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July 28, 2014

The NBA players union needs an agenda, then a leader

Here’s the basic problem with the NBA players union:

            For most of the last 20 years they have never really figured out their mission. Should they raise the bottom? Should they help the middle class? Should they expand the opportunity for the stars to make even more money?

            The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) cast off Billy Hunter a while ago. Hunter was a fiery orator in the classic “union first” profile. Yet all the time I watched his act, I’m not sure he ever did much for the vast majority of NBA players.

He acted angry and strident without getting much done. Shame on union membership for having been so taken in by rhetoric, rather than progress.

            Time to find an actual leader.  Yet I suspect from the in-fighting, not much real change is coming.

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This qualifies as news?

The Boobs can't afford the costs of doing business as they are...the last thing they need is a stronger players union.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 29, 2014 1:45:32 AM

Speaking of players and unions and contracts...

...what's up with Punch Drunk Hairston? Are the Boobs waiting to see what comes out of his August 8th court date in Durham before offering him a contract?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 29, 2014 1:47:25 AM

It's Douchestar! Able to post 2 meaningless negative comments at incredible speed. His ability to deliver unparalleled ignorance and hate at the Hornets is his main ability. Along with his uncanny knack to make Iron Girl laugh. He is Douchestar!

Posted by: Hornet Matt | Jul 29, 2014 6:15:57 AM

The union should get some lawyers who represent the majority of the players . This means the low level and mid level guys bc the stars are making way more money . The owners don't mind bc they're paying a disproportionate amount to a few superstars who along w their agents , control the union . But they don't play by themselves . Equally , they should demand some policy changes like the superstar class that are ruining the league ,causing distrust among the fans . The Cats were in most of those games . But you couldn't touch James or Wade while they could hammer the Cats . The only time the Heat didnt get superstar calls was when they got in the finals where it was called fairly . And look what happened . Something must be done to stop the big three stuff too bc it's stripping teams out in an attempt to get the superstar . Teams ship guys that have no business being shipped on a prayer that they may get the superstar when in fact only one can get him and most were only appeasing the fan base , knowing full well the superstar wasn't coming . Then the team rushes to sign bums overpaying them .
The league must have in place a juicing policy that's not a joke . There's too much evidence of oeds and roids use by superstars and others in the league . But for juicing , bc of the intense ,rigorous pace and running , most players would look like long distance runners , not w arms like Wwf wrestlers or football players . And bc they run faster for longer times , the heart damage and opportunity to collapse is much greater than in baseball or football , w the current juice on the market . Equally , these guys caught selling the stuff have to the man claimed top bb players , golfers and tennis players were as well their customers thru intermediaries . To be sure , some have been caught . Think Mayo , Lewis and Turkaloo . What you bet that James , Howard , Jordan and ones w yr long injuries w super human speed strength or quickness ain't juicing ? ( Rose and Westbrook ) . Look at James forehead . His squared off jaw . His incredible deltoid muscles . The fact that he had a rare jaw cancer removed that almost always comes from roids use . What 6 ft 8 guy has ever been that quick n explosive ? Is it fair to the guys that aren't juicing ? Look at Mayos arms now . Lol. Now it's claimed that some of the stuff enhances hand eye coordination . If so , that's totally unfair . More education about going broke should be implemented .
Say you make 60 million for 5 yrs . And you have a life expectancy of another 30 m at 22. You have a life expectancy of 60 yrs at that time . If you spend over 350, 000 a yr , you will go broke at some point bc you must pay taxes and the agent . These guys spend way more than that a yr buying tons of stuff for side girls , buddies and huge families . Most are broke in less than 5 yrs out of the league . These guys ain't eddy Murphy .

I could go on and on . The league injury policies ESP for traumatic brain injuries is a joke . I believe that Mkg suffered a serious Tbi and was allowed back way too soon . Bottom line , get some lawyers in their that aren't controlled by the top agents and 10 superstars . Jack up the league minimum . And mid level money , doping , favored rules and the lottery system too .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 29, 2014 7:58:07 AM

So now Bird and Riley wanted this guy. Pretty strong endorsement and Bird was willing to live with him for 5 years. Feeling better about this acquisition every day. We may now have an all-star talent to combine with and all-NBA player (probable all-star this year). Two all-stars. That has to bode well for the Hornets.

"But it doesn’t appear Stephenson bothered Miami to the extent that they wouldn’t want him on their team. Yes, that’s right. The Heat offered Stephenson a contract this offseason" according to ESPN’s Dan LeBatard.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 29, 2014 8:48:13 AM

Mike T., what are the details of the contract Miami offered?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 29, 2014 8:56:57 AM

You should probably ask Dan Lebatard. All I did is post information that illustrates they were both interested which appears to mean they were willing to put aside any concerns around how he would affect their team which seems to be the main concern people have here. Of course Indiana and Miami are more established, but it is still a positive sign. I am sure you will find a way to make this into a negative that Bird and Riley were interested. Which is why I prefer to post information as opposed to opinion. You can take issue with the actual source not me. I am sure Dan Lebatard is standing by for you to contradict or minimize his report in some way.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 29, 2014 9:37:38 AM

miami offered mcroberts' deal (full MLE) to stephenson. he obviously turned it down, but it made the point that the legit teams wanted the guy regardless of what everybody says about his so called "antics" which amounted to trash talk/agitation in a playoff series......aka business as usual for the nba.

we've seen reggie miller do worse.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 29, 2014 9:47:49 AM

The Cats averaged about 96 pts a game . Teams averaged a few % points higher against them . They must find a way to score more . Clifford said he wants to run more and as well find a way to get more scoring opportunities for Henderson . He should have included Mkg bc it's easy buckets that will increase scoring for the both of them . Lance has to be the key bc he can facilitate . His style will clash tho w the dump into Jefferson policy bc Jefferson dribbles his way into shots killing assists once he gets the ball . The Hornets have to get to league average in scoring which means more threes , transition and layups in the pick n roll half ct sets . Again , it's Lance who takes his time and is very deliberate . Like 12 seconds into the clock looking for cutters . ( I love it ) . Can't wait to see which style prevails . Ultimately , it will be Lances bc it will be layups and ones . Jefferson never gets to the line much relatively based upon his high USEAGE . Also , the implementation of a passing system which will lessen the dump into Jefferson policy . Like we see w the Spurs and Bulls . Freedom rings !! The Spurs averaged 8 pts a game more . The scoring has to pick up and not from the dump policy or high jacking from the pt gd .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 29, 2014 11:07:03 AM

Big Al is also an excellent shooter from 12 - 15'. Now that they have another option like Lance that can create his own shot, this will be very beneficial. Clifford ran the post offense because he needed to. He now has other options. The Hornets offense will improve simply with the flexibility Lance brings. The best part of this year will be the different lineup combinations. Also, halfcourt offense will not be as much of an issue. The defense with Lance and MKG will lead to many fast break opportunities. Another reason you will see improvement.

