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September 24, 2007

Delhomme's day to day with elbow strain

As we reported a few hours ago http://www.charlotte.com/panthers/story/291021.html, the Panthers are saying quarterback Jake Delhomme is day to day with a right elbow strain.

That’s all true. But let’s be realistic and let’s think back to late last season when they were saying the same thing when Delhomme injured his right thumb. Maybe something miraculous happens and Delhomme feels a lot better and practices Wednesday or Thursday. But he’s a quarterback and his elbow was bothering him enough that he had to come out of the Atlanta game. The most important thing a quarterback has to do is grip the ball and any injury to a finger or an elbow is going to impact that.

Delhomme missed three games last year. This is an elbow and that was a thumb and we don’t know how serious the strain is. But, if it’s not something that heals almost immediately, any injury to the throwing hand or arm is going to throw a quarterback off in a big way.

A linebacker or a running back could probably play right away with that kind of an injury. It’s a lot more difficult for a quarterback and this situation will play out in the next few days.

If Delhomme’s practicing Wednesday or Thursday, he’ll play Sunday. If he’s not, David Carr will get the start.

We’ve got a short story posted http://www.charlotte.com/sports_breaking/story/291141.html where defensive tackle Kris Jenkins has some pretty strong words about the "issues’’ the Panthers are facing. The full version will appear in tomorrow’s paper. Jenkins is incredibly candid and everything he says makes an awful lot of sense. Say what you want about Jenkins and his past history (problems with weight and alcohol), but give the guy credit for stepping forward and having the courage to say what his teammates won’t.

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Jenkins sounds like he is knocking Peppers and the coaching staff for not handling the team properly. The problem isn't Fox... It's Hurney & Richardson. They keep bargain shopping when it comes to personnel and it shows. The problem the last two years (three years really) is that some players aren't getting the contracts that the original Fox Front Four got, and now they are pouting about it. Rewarding your entire d-line like that (while neglecting other positions) is something Fox can be blamed for. As far as the rest of the chaos (signing & keeping injured players over more durable/talented players) is something Hurney and Mr. Bojangles should be held accountable for. Fox does need to take control of his team, but as Mr. Jones from Dallas has proven, that is impossible when the owner/manager supercedes your decision making ability.

Posted by: SYRPIS | Sep 24, 2007 6:55:21 PM

hey its kinda stupid to be complaining after we beat atlanta. steve smith won us that game with 12 yards.julius peppers is at an all time low and the rest of the def. and we still won the game, just imagine if they start getting better.and for the tampa bay fans feel good now but all the bucks have done is beat 2 teams that havent even won a game yet and i doubt the saints win tonight. and with all the negative comments about the organization john fox is doing one hell of a job with the whole world against him. panthers are 2-1 suck on that will and tom.

Posted by: rutherford county res | Sep 24, 2007 7:31:08 PM

Day to Day? I think he is out for the season. Let te Carr era begin baby.

Posted by: BigKahuna | Sep 24, 2007 8:25:02 PM

Is it a strained muscle?
Is it a strained ligament?
Is it a strained tendon?
Why can't we get a reporter to ask the right questions? It it's a strained muscle, he may be ready Sunday; otherwise, it's weeks.

Posted by: Ben | Sep 24, 2007 9:12:58 PM

Would one of you reporters suggest to Mr. Richardson that watching the games at home on tv has become as exciting as fighting traffic, paying a arm and a leg for parking and a hot dog, and then being surrounded by Bojangle contests, look a like contest, VIC contests, advertisment at every break even leading up thru the snap at certain times.

I purchased PSL's expecting to enjoy the game as well as some ear deafning music which will help get the crowd into the game. The reason we don't win at home is because we do not have any advantage. The place is as quiet as a Baptist Church most Sundays.

Posted by: pslholder | Sep 24, 2007 9:29:32 PM

What Jenkins is saying is true, but nobody wants to hear how a bunch of millionaires can't try.

