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September 13, 2006

Second guessing the Panthers, because everyone is

   It’s easy now to second guess the Panthers decision not to welcome tackle Adam Meadows with open arms when he decided to end his retirement in July. In fact, we’d be negligent if we didn’t do some second guessing here.
   Meadows was, at least at one point in his career, a solid left tackle. That’s something the Panthers desperately need after losing Travelle Wharton to a season-ending knee injury. For the record, Meadows ended up with Denver. He was on the inactive list Sunday.
   The Panthers may have some regrets about not bringing Meadows back. But their reasoning, at the time, was valid. Meadows was signed in 2004, but retired in training camp because of shoulder problems. There were a lot of hard feelings throughout the organization because the consensus was Meadows’ injury was something he could have played through, but elected not to. When the Panthers made their decision the second time around, there was a feeling that a lot of people in the organization never would forgive Meadows.
  MORE SECOND GUESSING: Since second guessing seems to be the most popular sport in Charlotte this week, let’s do some more. The other popular bit of revisionist history that’s getting lots of play is the fact the Panthers kept linebacker Dan Morgan and let Will Witherspoon go. You can make a very strong argument that was a mistake. But just so you understand how it happened: The Panthers were talking contract extension with both linebackers during training camp last year. Offers were on the table to both and Morgan happened to be the first to accept, and that pretty much ended any chance of Witherspoon re-signing. The Panthers were going to pay big money to only one linebacker, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they paid the right one.
     THE GREAT INDOORS: Just a hunch, but if there’s still doubt about Steve Smith’s hamstring, he won’t play Sunday in Minnesota. The Panthers don’t want him running around on artificial turf with an iffy hamstring because it could turn a temporary injury into a season-long one.
   EMERGENCY PLANS: Don’t read too much into the fact the Panthers worked out quarterback Drew Henson on Tuesday. They work out players all the time just to update their emergency lists. Then again, if the Panthers don’t straighten out their offensive line pretty quickly, they could have lots of emergencies at quarterback.

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I had not heard about Meadows wanting to return, but I don't blame the Panthers for not wanting to depend on somebody and get burned a second time. Also remember the Panthers had already endured Kerry Collins quitting in mid season. As for free agent QB's, I hope there's someone better than Henson available.

Posted by: Ron | Sep 13, 2006 11:53:45 AM

Too bad, but the NFL system is very short and not very forgiving when injuries happen. Unless a small miracle happens, I see the Panthers going 8-8, out of the playoffs. Atlanta is now the top dog.

OL is a disaster from which teams can rarely recover.
Smith is the next incarnation of Issac Bruce. Only Jerry Rice has put together back to back 1400 yd seasons. Smith ain't even close

Posted by: teddy ballgame | Sep 13, 2006 12:20:57 PM

WOW - How quickly one game makes us forget all the faith we had coming into the season. All of these may be valid points, but good grief, this is the LOUSIEST sports town I have ever seen. Talk about FAIR WEATHERED. Why don't all of you grow some loyalty, and I don't know...optimism???

Posted by: Tracy | Sep 13, 2006 12:40:29 PM

Tracy, I want to echo what you said. I posted similar comments on another blog yesterday. We've lost ONE game, the opening game, same as we did last year and the year before. Hello? The season IS NOT LOST! Nobody predicted we'd end every game. And Michael Vick presents problems NO other player does.

Posted by: Ron | Sep 13, 2006 12:46:39 PM

About my previous entry error: Nobody predicted we'd WIN every game.

Posted by: Ron | Sep 13, 2006 12:48:17 PM

No offense Tracy, but this team has done nothing but disappoint and let us down since that Super Bowl run 3 years ago. Yeah, they made the playoffs last year, but they squandered an opportunity to get home-field advantage in the playoffs and wound up in the wild-card. I mean, c'mon, this team had all this Super Bowl hype around them all offseason and they came out and played like crap on opening day to our most-hated division rival. We deserve better than this, especially for a team that everybody and their mother had them going to the Super Bowl and winning it, mind you. I was looking forward to this season, I thought this team would come out and dominate and show everyone that they were for real, now I think they're a joke and now I'm not that confident they're going to be that much better than that sorry performance they put out on the field this past Sunday. I think that since that Super Bowl season, this team has gotten complacent and I don't think they have that same hunger they had in 2003, if you want to be honest. There's nothing wrong with fans being critical of their teams when they play poorly, instead of being so unrealistic and thinking that your team is the best team around when they're actually not. That's my opinion, I'm out!

Posted by: Perry | Sep 13, 2006 5:53:33 PM

Just so u know your season is over ur team has been exposed U guys wont make the play offs and O yeah John Abraham Defensive player of the week.

Posted by: Vicktimized agian | Sep 13, 2006 6:35:07 PM

Ease up the tension over the O line, folks... remember the Super Bowl run included "contributions" from such line studs as Todd Steussie and Matt Willig. BTW, I think Willig's working with Two Men and a Truck these days. Good to finally see him put his size to good use.

Posted by: Stinger | Sep 13, 2006 7:55:05 PM

Geez this Vicktimized dude really doesn't have a life.

Posted by: Ron | Sep 14, 2006 6:29:42 PM

Talk about extremes. On one hand we have Tracy and Ron, spouting about how lousy of a sports town Charlotte is due to some of the fans being over critical of one game and being ready to pack in the rest of the season. On the other hand we have teddy ballgame and Perry ready to jump ship over a single game and deem this season as lost. All of you should hand over your Panther fan cards and root for some other team.

My main gripe is with your comments Perry. You wrote the Panthers have done nothing but disappoint since the run to the SB. To recap what they have done since then, the following year they endured one of the most injury riddled seasons in the NFL and started 1-7. They followed that up by going on a tremendous winning streak with their 6th string RB, Goings, and almost made NFL history by being the first team to make the playoffs after starting 1-7. They followed that year by going to the NFC Championship game, shutting out the Giants in the playoffs and man handling the Bears in the NFC Divisional game. Apparently the only thing you would think to be a success would be win the SB every single year. Get real dude.

Me personally, I'll be rooting for MY Panthers until they lose their FINAL game this year. Regardless of what happens between now and then.

Posted by: David I | Sep 15, 2006 5:28:39 AM

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