Posted by: Drew | Jul 29, 2014 12:51:09 PM

post up offense = good defense by way of no turnovers, less transition opportunities, and more energy to expend on the defensive end.

as drew mentioned.....it should be run & gun and when it's not there, post him up. it should definitely look something like the magic at their best with the 4 around howard and turkoglu (stephenson) running the offense. williams/zeller WILL look like an upgrade over mcroberts. less hair, less fancy passes, more real results.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 29, 2014 2:10:14 PM

Clifford always had options other than the dump into Jefferson . Just didnt use them or know how to . You must move the ball . Watch . Guys who deferred and were maligned ain't hearing that dump stuff . They know when you keep dumping , you grow cold and when you finally get it , you miss and get the blame . Ask guys at his other stops . They will shoot it . Watch what Mkg does . Y'all want to blame him . Well at least he's going to jack it if he has to sit . Kemba was three for a quarter . Anyone can do that . Mkg is going to jack it like he did in the Heat game . He's going to sit anyway . You want to bring a guy in and pay him 12 m a yr ok . Well watch this . I ain't watching these two get all the glory and me get the balm when I can't get the ball . I got to eat too. Get me somebody that can get me the damn ball or get me gone . Get me gone . Lol. I now how to board and fly . Watch . No more looking for shorty who gunna walk it up while my money is QO offer money is flying out the window . If I was playing w Paul , I would get dunks , lobs , back doors , dimes on the break . True love . Y'all think ima punk ? You bring this chump in and pay him to leave Utah ? What y'all draft me for ? Get me the ball or get me outta here . Get me gone . Lol.

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 29, 2014 4:29:59 PM

I'd much rather talk about the basketball side of basketball, or the mythos of the Hornets, than about business and unions.

That sounds more like work. I don't know about you, but my interest in the NBA is escaping from all that.

That said, the article was about unions and such, so I'll hold off on talking about the shooting range of my favorite Hornets players.

Posted by: Jeff | Jul 29, 2014 6:16:24 PM

Don't be so sure about Lance creating his own shot . He doesn't get to the line as much as Henderson does . Neither is he as quick or as explosive off the dribble . Hibbert came out and set many a high ball screens gir him to free him up . Good luck w Jefferson remotely doing the same or ever coming out that high to do anything . Equally , the first game I attended , I noticed how difficult Jeffersons camping out clogs the driving lanes . He commands doubles so more defenders around him , make it worse . Worse , he comes across on the weak side looking for the ball w his greedy ass . And worse than that , teammates spent way too much time trying to force feed him taking more time away from getting themselves into a groove , Rhytm or ability to dribble drive . It's a mess . This will piss Lance off to no end . I would have waived him off or out the way or called a timeout and yelled at Clifford to handle this bc I ain't being the scapegoat . The press acts like these two are the only guys on the team not knowing how much they hog the ball . I can't wait till Lance sees this stuff . He ain't gunna be soft like the wings and stand mute . But to say he will create his own shot is short sighted bc of the aforesaid . It's a new day . I can't wait . I will be at the first game looking at the game within the game . Watching what Kemba does when he doesn't have the ball ( screening , moving like Parker , swinging it when he gets it instead of jacking it upon its return to him etc ) . When Lance sees the dump policy up front , first hand , growing colder by the minute , seeing one , two , three times in a row the ball being dumped inside or Jefferson sulking and calling for it which is just as distractful , what's he going to do ? Lmfao . What ? Blow in his ear ? Lmfao .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 29, 2014 6:51:29 PM

^^^seriously. How often do you get high?

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 29, 2014 7:47:59 PM

"...they were both interested which appears to mean they were willing to put aside any concerns around how he would affect their team..."

Compete and utter BS. If they were truly interested Looney Lance would be playing for one or the other, not the Boobs.

Face it slurpers, the Boobs are the last resort. Looney Lance and his moronic agent threw down a foolish gauntlet which no other team was willing to cross, other than the Boobs.

Think about it, the Boobs were the high bidder...

...you know what they say, if you can't spot the sucker, it's you.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 29, 2014 10:48:43 PM

"miami offered mcroberts' deal (full MLE) to stephenson."

Can you prove that? Care to provide some numbers?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 29, 2014 10:50:26 PM

pat riley said it himself. just effing google search it. there's like 9238745902348750298374509283745234 sources quoting riley as saying it.

dallas offered 2 years 20 million pending parsons being matched. indiana offered 44 over 5.

he thought he'd get more, we lucked up and got the guy for cheap. you don't start on a final 4 team on accident. courtney lee is the closest thing to an exception, but that dude played great ball that year.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 29, 2014 11:44:43 PM

Prove it....

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 29, 2014 11:52:52 PM

"miami offered mcroberts' deal (full MLE) to stephenson."

Prove it. Put some numbers to it piker...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 30, 2014 12:07:23 AM

dude do you not know how to use google? type in "lance stephenson miami offer"

stop being lazy.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 30, 2014 3:01:09 AM

It's Douchestar! Has the keen ability to be the most predictable troll on the internet. Can disregard legitimate information with incredible speed. Can instantly make up facts to support his arguments. Can turn any positive posts into a negative. In desperate situations screams "prove it" to confuse his enemies. It's Douchestar! Lmao. Not to be confused with his brother Hatestar and cousin Dumbstar. Though they are very close. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Posted by: Hornet Matt | Jul 30, 2014 6:31:49 AM

Daniel . I'm a bb junkie . I don't het high . Last time was in hs , many moons ago . I get high about as much as you and some others post a bb related comment which is basically never . And the fact that you brought it up tells me you get high a lot and thus not paid a lot .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 30, 2014 8:18:44 AM

Bottom line is not many Gms were going to risk messing w Lance . And for sure , not going to pay him a lot . It's doubtful the Mavs wer paying him 20 m or much at all bc they had Monta who not only is a higher scoring sg but passes just as well . The Mavs in fact were one of the first teams that said they had no interest in him . People claimed that his agent who was his cousin and in over his head started rumors about certain teams wanting him to drive up his low interest . Some of this low interest may not have Ben his fault . These Gms are territorial and talk . Who knows what Larry and co said in private on the phone about him . And Taking a chance on Lance can get you fired . Equally , his strengths in ball handling and rebounding wil be reduced here and were always inflated . Gms know this . He's not going to be an 18 a nite real star, Scorer unless he becomes a volume shooter like Kemba . He's here now . I'm praying that he takes over the ball handling and reduces kembas responsibilities there where he's failed miserably . Some day , some time a real pt gd will get here . Watch the vigor , bounce , zeal etc in the step of the other players who know finally they're going to get the ball on the break and in half ct sets . It will be like day and night . Too bad Cho whos never played bb can't see it . All he has to do is look at The Suns . The same Suns who came in here and ran the Cats out the gym w their little ass pt gd but one who knows how to make teammates better . Really better .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 30, 2014 8:34:32 AM

Ot. I live in two states . It's been reported that 1 in 4 gas stations have calibrated pumps . I'm here in Fla now and three stations ,all of the same brand were just caught . The stations were pretty close to each other too . To check , put ten gallons in and total up the price . If it's not what's advertised per gallon , you got cheated . The Hornets are cheating us bc we don't have a facilitating pt gd . What fun it would be to see the true game to the fullest .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 30, 2014 8:46:28 AM

how insane are you people? connecting gas prices and point guards.......what the eff is wrong with you.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 30, 2014 10:57:48 AM

There is zero evidence Miami ever made Looney Lance any offer at all.

As for clttn's fictional offer/assertion...

"miami offered mcroberts' deal (full MLE) to stephenson."

...the MLE deal McRoberts got is worth about $5.7 million per for 4 years.

Even if this had happened it clearly wasn't a credible offer and is irrelevant.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 30, 2014 11:24:13 AM

fictional? type the words into google as instructed and a million credible sources come back. quoting riley.

like i have said a million times. contending teams offered everything they had. indiana offered him everything they could at 12:01 am. we got lucky that he fell into our lap in the game of musical chairs that played out but he was offered plenty of chairs.

like i said.....dallas 2 years 10 million. indiana 5 years 44 million. etc. etc. etc.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 30, 2014 12:14:29 PM

"a million credible sources come back. quoting riley."

Post one.

"dallas 2 years 10 million."

