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November 09, 2006

Look who's talking - Chris Gamble

Every week during the season, the local media in each NFL city gets the opposing head coach and a player on a conference call. The purpose is so the writers and, to a lesser extent, radio broadcasters can do stories on the opponents.

Generally, the media relations departments try to honor requests for key players or suggest players that are good talkers. The system usually works pretty well.

But members of the Tampa Bay media are a little upset with what transpired on their conference call with the Panthers on Thursday. Their first two requests were for Keyshawn Johnson and Steve Smith. They were told Johnson declined and Smith’s availability was in question because he was returning from the funeral of a family member.

So, the Tampa Bay media then said they’d be fine with Jake Delhomme or Julius Peppers.

Delhomme’s a pro at conference calls and, although Peppers isn’t a great quote, he’s one of the league’s best players.

So who was on the phone when it rang in the Tampa Bay media room?

Chris Gamble.

Gamble is a nice enough guy, but not somebody who can fill up the microphone like, let’s say, Mike Minter, Mike Rucker, Chris Draft, Mike Wahle, Jordan Gross or Ken Lucas.

That’s what the Tampa Bay media quickly found out, and they’re scrambling for stories on the Panthers because coach John Fox isn’t exactly a quote machine either.

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