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March 14, 2006

Keyshawn Johnson makes sense for Panthers


On the surface, Keyshawn Johnson seems exactly like the kind of wide receiver the Carolina Panthers don’t want. Maybe, though, he’s exactly what they need.
   Sure, Johnson, who was released by the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday, has a checkered past. His feud with coach John Gruden got him run out of Tampa Bay and he often came across as selfish when he was with the New York Jets.
   The problems with Gruden are one thing and they don’t look attractive to any team that would consider Johnson. But the selfishness is another thing.
   Wide receivers, in general, are selfish. Jerry Rice was all about Jerry Rice. The writers who cover the Panthers on a daily basis used to call Muhsin Muhammad “Leon’’ from the Budwiser commercials. Then, there’s Terrell Owens, who brought selfishness to a new level.
   There’s absolutely NO chance the image-conscious Panthers would go after Owens. But Johnson?
   It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Some of Johnson’s best years came when Dan Henning was the offensive coordinator for the Jets. Johnson calls Henning, who now is with the Panthers, the best coordinator he’s ever played for.
   Maybe Henning has fond memories of Johnson and could provide the strongest of character witnesses. It might be more of a gamble than the Panthers want to take, particularly if the 34-year-old wide receiver is looking for big money.
   Johnson was on his best behavior under coach Bill Parcells in Dallas and maybe that will continue at his next stop. Put the personality aside for a second and Johnson makes total sense. He’s a dependable possession receiver, who could look awfully good opposite Steve Smith.
   But the real question here is, can the Panthers put the personality aside?

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I agree I think Keyshawn would be perfect for us he is exactly what we need. I think under Fox that his personality wouldnt be a problem at all. Besides from Boldin- Fitzgerald in Arizona and now Moss-Randle El in Washington it could possibly be the 3rd best combo in the league i think it would definetly be worth the chance... I think we should also go for Willie Mcginest he would be a perfect fit... GO PANTHERS

Posted by: Kirk P. Marion, N.C. | Mar 15, 2006 12:06:20 AM

A couple of weeks ago you was writng about bringing kerry collins back and this week you want keyshawn johnson???? Do you and Fowler ride the same short yellow bus to work in the morning? Remember pat, quality is always better than quantity.

Posted by: jeremy | Mar 15, 2006 4:52:02 AM

What about Javon Walker - rumor out of GB is that he can be had for a 3rd rounder....

Posted by: mike | Mar 15, 2006 9:05:42 AM

Do you remember the flare up between Bledsoe and Johnson on the sidelines last year. I can only imagine what would happen if Jake, who is notorious for getting in his players faces, yelled at Johnson like that. No doubt Johnson is a productive receiver, I'm just not sure I want the headache.

Posted by: Ryan | Mar 15, 2006 9:41:31 AM

Do you just write this stuff to get attention? First you said we should bring in TO. Then you said we should bring in Kerry Collins. Now its keyshawn Johnson. Obviously its not very hard to get a job writing for the observer.

Posted by: gengizk | Mar 15, 2006 9:43:52 AM

I agree completey, if we could get him at a good price we would be awefully dangerous heading into next season, especially with the addition of Hartwig at center and the defensive additions. I look forward to a terrific season.

Posted by: John | Mar 15, 2006 1:56:50 PM

Hey Pat,

It seems to be a common mistake, but wouldn't it be worth noting that Keyshawn Johnson didn't actually play under Dan Henning as offensive coordinator?

Check the bio for Charlie Weis, and check that Weis was coordinator for the Jets through 1999. Weis, Parcells, and Keyshawn left after 1999. Al Groh was then the head coach, and that's when Dan Henning was promoted from QBs coach to offensive coordinator. Henning indirectly coached Keyshawn Johnson, and has history with him, but was never OC with Johnson on his team.

Posted by: Chris | Mar 15, 2006 9:28:45 PM

Yeah, maybe your right would should sign Keyshawn, we did lose a two top cats last year, and we need to replace one with a fiesty attitude. He would be a perfect fit, but as a wide reciever, are you crazy?

Posted by: Smitty | Mar 16, 2006 8:08:41 AM

Let me help you feel good about picking your payday up this week- two words- Javon Walker.

Posted by: jeremy | Mar 17, 2006 4:46:47 AM

I think that Johnson would be a great fit. S. Smith would make way more plays (if thats possible). Johnson would end up with ten touch downs. Bring back Kerry Collns? Are you nuts!! And yes despite his baggage I would have loved T.O. on our team. Noone could have touched us. Except T.O.

Posted by: Keith | Mar 17, 2006 8:50:51 AM

Just convert Wharton to a receiving tight end and be done with it!

Posted by: Ted | Mar 22, 2006 10:30:11 PM

More Panther mistakes. Kris Jenkins is no longer all-pro -- just an injury prone guy out of the league for 2 years. Danielle Morgan gets a bankful of bucks while healthy witherspoon leaves. Sean Gilbert lives!

Posted by: nick borgert | Mar 24, 2006 12:32:11 PM

Keyshawn is the best fuckin thing to ever happen to the sorry ass panthers i wished he was still on the cowboys with t.o. can u say UNDEFEATED

Posted by: justin | Aug 15, 2006 2:33:53 AM

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