Didn't happen.

" indiana 5 years 44 million."

This one he should have taken.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 30, 2014 1:15:29 PM

It's Douchestar. Can post anything as proof and refute anything you post as lack of proof faster than a stroke of his key board or a stroke of Iron Girl. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Douchestar is obviously consulting with his cousin Dumbstar. Hatestar must be an important interplanetary mission. Go Douchestar Go!

Posted by: Hornet Matt | Jul 30, 2014 1:39:21 PM

DUDE TYPE IT INTO GOOGLE. stop being so effing lazy. i'm not spoon feeding you - it's all RIGHT THERE. check yahoo, check twitter, check rick bonnell, check dan le batard, check dwain price, check sam amick, check wojo check chris sheridan. ask pat riley. ask donnie nelson. they said it, not me.

i'm not talking about rumors or opinions, i'm talking about facts. real things that happened.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 30, 2014 1:48:41 PM

The accolades continue to flow in. Ready for the opener....

"In the meantime McRoberts went to the Heat. Cho went and targeted Marvin Williams to take that spot. Williams had spent a year with Jefferson in Utah, so it was a good fit. Williams could help build the bridge to the time when Vonleh was ready. Cho also went out and got Brian Roberts, who had played a lot for the Pelicans, to backup Kemba. Again, this was a point were Cho could have rested, secure in the knowledge that the Hornets were better than last year.

Yet he didn’t. Cho and Jordan went out and got Lance Stephenson to fill that offensive and defensive gap between Kemba Walker and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Cho even got him on something of a discount considering where rumors put his salary number during the 2013 Playoffs. So the Hornets are armed with a number of rotation players. It is out of Cho’s hands now. It is Clifford who will have turn them into a viable basketball product.

It is so nice to have competent front office work again. And that is why Rich Cho won the off-season."

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 30, 2014 2:37:38 PM

"quoting riley."

Oh I typed it in, doesn't exist. You made it up...

...just like you made up the $90 million "China offer" for Looney Lance.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 30, 2014 2:40:24 PM

Hey what's up with Punch Drunk Hairston and his contract? Are the Boobs waiting to see what's comes out of Punchy's August 8th court date before offering him a deal?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 30, 2014 2:42:15 PM

Hey Mike T., who made up that load of BS?

Don't see Zeller Dweller mentioned....they give up on him?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 30, 2014 2:46:06 PM

dan le batard.

you are HORRIBLE at life. your batting average on being right is about half of dan uggla's. keep denying facts dude.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 30, 2014 2:48:58 PM

So Rick what should the player's union agenda be in your opinion?

I gotta say I also missed the connection between gas prices and the Hornets...price fixing?

Posted by: Rob Butler | Jul 30, 2014 5:49:03 PM

Now you know why I try to stay away from posting my opinion. Even legitimate reporters get discredited around here. Lebatard is a good source especially for South Florida sports.

What happened to Zeller? Might have to ask the author. Before you request, I will follow Charlotteans lead. Please handle your own research. Thank you.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 30, 2014 10:30:52 PM

You don't need to look for reports from the front office or from other reporters about Zeller . Look at what's directly in front of you . They saw him in the summer league . He didnt dominate despite this being his second stint . In fact , he didnt do as well as his first yr but I can't be sure as I didnt watch every second of his play . For sure , he got pushed around and continued to struggle on offense and defense bc of a lack of strength and bulk . And that's in the summer league not w the real opponents . The kid is highly skilled . He can play inside and out , block shots , dribble drive and pass from the foul line to cutters , plus handle and screen . He does everything but nothing really well to the level of a starter ESP an above league average starter . If they thought he were ready why would you add Vonleh and Williams ? ESP when you have bigger holes .

I like him but I expected him to bulk up more than he has to not get knocked down when he drives , pushed around underneath battling for boards , holding position when playing on ball defense etc . Now I'm told he was pushed around and didnt shine at all when playing on that team against the stars amassed for those national games . Mj wants to win now . He's not waiting . He's been maligned too long . Charlotteans prayers for developing these guys are falling on totally deaf ears . These guys are being moved out one by one . Bb . Mkg . McRoberts . Henderson . Zeller . The one that remains is the one that never should have been given the keys and the first one removed from his position . In fact , switching him out w the now disgruntled Bledsoe would have improved and saved each and every one of the aforesaid players inc Bb . But Chos worst talent is not knowing bb fundamentals but not understanding how players fit . I doubt Cho ever even played dodge ball in grammar school . I doubt most of these advanced analytics guys have who are ruling and ruining these teams have . A sg running point . Lmfao . Where you chumps w the bet ? Y'all can come w the jokes but only one guy has stepped up . If the HORNETS are so great , I'm so wrong and stupid then why not take the easy money ? Put your money where your mouth is . As long as Kemba is running the point , the Hornets will never ever get out the first round . Ever . He will go back to to what he knows .. Volume shooting setting himself up only , dominating the ball outside the dump policy and playing lousy defense letting guys in the lane all game . Bledsoe wants out now . He doesn't like the negotiations . Get him at all costs . Bledsoe , Henderson and Lance ( sf ) will compete w any perimeter offense and defense in the nba . If Henderson isn't shipped to get something for him when he walks , he will be in the lineup bc he will continue to improve his arc shooting as he's done each yr , his defense is elite , he gets to the line 4 times a game which is better then Lance or Mkg , he's smarter and a better scorer than Lance or Mkg showing he can put up 18 , if given the ball and his lanes aren't clogged . Lance is the better rebounder , passer and ball handler but not scorer bc he's not as good a finisher , not as quick in first step , poor mid range shooter and no better arc shooter . Lance played in a passing system too which benefitted him which he won't see here bc of the dump policy so don't expect him to put up 20 . It wil take time to adjust as it did Kemba and Henderson . Henderson still hasn't adjusted completely bc he's not a true catch n shoot guy ESP bc Kemba knows zero about getting the ball in Ryhtm to a teammate . Dunlap used Henderson better w the curls and way more ball screens together w the two man game w McRoberts . All that went out the window w Clifford and the dump policy . Pop would have kept both . In any event , Bledsoe , Henderson , Lance , Williams and Jefferson will beat any team in the East outside of the top two . ESP w the deepest bench in the nba which won't lose leads and push the hell out of the starters .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 31, 2014 9:09:26 AM

"Now you know why I try to stay away from posting my opinion. Even legitimate reporters get discredited around here. Lebatard is a good source especially for South Florida sports."

So post a link "quoting Riley"...

