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October 20, 2006

Keyshawn speaks about Cowboys

The Panthers don't play the Cowboys until Oct. 29, but the hype has started. Carolina receiver Keyshawn Johnson had some interesting comments about his departure from Dallas on his weekly Thursday night show on Sirius NFL Radio. Here are some of the highlights:

Keyshawn: "There were all sorts of negotiations. I decided not to go back to the Dallas Cowboys. It wasn’t that they didn’t want me. It’s just that what I wanted, they were not willing to pay me and therefore, Carolina got the catches and the touchdowns and the winning percentages and things of that nature. Not the Dallas Cowboys. The Carolina Panthers were the ones that benefited from a business decision, in my opinion, that wasn’t the greatest one. But that’s my opinion.

"I may even actually attend the Giants game this Monday night in Dallas with the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to go but I have some business in the area and I may even go down to the game. That’s just to let you know there is no revenge. There is no Keyshawn getting back at Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones and T.O. didn’t run me out of town. Once again, I decided not to go to the Dallas Cowboys based on a number of factors after contract talks broke off. That’s pretty much it."

Co-host, Steve Cohen: "Wasn’t there interest in you by the Cowboys even after they signed T.O.?"

Keyshawn: "There was major interest in the Cowboys even after they signed T.O. There’s still major interest in the Cowboys in acquiring me tomorrow if they could. And I know that."

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