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October 02, 2006

Observations after Panthers' 2nd victory

John Fox emphatically said after the game that cornerback Ken Lucas had not been benched, even though rookie Richard Marshall started in his place. Lucas played extensively in the third corner. The company line after the game was that Lucas had been struggling to make tackles because of neck and shoulder problems. Maybe Marshall starting is only a short-term thing, but this situation bears watching. If Lucas was so badly hurt, maybe he shouldn’t have played. Maybe this was just a wake-up call. But if it turns out the Panthers just don’t think he can tackle, they’ll have the most-expensive nickel back in the league.

Always find it ironic that Karl Hankton is on the "hands" team.

Speaking of hands, it’s taken exactly four weeks to decide Keyshawn Johnson has the best hands in franchise history.

There is a scout I know who said before the game he thought linebacker Thomas Davis was improving with his recognition skills. The same scout shook his head at halftime and said, "I was wrong."

Whatever happened to Kris Mangum?

Best performance by an assistant coach so far? Offensive line coach Mike Maser. He’s playing some guys who might not be good enough to play in the league and the Panthers are 2-2.

Wonder what the record is for endorsement deals before your first NFL touchdown. Reggie Bush has got to be getting close.

Jason Baker might be the most underrated player on the roster. He averaged 50.7 yards a punt Sunday and put four inside the 20.

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Maser should not be praised. The O-line hasn't been any better than average since '03 (coincidentally, the year some were allegedly on steroids). The backups played well out their yesterday and they deserve the credit. If an O-lineman isn't good enough to play in the NFL then they wont succeed no matter who is coaching them.

Posted by: Jerad | Oct 2, 2006 3:13:40 AM

How is it that a team that a running team usually coming out with a tight end in our offensive package has almost no receptions by a tight end? We run play actions so much, it seems a waste that we can't seem to get a TE worked into our offense.

Posted by: James | Oct 2, 2006 9:36:16 AM

I find it very interesting that so much is being made out of Lucas not starting yesterday. Why is it that you just can't Fox's word about it and call it a day. The guy did have an injury. And don't forget about his really good performance last season. I don't think he forgot how to cover or tackle over the winter break.

Posted by: WWF | Oct 2, 2006 2:12:18 PM

Observations or Senstationlist Journalism--hard to figure out if these are truly your opinions or if you are just trying to spur reaction

The team won, Keyshawn's great hands dropped a pass that was ruled complete and set up the TD to Smith. Key's a valuable addition, but he's not better than Moose was and Moose is younger.

The Tight Ends are being used to block to help buy Jake some time, plus there have been injuries

Jason Baker's stats supercede his true effectiveness. Kicking to the 18 yardline from the 50 is not that special.

Does the Observer really need this many reporters covering the Panthers if this is all they can report?

Posted by: Pat Who? | Oct 2, 2006 4:07:01 PM

Give me a break with the revisionist Moose history. Love the guy, wish he never left, but I'll "settle" for Keyshawn any day... he's a significant upgrade.

Since 2003... STATS dropped passes:
Keyshawn - 11
Moose - 23

Still don't want to believe it? Check out the Panthers-Bears playoff game. Same old Moose... some big grabs and some big drops with that put-out look on his face, hands in air, looking for a flag.

Posted by: Stinger | Oct 2, 2006 6:25:42 PM

The best hands in Panther franchise history goes to Ricky Prohl, then Patrick Jeffries.

Posted by: par | Oct 4, 2006 9:50:44 PM

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