...betcha can't ; 0)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 31, 2014 10:24:27 AM

i bet I have a list of 10 links right here that do and that you can't find any of them because you are utterly worthless at life.

i bet even ironman could find one of these articles or tweets. or video for that effing matter.

you have zero credibility on here. you are a broken record saying the same BS over and over again to the point that even when you are on the right side of an argument......you discredit it because you are wrong so often about everything. and you NEVER reference facts. just absorbed with your hatred of MJ.

everything you have said would never happen has happened. you simultaneously say he doesn't have enough money to fund the franchise when we are NEVER at the bottom of the league in payroll all while taking losses in basketball operations. you ignore that those figures don't include other related income streams that go to the team. they amnestied thomas. they got 5 top 10 picks in the last 5 years.....almost all of them defensive minded gamer types.

they hire the coach you like yet in your world they won't pay to keep him. I mentioned that it wasn't unreasonable to expect the lakers to INQUIRE about clifford given him having worked for the team previously and them needing a new coach badly.......you went nuts with that and took it to a completely different level acting as though clifford will command a 7 million a year salary.

show me all of the coaches making that kind of money. show me the fingers of theirs that don't have championship rings on them.

you are wrong about LITERALLY ALMOST EVERYTHING you type. you epitomize the embarrassment that charlotte sports fans are to people like myself when traveling.

agree that you are wrong. for once. you are NEVER able to prove any of your ridiculous arguments and consistently ask for links to other peoples arguments and when they are always provided - you just ignore it. never providing your own.

i was unable to provide a link about lance's 5 year 90 million offer. because you asked for it like a month after it was first read. I have no idea where i read it but i know i wouldn't have given an eff about it if it didn't come from a credible source: his agent. that's not to say it happened. that's to say his agent 100% sure said it to someone credible.

let's see how many of these 10 links (or any of the plenty others) you can come up with. proving time fella.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 31, 2014 11:40:48 AM

Nastars . Forget about Hornet mess . He's a clown and has never ever posted anything about bb . Know this too . You have a following on another site . I've seen stuff you've posted there w guys laughing hard at your comments in response to many of the slurpers you battle here . Some of these guys here do know bb to a degree but for the most part many do not and publish typical fan bs . Your wit is is entertaining together w a good grasp of front office dealings which I admit I know zero about . Keep up the good work . It's a shame a brilliant guy like Charloteean takes the low road as to you bc it should be below him . He's not a clown like a worthless Hornet mess .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 31, 2014 11:43:04 AM

Not a big fan of Hornet Matt, but your prove its and betcha cant's are sad. That is lame tactic when you feel insecure about something you posted.

So you have Cho or Clifford saying the drafted Vonleh because they lost faith in Zeller? Can't wait to see all your GM or coached sourced comments moving forward. Make sure you don't use reporters.

now you can get back you your highly intelligent "prove it's, betcha cant or knew you couldn't" Bravo!

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 31, 2014 11:43:40 AM

no matter who we drafted with that pick........they had to play a position we didn't need.

you draft mcdermott........did you lose faith in mkg and taylor?

you draft stauskus.......stephenson & henderson?

you draft payton and it's kemba. you draft nurkic and it's jefferson and biz.

there was no pick that would have made that guy shut the eff up because everything mj does is wrong. 6 championships is wrong. scoring titles, MVPs, all nba, all defensive, HofF, GOAT by all standards.....wrong. buying the bobcats wrong. keeping them in charlotte wrong. hiring cho wrong. rebuilding properly after starting disastrously, wrong. building with youth, wrong. doing everything right on the community side to appease anybody and everybody in town.........wrong.

nothing that they ever do will appease this dude. which is what makes the term "troll" applicable for him - when comically it has been used on others (myself included) countless times incorrectly.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 31, 2014 1:15:14 PM

Who cares? I watch sports for the same reason I read this blog....entertainment. Don't let it get to you man....let's try and enjoy the very recent trend of this franchise towards not being completely effed.

Posted by: Rob Butler | Jul 31, 2014 3:24:48 PM

Charlotean . You sound like you've lost it . The Hornets needed a player at every position except sg . A starting pt gd that facilitates, scores wo being a horrific volume shooter ( Kemba shot 35% from the field after the break ) and a bigger one in size who plays defense and help defense . Or a back up pt gd . They needed a two way veteran sf who can spread the floor and average 13 pts a game at least . They needed a two way pf that could score at least 13 q game ,reb , play help defense , spread and block shots . They needed a back up center that's a two way player that could play meaningful minutes rather than spell Jefferson until he gets his wind back . Neither draft pick fills any of those requirements . He's correct in complaining . Don't act like Cho has worked wonders w drafting . What pundit hasn't killed his picks ? And what have they done other than get outplayed by guys drafted behind them for starters ? The front office lied about rebuilding , developing etc or at least changed up in mid stream . They have pretty much tossed the entire lot of them they picked outside Kemba in the trash bin who should be the first one in the bin bc he can't run the point . So come on w every claim he's made was wrong . If someone said that about you , I'd reply in kind as well .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 31, 2014 4:23:08 PM

^^^You completely missed the point. and it was not even close.

Posted by: Mike T. | Jul 31, 2014 5:00:15 PM

i'm not at all surprised that he of all people missed the point. between him and the honeycomb floor guy.....it's like dealing with indigenous people.

on basketball related subjects......jason terry wants to be traded....sacramento wants to save some money....... gary neal and pargo for terry? doesn't add ANYTHING talent wise but it swaps 2 guys who won't play for 1 guy who won't play but could do a world of good for kemba and others with his championship pedigree. would be a good veteran presence (assuming he's ok with not playing or hardly playing - which is going to happen just about anywhere he goes barring injuries).

if kemba were to get hurt.....i'd like having terry a lot more than pargo. i like neal but barring more trades/injuries.....he shouldn't see the floor at all.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 31, 2014 5:31:10 PM

1 - they didn't need a backup center, they have a GREAT young backup center who hate elite rebound/shot blocking/fg% and PPP numbers. he's not a go-to offensive player, but he is an efficient offensive player who also sets a ton of screens and gets a TON of offensive boards.

not to mention all the things that don't show up in the box score......run back the tape of last year. i don't think anybody in the league drew a higher rate of rebounding fouls on his opponent than biz. dude got us countless extra possessions by working in the trenches. none of what he does is pretty. all of it is necessary to win. would it be nice if the guy was more skilled with the ball? sure. it would be nice if every player was perfect. it would be nice if jefferson did half of what biz did, also.

on top of all that, we drafted vonleh......does he not qualify as a backup big man? he's only an inch shorter than dwight howard. and he's 18 which means he could potentially add that inch. even better vertical than howard, although he gives it back in lack of reach. just as tall as jefferson and more athletic.

i don't get where some of you get these arguments from.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 31, 2014 5:42:55 PM

Wait a minute....if you're a charlottean...are you not indigenous?

Don't get mad, I know what you meant....

Posted by: Rob Butler | Jul 31, 2014 5:43:03 PM

If you had even 1 link hohd5 post it....LOL.

Looove all the insults, I win ; 0)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 31, 2014 5:44:41 PM

That should be "you'd"...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 31, 2014 5:46:29 PM

Terry washed up . Can't play defense , lazy , can't pass or play pt gd . What did he do at his stop w the Nets ? Nothing .

I loved King James . My favorite player . Hated the stupid stuff Lance was doing to him . But shipping Wiggins out is dirty . I hope Lance does what ever he needs to do to stop him and get under his skin . I want the Hornets to bust up the Cavs . Eff King James . He's gotton too big . At least we all can agree that the Hirnets will have a team to take him down . I want Kemba to go at Kyrie like he does . Jefferson to pound Anderson into submission . Henderson to have his way w Waiters . Mkg to freak on King James to pay him back for that 60 . Turn em loose . The Hornets bench is much better . Riles said King James never returned his texts in free agency . Classless punk . Can't wait to see Hornets v Cavs .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 31, 2014 5:51:58 PM

they aren't insults, they're just facts dude. i know you hate them.

everybody already googled it and saw the links. you are the only one in denial who can't do the same. i'm the guy with the credibility of always backing up my arguments with evidence. you're the other guy.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 31, 2014 5:56:11 PM

"i'm the guy with the credibility of always backing up my arguments"


1. You can't back up the "$90 million" China "offer".

2. You cant back up the " Riley quoted" on Looney Lance "MLE offer" by Heat.

You made up both, and can't back up either....LMAO.

Iron man, what site are you referencing there? Same site where some a-holes piled on vs. you before? If you wanna go back over there and wear those POS's out just lemme know, I'm in.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 31, 2014 7:01:02 PM

"your prove its and betcha cant's are sad. That is lame tactic when you feel insecure about something you posted."

