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November 25, 2007

Moore warms up

   Well, it looks like John Fox is finally going to put Matt Moore in. Moore just warmed up on the sidelines and has his helmet on. Looks like he'll be coming in, if the defense can get the Saints off the field. -- PAT YASINSKAS

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Let's see you guys and the local tv press get up Fox's beehind hard in the press conference, for once. Ask him why he thought Carr was the best choice, why didn't he put Moore in sooner, who called the play on the fourth and one we went for, why we didn't have a safety in the right place on the long pass. And what a surprise, they run the ball. Tools.

Posted by: Willy | Nov 25, 2007 3:47:50 PM

Please tell me I am watching the John Fox farewell tour

Posted by: Steven | Nov 25, 2007 4:08:53 PM

This tean is a joke. The coaching staff, Marty Hurney, alot of the players, the staduim atmosphere, and the lame-ass radio crew (aka mic mixon). The ownership should fire all of them and start over with the only players that seem to have any heart Steve Smith, Jon Beason, and Richard Marshall. But the Richardson's won't because their lame too.

Posted by: BDUB | Nov 25, 2007 4:16:41 PM

Excuse my spelling I am in a state of confusion after watching that game.

Posted by: BDUB | Nov 25, 2007 4:18:33 PM

I would love to see Moore in a whole game and not during garbage time.

Carr in the game is like purposely "throwing" the game.

This season is actually more painful than our 1-15 season and I for the first time don't care to watch them. Sad since this time of the year is traditionally the only time I get wired into sports.

Posted by: rick | Nov 25, 2007 4:19:33 PM

Just needs repeating!

We have failed to get the right players in the draft and sign people worth the money. This team will need at least two years under a new head coach to make the playoffs.

Excellent teams overachieve. A good team sometimes underachieves, but a bad team cannot achieve without some help. Where is the help for the Panthers.

We need people who will get the players that are good and not because they come from a big "offensive" machine in college.

Look at the Draft since 2002 of players still playing on a regular basis.

02' - Peppers(1) & Foster (2)
03' - Gross(1) & Morehead(5)
04' - Gamble(1), Colbert(2), Wharton(3), & Carter(5)
05' - Davis(1)
06' - Williams(1), Marshall(2), & King(5)
07' - Beason(1)

Where the next set of pro bowlers? Superstars?
We have some good players but where is the talent?

We need a good, quality, "young" offensive minded coach who has done a lot with little. Our last two defensive minded coaches have not been consistently successful.

Posted by: Cerebrum | Nov 25, 2007 4:23:36 PM

The only real football that has been played in NC in the last two years is in Winston Salem and Boone. Go Deacs!

Posted by: BDUB | Nov 25, 2007 4:28:55 PM

John Fox needs to go. The excuse that he has no quarterback is lame because before Delhomme got hurt the Panthers were still loosing..John Fox may be a good coach but he is not good for Carolina.

Posted by: aholland | Nov 25, 2007 4:34:29 PM

There is no excuse for looking to Foster to be a feature back. The guy is living off of one great playoff TD run 4 years ago.

Posted by: JAT | Nov 25, 2007 4:39:25 PM

Instead of watching this crap....there was figure skating on!!! You might have seen more effort and more entertainment. LOL

Actually give Carr soem ice skates and he would be perfect. A girly man with matching gloves...Sorry Fox you might get a reprive but the GM has been killing us with horrible personel moves and drafts. You did get us to the superbowl, so the lack of a decent quarterback might be the excuse you need to get one more shot. The GM has no such excuses because he is the one who has given you the spent amunition.

As usual hard to watch and ugly....So SAD :(

Posted by: Local | Nov 25, 2007 4:54:19 PM

Get Josh McDaniels, Off Coord. from the Patriots while we can. He won't be coordinating for much longer and he makes Mangenius look like a dunce.

Screw getting Cowher or Schottenheimer, we've been down that road before. I like them, but they will be on the downsides of their career.

Get a guy who is on the upside of his career...Josh McDaniels or a Lesley Frazier, D Coord for the Vikings. We need youthful coaching.

