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August 26, 2007

Little man, big block

While fans celebrated wide receiver Keary Colbert’s impressive 48-yard touchdown burst near the end of the first half of Friday’s 24-7 loss to New England, many of the Panthers’ players and coaches were fired up about something else.


“I had time to throw back there and Keary did great job, but I think the biggest thing was (wide receiver) Steve Smith’s blocking on the play,” quarterback Jake Delhomme said later. “That’s how you get big plays, a receiver blocking on somebody.

       “Keary got past the safety and didn’t have to worry about the cornerback because Smitty was eating him up. That’s how you make big plays.”

       Smith is 5-foot-9 and about half the size of, say, defensive tackle Kris Jenkins, but when he’s not the target of a play, he often throws himself into defensive backs with the same enthusiasm he displays in leaping for a pass.

       It’s something not every wide receiver does

consistently; after all, the glory is in the reception. But it makes the team better and Delhomme, for one, appreciates it.


   In case you haven't already seen the breaking news section on Charlotte.com, here's the link to the story on quarterback Brett Basanez being out for the year:


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So its three games into pre-season and here is what I think:

1 - After the NYG game, much hoopla was made, I think Fox had flashbacks of 06. I think the past two games Fox let the guys run a bit more on their own hoping to go under the radar. I AM SORRY YOU DONT FORGET HOW TO BLOCK AND TACKLE IN JUST ONE WEEK.

2 - Smitty is more undercover than all of them, I can't believe Jeff Davidson could be so stupid as to not get Smitty more than 1 or 2 touches a game. He's also trying to force Colbert, King, Carter to step up.

3 - DeShawn and DeAngelo will be GREAT in the new scheme.

4 - The Defense if okay. The front four will be strong again. The linebackers will get stronger and the corners will suffice. I do not like the safties - thats just plain bad.

5 - The recent no shows by Pep should give the coaching staff some pause for concern as they think about resigning Pep for that much money. If they tie up all their money in him and he gets hurt they wont have other suitable replacements cuz they cant pay em.

6 - Game 3 of the preseason will not tell you anything about this team. Game 1 against St. Louis WILL!

Posted by: CatDawgMan | Aug 26, 2007 2:33:01 PM

WE WILL BE OK,SMITTY will get the touches,pep gonna get the sacks,jake gonna make the throws,foster and williams will have holes to carry the rock,pre season is practice,time to turn on the jets in two weeks!!!you watch,just watch please,because this is gonna be agood year for MY PANTHERS!!!ALL YOU HATERS OUT THERE,SHUT UP AND GET READY TO LOOK STUPID!!!!

Posted by: james | Aug 26, 2007 6:34:16 PM


Did he really injure his hand? It's a very convenient method of keeping him without having to hold him in the 53 man roster or put him on the practice squad and loose him to another team.

Posted by: Mike | Aug 26, 2007 7:31:41 PM

That was my thought exactly, Mike. I'm willing to believe there's an injury, but not necessarily of the "season-ending" variety. A lot like the Shelton move a few years ago. They wanted to keep him and knew he wouldn't clear waivers, but he wasn't valuable enough to use a roster spot on for this year. I'm not of the mind that this will happen, but I'd bet they'd be willing to give him a shot at #2 next year if Carr takes over and Jake (God forbid) gets cut.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Aug 26, 2007 8:02:34 PM

BASANEZ is just a clear way to work around the roster and keep someone you like. This gives me faith that our mgt. is not stupid! Look for loop holes and exploit them. I hope there is some cat and mouse being playrd here in the preseason, but teh fact of the matter is we have been out played in 2 practice games. Lets hope our gameplanning can make up for lack luster just line up and go play!

Posted by: Local | Aug 26, 2007 10:56:43 PM

"Little man, big block"

I don't believe that he is a little man. I believe that he is THE man. When you are THE man, you have to make THE block.

Shows he's about the team and not himself.


Posted by: Patrick Terry | Aug 27, 2007 10:09:51 AM

Uhh...he's VERY little. He's listed at 5-9, 185, and I'd be pretty surprised if he's THAT tall.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Aug 27, 2007 11:57:54 AM

Uhhhh....5-9, 185 is not VERY little Procton. That's about 35 lbs over the avg weight for a person that height and it's all muscle.

I'd like for you to tell that to Steve Smith's face and then watch yourself get Anthony Brighted as his fist comes flying at your face.

Posted by: Sick of Procton Too | Aug 27, 2007 2:50:51 PM

Steve Smith is like a god. But he is little.

Posted by: S.H. | Aug 27, 2007 9:01:04 PM

Steve Smith is like a god. But he is little.

Posted by: S.H. | Aug 27, 2007 9:01:39 PM

Steve Smith is like a god. But he is little.

Posted by: S.H. | Aug 27, 2007 9:05:22 PM

Oops, sorry. He's "football little".

Posted by: S.H. | Aug 27, 2007 9:07:48 PM

Oops, sorry. He's "football little".

Posted by: S.H. | Aug 27, 2007 9:08:26 PM

I'm sure the fact that he's managed to be as successful as he is in spite of his sise is a source of pride for him, not irritation. It's not like he or anybody else can change their height. The things he DOES have control of (like his ridiculous calves) are gigantic, though, and that's certainly a credit to his work ethic.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Aug 27, 2007 10:35:40 PM

You like observing men's legs huh, Procton.

Somehow that does not suprise me.

Posted by: Procton Likes Men's Legs | Aug 28, 2007 8:17:56 AM

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