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October 10, 2007

Here's a little-known Testaverde fact

1010vinny    In honor of Cliff Clavin, the know-it-all mailman from Cheers, here's a little-known fact about Vinny Testaverde: The 43-year-old (about to be 44) quarterback is color blind.


   It's pretty much forgotten now, but it was a huge story when it was revealed somewhere near the end of Testaverde's time in Tampa Bay. At the time, Testaverde was a struggling young quarterback and the public reaction to the news spawned a lot of jokes about why Testaverde threw so many interceptions.

   To his credit, Testaverde admitted he was color blind, but said that never was an issue in games because he could tell the difference between dark and light.

   HISTORY LESSON: There's a minor celebration here in the media room this morning. For the first time since Rodney Peete left, the Panthers have a player who is older than me. Testaverde was born in November 1963. A quick check reveals that in November 1963, co-worker and blog partner Stan Olson was living in suburban Philadelphia and was a freshman at Ben Franklin's high school, which became Ben Franklin High School a few years after Stan and Ben graduated.

- Pat Yasinskas

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I figured Testaverde would be smarter, and not join a losing, going-nowhere organization.

Then I realized his was almost 50, and it just looking for a quick pay day.

And it all makes sense!

Posted by: Will | Oct 10, 2007 11:33:20 AM

Learn how to write Will, you dumb ass.

Glory, Glory, Halleluiah, here comes Testaverde. The Panthers hit a slam dunk on this one, NOT!!! Way to go, glad to see the Panthers got Grandpa to join their squad. Another wonderful Fox /Hurney decesion. Couldn't they have done better than that ?

Posted by: Ace | Oct 10, 2007 11:38:05 AM

Use your brain Ace. It's a one year contract! They just need someone that can come in and backup Carr. They don't need another QB project.

Posted by: Mike | Oct 10, 2007 11:47:45 AM

Actually they couldnt...remember what we're doing here. Carr is the go to guy now. End of discussion. Our non draft pick is right behind him...then Vinny. But these guys need a veteran to buddy up with right now. We're not building our future with Vinny. No doubt he got a season contract..but thats it. Jake will be back next year and in the mean time, we can use this years draft along with free agency if we feel Carr wont cut it as number 2...BUT he has a big contract that would have to be unloaded which wont be easy. So in short, Vinny is our fill guy...but be assured...He will start before the seasons over.
If we were 0-5 at this point, I might say Vinny isnt the right guy. It might have made some sense to take a real "outlyer" and see what might come of it.
As an aside, do your home work. At 43 , Vinny may be in better athletic shape the most of the existing Panthers. Review Belachek's comments about Vinny running performance drills....ordinarliy there is a quick "break" in between drills...Vinny was the only Pat who could run the ENTIRE drill w/o a break...got huge press...anyway, if we have any concerns, the question has to be "Hows his arm?/Hows his accuracy"...guess we'll find out

Posted by: bob | Oct 10, 2007 11:52:34 AM

Signing Vinny was a smart move. He still has ability, especially over short periods of time. He's an intelligent QB who can mentor Carr a bit. He won't demand tons of money, and he doesn't have a big ego. The Cardinals were after him too, before going with Rattay. Testaverde was the best QB still available. Remember, he was a last-day cut by the Patriots in the pre-season!

Posted by: Chuck | Oct 10, 2007 11:53:57 AM

Oh, I'm sorry, I misplaced "his" for "he."

It was done clearly because I am unable to write, not because I was so giddy at the Panthers bringing in a 50-year-old color blind QB as their savior that I forgot to proofread. Probably the same way you forgot to proofread your post, which caused you to misspell "hallelujah," but I'm surprised a redneck like you got as far as you did anyway.

If it's more than six letters and it's not a Panther loser's last name, I don't have much confidence in your rednecks being able to spell it.

Posted by: Will | Oct 10, 2007 11:55:56 AM

I'm sure you rednecks know better than me, so tell me this:

How many more winless teams do the Panthers have on their schedule?

I need to know so I can place a bet on how many more games they'll win this season.

How can you play three teams without a win in five games, and still only be one loss away from a losing record? One looooooooong last-second FG away from a losing record, with a cupcake schedule like that?

Really, rednecks. Really. You can't honestly believe this team is going anywhere, can you?