It's sickening. Even if it's true, just lie to me. If I acknowledge that truth, I would have little reason to continue watching and supporting the team.

Posted by: heat6 | Sep 24, 2007 9:38:14 PM

Uh, "rutherford county", I'm a Panther fan but I gotta say, our 2 wins are against winless teams also. Just thought I'd let you know.

I do like the point that we are 2-1 and some of our main players are playing average at best. We have a LOT of room for improvement.

Posted by: Will Parker | Sep 24, 2007 10:01:36 PM

For those who are sticking up for Fox I agree we shouldnt be bashing the team all that much after winning but I have some sharp criticisms for the coaches, they clearly were underprepared for the second straight week and I am not sold on the contention that we won based on gameplan, I think D.Hall's stupidity inspired us a lot more than that sideline statue that passes for a head coach week after week. And someone tell me WHY WE RUN ON SECOND AND LONG YET THROW ON THIRD AND SHORT EVERY DAMN TIME??????? Hello Fox, anyone home up there????

Posted by: Ben | Sep 24, 2007 10:50:03 PM

jenkins is a 100% right ive noticed the same thing as fan the last 2 years.
and bargain shopping is right as well i sure wish the panthers would have found away to keep marlon McCree will wetherspoon or deon grant
this team is getting old

Posted by: chris | Sep 25, 2007 3:52:23 AM

SYRPIS is 100% correct. Now I see that Sorensen has gone off on Peppers. That is exactly half the problem. I await the column going off on Mr. Bojangles both for the issues SYR raises and the obvious mistake of calling out Pep in the wake of Minter's retirement, looking for "leadership." That has obviously gotten in the guy's head. Typical buttinski owner move.

Most importantly, as I've said, this franchise acts like it has nothing to prove. There is none of urgency you see around the league. That starts at the top.

Posted by: JAT | Sep 25, 2007 6:22:53 AM

Minters retiring hurt the team alot more in the locker room and in morale than it did on paper

Posted by: stating the obvious | Sep 25, 2007 7:33:04 AM

jat is right i could not agree more calling out peppers was absurd im so glad to hear another person say it and again right on " with the no sense of urgency" with this whole organization
i just hope fox listens to what jenkins had to say

Posted by: chris | Sep 25, 2007 7:37:54 AM

You losers with your rose colored glasses on make me laugh. Tom does an interview and FINALLY gets someone to speak the truth, and all you wannabes sit there and cry. Wake up losers, the Panthers are 2-1 by beating two 0-3 teams, and they barely beat the Falcons at that.

Stop blaming the reporters for speaking the truth and start looking at the root of the problem, John Fox and his inability to coach all the talent he has. Oh I know, it is so much easier to blame everyone else and not admit the truth. That is what is wrong with most Panther fans, they want the easy way out and think it is easier to blame a freaking reporter for all the teams problems.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Sep 25, 2007 8:40:09 AM

Like I said, this team is full of potential. Like they POTENTIALLY could win a game in a Quadriplegic Flag Football League. Or they POTENTIALLY could beat a team made up of Korean War Amputees.

I am tired of hearing how great our team is. We are going to get whooped by the mighty Buccaneers. How are we going to stop Galloway when we couldn't even stop the Falcons?

Posted by: Tom | Sep 25, 2007 9:35:25 AM

People are going to want to bash Jenkins and Tom for this article, and for the life of me I do not understand why. He is stating his opinion, just like Jake states his opinion all the time. I personally feel this is great and the fact that he is being honest and upfront is refreshing compared to Fox's continual "it is what it is" and other BS statements.

Let people bash them all they want, many of the long time fans already know the truth, there are Panthers fans and there are bandwagon and Delhomme fans. These later two are the ones usually doing the most complaining and whining when a player or reporter admits in public the truth, the Panthers are not a very good team. Lucky yes, good, far from it.