Zero to do with anything I posted and everything to do with the fiction you and clttn spew...

Post a link, now...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 31, 2014 7:06:25 PM

2 - i can most definitely back up. 1 i cannot find. does not make it false. i read a quote from the guy's agent when they were asking him why he declined.

you didn't ask about it the first time i referenced it - when i probably could have found it. you asked almost a month later. during free agency. like looking for an intelligent person in this haystack of a blog. or like looking for a fact in all of your ramblings.

compare that to your resume? hilarious. there aren't 5 others that haven't found where riley was either quoted or listed as the source and saying that he offered lance the MLE before going to mcroberts next. he even said in the ish that they went with josh because they wanted to take some playmaking pressure off lebron. HOW ARE YOU STILL DENYING THAT THIS HAPPENED?! please ask somebody in miami......THEY ALL KNOW it happened.

you're the same guy that said kemba would be out of the league, tyrus would never get amnestied, they wouldn't make the playoffs, that jordan couldn't afford to fund the team, etc. etc. the same guy that doesn't know that "basketball operations" does not include all of the income for the team. and you're the guy that supposedly got fired from there, no? i wonder why.....

I bet the house your name is hugh madson.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 31, 2014 7:13:20 PM

It's Douchester! Has more inside info than nationally known sports reporters. Can discredit legitimate info with a single key stroke. Can be proven wrong over and over but can still claim to be right. Can overcome mistakes by screaming "prove it or betcha can't" It's Douchestar! Way to go Douchestar. Proving his ignorance one comment at a time. There it is. His tag line! Lmao.

Posted by: Hornet Matt | Jul 31, 2014 7:29:45 PM

Nastars .. Yeah I want to go back over there . But most of them clamor for my return I'm told . There's 4 I hate w a passion and want to rip . Just not now bc I'm traveling back n forth now . But during the season . They have some good guys there that know bb . But no one could cover your front office mastery or your wit . It would be fun . The way you do these guys here for the most part is like an older brother holding his kid brother by the head and the kid keeps swinging and missing bc he's too little . His arms are too short to box w the master . Lol. Even those guys over there were getting a big kick out of it ,reporting stuff ( some of my stuff too ) .

Ima try to ignore Hornet Mess . My profession before I retired dealt w traumatic brain injured patients . I handled over a thousand of them , thru litigation . I believe Hornet Mess is a child or a young adult suffering from dull normal intelligence . If so , it would explain a number of things going on w him . If so , going light on him would be taking the high road bc he's actually never once posted anything remotely of substance as to bb . Nothing . Ever .

Posted by: Iron man | Jul 31, 2014 9:50:54 PM

"you didn't ask about it the first time i referenced it - when i probably could have found it."

Fool, it's Al Gore's internets...these thing don't just go away -- you made it up, never happened.

"there aren't 5 others that haven't found where riley was either quoted or listed as the source."

Hahaha....now you're trying to obfuscate by saying "listed as the source".

Let me refresh your memory as to exactly what you said: "a million credible sources come back. quoting riley."

You can't provide one, 1, o-n-e. Not ONE.

Any slurpers want to step up and save charlottean, the indigenous one?!?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 31, 2014 10:31:09 PM

Iron man, just say the word....ready when you are.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Jul 31, 2014 10:31:58 PM

From Sports Illustrated. I am sure it is not enough since now it seems reports don't count anymore only quotes from GM's.

"The Miami Heat have reached out to restricted free agent Lance Stephenson, according to a report from ESPN's Dan LeBatard.

The Heat's interest in adding the shooting guard may come as a surprise to some after Stephenson's antics as a member of the Indiana Pacers during last season's Eastern Conference Finals versus Miami, which included blowing into LeBron James' ear. Miami is currently working on trying to retain James, as well as other Big Three members Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

The Pacers offered Stephenson a five-year, $44 million contract earlier this month in hopes of getting the 23-year-old to return to Indiana, but he reportedly was unhappy with the offer and has been exploring the market. The Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics have all also shown interest in the guard, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard. "

Posted by: Mike T. | Aug 1, 2014 6:21:44 AM

"But it doesn’t appear Stephenson bothered Miami to the extent that they wouldn’t want him on their team. Yes, that’s right. The Heat offered Stephenson a contract this offseason" according to ESPN’s Dan LeBatard.

Dan Lebatard or NASTAR? Hmmm. That us a tough one as to who might have more insight, but I would have to go with Lebatard. His bio is just slightly more credible.

Posted by: Mike T. | Aug 1, 2014 6:30:53 AM

Mike T., there are no "quotes from Riley" in any of those passages you posted.

So this statement from clttn remains false and wholly unsupported: "a million credible sources come back. quoting riley."

Nor are there any numbers in those passages.

So this statement from clttn also remains false and completely unsupported: "miami offered McRoberts' deal (full MLE) to stephenson."

Heck, those passages don't even quote LeBatard...

...so you are correct, they are not enough.

Again, even if the Heat did offer Looney Lance the MLE deal McRoberts signed such actions wouldn't constitute a credible offer...

...but it would signal that the Heat have such grave concerns about Looney Lance's mental instability and divisive nature they'd only offer him a deal worth a fraction of what the fool at the table (Boobs) was willing to pay.

(and to think the Boobs believe they got a "bargain"....hahahaha!)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Aug 1, 2014 9:09:14 AM

But doesn't he ask where's the quote from Riles ? Isn't Lebatard the clown who has his dad on his show ? His dad is as loony as some of you guys . This is what you will have to deal w over at that other site Nastars , so fasten your seat belt . I was told they think that losing McRoberts would reduce the defensive schemes bc he as the Pf , would no longer be there to direct the players on defense . Guys read stuff like that and buy into it . This is so wrong in many ways . McRoberts had no exclusive on directing the defense . Clifford stood at half ct and did it all game . You could hear him yelling assignments . Losing McRoberts who was terrible if not horrific w on ball defense will improve the defensive schemes by itself more than moderately . Williams isn't the brightest tool in the set but he can do the same bc it's basically encouraging guys to get places bc they're lazy or tiring rather than not knowing where to rotate or who should rotate . It is imp to know who's assignment it is to rotate out or who should switch or stay w the ball handler on a pick n roll . But you don't have to tell Henderson , Mkg or Lance that , they're ahead of you and the game . They get to places before the player does when they're at full bore . It's guys off the bench or Kemba . Jefferson is a waste of time bc he's not moving an inch . But one guy will post it and most will run w it unless someone w some bb playing experience corrects it . When I first got there , they were running w Pat Ewing being the next coach . I was shocked and realized these guys had never spoken to any real players , ex players , coaches or pundits . Not a one . If so , they would have known how silly that was . When I corrected them , they vilified me . I told them even tho he was being considered and he was the friend of Mj , there was zero chance of he being the head coach . And why . Later he pulled his name . Lol. You face this here w these guys every single day . Sorry I can't help bc I know zero about the front office . But such ignorance compels me to keep my mouth shut unlike many here .

Posted by: Iron man | Aug 1, 2014 9:25:24 AM

No worries Iron man. As you so aptly described before...this is child's play. Keeping these slurper drones at bay with one hand and at the same time building a ship in the bottle with the other just isn't a problem ;0)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Aug 1, 2014 10:06:40 AM

Lmfao !!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Iron man | Aug 1, 2014 10:10:58 AM

Nastar .. Why is there only one taker of the bet ? Should I sweeten the pot w two tickets to the the Cavs game along w dinner for two at the grand buffet they have ? The food is delicious . It's almost as good as the buffet at any Ritz . Don't these guys want us to leave for a month or a yr ? What's wrong here ?

