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September 06, 2006

Falcons' Hall rips on Steve Smith

   Perhaps the dumbest thing you can do is provoke Panthers receiver Steve Smith. Just ask Fred Smoot, who took a few shots against Smith before last season's game against Minnesota and got lit up.

   Apparently, Atlanta cornerback DeAngelo Hall didn’t get the memo. Hall, who used to be a close friend of Smith’s, had some strong comments in Wednesday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Hall said he won’t be Smith’s friend Sunday, and said he’d welcome the opportunity to put a big hit on Smith.

   Colleague Tom Sorensen is going to have a full column on this in Thursday’s Observer, complete with Smith’s reaction. But here are a couple of samples of Smith’s response:

   “This is a business. That’s the way football is. I’m happy he’s grown up and realized that. Football is football. I find it really comedy …I guess when you’re on the top, you have a lot of people trying to knock you down. Some people are lower than others on the totem pole by age, performance and talk. When you’re the court jester and you’re talking to the king, you’ve got to do stuff like that."


    “I’m not going to play games with little kids. There’s no reason to. When you talk, you obviously are insecure about something and if you talk long enough, you’ll hang yourself.’’


   “If that’s the kind of game he’s trying to play, he’s barking up the wrong tree. It’s a big a-- tree."

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Hall is merely doing what he and the Foulcons do best-talk a good game of football. Julius is going to be in the Foulcons' backfield more than Dunn. The Foulcons and their miserable fans are talking lots of stuff that will be served to them around the dinner table Sunday evening. Go Panthers!

Posted by: Titothebear | Sep 6, 2006 4:45:56 PM

Give me a break! D. Hall took no shots at Smith. All he said was he wasn't gonna have a meal with him before the game. Nothing personal. It's business. Smith's comments, though, WERE personal. You guys are just here to stir the pot. Don't bother. Chris Draft is doing a fine job all by himself.

Posted by: Nikki | Sep 6, 2006 7:28:28 PM

"Chris Draft is doing a fine job all by himself."

I expect he'll do the same "fine job" he did twice against Atlanta last season.

Posted by: Jared | Sep 6, 2006 9:41:43 PM

Chris Draft? You mean when he said that Vick could be a great QB? That wasn't stirring the pot at all. That was praising a former teammate.

Posted by: Rob C | Sep 7, 2006 8:47:31 AM

D hall will crush S.Smith and vick is going to crush the panthers oh and Delhomme or whatever his name is get ready to meet J.Abraham and the rest of the crew.

Posted by: chi chi | Sep 7, 2006 11:57:33 AM

D. Hall isn't Fred Smoot and this year's Panthers are not as solid as they have been hyped up to be... by EVERYONE. The Falcons will beat the Panthers on September 10th. It's the truth.

Posted by: hooper | Sep 7, 2006 1:07:52 PM

Do You Carolina Fans Realize that U are 2-6 agianst Vick And the "FAULCONS" Do u call them the foulcons because u cant spell....wich makes sense for N.carolina. or because we own u guys in the division series. And just like smith being scared and trying to duck out of sundays game. Is an excuse....the faulcons do they foul to much?? LOL carolina knows yall Are gonna lose sunday I cant wait to be here after the game to post my next comment.

Posted by: Vicktimized agian | Sep 7, 2006 1:42:05 PM

Only Falcon fans seem to be so stupid as to think Steve Smith will be shut down Hall. NOBODY else in the entire NATION thinks Hall can handle Smith. No expert, outside fan, only dumb Falcon fans. We have one Falcon fan on a message board saying that the Falcons will rush for 200 yards, and he's not alone! WOW. We have the best d-line in the NFL, but Falcon fans expect a big day rushing the ball. No chance. Steve Smith is a top 3 WR, but Falcon fans think Hall will shut him down. Dumb. No corner in the league can shut Smith down, it took the entire Hawks defense to do that. Ugh, Falcon fans suck.

Posted by: random | Sep 7, 2006 5:04:46 PM

LOL ANOTHER typical panther fan believing everything everyone says......lol DO u think I give a darn if ppl dont think D Hall will stop steve smith? DUDE Sports EXPERTS are idiots...Hell Theyve picked the damn Colts to win superbowl for the last decade.......But the panthers fans would be dumb enough to believe everything they seee in the media lolo is steve smith even playing? the diva crybaby

Posted by: Vicktimized agian | Sep 7, 2006 5:49:45 PM

LOL steve smith is a top 3 reciever U r correct. D hall Is a top 3 cornor.... A little UNKNOWN FACT BY U DID U KNOW 11 of atlantas 22 starters were probowlers last year?> Carolina doesnt have the best d line in the division.....That belongs to atl and tampa... Carolina has the 3rd best d line in the division yep thats right and steve smith is a cry baby with a gimp leg

Posted by: vicktimized agian | Sep 7, 2006 6:01:50 PM

"Carolina doesnt have the best d line in the division.....That belongs to atl and tampa... Carolina has the 3rd best d line in the division"

This comment proves you don't even follow football. Only a delusional Falcon fan would make a comment like this. People have to be laughing at that one! You have no fooftball knowlege, you're just guessing. I'm shocked you could even name 3 teams in the division.

