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January 06, 2006

Giants big fear: Drew Carter?

The Giants are concerned about Steve Smith, and they should be since Smith is the league’s best receiver and the Giants have a banged-up secondary. But, for perhaps the first time all season, someone is talking about another receiver for the Panthers.

Colleague Charles Chandler has been covering the Giants in New Jersey all week and he says New York coach Tom Coughlin has made several comments about how the Giants have to prepare for Drew Carter.

Yes, the Drew Carter who has five catches this season.

But Coughlin’s concern is legitimate. Since getting his chance late in the season, Carter has flashed big-play potential. He’s got excellent size and he’s the fastest guy on the roster. All season long, there’s been a cry from fans and media for the Panthers to use a threat other than Smith.

Maybe, in Carter, the Panthers finally have another alternative. That’s why Coughlin isn’t taking the second-year receiver lightly. Stopping Smith remains New York’s top priority, but the flashes Carter has shown in recent games has the Giants realizing this is no longer a one-man passing game.

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Deflect from the threat, focus on the little things, coaching 101.

Would love for Drew to come up big, but I shudder to think, what would this offense and team be like with the Moose still here?

Yes, it may be salary cap purgatory, but man, they could expose everyone and no team could stop it.

The NFL is a cruel mistress.

Posted by: David Cox | Jan 6, 2006 9:32:25 PM

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