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March 22, 2007

Texans' Carr to Panthers unlikely

    Memo to the David Carr Fan Club:

   Don’t get your hopes too high on the possibility of Carr landing with the Panthers. Yeah, the Houston quarterback is on the trading block right now. But don’t look for the Panthers, or any other team, to want to give up very much for a guy that didn’t have much success in five seasons with the Texans and still is carrying two years of a big contract.

   Unless there’s a trade where Carr agrees to re-work his contract significantly, there probably won’t be a trade. A source close to Carr said it’s more likely the Texans simply will release the quarterback in a few days.

   That same source says Carolina’s not real high on Carr’s wish list because the presence of Jake Delhomme means the Panthers already have a starter in place. Carr, who played behind a brutal offensive line in Houston, is eyeing Minnesota, where the offensive line is very good and he’d have a chance to start right away.

   Oakland is next on Carr’s list because the job is open and Carr and new Raiders coach Lane Kiffin once roomed together while Carr was in college at Fresno State and Kiffin was a graduate assistant.

   What all this means is the Panthers likely will continue to play the waiting game as the quarterback carousel plays out. Marques Tuiasosopo, who visited the Panthers but wasn’t a prime target, landed with the Jets for a one-year, minimum-salary contract Thursday. Joey Harrington is still on the radar. But there could be more pieces to this puzzle. Guys like Carr and Trent Green are going to land somewhere and there will be a trickle-down effect that could free up Carolina’s next backup quarterback.

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Who cares about Carr...he's too much money and is a poor mans version of a phillip rivers. I would much rather have a Kyle Boller type of QB who has shown better flashes than Carr. He would fit Carolina's system way better and would come a lot cheaper. I would much rather take a 25 year old QB with a stronger arm and more mobility at a cheaper price. Not to make any comparisons, remember how Seattle got a QB like Hasselbeck ?...Green Bay got Brett Favre...Getting someone like Boller has that potential in the Carolina system. Rather than this organization sit around and not make any moves lets do something !!!...I mean I am sure Baltimore would like to get some draft picks back after that trade for Mcgahee. Thank God we missed out on Ramsey, and Tuiasosopo (who should be playing arena ball). I say go after someone like this kid or at least make a small attempt on Carr if the price is right

Posted by: bf | Mar 22, 2007 2:23:31 PM

My suggestion is to make an offer for veteran safety Sammy Knight since Mike Mintor is the only veteran we have in the back field. On the QB issue, David Carr is a great Quarterback. He is alot like a Jake who is not very Mobile and that is what we looking for in a QB. However, We can also try for Joey Harrington (Which is who John FOX is waiting on), David Carr, Trent Green, even Seneca Wallace of Seattle, or Kyle Boller. But we are going to wait on Joey Harrington and see if he accepts the salary before Carolina Management with even offer someone else anything due to salary cap reasons. Fox is playing it smart although we had problems last year and some of that was mentally and some of that was lack of players. We defintely need to keep Morgan healthy or get someone who can step into his place with no difficulty.

Posted by: Clay | Mar 22, 2007 3:12:39 PM

BF I agree. Boller would be a great fit but at what cost? I am not sure if he is even available. I am really disappointed that we did not resign Chris Draft and this does not make any sense to me. First Witherspoon now Draft. What experience do we have after Morgan goes down again? Fox/Hurney surely know something we do not.

Posted by: Jay man | Mar 22, 2007 3:29:28 PM

Everyone must've forgotten that Kyle Boller sucks something horrible.

Posted by: Mark | Mar 22, 2007 3:41:14 PM

Kyle Boller has gametime experience,he has won games, he is mobile, he is young, has learned under a Superbowl winning coach/OC,and did a pretty good job against the Panthers last season. Boller would be a better fit than any remaining Qbs right now. But the bottom line is the Panthers are not interested in going after him. Like I said before the Panthers really do not want someone to be a challenge to JAKE!

Posted by: Jay man | Mar 22, 2007 3:58:29 PM

I agree with everyone on Kyle Boller,That dude is awsome,he has potential,But Jake has more experience and knows how to work under pressure,Now yall need to understand that all Jake need is talent around him clickin on all cylinders and Yall know whats going to happend!....they bout ta take it to da HOUSE!!!. Somebody better act like they know!!!.

Posted by: 1# Fan | Mar 22, 2007 9:37:15 PM

Kyle Boller sucks, and the only reason he remained the starter in Baltimore so long was because Billick would never admit he was wrong about Boller. At least with Carr, we knew his development was hurt by playing behind a horrible offensive line and having just one real offensive threat, but Boller did not have that problem.