Posted by: Matt A | Nov 25, 2007 5:04:39 PM

Players who got to go:
David Carr
Diggs Na'il
Maake Kemoeatu
Keary Colbert
Drew Carter
DeShaun Foster
Jeff King
wtheir more players i can list but i need to save ink we need a change with GM I still belive John Fox is a good coach but he better show them he has some heart or he won't have a job we need to have players who love the game and p,lay for the game and want to win and belive that they always could get better and good enogh isn't good nough to them we need those playes on the Panthers next year and I'm expecting alot of changes in the Carolina Panthers next yearfrom the front office down to the players meaning there will be changes as firing and hiring and trading and cutting and this team will play with there heart someday.

Posted by: TELLING IT LIKE IT IS | Nov 25, 2007 5:35:08 PM

They fire the offensive coordinator, and there's still no change in the offense. Fox needs to go. He's an awesome coach, just not working in Carolina any more. I mean someone fresh needs to come in, evaluate the talent, make key moves, pick up some great players, let some of the dead weight go, and draft well. Today's game marked the official end to Carolina's season - they gave up. I'm sorry, but you can't blame the QB issues - we have no #2 WR, the TE situation sucks, and Foster is a horrible back - Williams hasn't proved much either. Someone new is needed to fix this team - the season is done. Even if Delhomme was still around, I think these problems would have emerged. I'm sick of watching this team constantly disappoint and I think they're the worst team in the NFL - dead last worst.

Posted by: Steve McDonald | Nov 25, 2007 5:43:28 PM

Steve McD, you are right on some points, but I still believe Williams can be a very good running back. They just insist on playing Foster. Williams has shown that he has that ability to make big plays, but he can't do it all by himself. If we had some semblance of a passing game, I think he would shine. Plus, they still are not adapting to his style of play.

David Carr's career as an NFL QB is over. Apparently, the graveyard of QBs outside of BofA is getting pretty full.

I say get Josh McDaniels from the Patriots. Before he got into their coaching ranks, he was an assistant in their personnel department so he has that experience of evaluating talent to go along with his obvious talent as the OC. True, he has some amazing players to work with, but look at the receiving corps he had last year and they were still good.

My biggest knock on our coaching staff is their inability to adapt to the style(s) of their players. They want to force their system on players that clearly don't fit the mold of the system. I like Fox, he's pissed me off quite a bit this year, but perhaps you are right that his time in Carolina is over.

I predict he will be the Head Coach of the St. Louis Rams next year and they will experience the success and letdowns we have in Carolina.

Posted by: Matt A. | Nov 25, 2007 6:08:22 PM

Certain guys are players, others aren't. The problems start with the offensive and defensive lines. No pressure on the opposing quarterback? He looks like a superstar. No blocking of opposing defense? It won't matter who is in our backfield. We've got to clean house. And, we've got to understand that Peppers and Gross - both #1s have just not lived up to their potential as dominant players...they are both average. And D. Williams just doesn't have it either. With our latest hot pick - Jarrett - mainly on the bench, it is painfully obvious we can't draft with the current folks. And, with MAAKE, Carr and Harris taking our money, we're not too hot at evaluating free agent talent, as well. An era has passed...let the PSL holders prepare for mediocrity for the foreseeable future.....

Posted by: Wally Benson | Nov 25, 2007 6:08:23 PM

I challenge everyone with a comment for Jerry Richardson to craft him a personal message - with or without a paper bag over his/her head - and bring it to the next game and display it in front of the owner's box...go to section 202 and go down the aisle and hold it up high. He'll see it and maybe he'll "get" it.....watch out for the policemen guarding the owner's box however....they look menacing. BUT SOMEBODY HAS TO COMMUNICATE THE TRUTH TO HIM!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Randall Wallace | Nov 25, 2007 6:10:37 PM

Yeah, Fox has definitely got to go. We had a 2nd and 20, and he runs the ball and then tries to 18 yards on third down! Any smart coach would throw on 2nd and 20 trying to get about 10 yards so the third down would be manageable. Fox is stuck in the 80's and he can't coach a modern NFL team. At least not this one.

Oh and Carr sucks. Start Moore.

Posted by: Matt West | Nov 25, 2007 6:14:14 PM

All those Jake bashers are longing for the good ol' days now. Last year wasn't Jake's fault. Dropping balls and bad play callng.

