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August 25, 2006

Dolphins' blitz tests Williams

Contrary to the exhibition norm, the Miami Dolphins didn’t try to hide much in Thursday night’s exhibition against the Panthers.

Coach Nick Saban opened a good chunk of the regular-season playbook, including the use of an option pass by running back Ronnie Brown. The game Thursday will give the Dolphins’ future opponents a good bit of film to work with.

The Dolphins also set the stage for a trend that’s likely to face the Panthers in the regular season. If you played close attention, the Miami defense blitzed just about every time rookie running back DeAngelo Williams was in the game in a passing situation.

Williams did a pretty good job of picking up the blitz and making his blocks, but this is something that will continue into the regular season. Williams is a rookie, and it takes time to get good at recognizing blitzes. He’s also 5-foot-9, and some teams might try to overpower him with a linebacker. Williams will have to continually prove himself as a blocker throughout the season.

• Here’s one more sign that defensive tackle Kris Jenkins might return to All-Pro form after missing most of the past two seasons with injuries: A Miami offensive lineman said after the game that he was hit so hard by Jenkins on one play that his helmet moved so dramatically it turned his eyelid inside out.

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