Let Josh collect his bucks elsewhere. We will be fine. Go Hornets.

Posted by: Truth | Jul 7, 2014 4:22:32 PM

Will really miss Josh. Loved going to the games and watching his finesse skill and energy. Wish him good luck on his path going forward.

Posted by: Tyler M. | Jul 7, 2014 4:24:50 PM

It was reported that the Hornets offered the same contract. Is there any other insight on why he took the Heat Contract?

Posted by: Eric | Jul 7, 2014 4:26:07 PM

no state taxes in miami. huge net difference.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 7, 2014 4:28:01 PM

Ha! Did anyone really think he would stay with the Hornets? He played at Duke. He is just following suit like the rest of former Duke players, he is selling out so he can become a champion. Too bad Lebron, Wade, and Bosh won't be able to get one of those for McBob.

Posted by: Wake4life | Jul 7, 2014 4:30:10 PM

i am glad he left because that is too much money for him plus we need to let the young guys play/grow.

As for McRoberts, this was the perfect situation for him so for him to take similar deal that we offered shows he didnt really care about staying here in the first place....

Thanks Josh we wont miss your 35% 3pt shot either

Posted by: I am your father | Jul 7, 2014 4:31:17 PM

there's a big difference between 5 million a year in florida and 5 million a year in north carolina. about 7.75% to be exact.

and 35% from 3 is actually pretty solid especially for a 4 man. and he shot 36% last year.

other than that, you're right. we're better off without him. pencil zeller in as the starter and you don't lose much of anything. better rebounding, same athleticism, better defense, less passing but zeller is still a really good passing big man.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 7, 2014 4:36:15 PM

Josh, Thanks for your hard work and your welcome that the Hornets helped to make you rich(er)

Posted by: I.M. OUT | Jul 7, 2014 4:42:16 PM

It's quite clear how torn up McRoberts was over this decision. He "so loves Clifford," that he anguished over the decision to walk away for "slightly more than the Hornet's best offer." To him I say: Dont let the door hit ya, pal! Adios!

Posted by: Hoagie58 | Jul 7, 2014 4:52:03 PM

Seriously . They draft a two way pf at 9 th . He stretches the floor and can shoot the three . He can play more than a drop of defense . How could anyone think this would not have any impact on McRoberts ? Then you have Zeller at pf who was already breathing down his neck . And the Hornets were not coming up w this amount of money despite claims that they need him . They have a better situation in Miami even if James and Bosh don't return by next yr bc it's Riles at the helm . This move tells me that Bosh is gone but James is still on board and they're gearing up w possibly Melo , McRoberts , James , Wade , Chalmers , Allen and Napier who's a far better facilitator than Kemba now . McRoberts showed his dislike openly for letting guys get in the lane . This did not sit well w him . Who would . He was the scapegoat . This didnt help at all . Now he's w guys who share the ball , play defense and don't ball hog .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 7, 2014 4:53:01 PM

I really liked him. Now I have to hate him. Can't stand Heat.

Posted by: Bill | Jul 7, 2014 4:53:22 PM

I have to agree with Charlottean here. McRoberts was a 2nd round pick for a reason. A good player but would never be great. We have Cody Zeller (4th pick) and Noah Vonleh (9th pick) who were really really good college players, who have a chance to be great. They need all the minutes that they can get. Our playing style might not be as good without McRoberts because of his spacing, but they will both put up good numbers. And Biyombo should now get more minutes as well. And I know a lot of y'all hate on Biz, but the dude when given playing time can and will put up decent numbers for a backup 5.

Posted by: bb1130 | Jul 7, 2014 4:55:31 PM

Ironman are you a Cuse or Georgetown fan?...

Posted by: TheRealJD | Jul 7, 2014 5:00:30 PM

I'm glad McRoberts is getting his big payday, he had a good season last year. The Heat wouldn't give him their best open salary slot if they didn't think he could be part of a championship team. Clifford and Riley think a lot of him.
As to the Hornets, it may be a step back but they do have plenty of young power forwards and it won't hurt to see how they do. It may mean the Hornets want more passing in the wing players they look at?

Posted by: cpofcharlotte | Jul 7, 2014 5:07:33 PM

Miami's Big Three are all blowing smoke. None of them are leaving and McRoberts will make them guaranteed 60-game winners and even more likely to win the title. This is a bad deal for us. Not only do we lose a good player to a division rival, we also have to live with Zeller getting more minutes. I did not see one ounce of this "notable improvement" in the second half. Jordan is apparently still imposing his will on who we draft, and Tar Heel conections are still the most important factor for who we draft (Zeller is a former Tar Heel's brother, Hairston, despite a billion red flags, is a former Tar Heel, and we're already regretting that pick).

Same ol' story in Charlotte...

