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March 26, 2015

Three takeaways from a deflating home loss to the Nets

Three takeaways from a Charlotte Hornets loss that dropped them to 11th in the East:

            Major consequences tonight: I’d say after losing to the Nets and forfeiting the tiebreaker, the Hornets are a 35 percent chance of making the playoffs.

            Clifford fired? No: I get a bunch of questions about whether Steve Clifford’s job is in danger. If management were to say the Hornets would be better off next season without Clifford than with Clifford, that should be a great reason for fans to wonder where this franchise is going. It would be a horrible decision.

            Slow starts: Tonight was the first time since March 6 that the Hornets had a lead entering the second quarter. It’s really hard to constantly play from behind.

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Bonnell r u hearing anything like that out of theborganization re clifford?

Posted by: weewillie | Mar 26, 2015 7:53:50 AM

it might be a bad move for the organization because they've fired so many coaches but the guy is not a good coach. there are far better candidates available but because we fire guys so frequently, they likely would not want to come here.

so we're stuck with our lousy star player and our lousy coach. in mediocrity (or below?). awesome.

hollingers model says we have a 19% chance at playoffs. and that doesn't really factor in how if george has a major impact, it's over for everybody else.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 26, 2015 8:26:42 AM

Clifford has to be fired bc he can't get accountability out of certain players on the team who do not play team ball every set . He never got this accountability last yr or ever as the head coach . I'm talking about Al , Mo , Lance and Kemba . Sometimes they buy in . But it's always after they advance their own personal agendas and The agenda doesn't work .

They look off open teamates , dribble the other way and shoot . They hold the ball running clock down n out so they take over the possesion

They know they're cheating so they look for the TEAMATE they shut out later . But that's not the way you play team ball . Kemba bull rushes the rim , drawing two and forces . Al draws two , holds the ball , misses a cutter ,his head into the chest of a defender and forces a miss .

Mo and Lance look off so many open teamates to jack up as many shots as they can in the short time they get . Lance n Mo will dime at times but this off and on accountability is what brings on the losses .

Clifford talks about everything but the obvious ball hogging and failure to share the ball . It's so blatant , he's an implicit co conspirator . No coach would allow this but him . You miss a TEAMATE , you sit . Bc he has no accountability ESP from the stars , he must be fired .

Posted by: ironman | Mar 26, 2015 8:49:49 AM

Can someone list the top 5 or 6 executives in this organization for me? I know Coach Clifford is one of them but who are the others?

ESPN ranked front offices on Tuesday, Hornets were 25th. On Wednesday they ranked GM's, Cho was 25th. Today I think they rank coaches and tomorrow owners, this will be interesting!

Now keep in mind the supposedly Cho led front office is supposed to be the "new and improved" version.

When will Michael Jordan wake and realize he has absolutely no clue about running a complex organization of this type?

Posted by: Larry | Mar 26, 2015 9:25:40 AM

70 games in , 12 to go. The last 12 will be like the first , and last year. Nothing will change till kemba , al and Clifford are gone , all of them. End of story.

Posted by: ROCK | Mar 26, 2015 10:37:36 AM

Kemba did his bull rush to the basket near the end of game last night. He was trying to flop by having his head snap back. I am surprised he didn't get whiplash. He drew 2 defenders and put up a horrible shot. Henderson should of had the ball in that situation. He had just scored on the previous play and he could pull up or drive and finish over people. It was just another example of Clifford's bad coaching.

Posted by: Jon | Mar 26, 2015 11:12:53 AM

Can someone please tell me what Larry's deal is? You can go to the website and make a list of executives from any team in the NBA. He just listed 3 people. What is this guy really looking for?

Posted by: James | Mar 26, 2015 1:16:35 PM

He likes asking the same stupid questions , wanting someone to answer for him. That's what nastar does.

Posted by: Larry | Mar 26, 2015 3:05:51 PM


Posted by: Honets for Life! | Mar 26, 2015 5:06:01 PM

why is oprah rich?

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 26, 2015 5:46:12 PM

James, step outside your comfort zone and think about it....

Hornets for Life, PJ is a malcontent with journeyman skills and flouts the rules -- all that adds up to riding the bench. Noah is a boy who lacks even the most rudimentary skills, simple as that -- again, pine time.

You're welcome.

Posted by: Larry | Mar 26, 2015 7:19:39 PM

Apologies. ...that was meant to be directed at HOnets for Life. Hahaha...