Posted by: JP | Mar 22, 2007 11:01:13 PM

Kyle(I should have been a)Boller? are you crazy? when he was a starter he was the WORST in the NFL! We Should Get Carr!!
he and Jake basicly had the same QB rateing last year (jake 82.6,Carr 82.1)jake has 223 carrer rushing yards with a 1.8avg Carr has 1,235yrds with a 4.6avg.hes younger more mobile and he did it on the worst team in the NFL. Now put him on a good team like Carolina and he could become a star!

Posted by: Daniel | Mar 23, 2007 1:33:33 AM

Let the Texans cut Carr, then get him cheap. Gotta, needa, wanna little competition for Jake.

Posted by: Jason H | Mar 23, 2007 2:55:04 AM

There is a possibility of Carr being released, but it is highly unlikely. If he was more than one team would be going after his services. Raiders, Vikings, Cleveland (even if they go after one in the draft), Detroit (same as cleveland), and Miami. A lot of teams would also inquire about him for a back up role, like NE and Carolina.

So a team would trade for him to insure that they have his services and not want to go through a bidding war with other teams and be left with nothing. there are no QBs out in the market right now. Drew Bledsoe, Aaron Brooks and Chris Weinke? You have got to be kidding me. I do not see Houston getting a second but I do see them getting a third, easily.

If a very questionable Culpepper can be traded for a second after a devastating injury then there is a market for Carr. Of course you would float this out there because the panther have who as there back-up to Delhomme, a rookie Brett Basanez who has thrown all of 11 passes with an Int and no TD.

Posted by: Thomas | Mar 23, 2007 2:55:25 AM

Kyle Boller is garbage. Jake Delhomme is why we went 8 and 8 and David Carr will be a star. Imagine Jake behind the Texans offensive line. They would have loss more games than they did. He doesn't handle pressure well. Kyle Boller would have posted a winless season. David Carr and Steve Smith would be unstoppable, with Deangelo behind him to throw the screen pass when he did get in trouble. If only Carolina took some chances and was not so set on an average team. Everybody is progressing besides us. Just terrible.

Posted by: HypeMan | Mar 23, 2007 9:53:16 AM

Go ahead and get your hopes up on getting the very expensive Carr. Boller would cost us no more than a 3rd round pick (take him over 98% any QB in this years draft). Carr has had some solid wr's to work with. Boller was obviously thrown into the fire early and now has shown some flashes. You guys have to keep in mind he's coming in his final year of his rookie contract. This would be an audition for him. What the hell has Schaub shown ? I would take a more experience Boller over Jake Interception Delhomne. I give it another year until Jake goes back to NFL Europe. Give someone like Boller, or Trent Green a Steve Smith caliber than they'll do alright. I call it the Culpepper/Moss affect. I just want to see Carolina make something happen. To go into the 07 season with Delhomne as our guy it scares me. Should have a backup plan. Its not like we have the Bears defense....If that, Delhomne and Grossman are equal

Posted by: tr | Mar 23, 2007 1:07:10 PM

I'm sure plenty of people said Delhomne was garbage when he came to Carolina. He showed some flashes when he played in New Orleans. I said the same thing about Matt Hasselbeck when GB traded for him. I have that same feeling about getting a guy like Kyle Boller on the Panthers. Pat Yasinkas has reported that Carolina does have interest in him. Count the number of games he's actually started and think about his last 5 games is Boller is beginning to peak. I can assure the scouts have these notes. Bottom line is Delhomne is more washed up than Kurt Warner. He was a great story coming from no where. It's time to bring in a young QB with some upside. One with a strong arm and mobility and can get Steve Smith the ball. I do agree on bringing in Kyle Boller at the right price. Remember the Ravens are trying to get a mid round draft pick back after trading for Mcgahee. I'd take Boller over Troy Smith, Leak, Kolb, or any QB available at that spot. But then again Carolina considered Tuiasosopo ? I mean come on...They missed out on getting Ramsey...I am willing to bet anyone that Boller will have a lot better career than Ramsey and Carr even !

Posted by: bc | Mar 23, 2007 1:15:51 PM

Well, Carr's been cut.