Posted by: J | Jul 7, 2014 5:17:54 PM

Josh McR will be missed for his help in playmaking. In every other aspect of the game, replacing him won't be a big issue. But, as a point forward, he was far from "mediocre", and replacing that kind of contribution to running our offense won't be easy.
At 4.3 apg, he was second best NBA power forward for assists last season.

On the other hand, he made his choice, I can't blame him, and we're moving on.

The positive I find in this is that playing time for our two young PF prospects won't be a problem now.
Both Zeller and Vonleh have high ceiling, and this should be a great year for their development.

I'd like to see Jeff Adrien back as the third string PF. He's a very useful, and very affordable UFA, who did a really good job in the limited playing time he saw here, and did even better in Milwaukee (where he got more minutes).

Posted by: Sandy | Jul 7, 2014 5:19:21 PM

"...go, he's not worth that amount for 4 years anyways..."

The market says he is. Pat Riley says he is. If there's one guy in the league I'm going to trust to properly assess and price talent, it's Pat Riley.

"Jordan is apparently still imposing his will on who we draft, and Tar Heel conections are still the most important factor for who we draft (Zeller is a former Tar Heel's brother, Hairston, despite a billion red flags, is a former Tar Heel, and we're already regretting that pick)."

BINGO! Collect $200 and pass go...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 7, 2014 5:46:04 PM

The state tax in NC on that $23 million would be about $1.4 million plus he gets to play with a winning team. Why would he not leave?

In fact why would anyone play any where except Florida or Texas for big bucks. They were the two states represented in the finals this year while the Lakers and Knicks sat it out the playoffs in New York and California.

If that is not a lesson in tax policy and economics you are not paying attention.

Posted by: G | Jul 7, 2014 6:15:13 PM

I liked McRoberts. But not at that number for 4 years. It is funny how he was not great until the Heat wanted him. Now we had to have kept him. Typical. Cody steps into that role. That is why he was drafted. Hopefully they get Hayward and he is another facilitator.

I agree on Pat Riley. Knows his talent for sure. The below is a good indicator of that...

In a draft stacked with talented point guards, Riley said the Heat rated Cole ahead of "maybe four or five" other point guards drafted ahead of him.

"Did we have him ahead of [Kyrie] Irving, [Brandon] Knight or [Kemba] Walker? No," Riley said. "But in our minds, he was ahead of the other guys."

Obviously liked Kemba a lot. Man knows his players!

Posted by: Actual Player | Jul 7, 2014 6:28:13 PM

Jordan made those comments before drafting Noah Vonleh. See ya McBob; thanks for the memories. Now there's room for real potential to develop.

Posted by: teaclown | Jul 7, 2014 6:29:11 PM

Farewell, Air Jesus. May it work out for both squads, but if I had to put my $ on it, Josh will receive short term financial gain, but suffer long term frustration. He shouldn't have messed with a great thing for the guarantee of an additional year on his contract. That's just my opinion of course...

Here's to the rapid development of both boys from IU and here's to an announcement that we've signed Hayward by week's end.

All the best to you, Josh. Thank you for being instrumental in the turnaround of this basketball team back in '12.

Posted by: Murdock | Jul 7, 2014 6:32:19 PM

Yeah, he was a good passer. But, his scoring, defense and rebounding was weak at best for a starting power forward. The young guys will blossom now that he is gone and I predict there will be more production offensively and clearly better defense from that position.

Posted by: will | Jul 7, 2014 6:40:28 PM


Posted by: Shedwilliams | Jul 7, 2014 6:44:58 PM


Posted by: Iron man | Jul 7, 2014 6:49:44 PM

I'm not overly concerned about McRoberts going to Miami, what concerns me is that earlier this off-season the Hornets stated that they had serious cash to compete in the free agent market and as of July 7th, they have not done anything. Is there some kind of mysterious strategy for getting a player or players that will help. I wouldn't have been so concerned except for P.J. Hairston' shenanigans this past weekend.

Posted by: Smitty50 | Jul 7, 2014 7:51:30 PM

Rick you should look into the rumor that McRoberts was sick of Jordan's constant picking on him and talking junk. Not that McRoberts is someone who commands attention when he speaks, but this isn't the first time there have been stories about guys not wanting to put up with Jordan's trash.

Posted by: scratchy1 | Jul 7, 2014 8:50:13 PM

Josh is gone and please trade P J Hairston because I will not pay tickets to watch a thug play high school basketball. Go get a big center to help Al because he can't do it all by himself

Posted by: Kelso | Jul 7, 2014 8:52:07 PM

I liked McBob...but now we have a chance to strengthen the position, as well as develop the young draft picks. I'd like to see us grab Jordan Hill (Lakers), Chandler Parsons (Rockets), and a point guard (either Jameer Nelson or Ramon Sessions)...and call it a day. That'd be a strong roster, with enough experience and potential to make some noise in the playoffs.

