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September 14, 2006

A look at the Panthers' "dead money"

What do Keith Adams, Brentson Buckner, Stephen Davis, Atiyyah Ellison, Stefan LeFors, Bruce Nelson, Brandon Short, Rod Smart and Sean Tufts have in common?

Other than the fact they’re all former Panthers, they’re also each costing the team six (and in Davis’ case, seven) figures against this year’s $102 million salary cap.

The Panthers have just over $4 million in available cap space ($1 million less than the league average), but they’d have a lot more without "dead money’’. That’s the cap space taken up by players no longer on the roster. Here’s a run down of dead money for the Panthers - unofficially about about $4.7 million:

Keith Adams $104,000

Lorenzo Alexander $15,170

Chad Beasley $2,000

Joe Berger $37,735

Aaron Boone $54,748 (injury grievance)

Jovon Bouknight $3,333

Brentson Buckner $993,000

Jarrett Bush $6,666

Steve Cheek $15,000

Matt Cherry $2,000

Casey Cramer $4,950

Stephen Davis $1.2 million

Jon Doty $5,000

Atiyyah Ellison $319,950

Ben Emanuel $68,000

Bill Ferrario $50,000

Shannon Fitzhugh $2,000

Otis Grigsby $2,000

William Hampton $27,500

Jermaine Hardy $5,170

Phil Hawkins $2,000

Jovan Haye $30,085

Efrem Hill $14,333

Lynzell Jackson $2,000

Corey Jenkins $12,500

Micah Knorr $30,170

Marcus Lawrence $9,333

Stefan LeFors $110,730

Devan Long $12, 255

Justin McCullum $1,666

Lornell McPherson $3,333

Sean Mulcahy $31,765 (injury settlement)

Bruce Nelson $335,000

Jared Peck $2,000

Jammal Robertson $35,000

Micah Ross $25,000

Brandon Short $500,000

Rod Smart $282,000

Daniel Smith $1,666

Adam Stenavich $6,666

Taylor Stubblefield $10,000

Albert Toeaina $2,333

Sean Tufts $305,720 (injury settlement)

Michael Watson $6,667

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This seems to be alot of money but I wonder how this matches up to other teams in the league.

Posted by: Terry Miencier | Sep 15, 2006 8:23:19 AM

Could somebody explain how this actually works? Do we "owe" this money? What is the effect of a player, like Davis, getting signed by another team? ETc.

Posted by: dh | Sep 15, 2006 9:53:55 AM

Every dollar a team pays a player has to count against its salary cap, sometime.

The up-front money given in signing bonuses is prorated so that the impact on the salary cap is spread out for the length of a contract -- that's how a player could take in, say, $11 million in bonus and salary the year he signs, yet have a $6 million "cap figure" that season. The team will be charged for the remaining $5 million the player already received, either in later years he plays under that contract, or in the year or two after he is cut.

For Davis, for instance, it looks like the Panthers cut him having paid him $1.2 million more than had been charged against their yearly caps. So that comes out of this year's cap.

Posted by: Paul Domeier | Sep 15, 2006 3:56:34 PM

I would love to see Davis back, especially for short yardage situations.

Posted by: Neal Stroud | Sep 15, 2006 4:46:34 PM

Terry Miencier, no we do not owe this money.For Davis, for instance, the Panthers cut him having paid him $1.2 million more than had been charged against their yearly caps. So that comes out of this year's cap.
Also his contract may have not expired.

Posted by: truefan | Sep 19, 2006 12:11:24 PM

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