Posted by: Larry | Mar 26, 2015 7:21:03 PM

Some big time insight on this thread. Team is going bad and comments are going with them.

Posted by: Real | Mar 26, 2015 7:28:27 PM

why being down only .5 games and having most of the tiebreakers leads to a 19% playoff odds:

back to back against washington and atlanta followed by boston, detroit, indiana.....then a back to back with miami and toronto.

then close with atlanta, detroit, houston, toronto.

we might beat philly. we might steal another 2. it's more likely we win 30 games than 38.

updating the stuff that's in the pudding. 20-36 when al starts. 10-4 when the other guy does. all 4 losses coming to championship contenders. not the timberwolves and lakers and magic.

"but he scores ______ ppg"

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 26, 2015 8:21:03 PM

that other guy is shooting 71% from the line over the past 14 games (20 for 28). i know i'm dreaming, but if THAT were to continue? woah. that already uber efficient PPP would be that much better.

since the offseason has basically started......

mo and kemba don't play well together, so there's no reason resigning mo (even though he's arguably undebatably better than kemba).

can al + the first rounder get anything? gerald wallace's expiring contract? throw in phil pressey to backup kemba.

i expect biz to sign elsewhere and lance to be bought out and play for indiana on a make good deal, but both should be kept and worked on all summer. both could have monster years next year if the coach bought into the idea. only thing bad about lance this year is his shooting which hasn't been that bad lately. 42% in march.

roberts could be upgraded. he hasn't been bad but he could be upgraded.

williams, too for that matter.

but those guys aren't moving the needle either way. the addition by subtraction comes from al and kemba but kemba definitely isn't going anywhere anytime soon. best case scenario we get someone so good that they just take his job and make him the 6th man that he is made to be.

pj is a lost cause.

need to clear playing time for noah and explain how this whole development thing works to steve clifford. either d-league for the entire year or play the kid. doesn't make sense to chase 8 seeds on al's back and let top 10 picks go undeveloped. MKG benefited greatly by playing a ~25 minutes his first 2 years. cody, too.

unless al opts out, there's no cap room to make any splashy moves in FA. need to find a way to move him. that should be priority 1 this summer. al for gerald wallace straight up should benefit both teams. sell the celtics on the homecoming angle and see if ainge will let wallace retire happily. good pr, good basketball, good mentor situation for mkg.

just find a way to get rid of al PLEASE.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 26, 2015 8:52:55 PM

Clifford has no interest in player development. Jason Maxiell? That is ridiculous. Vonleh or many players from the D league would be better. What is most disturbing is how you hire someone like that in the first place. Either the Hornets completet mismanaged the hire of Clifford sold them a bill of goods. Either way they are stuck with a guy that his zero interest in developing players. Not a good move for a team like Charlotte.

Posted by: Ely | Mar 26, 2015 9:25:44 PM

Clifford coaches like making the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference is like winning the NBA championship. How does Vonleh not get any playing time on a struggling team? How is Vonleh getting better sitting on the bench every night? At least send him to the d-league.
The Hornets thought Lance was a mistake and tried to trade him before the all-star break. Cho, Clifford, Al and Kemba are mistakes and need to go.

Posted by: Jon | Mar 26, 2015 11:45:55 PM

Rick you appear to not have objectivity in your assessment of Clifford's coaching style or lack there of. Minus MKG getting more minutes the second half of this season [about time], Clifford has completely stunted the growth of our young players who are the future of this team and they probably could have contributed to more wins this season. What has Lance and Maxiell done to increase wins? Also, Al and Marvin Williams have not been the veteran answers and at this point don't warrant the money or minutes on the court that they are given. Clifford is completely stubborn to a fault and to the detriment of this team and its future. A change might be needed.

Posted by: will | Mar 26, 2015 11:49:38 PM

Even though he's not at the same level as he was last season, Al Jefferson is still this team's best player. But, the team is losing, so the SAME hateful guys who were attacking Big Al, Kemba and coach Cliffford last season, when they led this team to its second best record in 10 years, are feeling like champions now. The ones they hate lose, so they and their angry attacks must be winning!

Besides personal opinion, what makes me say that Big Al - with his offensive strengths and defensive flaws - is still overall this team's best player?
The only objective way of looking at it is stats. The aggregate stat, which combines all major statistic categories is Hollinger's PER: Player Efficiency Rating, and it's calculated per minutes played.
1. Al Jefferson - 19.8, 2. Kemba Walker - 18.4, 3. Mo Williams - 18.1, 4-5.Kidd Gilchrist and Biyombo - 15.1, 6. Cody Zeller - 14.5, 7. Henderson - 13.5.

