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January 09, 2006

Steve Smith deserved some MVP votes

Former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe brought up a great point on his Monday morning show on SIRIUS NFL Radio.

Sharpe said it’s ridiculous that Carolina receiver Steve Smith didn’t receive a single vote for the Associated Press Most Valuable Player award. He’s exactly right.

Sure, Seattle running back Shaun Alexander probably deserved the award. But Smith deserved some votes. With Smith, the Panthers went 11-5 and they’re in the second round of the playoffs. Without him, they easily could have been 5-11.

PLAYOFF FEVER: You know playoff fever has hit when a very nice woman who collects parking fees at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport spots a sports writer’s name on a credit card and launches into a three-minute conversation about the Panthers and their chances in Chicago.

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Shannon Sharpe also asked the question "Did'nt a sports writer from Charlotte have a vote? If he did why did'nt he vote for Steve Smith?"

Im just curious, did no one here have a vote?

Posted by: Andy White | Jan 9, 2006 5:16:46 PM

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