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December 12, 2005

An aggressive response ... or not

It was interesting, but hardly enlightening, to watch Panthers coach John Fox respond Monday to receiver Ricky Proehl’s comments Sunday.

After a 20-10 loss to Tampa Bay, in which Carolina’s offense did little until the final minutes, Proehl said the Panthers need to be more aggressive on offense. The implication was Proehl thought the Panthers should have thrown more often.

"What I wonder is is what aggressive with the play calling means,’’ Fox said. "Does that mean passing is more aggressive than running? Is that what they were referring to?’’

It was pretty clear Proehl thought so. It was something Fox wasn't comfortable talking about. But he certainly didn’t sound like a coach who is about to install the run-and-shoot offense before Sunday’s game against the Saints.

"I think (the Bucs) ran the ball 35 times,’’ Fox said. "Maybe they had the right idea.’’

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Coach Fox,
I think everyone respects you a lot, and is grateful for you taking the guys Siefert ran into the ground and utilizing them as a good team again.
Not an expert here, but Ricky's on to something....
I was part of the late game roar when we went for it on the fourth that time. The fans might crave more of that aggression. I'd hope it would give our offense better confidence to trust them to get it done, and not punt most every time. Coach Henning---- GO FOR IT!!
I personally remember the shotgun being used effectively and often when the phrase "Cardiac Cats" was coined. When repeated attempts at running won't work, try the shotgun again. Peyton does it all the time. Jake and our guys can do it just as good as he does.
Keep Pounding

Posted by: John | Dec 12, 2005 7:20:13 PM

Not much has been said about Kasay's missed field goal after a solid opening drive. It was a major point in the game, I thought. It seemed to deflate the Panthers somewhat, while boosting the Bucs' confidence immensely. Carolina never moved the ball as effectively after that. I'm sure John Fox is plenty concerned about Kasay's poor performance lately.

Posted by: Don | Dec 13, 2005 7:43:17 AM

I don't think sticking to a failing system should be what Dan Henning and John Fox should have the team do. The bucks knew all week we were a run team and they got ready for a run game, surprisingly did the best job, Fox knew they are the number two defense, so he should have come up with a better scheme to put them off the run defense they were on all day. 28 minutes of being conservative will not get the panthers anywhere.....defensively, we should have put pressure on Simms all day, same mistake we made with Horton but hey I am just a Panther fan, what more do I know?? Coach act your name be a fox!!

Posted by: Fred | Dec 13, 2005 11:29:42 AM

Pat, I know it's probably uncomfortable for you, but you need to be tougher on the coaching staff regarding the inconsistent play of the Panthers of late. Some specific areas to ask some tough questions to Fox, Henning, and Trog include:
- excessive use of one wide receiver sets that basically tie Jakes hands.
- over predictability of our offense.
- tell Fox that, yes, running is consevative play calling, easpecially on 1st and 15 and 2nd and 3rd and long situations. You effectively handcuff the passing game by consistently leaving the offense in a 3rd and long situation.
- why is Rod Smart still returning kicks when he has been ineffective the entire year?
- why did Trog change the defensive game plan back to an overly conservative scheme after an aggresive scheme was so successful in the past?
- Did Fox's absence from practice last week set the tone for a lackluster Panther performance?
- Is the defense going to adjust this week against the Saints, when they a sure to see another round of short dink and dunk passing?

Posted by: yaya08 | Dec 13, 2005 11:42:10 AM

Good points Fred.
Where is Jamal Robertson, doesn't he average about 30 yards per return?

Posted by: John | Dec 13, 2005 12:03:06 PM

Good comments Fred,
The easy response to what has occurred this year is we are still 9-4 and shouldn't be overly critical after one loss. However, there are some major issues plaguing this team including:
-- Very, very predictable play-calling. This is both in the wins and losses. Why are we not creative in getting the ball to our playmakers? If anyone watched the Cowboys game the other day, does anyone think an end around with Terry Glenn would be more affective than using Steve Smith in the same role?
-- I have tried to stay away from this area because I believe Jake D. brings so many intangibles to the plate but the fact of the matter is he has become a one read QB. Evidence, the numbers put up by M. Muhammed last year and S. Smith this year compared to all of the other receivers. Also, did anyone in the stadium not know that R. Proehl was where the ball was going in the Red Zone, obviously Ronde Barber knew.
-- Why did we blitz Vick all game and then sit back and let Chris Simms dink and dunk on us all day? Any game where we have implemented a blitzing scheme our defense looks unbeatable.
-- Rod Smart and Stephen Davis are not productive anymore so why don't we use anyone else?

Posted by: Justin | Dec 13, 2005 12:24:23 PM

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