Posted by: Will | Oct 10, 2007 11:59:15 AM

Well Will, please enlighten us rednecks on which team you do pull for in public. Why do you have such a burr up your butt about the Panthers. If you are not a Panther fan, what are you? Why would you care what the Panthers do so much? And, if you live in Charlotte, and think that we are all rednecks, please remember that North Carolina is called the good roads state, and all the highways have Northbound lanes that can take you back to whatever rusted, crime-ridden, wife-beater tee shirt wearing, gold "chain" displaying, uber-hairy, epitome of vacation is Myrtle Beach believing, bunch of know-everything, loud as hell, smoggy, dirty, smelly bunch of people you grew up with - much like yourself.

Posted by: Willy | Oct 10, 2007 12:12:41 PM

Ok you guys win and I lose. I give up. I am really dumb and have no clue what the hell I'm doing in Charlotte. I don't like football, I'm just here to kill time. At work I don't do Shi* so I wate time here. Sorry guys

Posted by: Will | Oct 10, 2007 12:42:55 PM

No, I'm from the South. I grew up around rednecks like you guys! That's why I know so much about you all!

And I pull for the Panthers to lose. And luckily, they never disappoint me!

Only beating winless teams? Players calling out other players? Best QB opting for season-ending surgery rather than coming back to this train wreck? A guy arrested for putting a gun to someone's head?

I'm a Steve-Smith-hospitalizing-another-teammate away from the emotional equivalent you rednecks would experience if hell froze over and the Panthers won the Superbowl!

I sure get my money's worth with this team...all $0 of it! I'd have to pay like 99c to read about this type of train wreck in the Enquirer!

Britney you ain't got nothing on the Panthers!

Posted by: Will | Oct 10, 2007 12:44:27 PM

This isn't a bad move as long as Testaverde is carrying around a clipboard and schooling Carr and Moore in the fine points of the quarterback position.

Posted by: Brainic | Oct 10, 2007 12:47:24 PM

Guys...lighten up...to add on Vinny...one of the observations while he was with the Pats was the tremendous feedback that went out to the media from his team mates about how extraordinary a locker room leader he was...look, we lost Rucker, and despite what you may or may not think of Jake, he was one helluva a team leader (ref: last nights local news tapes on temamate response about losing a leader)....right now, this team needs leaders with credibility...and VT has that...so all things said, VT to me was a perfect pick considering all we're dealing with as a team....btw...he's going to be a HUGE help in getting Carr quicker on board withthe new offense ala NE Patriots style....so lets give this a chance and see what happens

Posted by: Bob | Oct 10, 2007 12:47:47 PM

And I don't get you rednecks. I know you're dumb...but, still...even you all should be able to rationalize this:

I didn't make your NFL team suck.

Your owner did.

Your players did.

I just point out that they suck.

I wish I could say I played a part in them sucking, but I don't. That's ALL them.

I'm just an innocent bystander, watching gleefully as they suck.

Posted by: Will | Oct 10, 2007 12:48:14 PM

Aww, we were having a good time -- where'd you rednecks go?

Smoke break?

Posted by: Will | Oct 10, 2007 12:57:33 PM

Will,your still a punk a$$.You dont even make since when you post on here,sounds like a "TRUE" redneck to me.Maybe I should change the name to Will,IsARedneck?That seems to be what your in love with.

Posted by: WillHas4LipsNbleeds4SevenDays | Oct 10, 2007 12:57:36 PM

Wow...Will really is a guy with nothing better to do than talk negatively on a message board. That's brave Will. I bet you're a real man. Ha...about the lowest form of human communicaton.

Posted by: Adam | Oct 10, 2007 12:59:21 PM

Will. It says here for your email address "howaboutno"@a.com Perhaps you are a disgruntled New Orleans fan ?

But seriously dude, why do you make it a habit, nay career, to bash Panthers on this Charlotte paper which dedicates a whole section to chat about Panther activity ? Dont you have something else better to do ? With the karma headed your way, you will be struck by lightning while making your next derogatory post. You really dont need to be a tool, you've got that part of your resume down.

Posted by: Zenmanship | Oct 10, 2007 1:03:38 PM

Jake is out and with Tommy John Surgery there is chance that he will never come back...Carr has an upside however he has not had a true mentor...Is this year lost, not yet however if Carr is to be the QB of the future having Delhomme and Testaverde on the sidelines helping him learn when to release the ball, when to take the sack and so forth it will definitely help him in the long run and will definitely help the Panthers figure out if he is in fact the guy or just another top pick bust.

