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May 04, 2015

A neat little story about Stephen Curry and good parenting

            One of the things Davidson’s Bob McKillop cherishes about having coached Stephen Curry has nothing to do with shooting, dribbling or passing.

            It’s about competing and still conducting yourself as a gentleman.

            “He always does a great job of balancing confidence with humility,” McKillop said Monday after the NBA named Curry its Most Valuable Player for the 2014-15 season.

            McKillop knows where that came from; Stephen’s parents, Dell and Sonya, wouldn’t tolerate their kids being arrogant showboats.

            “My wife being an athlete – she was recruited to play basketball (as well as volleyball) -- we both told him it’s really important not to get caught up in all of that ‘Showtime’ stuff,” Dell Curry said in a phone interview Monday.

“One time he got caught in the air and he had to spin and do this flip shot. He looked at us as it went in with this ‘Aw-oh’ look.

“We told him he made best of the situation. But we wanted to make sure he was a student of the game and not a show-off.”

            That’s just how the Currys conducted themselves as parents at Davidson games. Parents can become burdens to coaches, grousing about their kids’ playing time, etc. McKillop said the Currys were so much the other extreme that coaches had to solicit feedback from Dell, a 16-season NBA shooting guard.

“Dell never said anything to me about how to coach Steph,” McKillop recalled. “Finally we brought Dell into our offices to see what NBA plays he thought would work best to get Steph free against double- and triple-teams.”

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