Posted by: misteratypical | Jul 7, 2014 9:00:18 PM

sandy - he was the point forward on a bad offense. we aren't talking about boris diaw, the guy everybody booed last year inexplicably (he did nothing to deserve that while here but play hard and show up every day), the guy who just reupped with the spurs for 3 years 22 million.

we're talking about the poor mans version. the better athlete no doubt, more luxurious hairstyle no doubt, who looks like he cares more no doubt, who delivered less results no doubt. the guy is a GOOD rotation player. i don't mean anything of what i'm saying to be to make it sound like mcroberts is garbage, he's not. that 36% from 3 WILL be missed more than the passing. they say cody has that range, but he hasn't done it yet and i would bet it takes him a few years at least.

but we're comparing 21 year old zeller to 26 year old mcroberts. and the 21 year old was arguably more effective. he was CLEARLY more effective in a lot of ways. 22 year old zeller will look better than 21 year old zeller just like 23 year old zeller will be better until he peaks (usually around 24-26.).

this just isn't a huge loss for us. it may even be addition by subtraction by creating room for vonleh to play without taking minutes from biz. i do hope they don't grab a patchwork big to keep that from happening. it's the best way we get to real contention - developing our young talent. vonleh is 19 - IN AUGUST. biz will be 22. they gotta keep these guys and work them up and see what they are when they are 25. i assure you if done properly.......all 3 of those guys are more valuable than mcroberts at 25 (which was nothing by the way....we got him for hakim warrick or matt carroll depending on how you look at it). he resigned for 2.7 million for a reason. he also opted out for a reason. this was his moment to get paid. had he played out another year, his moment was gone.

i mean seriously.......boris "didn't shoot enough" but he shot better %'s and still averaged double figures for us. how do you boo that guy when silas moved him out and then cry when you lose mcroberts because he decided to sign elsewhere? the fan base as a whole, needs to educate itself. we have horrible, fairweather, bandwagon, really dumb fans.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 7, 2014 9:23:39 PM

Okay when Noah fell to 9 that made Josh Expendable.What the Hornets didnt realized is how aggressive teams would be to get McRoberts.
But I agree with 1 fan and saying, they have not been aggressive in free agency. But Melo,James are holding all the cards now.Players are waiting see were they land.

Posted by: Rahshon Gamble | Jul 7, 2014 10:11:17 PM

"...the guy who just reupped with the spurs for 3 years 22 million."

Hadn't seen that, good catch. And to think the slurpers thought he was a piker...

"the fan base as a whole, needs to educate itself. we have horrible, fairweather, bandwagon, really dumb fans."

Yup, the slurpers, to a man dumb as a stump...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 7, 2014 10:16:35 PM

Melo and Lebron holding all cards now, its as simple as that. Free Agency won't really start for small market teams until they make a decision.Charlotte Hornets gotta let this play out. Dueg, Chandler,will be available as soon as the smoke clears.

Posted by: Rahshon Gamble | Jul 7, 2014 10:19:40 PM

eff that....free agency started july 1st. the teams that are waiting on decisions by bron and melo are mostly idiots. only cleveland, miami, new york, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe LA should be waiting. houston, only because they can afford to.

chicago should have already begun talking to chandler parsons or entertained the idea of bringing deng back.

hornets should have already inked stephenson and moved on to trying to grab love. and by all means........seth curry already. i would much rather see some growing pains from him then watch sessions come back. and get overpaid.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 7, 2014 10:25:15 PM

Norris Cole has only started 12 games in his entire 3 year career...and you think of him and Shawty on the same level? Makes sense. Shawty would have started 12 max there too, if that.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 7, 2014 11:34:26 PM

Please DO NOT sign Gordon Hayward to a contract….. (i.e. "do not seek the treasure ;-)

Posted by: the Dude | Jul 7, 2014 11:59:16 PM

they can't sign him to a contract. just an offer sheet. and it will get matched no matter how maximized the maxmimum offer can be. and i honestly doubt they even have the balls to make that offer.

i like hayward a ton. a TON. he's not a max level guy. parsons is way more a max level guy than hayward is. and i doubt houston matches a max offer for the guy given they already have howard and harden and are likely to add a third wheel to that wagon. hard to imagine they shell out max money for bosh and then the 14 million max for parsons on top of that. that would be 4 guys making almost the tax line. and they would be required to sign 9 other guys no matter how much damage that group could do playing 4 on 5.

it's the repeat tax that would kill them.

i would love to have hayward or parsons but i think both are unrealistic to happen. meanwhile in more charlottean news......lance stephenson is UNRESTRICTED and available. and kevin love is also on the market for the right price (jefferson and some picks sounds about right).