Posted by: Iron man | Aug 1, 2014 10:16:19 AM

dude are you still on page 1? you can't dig just a LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTLE DEEPER?

come on.

and no the internet doesn't disappear, but when you search lance stephenson there are MILLIONS of articles so for me to find the one where his agent said that about the offer is something I don't have the time to investigate. I read it, I posted it right after I read it.....nobody said anything. I remembered it weeks later......you asked for the source.....couldn't find it. Notice how I was immediately honest about it.

Notice how i'm steadfast in saying that I have articles where riley is QUOTED saying he went after lance and the author sources riley in saying that they offered the MLE to lance and they immediately laughed at the offer and they moved on to josh mcroberts.

but yea....i'm the guy making ish up. that completely jives with everything I type on here.

because miami never offered lance the MLE, right? it never happened, right? just like everything else you deny. just like dallas didn't offer 2 years 20 million and indiana didn't offer 44 over 5. he never got a single credible offer, right?

i guess he never started on back to back eastern conference finals teams, too then. no way that a 24 year old with his resume deserves 9 a year, right?

there is no other word other than delusional that applies to you.

Posted by: charlottean | Aug 1, 2014 10:56:07 AM

you should check it out the FBI profile type for people like yourself - would probably be a startling look in the mirror.

Posted by: charlottean | Aug 1, 2014 12:06:20 PM

Hey Rick,

Anything on the rumor of Charlotte/Denver trade? Hornets will send Biyombo, Neal and 2nd Round Pick for Nuggets Wilson Chandler and Timofey Mozgov. Denvers apparently like the salary cap relief, while Hornets add significant depth to their bench. Any news on that?

Posted by: Go Hornets! | Aug 1, 2014 12:41:19 PM

So let me get this clear. You have said that the Bobcats drafted Vonleh because they are losing faith in Zeller. Can you produce any quotes supporting that?

Betcha can't. (Only wrote that to show how stupid and moronic it sounds) How lame.

So no more posts without front office quotes. That is really going to cut down your work here.

You better untie your other hand. Not looking very good for you right now.

Posted by: Mike T. | Aug 1, 2014 1:13:27 PM

"So let me get this clear. You have said that the Bobcats drafted Vonleh because they are losing faith in Zeller. Can you produce any quotes supporting that?"

It's a theory, a supposition, a logical explanation. If you can't differentiate between that sort of thing and factual statements like "Lance had a $90 million offer from China" and "Riley is quoted (a million times) about offering the MLE to Lance", well...

...there's not much that can be done to help you.

clttn, stop whining and provide something, anything, to back up your assertions...

...need I remind you:

"miami offered McRoberts' deal (full MLE) to stephenson."

"a million credible sources come back. quoting riley."


Recently someone asked what you do for a living and how you could spend so much time on this and you said you were a fan, a local, and very efficient and it was really no big deal and didn't take much of your time...

...yet with all that efficiency and knowledge you can't provide one single shred of proof to back up your "$90 million" and "Riley quoted MLE Lance" assertions?


Posted by: NASTAR99 | Aug 1, 2014 1:30:57 PM

If you have full faith and credit in Zeller , then you wouldn't have drafted Vonleh . Period . And ?Zeller games gap has holes . Vonleh will be a top pf / c in 5 yrs playing both ends . Being much stronger than Zeller . There's too many holes to fill to draft Vonleh if they thought
Zeller was going to be a top pf in 5 yrs . Vonleh is Bosh . If the roles were reversed , Zeller would not have been taken . He's weak and may never be more than a top reserve . I consider you too smart to not know any of this Mike t. Stop faking . You know bb .

Posted by: Iron man | Aug 1, 2014 2:28:52 PM

Some guys that know bb on this site even if they think I'm stupid which they know is not the case . Sandy , Nastars , Charlotean , Mike t , Jeff , Rob and a few others that names escape me . They feign ignorance sometimes to avoid giving Nastars credit but that's life .

Posted by: Iron man | Aug 1, 2014 2:34:35 PM

there is a difference between can't and simply not doing it. you clearly don't know how to find credible information and i'm waiting to see if you can change that or not. would be a big step for you. you might understand to stop arguing against facts and reality.

you can't provide evidence of anything. you link to rumors and irrelevant information all the time. you base your opinions on NOTHING. i base my opinions on facts, logic and reality.

you are arguing that things that happened, didn't. you do it all the time just to agitate people (and fail doing so - no matter how much you think otherwise). like i said.....the fbi has a profile for people like you and that isn't something to be proud of.

as for the denver rumor.......doesn't make sense for us. it's a lateral move that's more expensive and doesn't (as asserted) improve our bench. chandler isn't the shooter neal is and mosgov isn't the shot blocker biyombo is. i like mosgov a lot but he's a lot older than biyombo so we'd be giving up on a prospect who is basically as good as the guy that already is what he'll always be. neal's playoff experience trumps either of those players'.

Posted by: charlottean | Aug 1, 2014 2:34:46 PM

credit for what? - you aren't doing much to dispute everyone's perception of you.

Posted by: charlottean | Aug 1, 2014 2:46:30 PM

So let me get this straight NASTAR. You believe that Miami made Stepehnson an offer? That was where this started. I posted Lebatards report and you disputed it.

It is comical how Iron Man finds humor in your circular arguments. First you say no one else offered Lance. Then when proven wrong it becomes about how much he was offered. That is fine, but it is funny how only Iron Man can't see through it.

Posted by: Mike T. | Aug 1, 2014 3:02:54 PM

"You believe that Miami made Stepehnson an offer?"

Nope, not a credible one....but would love to be proven wrong.

"First you say no one else offered Lance."

I did no such thing.

"I posted Lebatards report..."

You did no such thing.

"there is a difference between can't and simply not doing it."

Not for you, in this case exactly the same...you won't because you can't.

Ok, here's another Slurper Challenge, make that 2!

1. If any of you slurper drones can post a link an article/credible source quoting Pat Riley saying he offered Looney Lance the MLE I will go away for a month.

2. If any of you slurper lemmings can post a link to an article/credible source saying Looney Lance had a $90 million contract offer out of China I will tack on another month.

There's 2 months free of reality for you morons, bring it on ;)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Aug 1, 2014 5:30:58 PM

Seriously. Are you mentally challenged? Dan Lebatard issued a report that Miami offered Lance. It has literally been reported by multiple outlets. Are you really disputing that? You might be more delusional than Charlottean suspects. I never brought up Riley. That is not even relevant. Glad to know GM's are quoted on every player they offer. Get a life man. You really need one. Credible sources reported Miami offered, Dallas Offered and Indiana offered.

Iron Man. You really think denying credible media sources is funny? I was holding out hope for you. But some dude talking in circles and lying is not the least bit entertaining. He was clearly embarrassed when Miami's offer went public and went into back track spin mode. Hard not to see that.

Posted by: Mike T. | Aug 1, 2014 5:57:24 PM

And let's not forget this is what we are really talking about. Might be good for you to absorb this.....

"In this sense, Stephenson, 23, is a tremendous addition to this culture. Gasoline on the proverbial fire. The notion of he and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, 20, playing alongside one another is tantalizing. Two young, shutdown perimeter defenders coming of age together. That’s an embarrassment of riches for a franchise that’s spent a lot of time collecting food stamps.

And while the Stephenson we saw in 2013-14 would be a capital-G great fit in Charlotte, the team will probably get an even better version. The guard is clearly ascendant. He’s improved across the board statistically in each season he’s been in the NBA. He won’t turn 24 until September.

