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November 10, 2006

Here's the numbers on Delhomme's incomplete passes

If you're wondering what's happened on Jake Delhomme's incomplete passes this season, here's a pretty good breakdown, courtesy of STATS:

Incomplete Pass Information

Passes Attempted        Complete        Total Incomplete 
270                     160             110 

                                          Pct of
Type               Number  Pct of Incomp  Overall Attempts 
Pass Dropped       15      13.6            5.6 
Poor Throw         40      36.4            14.8 
Pass Defensed      25      22.7            9.3 
Pass Hit at Line   12      10.9            4.4 
Other              13      11.8            4.8 
Intercepted        5       4.5             1.9 

Sacks Information

Here's a breakdown of the number of sacks allowed by each member of the Panthers current starting offensive line, according to STATS:

LT Jordan Gross 4 
LG Mike Wahle 2 
C Geoff Hangartner 1 
RG Evan Mathis 1 
RT Jeremy Bridges 2.5 

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Well, there ya go: 40 poor throws kinda takes the wind out of the "dropped passes defense" sail...

Posted by: Mike | Nov 11, 2006 4:07:34 PM

Can we send delhomme back to New Orleans and take Brees?

Posted by: jeff | Nov 12, 2006 5:27:53 PM

Easy now. You need more info. Dropped passes are easy to define. How do you define poor pass? Other? Numbers could get worse but could also get better. How many bad passes came after dropped passes that would have made passing unnecessary? If bad pass is defined as receiver wide open then number is bad. But, how many came after penalty or after completion called back by penalty? Bottom line, these stats make good reading but don't mean much.

Posted by: DJ | Nov 13, 2006 6:56:37 PM

Interesting point, DJ. Hmmm, DJ? Delhomme, Jake?

Posted by: A different Mike | Nov 13, 2006 8:38:29 PM

This article proves absolutely nothing.

"Stats are for losers."

Posted by: Mark | Nov 14, 2006 3:34:17 PM

The problem isnt the quantity but the quality of the bad passes.
When jake lays out a lemon of a pass to be intercepted he has a talent of doing it at back breaking times and to DB's that can get sizeable returns from them.

e really hits DB's right in the numbers when he blows one.

Posted by: Panthers Blog | Nov 18, 2006 1:28:55 PM

I am glad someone else recognized that Jake Delhomme is usually intercepted, sacked, or fumbles in the red zone or when pinned deep in his own territory. Now if Panther coaches recognized this tendency by J.D., who is incidentially otherwise a good quarter back, they could call running/creative plays to minimize Jake's mistakes.

Posted by: Duhcoaches | Nov 24, 2006 5:04:40 PM

delhomme is the absolute most overrated qb in the nfl. how many games does he have to lose for us before fox will bench him. and can we get an offensive coordinator with a pair. 3rd and 9--draw play, repeat. panthers will not make playoffs with jake delhomme at qb. he thinks his bad passes are always someone elses fought. hey jake look in the mirror son. the defense can only carry us so far. panthers offense in anemic and makes me sick to my stomach. fox is gonna have to quit babying delhomme and start weinke and take the playcalling away from henning. he clearly can't handle it. just look at the playcalling this season. fake punt at minnesota cost them the game. lame wide receiver pass last week should have cost them the game. running the ball on every third and long because they can't trust jake to not throw into triple coverage as he did 15 minutes ago. jake is a child and should be traded at the end of the season.

Posted by: josh | Nov 26, 2006 4:19:18 PM

Jake has made some bad decisions. However, the offense has been so "ultra conservative" that it's very predictable when he has to throw and is usually third and long because of other poor play calls.

I'd like for someone to write or tell us how much Jake actually is able to audible and how much freedom he is given to open it up. It seems to me that when he was able to create the last two to three years, move out of the pocket is when he was really most effective. Let him run wild with the offense and see what happens.

Also, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre have both had worst years interception-wise. His touchdown passes have to go up, but again I point to conservative play-calling. He and Peppers are the leaders in that lockerroom. No change needs to be made in middle of playoff run. This team is only one more win and a Saints loss from being the division leader. If they were 3-8, then maybe consider a change. His skills have not eroded. He just needs a better playbook and not have the game come down to last drive all the time!

Posted by: michael | Nov 27, 2006 8:57:03 AM

jake delturnover is a bad decision. he only got his chance because he was backing up the oldest qb in the league (peete). look at his (successful passes this season) they were almost all receptions in which steve smith made a miraculous play to save jake's butt. all he does is throw up jump balls. look at how many passes he threw over receivers heads yesterday and all season long. if you have to protect the qb from making bad decisions maybe he isn't the man for the job. the qb is supposed to win games for you, not be protected by the coaches. this is not peewee football. He simply cannot be trusted not to turn the ball over in crucial moments. This is not new--look over his entire career with the panthers. If not for having the most talented receiver in the NFL he would have been traded long ago. Steve Smith has made Jake but even he can't save him from himself. Its high time jake was held accountable for his miserable play and lack of talent and childlike decision making. He is finally running out of people to point a finger at.

Posted by: JOSH | Nov 27, 2006 1:59:10 PM

I'm a J. Delhomme fan but I as well as everyone else in the Carolinas are seeing that he is one major disappointment. The superbowl hope is quickly fading. I'm sick of watching what should be easy wins, quickly turn into embarrassing defeats.

Posted by: 1cent | Dec 3, 2006 4:06:20 PM

There is a very good reason Jake was a back up to Brooks in New Orleans..... he's not that good! He should be the next NFL player on dancing with the stars, his feet never stop moving when he is in the pocket.

Posted by: Jim | Dec 5, 2006 12:54:09 AM

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