It accurately shows changes from last season: decline (Al Jefferson was 22.7; -2.9) and progress for ALL the young players we drafted: Kemba (up from 16.8; +1.6), Kidd Gilchrist (up from 12.1; +3), Biyombo (from 13.3; +1.8), Cody Zeller (from 13.1; +1.4), Henderson (from 13.1; +.4). This is the difference between looking objectively at measurable facts, and spewing hateful opinions ("he's garbage!", from one, "get rid of him!", from another one).

These stats should put to sleep the theory that coach Clifford "doesn't develop young players". Four of the starters are young players drafted by this franchise (all but Big Al), their minutes increased this season
and they definitely improved, as shown above.
[On NBA.com, you can find the PIE (Player Impact Estimate) as a measurement of any player's impact on the games; by that stat, Big Al and Kemba are also the two leading players of the team, by far].

It's only normal that the best players are the most dominant ones on the floor; this is why they always stick out, for better and for worse. Many fans choose to emphasize the better, some others go for the opposite, looking for the negatives against those who inevitably stick out above the others.

Again, these are the same "fans" who were hostile to the coach and the two top players who made the team successful last season.

So, it all makes perfect sense: they stick out, therefore they have to be the targets of attacks for the TEAM's failures.

Jefferson played 60 games and missed 10 this season. When he didn't play, the Hornets were 7-3. I said it before, this is the most usual thing in the NBA (and in other leagues as well): when a key player is missing, others have to step up. This never means that the key player suddenly became not needed.

But who were the players who led the team in those 7 wins? In five of them, it was Kemba (the other major target of the haters), who averaged then close to 30 points per game (which was about 12 ppg above his average).
In the other two games, it was Hendo, who led with 20 points in each one.

I showed above that Biz has a decent PER, and he improved this season.
But to credit him for those 7 wins, plus 3 more when he started, but Al also played and averaged more minutes than Biz - this is pretzel logic: twisted and full of holes.
Let's clarify: in the 3 wins with Al playing and Biz starting (after the 10 games Al missed), Al averaged 24.6 minutes per game, Biz, 18.3 mpg.
Missing here is only the essential: that when Al was sidelined, other players (not Biz) were dominant in those wins (as above).
Biyombo averaged 6.8 ppg and 9.1 rpg in that 7-3 stretch.

Also, and more important:
Ten games when Big Al didn't play are not a significant statistical sample of anything, in a season full of twists and turns, of winning streaks and losing streaks: 6-19 in the first 25 games, 23-16 in the following 39 games (16-10 with Al healthy or semi-healthy, 0-3 with him playing badly injured, averaging 8 ppg, in 3 games in last December), then back to the losing ways (1-5 in the last 6 games).

Just like picking that 16-10 26 games stretch, with Al helping the team win, as a statistical sample representative of this season would be phony and unacceptable, even more so - phony and unacceptable - is to make a much smaller statistical sample (7-3 without Al) representative of anything.

Also, back to the beloved PPP, ignoring again the fact that Biz can only take the easiest shots, which accounts both for high scoring efficiency and low scoring totals (because he can't get many of these easy shots when the defenders wake up and start paying attention to him). And those few games with good FT shooting (Biz had more than one such stretch before), ignoring the season and career averages.

I hate writing negatively about Biz.
I actually prefer emphasizing what's good about him, which I did many times, even above in this post. But, this is the only way to counter the nonsense that we're better off with him replacing Al as a starter.

PER may not be a perfect measurement (nothing is), but it's much better than anyone's personal point of view (including the opinions of those who are in the habit of congratulating themselves that they are always right, totally right).
And there is the less used PIE - Player Impact Estimate; different method of calculation, same conclusions.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 27, 2015 12:09:46 AM

If you bother to look at those stats, besides the most used players, you'll find that Noah Vonleh has a PER of 16!

Of course he played in 16 games only, less than 7 mpg, mostly in garbage time, against the opponents' less used reserves.
Still, showing such efficiency against those reserves, as a 19 years old rookie, proves great potential. Evidently, he's not there yet (i.e., a dependable NBA player when you try to win), but his ceiling is high, and his time will come.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 27, 2015 12:22:21 AM

Random thought from a fan... MKG not only could be but rather would be MVP of this league if he could only shoot.

