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July 24, 2006

When my ex-coach talks Super Bowl, listen

   Even in a remote corner of Pennsylvania, the Panthers are everybody’s darling.

   That fact became clear as my vacation was coming to an end last week. Hanging out with my former high school baseball coach, I heard a prediction I never expected.

   “You better do your Christmas shopping now,’’ Paul Fearick said. “You’re going to have a long season. The Panthers are going to the Super Bowl.’’

   It’s one thing for Street & Smiths or The Sporting News to pick the Panthers to go to the Super Bowl. That’s hype at its finest. But, when Fearick starts talking about the Panthers going to Miami, I start to buy in. His expertise is baseball, but he’s always followed the Joe Paterno code of poor-mouthing his teams. Last spring, “Coach’’ told me he wasn’t going to have a very good team. He wound up going 18-3 and deep into the state playoffs.

   MARSHALL CLOSE? The Panthers are making progress toward signing second-round draft pick Richard Marshall. His agent said Monday afternoon the two sides are close and a deal could be reached within the next day or two.

   MEADOWS WAITING. Agent Don Henderson said Monday he’s waiting for word on the Panthers on the status of offensive tackle Adam Meadows, who has come out of retirement. Meadows filled out his paperwork with the league and his rights reverted to the Panthers. But it remains to be seen if the Panthers want Meadows. Henderson said Meadows would be happy to play for the Panthers, but would move to another team if Carolina doesn’t want him.

   LIVE FROM CAMP. SIRIUS NFL Radio, easily the best station available to die-hard fans, will broadcast live from Panthers training camp on Aug. 10. Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan will host the show that day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. It’s part of a training camp tour that will include visits to 26 teams.

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From another remote corner of PA (Dillsburg. Look it up), I can tell you there are quite a few Panther fans up here. Folks around here know good football, and the Panthers have been all about good football from day one.

I am also a Panther PSL owner, with my name is carved in the granite. I make it down for only a game or two a season. I sell my tickets to the other games now, although I actually had to give them away a couple years ago. No matter. My seat license is a prized possession, with which I hope to never part.

And amazingly, I discovered last year that another PSL owner lives a few miles down the road from me! I saw the PNTHRS vanity license plate a couple times over the past few years, but I always assumed he was a Pittsburg college fan.

Then one day last fall, I got behind him on the way home from work, and I saw a Panthers PSL owner sticker on his rear window! I flashed my headlights and waved like I was crazy, but he kept on going (imagine that…)

Next time I see him, I’m going to run him off the road if I have too, but I am going to find out what another Panther PSL owner is doing living right down the road from me. Here in PA. Eight hours from Charlotte.

Whatever the reason, we are here. And we’re watching…..

Posted by: Julian | Jul 24, 2006 10:50:34 PM

Man you need to write some more articals. Seems like you have the same one up on the site for weeks at a time.

Posted by: Stan Robbins | Jul 25, 2006 9:26:14 AM

Good ol' Pat has been taking a well-deserved vacation, Stan Robbins. Like he said, it's going to be a long season for the Panthers, stretching all the way into February. Lighten up, "man."

Posted by: Scully | Jul 25, 2006 5:44:53 PM

Sorry, Didn't know Pat was on vacation. My opologies, just can't wait for the season to begin!!!

Posted by: Stan Robbins | Jul 27, 2006 1:54:57 PM

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