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May 02, 2007

Keyshawn was a reporter's dream

This is purely from a selfish perspective, but I’m going to miss Keyshawn Johnson.

I've been in this line of work since 1990 and can honestly say that Johnson was a media dream. Covering players such as Trent Dilfer, John Lynch, Derrick Brooks, Steve Beuerlein, Brentson Buckner and Mike Minter has been great. They all have been absolute pleasures to deal with. But Johnson was simply the best when it came to filling up a notepad or providing a television clip.

Sure, some (maybe most) of it was self-serving and Johnson knew how to play the media. But that was fine. Johnson would sit or stand at his locker day after day and talk about anything and everything. Lots of players do that, but Johnson took it to a new level.

I first noticed that at training camp. Players would come out of the cafeteria after lunch and rush back to the dorms to catch a nap before the afternoon practice. Johnson would stop and shoot the breeze with the writers, even on the days when the writers didn’t ask to speak to him.

Getting him on the phone meant you had to block off at least 30 minutes of your day, and there was one time this spring when Johnson kept a conversation going by asking, "So what’s new in Charlotte?" and "What have you been up to this offseason?"

The media privately dubbed Johnson, "The Vortex" because once you got near his locker, your chances of getting away and interviewing anyone else were pretty much shot. But it always was entertaining.

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Yah, I'm going to miss him too; since I spent $150.00 on a G-D jersey of his last year! Jesus Christ we could've kept him 1 more year so I could've worn my jersey more to the games. I mean damn give me some heads up next time so I can put it on Ebay for Christ sakes. Someone let me know if they are planning on getting rid of Pepp, Smitty, or Gamble I have their jersey's too. Oh yah for sale: 1 XL Keyshawn Johnson jersey (Blue) mint condition hardly worn. $35.00!

Posted by: JohnnyB | May 2, 2007 8:14:10 PM

Two things: that's what you get for being that smart and buying that jersey to begin with and; 2) sell it to a fan of the new team that will sign him, it may be worth more to them. In my opinion, $35 dollars was all that it was ever worth... you got jipt from the get-go. :)

Posted by: syrpis | May 2, 2007 8:27:18 PM

So, THAT's how he walks in the door and instantly became the face of the franchise. So reporters are just lazy, doing what's easy. Who'da thunk?

That personality makes my skin crawl. Glad to see him gone.

Posted by: Ben | May 2, 2007 11:43:51 PM

dinner and a movie...$70.00
panthers game tickets...$200.00
beer at the panthers game...250.00
buying a Keyhawn jersey..priceless

no seriously...priceless
i cant believe you gave a $150 of your soul to Keyshawn???Do you see how that cuts into beer money???BAD.........BAD,BAD,BAD!!!

Posted by: turdburgalur | May 3, 2007 2:26:56 AM

JohnnyB...whats with all the foul language? I'll bet you are a joy to be around...

I'll miss Keyshaun because he apparently was making progress in becomeing an athelete with class, which was a far cry from his younger days...

Her's hoping the same for you, JB>

Posted by: DboyT | May 3, 2007 8:08:34 AM

I say gooooooooood riddens. I never liked the hire in the first place, and I'm upset that we have to pay this character on the way out of the door... but how do they say it in New York "good money", money well spent to get this guy up and out of the organization. This guy was on TV criticizing his team for not choosing Brady Quinn. Where has he been during the off season, does he even know that we've picked up David Carr? Choosing Quinn would be a slap in the face to Delhomme and Carr... where is his loyalty to the guy's who throw him "THE DAMN BALL". This guy's Vaudeville's finest. The premadonna quintessential wanna be #1, Productive... but also very much destructive. Fair well Key, should've been preparing for camp then commentating the draft on TV.

* At least I said he was productive : )

Posted by: Caro2daheart | May 3, 2007 12:06:40 PM

Keyshawn was not destructive to the Panthers at all, so I disagree with that. He's changed his attitude a lot since he realized a couple years ago that he's not one of the NFL's elite. I liked Keyshawn, but he should've caught the ball in Philly (although the loss as a whole can't be blamed solely on him). He'll be good somewhere else, a good #2, but we won't miss him too bad. The receivers we have already plus Jarrett and that pass catching TE we drafted don't leave any room for an older guy. If Jarrett is the #2 and COlbert or Carter the #3, then Keyshawn, as a #4, would've been running down the field on kickoff coverage. That would've been funny.

Posted by: charlson | May 3, 2007 1:32:32 PM

I appologize if I offended anyone w/ my language. I just got back f/ a deployment and it hasn't worked out of my system! Yet I'm still ticked off about the jersey thing. Again I appologize!!!

Posted by: JohnnyB | May 3, 2007 3:32:20 PM

I wasn't offended and I'm 12 days from a deployment, too, so it's all good to me. Too bad you got that Jersey. My brother is a Redskins fan and he still has his Redskins Stephen Davis jersey. I'm waiting for DeAngelo Williams to play well enough for me to get his jersey. I think Beason starts in the first game and our TE Rosario is a big pass catching surprise this year, but wait a couple years before you get their jerseys.

Posted by: charlson | May 3, 2007 3:42:47 PM

Yea, I noticed the guy was full of hot air. Sometimes I thought he bought the team from Jerry and maybe he thought so too.

Now maybe we will have a ball game that we got the disgruntled player out of there.

Posted by: Jason | May 3, 2007 5:49:08 PM

Jason, are you talking about Keyshawn? I didn't get that impression from him at all, but it doesn't matter anyway. I heard many people expect Jarrett to be our starter from the beginning of camp, and COlbert and Carter can fight for #3. That KR we drafted, Robinson, also had about 90 catches last season, and he can fight for the #3 spot as well. Either way, if we knew Keyshawn would be the #3, at his age and for his price tag, then cutting him was the smart thing to do. We're obviously going to be better this year on offense.

Posted by: charlson | May 4, 2007 9:52:14 AM

Someone help me-- why did the Panthers not try to unload Keyshawn during draft day for a # 4 or 5 or 6. It would have been better to just simply have let him go for nothing. Look what Oakland did with Moss they got a 4th from the Pats and Moss then offered to cut his salary by more than half to get closer to a super bowl. I need an explanation and let's noy orget the $ 3 million KJ got in March.

Posted by: Joe | May 4, 2007 6:51:25 PM

Hello, I just walked out of my cave where I had been hiding for 20 years with my fingers in my ears singing really loudly and even I knew that report was bogus about the $3 million bonus being paid. It never happened. Time to go back to my cave and sit with my fingers in my ears and yet still have a better idea what's really going on with a team that was awarded while I was still in a cave with my fingers in my ears singing.

Posted by: Cave Boy | May 5, 2007 2:12:43 AM

I'm a NEW Carolina,
and I am sadden to see Keyshawn gone, and I don't feel that it was fair. I only pray that someone will pick him up as a teamplayer or maybe a sports analyst, I think he performed well at the football draft.

Posted by: poetic | May 7, 2007 10:16:42 AM

...crazy bitch. And Todd Sauerbrun, a member of the Denver Broncos, is associated with Jerry Richardson how, exactly?
(Good to hear from you again! :D)

Posted by: Michael Procton | May 13, 2007 2:12:54 AM

Hey, darlin', I already gave you my IP address...the FBI hasn't come callin' yet.

Posted by: Michael Procton | May 13, 2007 11:45:32 PM

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