Consistently with accuracy from range.

I'm thinking low end equal to Dell Curry and high end Reggie Miller; doesn't need to be pretty...

Hell, keep up with "big shot bob" and be an all-star.

Profile: I'm short, 5' 11" PF skill set; range to, inconsistant. Muggsy made my favorite sport accessible, gave me hope to keep playing. Love the franchise, right down to the colors. From Iowa.

Posted by: Louis See Kay | Mar 27, 2015 3:38:09 AM

Isn't the object to take the easy

Or is that concept to high below for you also?

Top volume scorers are far more efficient than Al and they play more defense also. Deandre Jordan takes the easy shots. Dwight Howard. Shaq. Whiteside. Tyson chandler. Am are. Etc.

You just keep coming up with dumb things to say. You ate the only person in the world that would be doing enough to try to discount PPP as a baseline measurement if offensive efficiency.

Only you. Just like you're the only one still on Al's bandwagon. Even though we are so significantly better off without him these last 2 years.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 5:52:03 AM

high brow*

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 6:20:40 AM

Al cannot defend at all. He can still play offensively, but there has been a big drop off.

You know you can statistically be a teams best player and be the one holding it back. Rudy Gay in Toronto comes to mind. Al's problem is defense. There is no way to defend it. It has never been great but it has been horrendus this year. It was on full display against the Kings and the Nets. Wings or big man it doesn't matter. He is worthless defending the primary officesensive play in hoops.mthe pick and roll.

Posted by: Jake | Mar 27, 2015 6:43:26 AM

dude 43-39 is not successful. it's mediocre. and given that it came on the backs of veterans, was not progress. it was just using older guys.

going from 7-59 to 21-61 while getting younger in the rotation was progress that was sustainable. going from 21-61 to 43-39 (and now ~34-48?) by way of adding a bunch of veterans to the rotation was not progress and it was not success.

you are easily the most delusional person on here (i'm including nastar and ironman in that equation). Al isn't close to being our best player. you can say he's our best scorer and I'll let that pass with no argument. but best player? no. he doesn't contribute to wins. he contributes to his own stat line. the 2 things are different.

and by all means, ignore how the PER equation benefits those who play more and shoot more. it isn't role adjusted at all. have you seen biz' PER when starting? of course you haven't.

you keep saying the sample size isn't significant.........is al's career sample size not big enough?! that's a ton of games of below mediocre basketball. 23 games (the # over the past 2 years that biz started) is a pretty solid sample out of 164. Only reason the sample isn't bigger is because the coach is about as intelligent as you are.

you are the only person arguing that his defense isn't what's hurting us. and you keep arguing about how important his offense is even though we score more ppg as a team without him.

how big must the sample be before you believe the truth? adjust that 10-4 record for SOS vs. al's SOS. it's STAGGERING the margins. the lineup efficiencies. staggering. the fact that 1 guy is 22 and the other is 30........also staggering. offensive rebounding margin (more possessions wins games) staggering. rim protection numbers, staggering. man to man defense numbers, staggering.

the 4 losses came to cleveland san antonio and houston. meanwhile al has started in losses to the lakers, the sixers, the magic (more than once), the jazz, the pistons, the kings, etc. aaaaaaaaaand remember all those 20 point collapses? the blown leads against indiana and portland? was al injured then, too? is he always injured or only when its convenient?

the only positive you can stand on with al is ppg (and turnovers, but its hard to turn the ball over when all you do is shoot). and individual ppg doesn't translate to team wins (or team ppg for that matter). keep denying the facts.

sample size gets bigger and your denial grows larger.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 6:43:35 AM

Louis see Kay? What are you saying?

Posted by: ROCK | Mar 27, 2015 7:33:29 AM

Charlotean . Keep my name out your mouth unless it's praising me about knowing the game way beyond You ever could .

Half the metrics you spew don't support the claims you make . Had you played , you would know . That's for starters . Where did you play btw ? I let you slide w your unitelligable rants which mostly go to overrating Biz and Mkg , whom I like .

And lay off Nastars bc a goodly portion of his cracks on you go over your head , pal . We don't need it . Stick to bb .

