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August 18, 2006

Numbers crunch could mean LB Keith Adams will be cut

There's a very real chance a player who was practicing with the first team as recently as the June workouts might not make the opening day roster.

It’s linebacker Keith Adams.

Signed as a free agent from Philadelphia, he has been replaced on the first team by Na'il Diggs, another free agent. Diggs has better size and appears to have locked up the starting job on the weak side.

Adams was a starter in Philadelphia last season because of injuries, but he is basically a special teams player and the numbers could work against him when it comes time to trim the roster.

Let's say the Panthers carry six or seven linebackers. Diggs, Dan Morgan and Thomas Davis will be the starters. The team is very high on second-year player Adam Seward, who has been working behind Morgan in the middle. Chris Draft is valuable because he can play any of the three spots. Rookie James Anderson is a third-round pick, which pretty much assures him of a roster spot.

That's six linebackers and that leaves Adams, Vinny Ciurciu and Sean Tufts on the bubble. Tufts, who has a knee injury, almost certainly won't be around. He'll be released with an injury settlement of put on the injured reserve list. Adams and Ciurciu both could be on their way out, or the Panthers could keep seven linebackers.

If that happens, Ciurciu, who can play the middle or outside and special teams, could get the nod.

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I agree with your accessment of the LB's however is it just me or is Deangelo Williams looking like a dare I say "bust" it's to Early to tell but we've got two more pre-season games and I'd like to see him show me something in one of them and or the first 2 or 3 weeks of the season.

Posted by: Cheven | Aug 20, 2006 11:59:39 PM

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