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 8, 2014 12:09:02 AM

Everyone needs to get real about Cody Zeller. The guy is nothing but a back up big man just like his brother in Cleveland. Yeah he was picked #4 in the draft, but that was a stretch. If he was in this year's draft, he wouldn't have been a lottery pick

Posted by: DLO | Jul 8, 2014 12:17:03 AM

@Charlottean: I'm cool with the talent, bro; but frightened to death of overpaying in order to "make a splash". I'm content with playing Cool Hand Luke until a true difference maker presents itself…

(not that Stephenson isn't dude, but still not convinced on character)

Posted by: the Dude | Jul 8, 2014 12:35:27 AM

Charlottean, I generally agree with most of what you say, but that whole thing about Diaw bringing it every night is complete garbage. Did you even watch any of the games he was in? That dude QUIT 20 games into the season he was here. I will most certainly continue to boo the quitter every time he shows up in Charlotte...and I was actually a big fan of Diaw until his true quitting character came out that season.

As far as McRoberts being gone...Excellent! There is not another team in the NBA that he would have started on last season. He filled a valuable temporary roll for us, but he was certainly just a place holder. All we did was run his value up so some other team would overpay for him (sooo glad it was Miami). Our young 4's will prove to be more valuable by midseason than McRoberts ever will be, and Cho will get a playmaker in free agency. Coach will find a way to utilize MKG's slashing much better once we have a SG that can actually find the open spot and hit a damn three.

Posted by: Rick Bonnell's Hair | Jul 8, 2014 9:10:04 AM

I guess people forget McRoberts was the number 1 recruit in the country when he came out of high school and was finally realizing his potential. Zeller and Vonleh are not on the same level and wont be anywhere close for 5 plus years. This is a major setback.

Posted by: henry | Jul 8, 2014 10:10:44 AM

Iron Man -

In what stats or facts are you basing your comment that Shabazz "is already a better distributor" than Kemba. Their college stats are almost identical both season over season and career. Shabaz was more efficient from 3PT% and FT%. Kemba was the better scorer and had a better FG%. Shabazz played one more season than Kemba (32 more games).

I don't get how you try to justify your hate on Kemba with Shabazz. Every expert is projecting Shabazz as the next Kemba Walker (at best). They are almost identical players. If you don't like Kemba, you can't like Shabazz, that should be mutually exclusive.

Posted by: Go Hornets! | Jul 8, 2014 10:26:54 AM

Hey Rick...any news regarding the Hornets meeting with Gordon Hayward yesterda??? Not that I'm really high on getting him, but since they are spending time on him, we might as well know what is going on.

They should stop that BS and go after Lance Stephenson. Now Lance is much more important, since he will fill the void from McRoberts, in terms of ball movement and creating shots for other, as well as making the ocasional three. Also, he is unrestricted, our coaching staff is better than Indiana and I truly believe our locker is also stronger and better.

Offer the guy a 4Yrs/$42M with a partially guarantee ($3M) Team Option on the 4th year. You can stretch it Yr1/$9M, Yr2/$10M, Yr3/$11M and Yr4/$12M ($3M guaranteed). That is the equivalent of a 3Yrs/$33M and it gives the Hornets some leverage or flexibility, just in case he goes completly nuts.

Posted by: RobC | Jul 8, 2014 10:35:23 AM

"Our young 4's will prove to be more valuable by midseason than McRoberts ever will be..."

Folks, if you weren't sure what a slurper looks like, there you go.

"...and Cho will get a playmaker in free agency."


Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 10:55:24 AM

Gary Washburn: #celtics appear to be taking themselves out of the Kris Humphries market, #hornets and #wizards are leaders, according to NBA source Twitter


Just awesome. Get 'em Cho!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 11:03:39 AM