Posted by: ironman | Mar 27, 2015 9:04:33 AM

Sandy . Your blatant ,despicable disregard for the other facets of the game to which Al has zero devotion to is reprehensible. You shouldn't be allowed to post anymore . Transition , on bal d , help d , sharing the ball , passing immediately out of double teams to teamates inside etc are all areas of the game he refuses to play correctly . It's pathetic . Your post attempting to cover him is pathetic . Same w Kemba . They do not pkay team ball . They disrespect themselves ,the game , the team , teamates and fans .

Posted by: ironman | Mar 27, 2015 9:20:23 AM

I love when people tell me i never played on the Internet. Hilarious.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 9:31:30 AM

I say that "Al's defense isn't what's hurting us"... That's right.
The Hornets lost games when they defended well. Just look at the last loss in a winnable game, against the Nets. "The defense was good enough to win the game", said coach Clifford, who constantly preaches defensive and rebounding effort. So? There were those minutes of losing focus because of being frustrated by the refs' calls in the third quarter, when the lead turned into a deficit.

But there was more than that. Both PGs had a horrible shooting night, below their average (especially Mo).
Big Al, playing semi-healthy, was outstanding. Hendo was very good too.
IF just one of those PGs had a better shooting night, we win. Not asking for too much; it just didn't happen.

Or, the previous winnable game, lost in Sacramento. The Kings shoot lights out in the first half (for 3s), then the Hornets get frustrated, and aren't capable of a strong enough comeback in the second half.
The defense couldn't stop the 3s barrage in the first half.

But in the second half, the defense was good, it allowed the Kings just 44 points. That should've been enough to stage a winning comeback, IF they could also score better. Big Al shot 44% FGs in that game: below his average, still decent.
The rest of the team combined: 38% FGs.
You don't win a lot shooting so poorly.
Weak scoring wasted the team's defensive effort in the second half.

But there's always Al, the team's leading player, sticking out, so let's beat up on him when the team becomes a bit dysfunctional.

Introducing: the Charlotte Hornets, ranked 28th in scoring in the NBA (at 94.6 ppg).

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 27, 2015 9:36:28 AM

I always had big disagreements with charlottean, but also, there were always points of agreement.

With Ironman, dialogue is impossible. This is an individual who endlessly repeats the theory he has in his head, is angry that the team is not run the way he sees it in his head, and keeps going on, from one furious rant to another. Nut. Hey, this is Nastar's best friend on this blog.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 27, 2015 10:10:42 AM

als defense was great. held lopez to what? Like 4 points, right?

You cant keep pointing at our lack of scoring on offense and ignoring that the offense runs through al and kemba. They might score themslves, but they don't help the team score. Kemba is horribly inefficient. Al is reasonabky efficient, but not elite efficient and his scoring comes at the expense of ball movement, player movement, and of course....defense.

There is no universe where al jefferson wins in the nba. yet you keep putting him in a pedastal.

Mkg is far and above our best player. Cody is second.

By all means keep disputing reality as it continues to happen. At what sample size would you ever admit you are wrong?

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 10:12:45 AM

As soon as Al got here , I sounded on him . Sandy disagreed . The points I made were exactly The reasons he failed here and the losses mounted up . Directly inconsanant w what Sandy has been maintaining . Not what Charrlotean was saying but exactly what my so called delusional rants set forth . These guys here don't go out their way to say they agree w Sandy or Charlotean . If anyone does, it's me on occasion . They align w my posts .

Kemba . Lol. Sandy totally disagreed vehemently over the years . Lol. Exactly what I was saying about him has become evident and patently clear . I said a guy would ultimately come in and prove his failure to dime was The problem . In comes Mo . Yeah . I'm delusional . Both of you clowns know what time it is . The others do .

I said it 4 yrs ago . You will never win a playoff round w Kemba starting at point . Sandy and others ripped me . It's easy to see now . But make the calls out The gate . No one listens to you Sandy . No one . Zero . It's bc you try to defend against the edicts of fundamental bb as to Al n Kemba . It's obvious you never played either . Maybe sandlot like Charalotean . If you did , you wouldn't come here arguing against the fundamentals . I made be delusional , but I don't deviate . Try it sometime .

All the metrics won't help you bc there's a ton of intangibles missing . Let the metrics tell it Kemba runs the shit out if the Pick n roll . And half of the metrics I doubt you guys really understand what's missing . MISSING !!!! Anyone that dare imply Al is playing a lick of d pointing to analytics is a joke . I could go on but you get it .

