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November 21, 2005

Panthers need more than Smith

Just curious:

   When are the Panthers going to use some offensive weapons besides Steve Smith? The Bears were like a basketball team facing a hot scorer. They let Smith get his numbers and shut down EVERYTHING else. Think maybe some future opponents may take a lesson from that?

   Why do you even bother to run play-action fakes when you're using the hurry-up offense and the running game hasn't done anything all day?

   Speaking of the running game, if you're really a running team, do you totally abandon the ground game when you fall behind, 10-0, in the first quarter? They won't say it, but that move pretty much showed the Panthers aren't real confident in their running game right now. Coach John Fox's statement after the game about wanting to get DeShaun Foster more carries was pretty telling and it could signal the start of a shift to Foster as the feature back, instead of Stephen Davis.

   Whatever happened to Keary Colbert? He looked solid last year as a rookie, but has been invisible this season. And, if Rod Gardner finally has learned the offense 10 weeks into the season, why not give him some more playing time?

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The Bears' defense was overpowering for the Panthers - something that should be readily admitted. Jake's two early inerceptions were easily read by the Bears. He was on his heels from then on. The Cats need to beef it up and gain some strength. They were out-played by a defensive team and there defense was under played.

Posted by: Ray Ciervo | Nov 21, 2005 8:26:29 AM

I agree it was an ugly game to watch but let's not forget our own defense who actually only gave up 3 points for the day. Look at the numbers and you'll see their offense didn't look much better than ours.

Posted by: Rohan | Nov 21, 2005 9:19:55 AM

When the Panthers forced a three and out on the Bears on the first series of the game it felt like a Panthers WIN....NO!! Why? Because the offensive line crumbled, they could do nothing to stop the stunts and schemes of the Bears defense - it almost appeared as if they couldnt even tell what was going on. The offense put the defense into bad positions and when the Panthers intercepted Orton - the offense couldnt do anything with it - AGAIN!

So that begs the question "why did Fox seem so upset with postgame questions"? My answer is "Because Fox didnt prepare his team for what they were about to face from a strong Bears team". When a team wins 6 straight and has a record of 7-2 and puts together a performance like that - its not an "ABERRATION" its a lack of game planning!

Posted by: Ritchie | Nov 21, 2005 10:23:03 AM

The ground game is what caused the loss, in my opinion. We have not been able to run the ball all year long, and we have used Steve Smith to beat everyone else we played. He has basically been our only weapon thus far. Chicago's great defense knew we can't run the ball, so they set up for the pass and pass rushed all day long. That's why Delhomme was sacked eight times. Also, most defenses now know that Steve Smith is the only guy we throw to, which makes our offense even more one-dimensional. This could be a turning point in the season for the Panthers, as the Bears' defense showed how easy it is to counter our offensive game plan.

Posted by: George | Nov 21, 2005 12:14:22 PM

Coaching 101...How do you slow down a pass rush?
Screen plays and draw plays!
We threw ONE screen play on during which Jake apparently forgot that you have to throw the ball OVER the heads of the rushers, not at their heads.
Jake also needs to step up into the pocket to avoid the rush sometimes. There wasn't always room to step up but there was room on a few of the sacks. He was horrible all day!

Posted by: LR | Nov 21, 2005 1:25:02 PM

The Bears had won their previous five games before facing Carolina. In those games they used the exact game plan they used against us. Why were we not prepared?

I think we all know the answer.

Posted by: Ron Harrison | Nov 21, 2005 6:31:12 PM

Jake has never been a top QB. Just look at his throws. Last year he just threw the ball up a lot and let Mohammed go up and get it. This year he looks like Brett Favre without the arm, trying to fit the ball in where only Favre can. He is making throws falling backwards, only looks to one receiver and seems to make really dumb decisions. The Bears DB's said as much when the pointed out that Smith is the first read on every play. Then he gets happy feet. At least Weinke throws looks to other receivers. Remember Detroit? They had our number all day until Weinke came in and threw to someone other than Smith. Defenses need to think we have other people on the team.

Posted by: Bill Alt | Nov 21, 2005 7:34:21 PM

The problem with yesterdays game in my opinion is that there was no adjustments made on the offensive calls. A QB gets sacked with the same pass rush the first 3 times you would think you would make some changes. The offense looked one diminsional because they were. YOU CANNOT continue to have your QB drop back 5-7 yards then try to step up then set up to make a read then throw down field. It can only happen to a slow,inexperienced or tired line. The bears were quick and very physical. It only took them 3sec to get to the QB. Solution : 1.screens, 2.SHOTGUN so the QB can see the rush coming and make his reads faster 3. A 3step drop for a quicker release 4. USE ALL of your talent/weapons! 5.Be better prepared!

Posted by: J | Nov 21, 2005 10:18:59 PM

I'm just a Bears fan looking at the opposing team's reaction to yesterday's game. It looks like all of you agree that the bears have a great D....I've seen it since the preseason against the Colts when they sacked Manning a bunch of times.
The Bears D has made alot of qbs/Teams look bad this year. After the Cleveland game, the Bears have taken their game to another level.
The real truth is the NFL isn't as great as it use to be. Too much parity.

Posted by: brett | Nov 22, 2005 12:48:13 AM

The Panthers greatest weakness was exposed again on Sunday...the offensive line...same as last year. Delhomme, like most quaterbacks, plays erratically when he's pressured and he has poor run support. This break down is in the line. While Davis is still not up to his 03' form, there really are no good holes in the line to run through. I'm not saying the line is not going to get there this season, but, as a fan, it is worrisome. However, people should simmer down on the Bears. They played very hard on Sunday, but if Delhomme throws those two interceptions out of bounds instead, the Panthers win that game. Then everyone is talking about how the Panthers do what it takes to win, ala Patriots, instead of how they were dominated. My guess is, Delhomme now has more pressure on him than ever, and I look forward to seeing how he responds.

Posted by: Neil | Nov 22, 2005 1:06:05 AM

I don't know that I agree about the lack of holes in the line. I'm not saying there were super-highways or anything, but what I don't get is why Stephen Davis gets the ball over and over and over and repeatedly gets (perhaps) a yard or two.

I'd love to see them give it to Foster more, or even Goings. Both had runs significantly better than any of Davis' on Sunday, with Foster actually picking up chunks of yardage on a couple of plays. Davis? Into the middle of the line, stopped. Blech.

Posted by: Chad Everett | Nov 22, 2005 4:32:00 PM

Hey Pat!!!

Why aren't we using more two or three TE sets for protection? It seems like we need to jumbo out if they're going to blitz us.

If we're only going to throw to Steve anyway, then we can afford the extra blockers.

Posted by: Jonathan in MA | Nov 23, 2005 10:05:22 AM

You're right Tackle was being ran over all day last sunday. Does he know how to block and trap? where there is a hole the flood will roll in. Don't blace DElholme or Davis they never had a chance to get anything going. Foster isn't your answer on offese your right tackle needs to step up and block--If he can. Remember when the going gets tough the tough get going.

Posted by: jmsisson | Nov 26, 2005 8:27:07 AM

As far as I can remember, when he is actually having passes thrown to him when he is on the field, Rod Gardner has dropped one. And being the talker that he is, he has not said a thing about it for quite some time. It's high time to give him a shot.

Posted by: Matt Frazier | Dec 1, 2005 8:23:26 AM

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