Go hornets .... I base it soley on what I see and what I know . One can run the pick and roll , the other cannot . Yesterday I saw Napier in transition . He immediately looked up ct and hit a streaking wing perfectly for a layup . Kemba has been here three yrs now and never thought about looking up ct to move the ball much less attempt such a dime . Napier has the requiisite ct vision to see where all his teammates are on the ct at all times and know what they're doing and about to do . He's a natural born pt gd , light yrs ahead of Kemba . I could less about stats . I look at the guys skillset on the floor under pressure . King James is a genius on the floor . He knows what this kid can do . So do I . Not once has he ever spoken of Kemba . And rightfully so bc he's not a pt gd . He's a brilliant sg running point . Kemba asked aloud why couldn't he run the pick n roll while watching film w Clifford . Bc he's little , has little arms , sucks at split second decision making , has poor ct vision and zero ability to see the play unfold before it happens which is critical . It's like a guy who comes to the park w black socks on . The kind you wear w dress shoes . And he has a full uniform on he stole from his hs . You know damn well he can't play . Back in New York , we would immediately tell him to get the eff off the ct before we picked sides . Bc you knew he couldn't play . It's the same w Kemba . You watch him once in a full ct scrimmage w leg I players at all positions and you know he can't play pt gd . I don't hate Kemba . You don't get rid of a fireplug like that . You have him off the bench like Patty Mills . He could be 6 th man of the yr . I wouldn't start him not only bc he can't facilitate . Bc his defense allowing opposing pt gd penetration is horrid too . Let him use the clowns off second units . Where no defense is required half as much . Now that McRoberts is gone , he will get hugely exposed bc he must facilitate but can't . Half his problem is he wants to shoot all the time thinking he's as good as Kyrie or Westbrook . But he isn't close . To me , this is a great day in America bc Kemba will have no one to bail his no passing sass out in the lane getting the wings easy buckets . If I were on the team and he passed me up on the break on on a half ct set , I would have called a time out and checked him hard . This is what Jax , Wallace and now Hairston will do . DIAW just shut down . The soft guys on the team now don't say nothing . Jefferson gets his but even he throws his hands up every now and then . I can't wait till he passes up Hairston . Lmfao . " shawty ( as Nastaris calls him) , you know how many more times you got to miss me ? .. Ans 0. " that's how you do a guy from NYC bc their all crazy . I would love fir Stephenson to come to and Shawty ( Nastars best joke ) miss him . It's a knuckle sandwich . The time has come . Teams , good ones police themselves . He has to facilitate . 6 a game is garbage . It has to be close to double digits a game based upon his USEAGE . And in the paint at the rim . Nothing else .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 8, 2014 11:46:16 AM

Actually, that is not a bad idea (for the right price). Guys like: Kent Bazemore, CDR, Kris Humphries, Marvin Williams, Ed Davis and Ramon Sessions (for the right price) will be pretty good to add talent, versatility and strength to the bench.

But they still need to add a solid starting caliber player. Lance Stephenson, Chandler Parson, Gordon Hayward, Trevor Ariza or Luol Deng. They will have to overpay a little to get any of those, the last 3 are not my preference.

Posted by: RobC | Jul 8, 2014 11:49:15 AM

Whadya figure it would cost to sign Kris Humphries? How much was he paid last year? How long a deal should Cho offer him?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 12:19:16 PM

diaw quit? you might want to look back on some game tape. his facial expression was relaxed and idiots confuse that with a lack of effort.

the guy ran the floor better than our guards. he boxed out every single play without question. he defended everybody extremely well.

run the effing tape back. diaw didn't miss a game. he played big minutes 82 games a year. silas didn't like the guy because silas thinks every 4 man should be akin to himself. he's an old school guy/coach/player and wanted an old school 4. he loves guys like jefferson. he hates guys like diaw.

the only value i see in kris humphries is as a potential trade chip or playoff veteran. absolutely should not sign him for more than a year. really good player but we don't need 4's.

anybody who thinks zeller is anything comparable to his brother have not watched him play at all. the 2 are nothing alike in skill set or athleticism. zeller is better than mcroberts. everybody will see that this year. the smart people saw it last year. i really don't think many of you have watched any of the games and are just spewing bs based off box scores and the few games the bandwagon stumbled into. zeller has a max vert 6 inches higher than mcroberts.

nobody is factoring in that at 21 he wasn't doing ANYTHING. at 22 he wasn't doing ANYTHING. i've been saying he was 26 this past season, but he turned 27 in february. there's almost a 6 year gap between the 2 guys. zeller gave you more points and rebounds per minute played last year than mcroberts WITH the 6 year gap in age and experience.

how delusional do you have to be to think mcroberts is the better prospect going forward?

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 8, 2014 12:20:50 PM

Josh was a #37 pick, not a #4...he wasn't expected to do anything at age 21 or 22.

Cody has already played only one less NBA game as Josh played in his first 3 years COMBINED!

This sorry excuse for a franchise needs to win games NOW, not 4 years from now when Cody is 20-whatever...

...their best chance to win NOW was with McRoberts remaining in the starting lineup, period.

Huge loss, has ripple effects....might ultimately cost them a great coach too.

Air Minimum's true colors exposing themselves, again...

-- too cheap to lock up his "connect the dots guy"

-- too dumb to stay away from a thug like Punch Drunk, another wasted draft pick


Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 1:15:57 PM

So they could win NOW with McRoberts. What..Wait. NASTAR thinks they had a chance to win now? You mean they could improve on that 43 win playoff season with McRoberts? You have been killing this team all summer now we find out all they had to do was keep McRoberts and they could have won now? The super troll strikes again.