Posted by: ironman | Mar 27, 2015 10:50:28 AM

You two go to a site , come here and regurgitate numbers . Anyone can do that . I doubt either of you knows what a oick n roll is , all it's variations and the significance .

I know you don't Sandy . Or what a pin down , down screen , v cut , shovel pass or wrap around is ....Or a hundred defensive concepts . No one would support Al if they did . The guy flunks the eye test in a hundred ways . His failures are root causes of losses . I bring them up each time and each day he does . So yeah it's going to be redundant . Same w Kemba . Clifford is The dumbest coach on offense in The game . But you two wouldn't know it bc you have your heads too far up your computers trying to find the answer there .

Posted by: ironman | Mar 27, 2015 11:13:16 AM

"als defense was great". Never said that. I said we have good team defense, including when Al plays. It's ranking much higher than our offense, and it can't be enough to win.

Quite amazingly, even in this very disappointing season, the Hornets' defense ranks 4th in the NBA. It's not "thanks to Al" evidently, but it is as good as it is with Al, who played in 60 out of 70 games so far this season.
The offense is 28th. The discrepancy is huge.

We lack in shooting talent. You can't ignore or hide it. This is the first need to be addressed in the post season.

IF you pay attention, you see ball movement, you see players getting open shots - and you see in too many games a low percentage of converting good shots. That's insufficient offensive talent in this team.

The team wad plagued by injuries throughout this season. This happens in every season, that some teams are hurt by injuries worse than others.
The Timberwolves' season, for instance, is totally wrecked, mainly for this reason.
Had they been healthy, the first 25 games of the season the Hornets wouldn't have been 6-19.

I still hope for a better final 12 games stretch.

Ignore, as always, the Player Efficiency Rating and the Player Impact Estimate aggregate stats. Basketball professionals never ignore them.
What these show about what players contribute to their teams weighs more than any and all angry fans' personal opinions put together (assuming that the latter has any weight at all).

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 27, 2015 11:41:27 AM

Yo, ROCK...


We all know Al is not efficient defensively. He can score in half court. Age is slowing him. MKG with a consistent shot is an all star. As is, MKG is a great asset; hustle points/team player/defense. Mo looks better than Kemba, maybe it's just experience I had high hopes for Kemba over the course of his new contact. MKG's game is not without flaws but he has not yet reached his ceiling. Al's ceiling is falling and his overall speed kill this team; the roster supports small ball/fast break points.

I'm a fan, don't comment much but love the info and arguments/discussions on this site.

Also, hope we draft well; with the lottery pick this season (Cauley-Stein) and then a Danny Green type shooter in round 2.

Posted by: Louis See Kay | Mar 27, 2015 12:24:31 PM

Coach Clifford's contract specifically called for the 3rd year of his deal to be guaranteed if the team made the playoffs last year -- they did, so the 3rd year became guaranteed.

For all the morons out there (most of you) this is what is known as an incentive. Incentives are written into contracts (by the front office) in order to elicit very specific types behaviour from the employee in question (Coach Clifford).

Dumbing it down even further for you dumbasses making the playoffs last year was worth $2,000,000 to Coach Clifford.

It is logical to think Coach Clifford's contract also contains incentives tied to making the playoffs this year -- and you morons can't understand why he wants to win now?

Posted by: Falkrum | Mar 27, 2015 12:37:37 PM

The ESPN NBA rankings are now complete. Our Hornets rank as follows:

Front Office = 25
GM (Rich Cho) = 25
Coach = 21
Owner = 26

That's pitiful.

Posted by: Larry | Mar 27, 2015 4:15:45 PM

who was disputing the terms of his contract? did I skip over someone or are you just talking to the wall again?

nobody is mad he wants to win-now. they made that decision last summer when they fired dunlap and signed jefferson. the problem is......he isn't winning now. and he isn't developing young talent. he's just part of the problem. if he was good at his job and at the very least maximizing the team's performance at the expense of say....vonleh and hairston.......sure. he isn't.

he just sucks at his job. does he have a sucking incentive in his contract, too?

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 4:30:04 PM

He's winning almost exactly the same amount as 3 other teams who are fighting for the 8th playoff spot -- last year that was worth a $2,000,000 payday.

Obviously there's no near term incentive in his contract for "developing young talent" and it would be moronic for any coach to think long term when employed by the Hornets.

