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January 16, 2006

Jenkins nearly gets a sack on flight home

Now I know how it feels to be an NFL quarterback with Kris Jenkins coming straight at you.

On a flight out of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport this morning, I got on the plane early and sat in seat 18 F, along the window. A few minutes later, a writer from another paper sat down in 18 D. The middle seat was open. I’m 6-foot-3. The writer from the other paper is 6-4.

Suddenly, we looked up at the passengers streaming down the aisle and saw Jenkins, the injured Panthers defensive tackle, who is about 6-5 and looks like he’s pushing about 350 pounds these days.

Kris is a nice guy to talk to, but you don’t want him squeezing into a seat next to you.

We got lucky. Jenkins sat closer to the front of the plane. An off-duty pilot, who was much smaller than Jenkins, sat between the other writer and me.

COACHING IN FEBRUARY. No matter what happens, Carolina coach John Fox and his staff will be coaching in February. Obviously, if they win the NFC Championship game, they'll coach in the Super Bowl. If they lose, they’ll coach the NFC Pro Bowl squad in Honolulu.

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