Posted by: rb | Nov 25, 2007 6:39:17 PM

It is what it is.

Posted by: John Fox | Nov 25, 2007 7:16:03 PM

Look how good the Browns are since Jeff Davidson got here...(7-4)..slightly better than 4-7. The Richardson's are morons they only care about getting money. we haven won a home game since Nov 19, 2006. Lets get Cowher or anyone who likes to score would be okay. Players that should stay are Chris Harris, Marshall, Smith, Jake, McGlover #74, and Beason and maybe a few others. Kasay needs to retire, whens the last time he had a touchback? 1976 i think. Carr is gay. Colbert can't catch. Lets get Derek Anderson this off season when cleveland makes the move to Brady Quinn. He's one of the top QBs in the NFL. Ive been to about every home game and this was one of the most embarrasing ever. Richardson, do something!

Posted by: Rob | Nov 25, 2007 8:46:31 PM

Matt Moore was never the answer. Come on, he's a rookie UDFA who is three years away at best. How many picks has he thrown already. We're stuck watching Carr or Vinny for the rest of season as Fox/Hurney are crossing their fingers they don't lose out and go 4-12. Hell, at this point give me the top 5 draft pick, maybe we can get our QB of the future. CatScratchReader.com

Posted by: Jaxon | Nov 25, 2007 9:35:29 PM

We need to start moore the rest of the season to see if we need to get a qb in the draft. we need to cut or trade foster (maybe to oakland for j. porter?) and draft another lb cut morgan and get a another DE that can rush. and a FS. Start Ryan Kailil and cut Hartwig get a better ol. cut kemo. and start d. lewis and maybe try to trade for j. vilma? jeff king is going to be a great TE so the guy that put him on the cut list above doesn't know what he's talking about. when he had a qb that could throw j. king was 2nd in the among TE IN NFC in rec. yards. oh they need a big back like n. davenport, or b.jacobs to go with d. williams. and they need to use williams like n. o uses r. bush. and that should do it.

Posted by: Blackshoes #1 cali panther fan | Nov 26, 2007 3:06:06 PM

How are people bagging on harris he leads the leauge the forced fumbles and we got him for a 5th round pick. gross is a bust and isn't worth the money i get that. peppers is a diffent story. you bagging on peppers do you forget he's been the leage for 5 years and made like 4 pro bowls and D.R.O.Y. HE'S having a bad year so did jake last year and everyone wanted carr to start look how that turned out? moore should start the rest of the year vinny and carr won't be back next year and moore looks better then basnez. It's bad coaching on D, ST, AND OFF. i mean the browns OC. Come on you have steve smith, D williams and drew carter, dwayne jarrett and you dont use them. J. fox lives off of Foster and colbert because they did good acouple times. the d has good hard hitting players like peppers, harris, jenkins, marshall, t. davis, and beason but were not agressive at all thats a coach problem. if we kept witherspoon the d would be awsome. spoon beason davis. but instead we have morgan and were just sitting on him. Fox lives in past and needs to start who needs to ie. williams, moore, marshall, lewis, teal. jarrett, carter

Posted by: Blackshoes #1 cali panther fan | Nov 26, 2007 3:20:25 PM

I still think we need to pass the word around to the stadium fans - through all outlets - that if on Sunday we are losing with 3:20 left in the third quarter, then everyone (however many that might be!!) gets up and storms out of the stadium. OR.. if they put Carr in, we immediately exit. And for added measure everyone can wave at the Richardson booth on the way out.
By the way - I think Beason is a fluke because he is a terrific draft pick (what happened, Panthers???). I feel for S. Smith who is watching his career fade awaaaaay. I still think Peppers needs somewhat of a break because we tend to forget how awesome he has been in the past - singlehandedly winning games for us - something's wrong, I know it, so my take on that is to wait until we know more. Richard Marshall - Very good, but sooo little. Foster - please - no running back should be in the game if he cannot hang on to the ball. No one's that good. Either he cannot fix himself like Tiki Barber did, or he WON'T fix himself. Either way, he should be sitting down. Pitiful.

Posted by: Brinze | Nov 27, 2007 3:53:35 PM

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