Posted by: AboutTime! | Sep 25, 2007 10:26:26 AM

Chris and Tom are right, we suck! We should really be 0-3 as bad as we play. I’ll tell ya I was really sweating the beat down the Falcons put on us, till Carr saved our @$$es. Now we have to contend with the mighty Bucs coming to town. I don’t think we can pull it off, we’ll then be 2-2 BECAUSE WE SUCK!!!!

Posted by: Doofus Dan | Sep 25, 2007 11:44:09 AM

Thanks Dan. I am glad you have seen the light. Hey, do you think we should go after Bobby Trendy as a starting QB in place of Delhomme? He may have a bit more toughness.

Posted by: Tom | Sep 25, 2007 11:53:25 AM


Posted by: rutherford county res | Sep 25, 2007 12:14:57 PM

rutherford county res you Bucs fans, stay on your own site. Yeah we know your going to be 3-1 because you have a good team, but you don’t have to rub it in. Us Panther fan, however have to be realistic. We know we suck and Tom’s right maybe we should go after Bobby Trendy as a starting, because Delhomme can’t get it done, the winnie baby, and yeah when you Bucs kick our butts I’ll go to your site and give you your props, like I said we maybe 2-2 after Sunday’s game, but we should be 0-3 BECAUSE WE SUCK!!!!

Posted by: Doofus Dan | Sep 25, 2007 12:30:31 PM

Just some quick Delhomme info for you. I'm a hand therapist and it appeared to me from the nature of his movement, area analyzed on the sideline and pain level, that Delhomme's injury was an: ulnar collateral ligament injury. This is common with QB's and pitchers. It involves the most important supportive structure to the inside of the elbow, for Delhomme's capacity to throw the ball, especially with any snap or velocity.. if it's even slightly torn he'll likely get Tommy John's surgery and be out for the season.. if he plays with it he'll probably end up performing VERY poorly with shortened, floating passes and be benched anyway.

Posted by: handyman b | Sep 25, 2007 2:19:26 PM

ruferford you wait till sunday. You'll see what makes them better than the Panthers. then you'll slap your momma for not makeing yo daddy pull out when he shoulda, by the way your a big winnie baby!!

Posted by: DR | Sep 25, 2007 2:20:00 PM

I hate to say it fellow Panther's fans but we are going to be 2-2. I dont think Steve Smith is going to win this one for us. Yuns shouldnt even turn the TV on, cause its not going to be pritty.

Posted by: Panthers from Behind | Sep 25, 2007 2:25:54 PM

DR is right. We're gonna get smacked. We talk about who the Bucs have beaten but who have we beaten? The Rams and Falcons? We almost lost to Falcons and lost to the Texans! We suck. Our fans suck. Our coaches suck. This city is a dump. I wish I lived in beautiful South Tampa. I could go fish for snook, ride in my boat in gorgeous clear water, sit on the white sand beaches or watch the Mighty Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium.

Nope. All I have here is a QB that reminds me of Bobby Trendy, cheap moonshine and team with a sissy logo.

Posted by: Tom | Sep 25, 2007 4:18:57 PM

Tom... if you think Tampa is paradise, than you are obviously some kind of hick (or crac slinger), which explains your personality and character. Can someone please ban people like this from making their irrelavent and annoying comments on these sites?? It would at least be intriguing if they had a point, but all we hear about is Procton's homosexual tendaceis and Tom's dislike of the Panthers... I mean nobody wants to hear it and nobody really cares!!!

Posted by: SYRPIS | Sep 25, 2007 8:59:55 PM

I am just curious, who dies and made you boss Sypris? I think more people could care less about your homeristic ramblings and how you think you know it all. Take off the rose colored glasses and let other people have an opinion, even if they are different than yours. You are not the forum boss pal, more like a forum troll from what I see.

Posted by: Who Made You Boss Syrpis? | Sep 25, 2007 10:32:53 PM

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