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November 10, 2005

Don’t expect T.O. in Carolina

The NFL world is playing a guessing game as to where Terrell Owens will land in 2006. You can eliminate one possibility. That’s the Carolina Panthers.

This is a team that recently dismissed two cheerleaders after an alleged incident that led to their arrests in Tampa. The Panthers certainly aren’t going to take on a potential headache like Owens, who would cost them millions.

Previously, the Panthers have bounced Todd Sauerbrun and Chris Terry, who got into trouble after they joined the team. No matter how talented Owens is, the Panthers won’t touch him.

Buckner holding up: When defensive tackle Kris Jenkins injured his knee in the season opener, the Panthers were extremely concerned about the effect it would have on Brentson Buckner, the other starting defensive tackle. He’s 34 and has had some knee problems. With Jenkins hurt most of last season, Buckner was forced to play more than 80 percent of the snaps, which was way too many.

But Buckner is holding up this season. He’s cut his weight from 315 pounds two years ago to just a little more than 300. That puts less stress on the knees. But there’s another factor: Young defensive tackles Jordan Carstens and Kindal Moorehead are playing well enough that the team feels comfortable with a steady rotation.

Plus, the defense isn’t spending as much time on the field as it did a year ago. As a result, Buckner said he is playing about 60 percent of the snaps. That difference is even more dramatic when you consider that this year the Panthers are averaging about 55 defensive snaps a game, as opposed to about 80 last year.

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Your right, T.O is to selfish for John Fox

Posted by: tyler johnson | Nov 10, 2005 6:07:21 PM

It would be nice to have T.O.'s ability----and it wouldn't hurt that much to give him a ONE year deal. But his position isn't our weakness.

When Fox came to Carolina, he said that you win in the trenches. You build a team with the lines.

When I look at our O-line and D-lines, I still see weakness.

Jenkins is oft injured, Buckner and Mitchell are getting older, and I'm definitely not confident in Tutan Reyes in the long term.

With better support, Peppers and Rucker are both 12 sack players.

If we have to upgrade the team this offseason, I want to start on the lines. If a "skills" player falls in our lap, I'd take them as an afterthought.

Posted by: Jonathan in MA | Nov 12, 2005 10:26:34 AM

i bet our rushing yardage and our pass protection would have done a better job if the offensive line had not reportedly spent friday night until 4 am at the paperdoll lounge. "out of their mind wasted". they got on the plane for chicago at 8 am.

this information came from a bartender at that establishment. and it would certainly shed some light as to why we had 8 sacks in 1 game, whereas we only gave up 12 in the preceeding 9 games.

Posted by: redfearn | Nov 23, 2005 7:13:58 AM

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