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July 23, 2007

Offensive tackle Walker to visit

The Panthers might be looking to add offensive line depth before the start of training camp.

Tackle Kenyatta Walker is expected to visit the Panthers in the next two days, according to a league source. Walker has spent the past six seasons with Tampa Bay.

Carolina has Jordan Gross penciled as the starting right tackle and Travelle Wharton is expected to return at left tackle after missing almost all last season because of a knee injury. The Panthers have some tackle depth with Rashad Butler entering his second season and Jeremy Bridges, who started much of last season. But Bridges is expected to move inside and compete for the starting right guard position.

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I'm not for sure, but wasn't Walker one of the Bucs' linemen that Peppers, Wallace, and Rucker have had some spats with over the years? I don't know that he'd be an upgrade over any of our veteran tackles, and I don't know how cheap he'd come, either. Is it worth messing with locker room chemistry for a guy like this?

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jul 23, 2007 5:31:34 PM

I caint wait to show Peppers what a Walker pancake feels like in practice.

Posted by: k. walker | Jul 23, 2007 5:52:09 PM

Why didnt you show him in that game when the Panthers blocked 4 kicks?

Posted by: rob | Jul 23, 2007 6:58:30 PM

Uh, doesn't this sound like a big thumbs down from our new OC for our returning OL?

Seriously, Walker did show me much of anything during his stint in TB and why we'd monkey with him at this late date escapes me.

Remember this series from Nov 05?

First-and-10: False start, Tampa Bay right tackle Kenyatta Walker. Five-yard penalty.

Three plays later: False start, Walker, 5 yards.

Next snap: False start, Walker, 5 yards.


Posted by: JAT | Jul 23, 2007 8:40:14 PM

Take it easy folks. They're just looking to add depth to the line... something we DID NOT HAVE LAST YEAR. If they bring Walker on now, I'd be surprised if he's still on the roster by the start of the regular season. And if he makes the final roster, there is nothing wrong with having a veteran lineman play a backup role.

Posted by: PMK | Jul 24, 2007 1:25:54 PM

Honestly, I seen that game, and honestly, I dont have a problem with him, he will make the final roster because he was a starter for a few years he brings great depth to our line. We have had a problem with our line for atleast 2 years now, and having depth behind every person on the line says something. It's going to show that we wont be scrambling around incase something happens. I would like to see him sign with us, because he's really not that terrible.

Posted by: Al | Jul 25, 2007 10:30:21 AM

OK we get your point people. Lets think back to yatta's last game "06 vs peppers ( 0 sack 1 or 2 tackles). This is a BUSINESS, not POP WARNER FOOTBALL.
The 2 men have grownup(22-23)& mature since the verbal & physical matches. Yatta will bring alot to the panthers, playoff & Super Bowl veteran. People this what we try to teach our kids everyday about life ( settle
your differences properly & move on. This is a GREAT example about life challenges. I
hope things get worked out w/ kenyatta &
The Panthers. Kenyatta has played very well
over the last 2 seasons ( conference play)
which would very well help The Panthers!!
Good Luck to BOTH SIDES!!

Posted by: william H. McNeil | Jul 25, 2007 10:34:58 AM

To much baggage for a backup we have plenty of depth right now. If something happens and we need a tackle then that's a different story but for now I don't think we need him.

Posted by: j maines | Jul 26, 2007 7:25:29 PM

Can't pay him. Don't need him. Don't want him!

Posted by: S.H. | Jul 27, 2007 3:14:56 PM

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