Posted by: Paul | Mar 23, 2007 4:40:33 PM

I don't care as long as it's not Harrington. If they get Harrington he is absolutely going to be a backup to a Already backup in Delhomme. They want to look to the future Carr is our best shot. I understand he doesn't fit in our cap without some seriuos manuvering. Fox and Hurney cannot seriously think bringing Harrington, after all the playing time this kid has had and how bad he has played and Fox and Hurney still have a job after this year, Playoffs or not. Carr we all have to remember who's offensive line he was playing behind most of his career, CAPERS, it was like an instant replay of The Panthers and Steve Buerlien(however a better QB with experience) Carr couldn,t learn anything from his backside. Anyway I would hope Christmas would come early and we get CARR. Long Shot I know! Harrington comes to town and the only difference between Capers/Seifert and Fox, Is Capers takes notes, seifert doesn't wear a headset and Fox chews gum.

Posted by: bt | Mar 23, 2007 6:55:19 PM

Get Dominik Davis... or Williams or whatever his name is today... He was good and was just released by the Texans. He'd fit well in the Carolina system. Also we need to put Foster on the trading block, I hate that guy and really think it was a terrible idea to resign him.

Posted by: Will Mason | Mar 23, 2007 8:58:22 PM

I am hoping this new OC offers some help to Foster. He is a very explosive back, He reminds me of Dikerson if he could just get some guidance! I really don't understand though the only time I see him Smile is on the sideline, I don't like that!

Posted by: bt | Mar 23, 2007 11:11:25 PM

How about getting the Vikings former QB, Brad Johnson for a veteran backup in case Jake goes down? He's still got some life left in him, I think is from this area and could bring some maturity to the position while grooming Basanek or another young QB. He did pretty well for Mn and then they released him, so he should be available pretty cheap. Not a starter or replacement for Jake, not the future, but would make us a better team.

Posted by: Tom | Mar 24, 2007 2:21:58 AM

All you Delhomme fans, think he's a good QB, let's name One QB that would not have went from a Backup to a stater if they had The Best Receiver In The League catching along with Mushin Mhuhmade(or whatever? Can't remember) Even Harrington would still be in Miami if Smith were there! So Stop It!

Posted by: bt | Mar 24, 2007 2:32:28 AM

Tom, Johnson signed with Dallas a Couple of weeks ago. However, He could have been an adequate backup and replacement, not losing much from Delhomme.

Posted by: bt | Mar 24, 2007 2:37:06 AM

I say go get Carr he was a good quarterback on a terrible team. He was sacked more than any other qb over the last 5 yrs. He is just as good if not better than Jake D. to me who i have never and will never think is a true starting qb.

Posted by: t glove | Mar 24, 2007 8:48:42 AM

jake is garbage. An electrifying qb that could challenge him would be unheard of for the heavenly,church-choir team we've got here. And please forget it if he's black and might can run fast

Posted by: t.walker | Mar 26, 2007 12:04:54 PM

Yeah, I love me some fast black quarterbacks. Look at the SPECTACULAR passing stats of Mike Vick, Quincy Carter, Vince Young, Anthony Wright, Aaron Brooks, Charlie Batch, Jason Campbell, David Garrard, or even Byron Leftwich. Those are just the kinds of QBs we need as much as Jake gets bitched at for throwing picks when he's got no choice but to force throws to win games.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Mar 26, 2007 1:11:52 PM

The Panthers went 1-4 in games where Steve Smith or Jake Delhomme were out. When Smith and Delhomme both played, the Panthers were 7-4. I'm willing to give Delhomme another year or two, especially if the O-line would protect him and the defense would try holding a 4th-quarter lead or two this season.

For the guy that said Boller was great against the Panthers last year, don't forget that two of his touchdowns were caught on passes that were tipped at the line. The difference between his man catching a tipped pass for a touchdown and a defender catching a tipped pass that goes back for 6 points the other way is arbitrary luck - nothing else.

Posted by: Ryan | Mar 26, 2007 2:07:05 PM

I disagree that Jake is good under pressure.
Under pressure his mechanics are bad. His
decision making is questionable and Steve
Smith agressive play makes Jake appear to be
good. (Steve is very agressive to the ball, where ever Jake throws it).
Jake is what I call a ride the emotional wave QB. When things are rolling well there is no better QB in the NFL and when things are not rolling well he can not get things started on a consistent bases. Knowing this Jake is still better than half the QB's in the NFL. That is why it is important for the defense and fans to set the emotional tone. I believe Jake will have a great year in 2007 and the panthers will be back in the super bowl mix.

Posted by: so cal fan | Mar 26, 2007 3:32:56 PM

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