Posted by: Jim | Jul 8, 2014 1:40:28 PM

Humphries will sign a 1 or 2 year deal at best with any team for more or less the MLE (best case scenario). He might get some more money from a team in need to reach the NBA minimum salary, such as 76ers, Jazz, or even Suns who have plenty of cap room and will need to sign players to above market price to get to their numbers. However, he is fairly young and can put double doubles without hurting anyone. He got paid a lot of money the past 2-3 seasons by the super moronic Nets, then they ended up dumping his salary in a trade that actually made them slower, older and worst.

Posted by: RobC | Jul 8, 2014 1:58:32 PM

Jim, we're talking about winning some games, maybe squeeking into the playoffs again...NOW. Staying level. For the Boobs that would be a major success, NOW.

Backsliding isn't an option. Their best chances of making the playoffs again this year were with McRoberts.

We aren't talking about winning a playoff series or "contending"....

It's a fact, near term this team gets worse without McRobert -- did you see how much money the Boobs lost last year? OMG.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 1:58:48 PM

dude that's just not factually true. zeller is the better player now, tomorrow, whenever. but when you're talking about bringing a mediocre guy back to start in front of a #4 pick, what does that do for the pick? if the guys are even at all close, you go with the guy you invested the most in and who has the highest potential ceiling. it's zeller. it's a no brainer.

you're grasping for mcroberts going elsewhere somehow being a horrible move. had we not drafted vonleh (or randle/gordon) this would be a bad situation to an extent. but we have vonleh. vonleh at 19 might be better than mcroberts.

they shouldn't be in "win-now" mode when it would compromise long term growth. they already made a move in that direction by bringing in jefferson. can't continue down that path. defeats the purpose of a rebuild. anybody can assemble a team annually that competes for an 8 seed with guys like mcroberts. the whole point of rebuilding was to get elite talents like zeller and mkg and build around them. and biz. and kemba. and now vonleh as well. the only way you venture from that path is if you can land a superstar in his prime and build around the sure thing instead (could be love - absolutely isn't jefferson).

losing mcroberts was a good thing more than it was a bad thing. we were only bringing him back at that level of salary to appease clifford. him deciding to go to miami takes that problem away.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 8, 2014 2:31:34 PM

"but when you're talking about bringing a mediocre guy back to start in front of a #4 pick, what does that do for the pick?"

I'm interested in seeing minutes doled out on merit, not draft placement.

Clifford was crystal clear that his position on the subject is the same. Hence, Josh started, Zeller subbed. Another 3 or 4 years of apprenticeship would be good for Cody, he's not ready, he's not a connect-the-dots guy.

Boobs just got worse when Josh left....

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 3:23:58 PM

"Humphries will sign a 1 or 2 year deal at best with any team for more or less the MLE (best case scenario)"

With a #4 and a #9 already at his position, why would we be speaking with Humphries?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 3:28:39 PM

Yah, NASTAR99, I'm all about minutes doled out on merit, too; but even you have to recognize the need for developing young talent- especially considering how the NBA now drafts for potential (unfortunately) as opposed to immediate contributions.

Posted by: the Dude | Jul 8, 2014 3:31:59 PM

"... get elite talents like zeller and mkg and build around them."


"Elite"....that really is a HOOT!!!!!

Zeller couldn't beat put a 5 team washout and the team took out an insurance policy by drafting at his position the very next year...MKG can't shoot outside 2-feet and got beat out by a D-league call-up yet they're "eeee-lite".....HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 3:34:10 PM

A 5 team washout that they needed to sign? You truly are the biggest double talking loser any where. Typical troll speak.

What do you do exactly that you can spend all day on the internet trolling the Hornets. Must be a huge ASSet to some organization. If the Hornets only had you. LOL. What an ass clown.

"We need to sign McRoberts. No we don't he is a 5 team wash out. Yes we do if we want to win now." Absolute moron.

I will check back tomorrow after you have made 15 more comments that make you feel better about your pathetic job that I am quite sure will have no impact on anyone or anything people actually care about. Quite sure. LMAO.

Posted by: Jim | Jul 8, 2014 4:14:08 PM

Huge loss. I really think this is going to push up towards Stephenson or Deng.

To those who say he can be easily replaced by Zeller/Vonleh....I simply don't get your logic behind that one. Do they have the talent that McRoberts has? Yes. Can they replace McRoberts skill set at this point in their careers? Absolutely NOT.

McRoberts had a better AST/TO ratio than Diaw ever had as a Bobcat and had more assist than Diaw in every year except for the year he split time in PHX. His ability to make entry passes to Big Al and dribble handoffs to Kemba made them so much more effective. It will be hard to replace that.

There's a reason why he got the full MLE by a team like Miami.