So, instead of always whining/bitching/moaning about Coach Clifford you, charlottean, should be whining/bitching/moaning about Cho and Jordan being too stupid to figure out how to hire and properly incentivize employees at all levels of the organization because this franchise is a colossal failure.

Posted by: Falkrum | Mar 27, 2015 4:40:43 PM

i've said the same thing since he got hired.

i want the team to actually win, not win 43 games and squeeze out a playoff team. thus the "bitching". the guy needs to go.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 4:47:23 PM

i've been complaining about cho and jordan and the revolving door of coaches since they fired dunlap after he made actual improvement with an insanely young and talent-poor roster.

nearly on a daily basis. it's deplorable how poorly managed the franchise has been. it's been better under cho compared to the rod higgins era, but it is still poor. very poor.

and they laid out an intelligent plan, started it out right, and then did the exact opposite of the plan last summer. and it has worked out great.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 4:51:17 PM

Well that's a start ;)

Seriously, getting rid of Cllifford won't help, change has to start at the top.

Posted by: Falkrum | Mar 27, 2015 5:04:42 PM

it isn't a "start"

you just aren't good at reading.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 5:26:37 PM

It's a start...now how about redirecting your voluminous efforts at exposing the shortcomings of management and ownership.

You're focused on the managing the symptoms vs. eradicating the disease, you can do better!

Posted by: Falkrum | Mar 27, 2015 5:39:16 PM

when i'm asking for jefferson to be moved and clifford to be fired, who the eff do you think that is directed towards?

nastar you are one dumb dude.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 6:08:10 PM

You really don't get it, you're hopeless.

Posted by: Falkrum | Mar 27, 2015 7:21:04 PM

did you sense optimism?

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 7:25:30 PM

From you?

Posted by: Falkrum | Mar 27, 2015 8:19:51 PM

figures you don't know definitions either.

who should be the new owner/gm?

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 8:46:36 PM

this guy is TRYING to find ways to lose this game.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 9:35:07 PM

by all means.....sit a guy for 47 minutes and 40 seconds and ask him to perform in the last 20 seconds of the game.

then when the game is on the line once again.....draw up a play for your big man who is 8 for 60 career on 3's. was gana diop not available?

don't tell me he didn't draw it up that way. otherwise, what the eff is al doing out there instead of going to the offensive glass?

i'm judging everyone who gave that guy any credibility for regurgitating van gundy's schemes and stumbling into 43 wins last year in tankfest 2014. dude can't coach.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 27, 2015 10:27:13 PM

Charlottean, you make a excellent point about last seasons 43 wins. Last season was a tankfest. 43 wins in a weak Eastern Conference with teams falling all over each other to tank is not good. The Panthers hang their hat on making the playoffs when they were a bad team playing in the horrible NFC South. The Hornets are doing the same thing. The Hornets should have got a coach from the Spurs staff instead of picking one from the Stan Van Gundy tree of coaching.

Posted by: Jon | Mar 27, 2015 11:37:05 PM

Maybe the hornets get lucky and get a top 5 pick to give PJ and Noah company on the bench. And , by the way , another awesome game from kemba.

Posted by: ROCK | Mar 27, 2015 11:57:34 PM

3 for 17 will get you 48 million hahahaha

Posted by: hahahahaha | Mar 28, 2015 12:16:45 AM

Kemba is near the bottom in the NBA in field goal percentage. He has a good shot of being the worst shooter in the NBA. Mo and Kemba took 43 shots last night going 11 for 43. Henderson, the shooting guard got 8 shots.

Posted by: Jon | Mar 28, 2015 12:21:22 AM

Sandy ... I will start w your glorious PER . IT MEASURES HALF THE GAME !!!!! Doesn't even measure one side of the ball . Defense is just as imp in wins as offense. If not more imp .

The NBA is now pushing to have more defensive minded guys represented at all star games bc it's a talent and more imp or just as imp in winning championships. If this were factored in as to Kemba and Al , they wouldn't make The top 300 players in the league . Al for sure . It also favors guys who average more minutes . Mkg and Hendo do not play The minutes Al n Kemba do .

You can't quantify a players impact w a number . It's stupid . The use by you and even the pundits is over weighted . Mkg and Hendo bring way too much in the intangibles which are missing . The guy who made up the sat , never played or coached . I assume bc you ran w it as The gospel , neither did you . It's seriously flawed here bc neither Al or Kemba play league average defense which is a major problem w our losses , in part .

Posted by: ironman | Mar 28, 2015 9:42:00 AM

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