Posted by: HSP | Oct 10, 2007 1:08:05 PM

I'm an Ivy League grad, Charlotte exec of some 27 years recovering from back surgery with some rare time on my hands to read on line, and I dont believe I'm going to fall victum to this, but it must be the meds cause I just cant resist....
Will: your very last line sums it up...hate to shock ya pal, but you need to look up the word :SOCIOPATH...you're right on the verge of it...log on to TMZ.com, you'll find a home and love it. Your not a jock, not a sports fan, you have no facts to support your rants and frankly speaking, you ruin an otherwise good blog on an otherwise interesting acquisition day.
Finally Will...and just for the record...trying checking out how many other NFL teams have been to the Championship games, playoffs and the SuperBowl in their 12 odd year history.
Take it one notch further and go check out how many NFL teams have NEVER been to the SuperBowl...when you get that list, compare the age of the Clubs to the Panthers.
So when you rant about a team that "sucks"....all you're doing is invalidating anything you say afterwards as it proves to any sports fan that nothing you're about to say will be of any value...go check out TMZ.com so all the sports bloggers that read your comments and dont want to write in their thoughts in the middle of your inane diatribe will come back...GO TMZ....its you Will...where you'll be a god amongst mere men

Posted by: Bob | Oct 10, 2007 1:12:30 PM

Will, your southern education shows through in your posts. You have terrible grammar & trouble spelling. Slow down, get your mullet out of your eyes and check what you type before you post. I thought Vinny was the topic here, not a bunch of idiots ranting at each other. You have to love the internet where anonymity makes everyone think they are right and everyone else should not have an opinion.

Posted by: Bob | Oct 10, 2007 1:13:09 PM

The options for another qb are limited, they were not going to get anyone who is very good whether it be Vinny, Koy Detmer, Rohan Davey, Bledsoe, Aaron Brooks, or Jay Fiedler. The think Vinny does have than most of the others dont is alot of experience and is familiar with Jeff Davidson. I thought they should give Rohan Davey a look, though.

Posted by: mattdaddy | Oct 10, 2007 1:16:49 PM

I like the move somewhat....kinda pissed we didnt move in on Rattay before 'Zona did. Given what we had to work with, he most likely was the best choice available. Lets just pray he doesnt have to see the field much.

Posted by: Da Bronx Mike | Oct 10, 2007 1:20:38 PM

Guess the smoke break is over?

If my posts don't make any "since" to you, you might be a redneck.

To the guy that mentioned karma: the Panthers are full of thugs and criminals. Your offensive superstar hospitalized a fellow teammate by sucker punching him. Your defensive superstar was suspended 1/4 of the season for using an illegal substance. One of your players got arrested for putting a gun to someone's head. You could go on and on. You think "karma" is gonna get me for calling the Panthers what they are -- crappy -- and not those guys? Hah.

To Bob, you might want to give me the definition of delusional while you're at it...because when you win more than you lose in only 3 of 12 seasons, and your glorified Superbowl run was fueled by steroids...there ain't much to brag about. Maybe if all the other teams had half their played hyped up on steroids, they would have gone to the Superbowl, too?

If you finish .500 or worse in 9 of 12 seasons, you suck. Plain and simple. You'd be right about the fluke Superbowl run...if not for the fact that, for them to get that far, half the team had to be taking so many steroids that it would make Barry Bonds jealous.

Posted by: Will | Oct 10, 2007 1:29:47 PM

Nice post Bob. I think every true Panther fan would shed nary a tear if Will was "away from the computer" for 5 to 10 years. I just finished making a post on TSN (The Sporting News)saying one of the upsides that Vinny has over other possible candidates is Vinny isnt trying to A) start a career or B) resurrect a career. He's a 1 year stop-gap measure that can take the field if needed and tutor the young QBs (Carr & Moore) while he's there.

Posted by: Zenmanship | Oct 10, 2007 1:33:32 PM

Again, please don't kill the messenger.

I'm not the one making the Panthers suck year after year. As much as I would love to say I played a part in it...I didn't!

And if I left for 10 years, you would shed plenty of tears...maybe not at me leaving, but at the Panthers for sucking and sucking and sucking some more.

I'm not the one making the Panthers suck, the Panthers are the ones making the Panthers suck. If I leave, it doesn't change the fact the Panthers are still going to suck!

Posted by: Will | Oct 10, 2007 1:38:54 PM

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