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September 21, 2006

Discussing experience at linebacker; Keyshawn and the Bucs

Just a thought: But the linebacker corps looks so lost, why not shift Chris Draft to the middle and put Na’il Diggs on the weak side? At least that would mean more experience at linebacker. Draft isn’t anywhere close to the injured Dan Morgan in terms of athletic ability, but he’s got a much better sense of what’s going on than Adam Seward, who started last week. Diggs is no Will Witherspoon, but he’s a veteran and should at least be able to get into the right spots to make some tackles against the running game. A little more experience at the other two positions might allow strong side linebacker Thomas Davis to progress a little faster.

Don’t be so certain the offensive line the Panthers used last week will remain the same for long. The Panthers are trying to find the right combination, which could mean another shot for Evan Mathis at right guard or a look at Jeremy Bridges at right tackle.

Keyshawn Johnson didn’t disappoint. After weeks of saying he wasn’t going to talk about his time in Tampa Bay before the Panthers played the Bucs, guess what Johnson did Wednesday? Yep, he talked about the Bucs. Extensively. Read tomorrow’s Observer to hear Johnson’s comments. Also, if you’ve got Sirius NFL Radio, listen to his show at 7 p.m. Thursday. The show’s an hour long, so even if Johnson tries to steer clear of talking about Tampa Bay, chances are good he won’t be able to pull it off.

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I am sorry but you are incorrect...... Chris Draft is 10xs the linebacker Dan Morgan is... He DOES NOT miss tackles and is solid. Morgan is weak at best and cannot bring the big hit.. Think about it, the last big hit Morgan gave was probably one he TOOK . Start Chris Draft, eat Morgan's contract and ship him away......

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