Posted by: cornchip | Jul 8, 2014 4:21:39 PM

and why boris diaw got 3 years 22 million from the champs?

assist to turnover ratio is the all defining number for a power forward now? really? that skill set that they won't replace contributed to one of the worst offenses in the league while still having one of the best offensive players (jefferson) in the lineup. walker and mcroberts handled the ball the most. how are they not the problem that needed fixing?

and nastar if minutes were doled out on merit.....zeller would have played 40 mpg last year. mcroberts was in there because clifford is one of those guys that sees a young guy and sees a problem. he would go with the veteran if it was kurt thomas over anthony davis.

if you think zeller isn't an elite talent....he....like mcrobers was a mcdonald's all american. he unlike mcroberts was a guaranteed top 10 pick no matter what the order of the teams was and even if you redraft that draft RIGHT NOW he's a top 10 pick if not a top 5 pick.

there wasn't a better rookie last year. MCW just stat stuffed for a bad team, didn't play defense, and wasn't efficient. oladipo was ehhhh. plumlee and adams were right there with zeller. best player in that draft class was noel and that was the only guy i wanted us to take ahead of zeller. it's going to hurt watching him play this year.

losing mcroberts did not hurt us.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 8, 2014 4:33:10 PM


I don't even get what you're saying with that Diaw comment. Are you implying that the Spurs/Heat have bad front offices? Or that they would give full MLE's and $7 mil a year contracts to bad players? If so, then that's simply foolish....even for you.

And blaming McRoberts for one of the worst offenses in the league is like giving him credit for us having one of the best defenses in the league. There were reasons that we had a terrible offense that had little to do with McRoberts, just like there were reasons that we had a terrific defense that had little to do with McRobets.

And I love Zeller, I really do. But get real...greats like Mason Plumlee and Steven Adams were more efficient than Zeller last season. There were times he looked like the #4 pick and times he looked like a tire fire. Once he gets stronger and figures out how to score more efficiently against longer, more athletic defenders, I think he will be a fine pick.

But even then, ballhandling and passing was never Zeller's gaame...so who is gonna replace that now that McRoberts is gone? MKG? He has the skillset somewhat but defenders have ZERO respect for his jumper...being a consistent playmaker will always be tough when defenders aren't running out to guard your jump shot or sagging back and clogging the lane. Kemba? At this point, it might be that he is what he is. Great at attacking to score but there will always be some ball stoppage with him when he is at his best.

Saying we will be better with McRoberts gone is ridiculous. Being against overpaying him, I can understand. But the Hornets as they currently stand are not a better team than they we wer last year.

Posted by: cornchip | Jul 8, 2014 5:20:58 PM

Jim, try to keep up.

McRoberts was in fact a 5 team washout when he got here, even a moron like you recognizes this.

At the beginning of the most recent season Zeller and McRoberts started on even footing with Coach Cliff -- Josh prevailed, Zeller rode the pine.

Furthermore, McRoberts HANDILY outplayed his contract, for one of the only times in Boobcat history they got more than their money's worth out of a player.

Present time, rather than factoring in that he was previously underpaid and going the little bit extra that was needed to keep his "connect the dots" guy, AIr Minimum cheapo'd out.

That simple enough for ya' you simpleton you?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 5:35:13 PM

"and nastar if minutes were doled out on merit.....zeller would have played 40 mpg last year."

Clearly that's a false statement.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 5:35:49 PM

DIAW quit in ways than setforth here . He wanted out bc they were tanking ridiculously . He stopped shooting . He passed up a ton of shots purposely . He's a fat Lazy Kentucky tomato eating punk . But he was just what the dr ordered for the Spurs . Here too but he simply quit playing and ddnt want to be here . If he were here playing last yr , they win 10 more games . He's a perfect fit w a bum like Jefferson , does everything at pf and would save Kembas no facilitating ass .

The Rockets lost bc they didnt play team defense overall and they were the worst mid range shooting team in the nba or close . The arc ball is overrated in the playoffs bc the arc gets sealed causing a ton of guys to collapse and get run off the line . Think Green the yr before and Harden the yr before that , both in the finals . More imp , if you look at the past winners all the way back to Phil w the Lakers , each winner has a big passing to cutters and other bigs from either the mid block or the foul line .. Think Shaq after Phil educated him , Gasol , Dirk , Duncan , King James when he plays pf and Kg . There's no exception . Zeller is the only prayer for relief here . He can pass from the foul line and FINNALLY hit cutters and pass to other bigs . At a better clip or equal to McRoberts if you turn him loose . Name another 7 footer that's that agile , mobile and w those skills driving to the basket . His jumper at the foul line will fall bc it's a very good classic stroke . Clifford hates all the young guys . He sees them as evil doers and probable reasons why he could lose wins and his job . Plus Clifford is not that bright on offense and until they bring in a serious minded offensive coach to get the best out of the players , utilize the individual skillsets and blend them , the offense will suffer and be reduced to dump it into Jefferson which is so easy to defend and defeat . I see a vet coming at pf and sf . Clifford will find a way to play them extended minutes as if his life depended on it . He hates Biz , Mkg and gives a cool reception to Zeller . Proof is rumors about the Kardashian boy who can play some . Few guys are coming here to split time w Mkg or Zeller . That's one reason why McRoberts left . He was tired of getting abused on defense w zero help defense too . And simply hated the dump into Jefferson policy . ( I made that up but I bet you it's true ) . In shiort ,
Zeller can play but you will never know until he gets 4 yrs under his belt or better under Clifford .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 8, 2014 6:41:42 PM

