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May 25, 2006

Panthers part of health study

Random news, notes and observations to help pass the quietest time of the NFL year:

-- The Panthers have been selected as one of four teams to participate in a pilot program for the NFL Subcommittee on Cardiovascular Health, according to a league source. The Panthers will be joined by the Ravens, Jets and Steelers. The subcommittee is studying cardiovascular disease in current and former NFL players.

Twenty players for each of the four teams will be monitored as part of the pilot program this season. If the program is successful, it likely will lead to a league-wide study in 2007.

-- Panthers coach John Fox and general manager Marty Hurney aren’t going to be happy when the season-preview magazines come out in about a month. Fox and Hurney prefer to fly under the radar. In the past, Fox has thrived on convincing his team it’s an underdog and wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. That tactic won’t be possible this year. Two of the national magazines I do some free-lance writing for are picking the Panthers to go deep into the playoffs (I can’t let the cat out of the bag and say just how deep) and others are sure to follow.

-- Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and Steelers owner Dan Rooney are in charge of the committee that’s working to find a replacement for Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. There’s no doubt Richardson and Rooney are among the five or six most powerful owners in the league. But the key owner in the process to replace Tagliabue will be Dallas’ Jerry Jones. As with just about every other league matter, there will be a divide between old-guard and new-guard owners (Richardson and Rooney head the old guard). Jones is the one owner who bridges the old and the new. Keep an eye on which candidate Jones backs because that probably will be the next commissioner.

-- Drew Rosenhaus, the Poston brothers, David Dunn and Tom Condon get most of the headlines in the agent business. But the most underrated power broker in that field might be Bob LaMonte. He’s the agent for Fox, six other NFL head coaches, a slew of coordinators and assistants, Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis and a bunch of prominent front-office types.

In the past few months, LaMonte has negotiated massive extensions for Fox, Atlanta’s Jim Mora and Seattle’s Mike Holmgren. But LaMonte is much more than a negotiator. He’s very tied in to front offices around the league and excels at marketing his clients. One LaMonte client to keep an eye on down the road is Panthers quarterbacks coach Mike McCoy. He’s young, but very highly-regarded in league circles. McCoy needs to step up to an offensive coordinator job first (perhaps with the Panthers if Dan Henning eventually retires), but he’s on track to someday become a head coach.

-- The Sporting News is scheduled to run a three-page feature on Panthers defensive tackle Kris Jenkins in next week’s edition.

-- The Panthers are $4.7 million under this year’s salary cap. They’ll need $3.7 million of that to sign their draft picks. In a side note, the Panthers have a little over $97 million counting against this year’s cap. They already have almost $105 million committed toward the 2007 cap, which will be $109 million.

-- What kind of a contract can first-round pick DeAngelo Williams expect? Start with the deal signed by Atlanta receiver Roddy White, who was taken in the same draft position (27th overall) last year. White signed a four-year deal that averages $1.7 million a season and included $3.625 million in bonus money. Add in the fact the salary cap jumped by $10 million from last year and Williams is probably looking at more than $4 million in bonus money and an average of around $2 million a season.

-- Defensive tackle Tony Brown, who was allocated to the Amsterdam Admirals by the Panthers, is a finalist for NFL Europe Defensive Player of the Year. The winner is scheduled to be announced Thursday.

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They seemed to do pretty well last year despite SI picking them to win it all, lol.

Posted by: josh | May 25, 2006 11:20:53 AM

Does anyone out there have a copy of the season opener against Jacksonville during the 2003 campaign? It was the first NFL game that I went to and my nieces were with me (we got on tv). If you know how to get a copy or have it recorded yourself, please email me at nsyrpis@yahoo.com Thanks.

Posted by: Nick | May 26, 2006 8:05:13 PM

Yeah, and I'm looking for a reasonably priced used card table. Nothing fancy. Just something I can fold up and leave in the garage.

Posted by: Coxfan | May 30, 2006 7:26:48 AM


Your posting are so old. At what point in time will you have a new article? "Panthers Part of Health Study" has been posted for a couple of week, hasn't it? How about something new at least every few days? At least pull the old stuff. I'm an avid Panther fan hungry for new news; the same post gets disappinting.

Posted by: dh | Jun 8, 2006 10:29:45 PM

Pat's paying gig is actually as a roadie for Hank Williams III... and he's on tour now. He just writes for the paper whenever as part of his plea agreement with Subway Restaurants.

Posted by: Coxfan | Jun 26, 2006 10:05:57 PM


Posted by: Hank Williams Jr. | Jun 27, 2006 3:30:10 PM

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