It’s not difficult, mapping Stephenson’s trajectory, to imagine him posting something like 16 points, eight rebounds and five assists per night for the Hornets in 2014-15, along with a field-goal percentage that hovers around 50 percent.

With that caliber of contribution from Stephenson, coupled with the continued steady play of Al Jefferson and improvements from Kidd-Gilchrist and Kemba Walker, Charlotte should better its 43-39 record last season and could even contend for a top-four spot in the still shoddy East."

Posted by: Mike T. | Aug 1, 2014 6:17:27 PM

hahahahahahaha you won't go anywhere and you know it. and you're issuing a challenge to back out of the challenge that was already issued to you. just admit you are wrong.

"it's still not a legitimate offer"

try riley was quoted as saying he was making the offer and telling him that lebron would be back. because when he asked lebron if he should tell free agents that, lebron said "yeah, tell them that". ask lance and his agent if they didn't have that phone conversation with riley and they said no.

then ask yourself how i know this and proceed to read this fbi profile and feel really self conscious.

"Most likely these trolls are unable to voice their opinions to the people around them. They are probably in a low-paying job, viewed as unintelligent by their peers and most likely in a loveless marriage, or divorced. Possible substance abuse problems are suspected. The behavior speaks of aggression, but because it is “faceless” interaction and done through the secrecy of fake names and aliases, it is most likely a female, in the age range of 26 – 38."

talk about fit the effing bill. all in the name of hating jordan, too?

Posted by: charlottean | Aug 1, 2014 9:58:27 PM

How many reports are out there?

"The Miami Heat have been looking to make a move or two this offseason to convince LeBron James to re-sign, but they have been unable to do so thus far.
According to a report from Bleacher Report’s Ethan J. Skolnick, the Heat even offered a contract to Indiana Pacers shooting guard Lance Stephenson. Miami’s offer was much lower than Indiana’s five-year, $44 million deal, but it is still extremely intriguing to hear that the Heat considered signing Stephenson."
“And, as ESPN’s Dan LeBatard reported Wednesday on his radio show on The Ticket in Miami—and Bleacher Report later confirmed—they even inquired about Indiana’s Lance Stephenson, but they weren’t offering nearly as much as the five years and $44 million that Stephenson turned down from the Pacers."

Posted by: Mike T. | Aug 1, 2014 10:30:09 PM

wow lance sure looks like he made the right move, now. and bird is surely feeling dumb that he didn't throw 50 million at lance and find a way to dump george hill.

we're about a derrick rose injury away from being a top 4 team in the east this year. which is pretty insane.

Posted by: charlottean | Aug 1, 2014 10:54:16 PM

really ? The pacers will make a trade for one of those guys w the Bucks by giving up Stuckey and a pick . And get that pf , Greek kid . That's less than a long shot . Or come after Henderson or even Mkg , both being stupidly on the to be unloaded list here . Cope land can start at sf and ?Henderson will give them enough firepower to keep them in the top 8 as long as he gets open lanes and in that precious passing system of the Pacers . Think how Dunlap played him . Bird tried to get him 2 yrs ago . If not , they will get an exception to add a vet sf at a little less than 2 m .

1. Clevland . 2 bulls 3 wizards 4. Hawks 5 . Pistons 6 . Bucks 7. Nets 8 Pacers . There's no way the Hornets are in the top 4 unless they have a bench w three legitimate starters off of it . W Henderson gone bc Cho will have to get something for him instead of letting him walk , the bench is not nary as good . Three solid vets mind you that can start . There's no other recipe . The Hornets bench has a bunch of young inexperienced players . One of the two vets in Neal or Henderson will be gone and they play the same position . By the time the break comes around and injuries , one will absolutely be gone . Cho has no idea bc he's only played ridge ball how keeping both is imperative to making the playoffs . He will think he can get by w guys like Zeller , taylor or Bb who are way too young .

Posted by: Iron man | Aug 2, 2014 12:44:29 AM

Let me understand this. The Hornets finished in 7th last year. Had the 2nd best record in the east post all star. Added a 23 year old potential all star that plays both ends of the floor. The top two teams in the East lost their best players. One of them lost their 2 best players. But that in no way helps the Hornets? I don't think ESPN is going to be requesting your services any time soon.

Can someone tell me the point of the 2 man hate campaign. How many people are reading these comments? They are probably making even less of an impact than they do in their real life. It is very very sad to be that negative. It is even worse to doing it alone in a vacuum. Very few are aware of your anger. You are virtually alone in your thoughts and have zero impact on anything and are anonymous. Just can't imagine going though life like that. Enjoy yourselves in your very little world.

Posted by: Mike T. | Aug 2, 2014 7:42:53 AM

The Pacers will get a guy on the outs who can still play like garlanari (sp) w the Nuggets . They have way too good of a defense to go down below the playoffs . Hibbert will be better thus yr wo Lance which was a huge problem bc Lance ball hogged and didnt get him the ball . This will be a deal involving three teams . Bottom line is , they will get some firepower at sg or sf from a deal . You guys need to cut it w what I do , what I've done as a professional . It pales in comparison I'm sure w what you do or did ,so let's just leave it there . And has zero to do w bb . If you don't like what I post , don't read it . The Hornets finished 7 th idiot bc there was a mad rush to the basement . The East is way better now . They have two starters that don't okay a drop of on ball or help defense which won't change . And a volume shooter sg running point . Learn some bb before you spout off dummy . And the issue was not finishing in the top 4 stupid . Learn how to read when you bone up on bb .

Posted by: Iron man | Aug 2, 2014 8:45:57 AM

Guys like Mike t who do not know bb fall for the hype of adding Lance and everything is better . Lance was on the Pacers when they nosed dived for almost 2 months . When you add him , you're taking Henderson from the lineup who's a better sg defender , mover of the ball , on ball sg defender , help defender and scorer . Lance is a better sf and sg defender . His strength is ball handling , rebounding and passing . BUT THESE VERY THINGS HES GOOD AT WILL BE REDUCED HERE IF NOT ECLIPSED BC OF KEMBAS OVERDRIBBLING AND RUNNING POINT AND BC OF THE HUGE OVERUSED DUMP INTO JEFFERSON POLICY . Thus his rebounding , ball handling and probably scoring will go down . He played w a clown in George Hill who couldn't handle or facilitate . Kemba will have the ball in his hands much more . The dump into Jefferson policy will kill ball movement which is the modern day way to win . Lance is not an 18 point a night scorer . Against the Heat , he averaged 10 points a game minus the zone 25 point out hurst !!!!!! So don't tell me how much better the Hornets will be .

Bc of the dire need , Henderson or Neal will be gone . Williams is better than McRoberts but not much . Mkg won't score anymore bc Clifford has no idea how to use him . As long as Kemba is at point , there will never be close to a double digit assist man bc of his lousy ct vision and height . Meanwhile , the East got better . Much better .

1. Cavs ... Love . 2 bulls .. Rose , Gasol , euro, Mcbuckets . 3. Wizards . Pierce . 4 hawks . Pf back . 5 . Pistons . Svg, Drummond surrounded by shooters all day . Monroe will bring another good vet . 6 . Raptors . Lowry , Derozen and 3 other studs . They were better than the .cats last yr . 7 bucks .. Deep as hell w a better pt gd , sf , sg and pf . Plus Kidd who will make knight real good . 8 pacers . The pacers will raid the Hornets , nuggets or a team tanking . Hibbert is free of Lance which was the problem . He stopped playing . They will get firepower at the wings from a situation exactly like here where you have two sgs that could start . I see them getting Gallanari and Henderson . W that defense , they will make the playoffs .

