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September 27, 2006

Fields returning to Panthers? Unlikely

A reader e-mailed to ask about a “rumor’’ the Panthers were going to re-sign linebacker Mark Fields. Can only assume that comes from wishful fans thinking out loud on some message board. As it has been several times over the last six months, that possibility was run up the flagpole. According to several people who would know, there haven’t been any talks between the team and Fields about a return. For the record, Fields has battled Hodgkin’s disease twice and indications are he’s doing well. He’s also 34 and hasn’t played in the NFL since 2004.


BY THE NUMBERS: Some interesting stuff from STATS:

   Steve Smith, who played 52 snaps Sunday, was the target on 14 pass plays. Keyshawn Johnson has been the team’s most targeted receiver (25 times) through three games. Drew Carter’s been the target 21 times and Keary Colbert eight times.

   The team’s best offensive lineman, Mike Wahle, also is the leader in sacks allowed. Wahle has allowed two sacks. Left tackle Jordan Gross and right guard Evan Mathis each allowed one sack and center Justin Hartwig, who has appeared only in the opener, has allowed half a sack. The Panthers have allowed nine sacks, but STATS doesn’t track sacks allowed by running backs or tight ends.


Here’s a breakdown of Jake Delhomme’s 108 passes:
Passes Attempted    Complete    Total Incomplete

     108                       60                     48

Type                   Number            Pct of Incomp    Pct of Overall Attempts
Pass Dropped           3                       6.3                             2.8
Poor Throw            15                      31.3                           13.9
Pass Defensed        10                     20.8                             9.3
Pass Hit at Line       3                       6.3                             2.8
Other                    16                     33.3                            14.8
Intercepted             1                       2.1                              0.9

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