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September 20, 2006

On Foster starting and other musings


Coach John Fox said Monday that DeShaun Foster remains the starting running back.

   Translation: Foster will get the start as a courtesy the next few games. But DeAngelo Williams will continue to get more and more carries. Barring a sudden awakening by Foster, Williams will take over the starting role by midseason.

   It’s the same thing as last year when Stephen Davis remained the starter far longer than he should have. Fox believes in giving veterans courtesy and Foster may deserve some. But the fact is he’s averaging 2.9 yards a carry and Williams is averaging 5.7.


Remember all the preseason talk about how the “old” Keary Colbert was back? He is, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Colbert’s the same player he was a year ago when he was basically invisible in the passing game. Colbert has three catches for 32 yards. With Steve Smith out with an injury, Colbert hasn’t exactly taken advantage of the opportunity. He’s fallen behind Drew Carter on the depth chart. By the way, Ricky Proehl is working for the St. Louis Rams radio broadcast.


Since training camp, Keyshawn Johnson has been saying he won’t talk about his time with the Bucs when the two teams play. That time is upon us because the Panthers face Johnson’s former team this week. Maybe Johnson stays true to his word and stays mum on his 2003 feud with Jon Gruden. But keep this in mind: After joining the Bucs, Johnson insisted he wouldn’t talk about his days with the Jets. But he gave in shortly before a game with New York and that’s when he compared Wayne Chrbet to a “flashlight.’’


Wide receiver Steve Smith recently was on Sirius NFL Radio and emphatically shot down a speculative item on profootballtalk.com that said his missing time with injury might be a way of making a statement that he's unhappy he hasn't been given a contract extension.

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I'm a big Deshaun Foster fan, and always have been, however lately it seems like he runs with complete apathy. Just once, I'd like to see some emotion come out of him, some attitude and some fire in his eyes. After all he did just sign a contract that even he would admit he was lucky to get.

SO DESHAUN, wake up and realize that if you don't start running with some fire in your eyes your games as a starter are in single digits.

Posted by: panther fan | Sep 20, 2006 7:14:34 PM

Panther Fan, you hit the nail on the head. Why is that a rookie like Deanglo can come into the game and fire up the offensive line? Deangelo has charisma, and DeShaun does not, but I would never have thought that would matter on the field. Apparently it does. Maybe it is all about confidence, which the rookie has aplenty. I think DeShaun can be great, he just needs to think greatness.

Posted by: DRE | Sep 20, 2006 10:39:51 PM

I don't think Foster is a bad back, but he doesn't work well behind this offensive line, which is mush. Williams manufactured all of his yards all by himself. Holes would close, he would cut, and he'd have his yards. It's just a different style of running that is working with this o-line.

Posted by: Lloyd | Sep 20, 2006 10:58:51 PM

Greetings Mr. Yasinskas. I think that Mr. Steve Smith should get a contract extension if he has not gotten one by now. He is the heart of the Panthers offense. He gives the team so much more confidence whenever he is out there on the field. I do not understand why the front office is holding out on him, why do you think that is? Personally, I do not know what the front office is thinking. Sometimes they make the best decisions and then when you turn around there running left field with their decisions. I would be surprised if they get a big surprise next year, if you know what I mean.

PS: Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Ramsey Sturdivant | Sep 25, 2006 9:18:30 AM

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