Then you have NYC and Nets . This ain't hate . This is reality .

Posted by: Iron man | Aug 2, 2014 9:45:07 AM

If the hornets let Lance run point , they keep everybody , the dump into Jefferson policy is tempered , Kemba learns how to play off the ball like Parker and The ball moves seriously more each play all game , then everything changes . Plus Zeller has to be a bill
Walton type of passer at the foul line and low block to cutters for easy buckets . But knowing the politics w the Hornets , egos , agendas for players trying to make the all star team and Clifford's lack of offensive prowess , none of this will eventuate .

Posted by: Iron man | Aug 2, 2014 10:46:55 AM

"miami offered McRoberts' deal (full MLE) to stephenson."

"a million credible sources come back. quoting riley."


Posted by: NASTAR99 | Aug 2, 2014 11:18:27 AM

Say again?

"When you add him , you're taking Henderson from the lineup who's a better sg defender , mover of the ball , on ball sg defender"

"Lance is a better sf and sg defender"

I guess (hope) you meant that Lance is a better SG defender?

Posted by: the Dude | Aug 2, 2014 3:11:20 PM

"If the hornets let Lance run point….."

I'd love to see them at least try that- unfortunately, I think they will feel they have too much 'investment' in Walker.

It would be terrific to see them at least try it….. and since pre-draft it was said that Clifford wanted to 'play bigger'…… perhaps there's hope...

Posted by: the Dude | Aug 2, 2014 3:14:42 PM

"...6 . Bucks 7. Nets 8 Pacers"

With ya on #1-5….. can't completely buy your #6-8, though. Not saying you're wrong… but just not sold on the fortitude of the last three.

If we can get a stepped-up performance from Zeller, Williams (not saying that is going to happen either, but it would be great) with the addition of Lance… I think you gotta throw us in the mix.

I know NASTAR is griping about Vonleh, but I actually liked that pick a lot. Can't expect much this year, but I hope to see flashes in the minutes he receives.

Posted by: the Dude | Aug 2, 2014 3:20:30 PM

"I know NASTAR is griping about Vonleh, but I actually liked that pick a lot."

Dude, looking for some clarification...

...last year we used a #4 pick on a guy that plays power forward. I presume when a franchise picks a player at #4 they expect him to be the starter over the long haul.

You said: "Can't expect much this year, but I hope to see flashes in the minutes he receives."

What are your expectations for Vonleh over 2-5 years? You like the pick, over the 2-5 year time frame what will Vonleh have to do to validate the pick? Where does the #4 fit into your scenario?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Aug 2, 2014 5:04:19 PM

Lance is a better wing defender bc he can defend sfs better but he's not as good at defending sgs as Henderson . Henderson is laterally quicker and more explosive on offense and defense generally , not by much but definitely better . Lance has 15 pounds on him and probably stronger . Henderson has a way better mid range shot . When teams tighten up sgs , that's where they must score from which makes hima better scorer . This along w finishing for sure . Lance has better handles and a greater will to get places which makes him very nice . The problem is he gets complaints about overdribbling . I could care less bc , unlike Kemba , he's actually trying to do something w the ball to help the team and not himself .

I'm soft in the last 3 spots admittedly . I could hear arguments to the contrary and have not much to say in defense other than the rosters , coaches and stuff they did last yr . The first month I can be more solid . This is the thing . Clifford knows what got him here . It was Jefferson . It will be hard to not override this train but if he wants to improve , get to the playoffs and out the first round , he can't go to this well like he did . In this day and time , the deep post scoring is the least efficient game . It kills ball movement dead in its tracks , kills the Rhytm of teamates trying to get going , you don't get to the line at all ESP w Jefferson , guys stop running , start standing around , don't rebound , feel left out and it breeds poor morale . Worse , Jefferson does zero when you finally get it but clog your lane . He actually comes over on your side and looks again to be involved !!!! He never comes up top to screen either and pouts when you don't use him as the first , second and sometimes third option if he's got it going . Who can play w that ? So you think Lance will ? Lmfao . Henderson suffered badly but he's soft and said nothing . Then when he got the ball , he deferred bc he wasn't in Ryhtm . Neal did too when he started . But look what Neal did when he played wo Jefferson w the Spurs and off the bench . I played w both kinds of centers . I can tell you which one I had disdain for and the other who moved it how much I liked him . Don't think those smiling faces of the guys maligned for missing and not spreading waiting for a bone don't feel the same . I implore anyone to go online and look at the comments about Jefferson when he was in full bore at Utah .

This team can win but it has huge holes that won't change . The dump policy . His no help on defense . The layup line while standing watching . This is not happening on any other team . That's why I listed them out . That's why the team plays good w Biz who's terrible !!!! In many respects but good in so many ways Jefferson never will be bc he's lazy and selfish . Bottom line . Move the ball . All the other teams saw what the Spurs did to the Heat . Actually two yrs in a row . Add three times w the Mavs . I listed them out too bc of no one who can get close to double digit assists a game . But you have that on the other teams . This ain't hate . It's the truth . I like Kemba as the second best on the team . But I ream him out like Pop would . I never say trade him unless you have to . Just move him off the ball and use him like Parker bc he can flat out play . But as long as you have those two huge problems , I can't put the Hornets in the top 8 . Too 4 is a joke . Clifford doesn't have the power to make these these changes . And w Jefferson , you can't change much . Lance can't either . But next yr , Cho will finally see you can't win beyond getting to the first round . Kemba will be moved off the ball , Jefferson will be gone to a sucker team w a huge contract doing the same old thing . That's why Utah didnt want him back . Kanter and the other guy are garbage and stiffs but that were tired of his dominance , no passing , no defense , ball hogging and never getting anywhere in the playoffs . So it ain't hate . I explain my reasons . And the he's evidence is all the guys in opposition won't take the bet except one !!!!!!!! One guy . Lol

Posted by: Iron man | Aug 2, 2014 5:56:45 PM

If Big Al crushes it this year and then opts out will he be in line for a max contract?

If so, will the Boobs pay up?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Aug 2, 2014 9:35:23 PM

No . I agree w Charlorean . Biz makes this team play almost as good . But Biz is not a good bb player . If you get a league average center who plays both sides of the ball , on ball defense , shit blocks , protects the paint and rim , passes and screens , the team will be greatly better served . Jefferson does not do one of those things . Nit one . You can't win until it's done by the center . League average mind you . There's a bunch of these guys out there . Even the idiot Cho will realize it by that time .

Posted by: Iron man | Aug 3, 2014 8:42:29 AM

Good stuff, thanks.

Dude, how about that Vonleh/#4 scenario? Still working on your thesis there?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Aug 3, 2014 9:24:53 AM

Where are the Hornets going to find a center who shit blocks?

Al May command a max contract but I hope the hornets don't give him one. He's been an effective stop gap measure to help this franchise inch towards credibility. But I'd rather they go with more of a two-way player, for less money.

Posted by: Rob Butler | Aug 3, 2014 9:34:07 AM

I hear ya Rob...

Boobs face some very interesting (and potentially very costly) situations/decisions in the next 1 or 2 years.

If Al opts out do they pay him something approaching max dollars to keep him?

Let Coach Cliff play out his contract and test the market or lock him up with a 5yr/$25mm deal?

Do they give Biyombo a qualifying offer for next year?

You slurpers are aware Zeller Dweller's contract has a team options for the 2 years following this one?

How do the Boobs handle Shorty and his qualifying offer after this season?

Depending on how the chips fall Boobville could look a whole lot different 18 months from now....

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Aug 3, 2014 11:29:04 AM

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