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October 19, 2006

Bad buzz about O'Brien?

The longer he’s gone the more you realize the Panthers, and we’re talking people that matter most (coaches, front office types and players) weren’t all that sad when special teams coach Scott O’Brien left a couple of years ago.

Officially, O’Brien retired. But, a couple days later, he ended up as Nick Saban's right-hand man in Miami. With O’Brien no longer around to play the bully role that might have led to some of his success as the Panthers special teams coach, the talk about him in the locker room isn’t very warm while new special teams coach Danny Crossman gets plenty of praise.

Several people in the organization have talked about O’Brien’s lack of social skills and suggested he was a shameless self-promoter. Funny, but those are the same complaints that are popping up in Miami.

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"Danny Crossman gets plenty of praise"

I guess for the worst call in the history of organized team sports.

Posted by: Brian Goodman | Oct 20, 2006 9:37:27 AM

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