Posted by: random | Sep 7, 2006 6:21:38 PM

NO my Comments means i dont follow Espn. And ur comments mean u Watch a little to much.....lol Turn off your Tv and check who has the series lead ATL vs Car...Vick vs Peppers. Last time i checked vick is still 6-2 agianst That "Potent" julius peppers and carolina. I'll be back sunday to rub it in.

Posted by: Vicktimized | Sep 8, 2006 12:23:21 AM

I follow the Panthers, watch the draft, and watch every preseason/regular/playoff game. True the national media thinks highly of the Panthers, and for good reason. But I don't form my opinion based on the media. I had an idea of what type of team we would have before the media caught on.

What do you know about the Panthers?Honestly? I know every player and how they play. Kemo and Jenkins will clog the middle against any team we play this year. There's no moving those guys, there's no running between the tackles. The Falcon running game will go nowhere, and I'm sure you'll blame the refs, or God knows what. 3rd best d-line in the NFC South my a$$. Here's something you won't here on ESPN, we have the BEST d-line in the NFL, not to mention the best corner combo.

Last season Falcon fans were full of it. They talked about how good their defense was going to be. Then the season started! OMG. The defense sucked. By the time we tore through them at their place, Falcon fans wanted Mora out. The Falcons have brought in a ton of defesive players, but our defense is still far superior. And Falcon fans are still delusional. Still think you're going to the SB like last year? Still think Vick is a great passer? Best d-line in the NFC South? Gonna' shut Smith down with Hall? (Pray he doens't play) Falcon delusions are endless.

Posted by: random | Sep 8, 2006 1:40:40 AM

I have a quick question. Isn't this D. Hall guy the same guy who shut TO down last year? Didn't TO get like 130 yards in this so-called "shut down".
And how can this guy Hooper say people from the Carolinas cant spell then go on to spell his next word "which" as "wich".
Yall are some pretty bright folks.

Posted by: Hogan | Sep 8, 2006 9:28:13 AM

Somehting is wrong with this blog. I, the real "hooper", posted that comment about D Hall not being Fred Smoot which now has the name "chi chi" beside it. I didn't make that comment about Carolina fans' spelling.

Posted by: the real hooper | Sep 8, 2006 11:53:47 AM

Wait a minute. I was wrong, too. HOGAN: the posters name is BELOW the comment not above it. I didn't make that comment you were referring to.

Posted by: the real hooper | Sep 8, 2006 11:56:34 AM

In that T.O shut down he had 2 catches for 24 yards.....Steve smith had 7 catches for 64 yards......Real dominant lol. For A top 3 reciever Do u consider 64 yards a sucess for the reciever or the CB? Your a dumb ass.....That was with no saftey help.. AND last year is last year its a whole new defense for atl.

Posted by: Vicktimized agian | Sep 8, 2006 9:36:33 PM

Sorry for chiming in - the only true dumb ass in this blog seems to "Vicktimized agian"?
Cute play on words, not the brains to follow through, huh? Don't stump other people, if you are not capable of writing your own language.
And let's face it - the Panthers are much more dimensional this season than they have been in a long time. Smith will get his catches and show off Hall, Hall will do a good job covering but ultimately the Panthers will pounce on the birds.

Posted by: Fritz | Sep 9, 2006 9:45:46 AM

First off what I got to say is I hate the Falcons! I hope D. Hall Severs a limb, and vick doesn't spread his herpes to the D-line and then we want have a line no more. Bam vick has the best defense in the league. Don't need smith Keary Colbert can handle his spot and keyshawn is too good for your STD carrying Defense. Besides I read a comment that ATL had 11 probowlers, did they play last year because no .500 team has 11, ATL D line isn't even top 10 with Abraham too soft in the middle and their offense is one dimensional do to Vicks infatuation with running and not enough passing. Knew masturbation and sex with hookers would hurt is wrist and judgment of throws. Basically Fuck the falcons!

Posted by: SkullfukinVick | Sep 9, 2006 10:23:24 PM

"Victimized Again" You're one real funny guy. Ignorance is bliss isn't it?

Posted by: SkullfukinVick | Sep 10, 2006 11:04:57 AM

Yeah Ignorance is Bliss !!!! LMAO meet John abraham.. U guys were ignorant FALCONS BUSTED YOUR MOUTH LIKE I CALLED...DUMB ASS PANTHERS FANS....LOL

Posted by: Vicktimized agian | Sep 10, 2006 5:16:33 PM

LOL 252 YARDS RUSHING!!! Best defense in the league??? lol Panthers dilusions are endless.

Posted by: Vicktimized agian | Sep 10, 2006 5:18:33 PM

And I leave This blog with the last laugh....HAHAHAHA HAHAAHA MUHAHAHA HA HA HAHA HA HA.

Posted by: Vicktimized agian | Sep 10, 2006 5:33:32 PM

Pathetic. Coaching, Offense, Defense....all of it was pathetic! Somebody better quit reading magazines and start playing football.

Posted by: aftonshire | Sep 10, 2006 5:42:03 PM

Where are all these sorry ass Panthers fans now? Ha! Over 200 yards rushing. Vick and Dunn running when and where they want. Abraham being what Peppers wishes he could be. Suckers. Oh, I know where you're all at...on another comment section crying about how the Falcons fans at the games beat your fans asses. Priceless!

Posted by: DirtyBirdBomb | Sep 12, 2006 7:59:08 PM

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