Lmfao !!!! Nastars has to be the funniest guy on the Internet .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 8, 2014 6:48:37 PM

Anyway, Charlotte has to sign or trade for a major talent period, or just trade for assets and cap space.Houston is having a Fire sell and Charlotte needs to buy.
Houston gets
Alonzo Gee Unguaranteed contract
Cap space
Future 2nd rd pk
Hornets get
PG Jeremy Lin
SF Omar Casspi
PF/C Donatas Motiejunas
Future 1st pick
Houston has to move Lin's contract if they sign Bosh or Melo.
Charlotte would be wise to make this deal.

Posted by: Rahshon Gamble | Jul 8, 2014 7:30:14 PM

Iron Man thinks NASTAR is the funniest guy on the internet? Now there is a ringing endorsement. That is awesome NASTAR. The 2nd biggest troll thinks the 1st place troll is funny. Now that is the most hilarious thing I have ever heard. If there was any more prof needed that you are a douche. There it is!

Posted by: Real | Jul 8, 2014 7:41:11 PM

I actually believe Iron Man is the funniest man on the Internet. Appears to be unintentional. But funny nonetheless. Lobs and back door cuts. Clifford can't coach, Kemba sucks, etc. etc. Love it! So funny.

Posted by: Dan | Jul 8, 2014 8:22:21 PM

NASTAR. You really are a mess. The Hornets drafted Vonleh as an instance policy on Zeller? Give it a rest. No one had Vonleh available at 9. He obviously fell to them. There is no way they go PF if it was not for that. Ripping the team for bad moves is one thing. Every team makes them and the Hornets are no different. But just making up garbage like that is what puts you back into troll territory. Not sure why you get off on it. But it is clear you do.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 8, 2014 8:31:36 PM

Real....thank you very much buddy ;)

Iron man...we don't always agree but I respect your opinion and know you're a rational thinker who takes emotion out of the equation during analysis.

These slurpers, they get head over heels in love so fast it's just hilarious to watch, really kind of embarrassing when you get down to it...

Now Rashon, you're a big Shawty guy aren't you? Interesting trade scenario you present there....

....should it happen are Lin and Shawty in open competition for the starting PG spot? Is that a risk you want to take? Remember, Coach Cliff runs a merit based system....

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 8:33:38 PM

"The Hornets drafted Vonleh as an instance policy on Zeller?"

No, not an instance policy...an in-sur-ance policy.

What's the point? If you have that spot locked down with the #4 pick for the prior year why waste team resources on a duplicate pick?

Two possible reasons: 1. You're worried about your #4. 2. You're dumb as a stump.

Take your pick...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 8, 2014 8:43:08 PM


i was saying that diaw is worth more than mcroberts as evidenced by his larger contract by the champs. and his ring.

i'm not blaming mcroberts entirely for the offensive problems, but he handled the ball 2nd to kemba. kemba is the main culprit, but josh cant simultaneously be elite and contribute that little.

mkg can/will bring the playmaking - no need to respect the jumper when the guy is collapsing the defense on drives. the jumper will come with time. and he'll make enough to respect.

zeller won't average 5 assists per game or make a bunch of 3's, but he's a better scorer, rebounder, defender. adams and plumlee weren't asked to shoot jumpers only. check their dunk % before referring to their efficiency. check the amount of shots they created for themselves vs. assisted buckets. both are solid at what they do (just like biz) but they are products of westbrook/jackson/williams/livingston.

nastar - recheck the game tape and the numbers....zeller had better positive impact last year. and that was WITH the coach coaching to his weakness instead of strength (ton of jumpers, no post ups, few side PnRs. all of his shooting efficiencies wereseverely diluted by that and he STILL managed solid numbers for a rookie.

and they drafted vonleh because he was the best talent available. the kid isn't even 19 yet. it was more of an indictment of mcdermott than it was zeller.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 9, 2014 4:09:09 AM

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