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November 26, 2007

QB excuse doesn't fly ...

As we’ve mentioned before, some members of the Panthers organization quietly have been spreading the word about how hard it is to win when you don’t have your starting quarterback. Sorry, but we’re not going to buy that. Especially not after what happened around the rest of the league Sunday.

Oakland’s Daunte Culpepper, San Francisco’s Trent Dilfer and Cleveland’s Derek Anderson, none of who were supposed to be their team’s starting quarterback at the beginning of the season, each led their teams to victory.

Oh, and this just in: A.J. Feeley, a journeyman backup, played well enough to keep the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that hasn’t been very good all season, in a very close game against the New England Patriots, who a lot of people have been calling the best team ever.

Meantime, David Carr, who the Panthers scouted the heck out of and gave a big contract to, couldn’t throw for 100 yards against a New Orleans defense that is very ordinary.

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It's time to take the focus off the QB. Carr isn't playing well, but we're also not protecting well up front, and we're not breaking many long runs.

Lets see an article or two about the offensive line. I know this doesn't sell papers, but it makes the most football sense.

Posted by: Ryan | Nov 26, 2007 1:32:43 PM

Good post Pat! The hard truth is that this Carolina Panthers team is simply not talented with many veterans who lost a step. The teams in 2003 & 2005 were not very talented (though much more than this squad) and John Fox deserves credit for advancing in playoffs with mediocre offensive lines and a journeyman QB.

The Panthers problem is they simply do not draft skillfully. GM Marty Hurney is a terrible evaluator of talent and this team has had too many 2nd - 3rd - 4th round draft choice busts over last few years to remain competitive. Get a GM like New England's Scott Pioli or Philadelphia's Tom Heckert then demand Fox to only focus on game day coaching & skill development.

I think John Fox is a good coach. The talent he is to work with is terrible including that attitudes of some players like Julius Peppers who is blessed with athleticism yet plays with no passion. Get Fox talent such as a team with 7 pro-bowlers and this guy can deliver.

Think about this; had John Fox been the coach of the San Diego Chargers, a team with 9 pro-bowlers, last year I have no doubt they would have advanced in the playoffs.

Players - Talent wins games. And GM Marty Hurney plus Panthers scouting department is lousy at evaluating it. Fire Hurney now and get a GM who can draft great.

Posted by: Matt | Nov 26, 2007 1:41:12 PM

Please cut David Carr after this season. He is sorry!!!!

Posted by: Pakmania | Nov 26, 2007 1:43:22 PM

Hey "Matt" I fully agree with you. Right on the money man.

Posted by: Cat's Fan | Nov 26, 2007 1:47:06 PM

Cat's Fan, Thanks!

Many Panther fans get emotional thinking the coach can control what goes on in the field of play.

Players execute the plays and it is coach's responsibility to put players in position to make the plays. Panthers just do not have good enough players and must rebuild. GM Marty Hurney is terrible at drafting. Our team sucks and we shall be in top 10 draft pick land for next two or three years.

Jerry Richardson, get a quality GM who can draft!!

Posted by: Matt | Nov 26, 2007 1:59:35 PM

Okay, this is not the same thing Pat, Dilfer, Feeley, Culpepper, and Anderson are all average qb's in this league, plus there isn't a huge drop-off with these clubs, Going from Alex Smith to Dilfer, to Ken Walter to Culpepper, McNabb to Feeley, Charlie Frye to Derek Anderson.

With the Panthers there is a huge drop-off when Jake, a very solid qb, is replaced with one of the worst human being's to ever play the position. Seriously, can you argue that Carr is anwyhere close to as good as Feeley, Culpepper, Anderson, or Dilfer?

Posted by: mathiiasdaddias | Nov 26, 2007 2:37:30 PM

This site explains it all

Posted by: SYRPIS | Nov 26, 2007 4:39:51 PM

BTW, Ryan is right on the money!!! Keyword in what he says is "sells"... as in Pat Yasinsinkaluskilottabushki is a sell-out!!!

Posted by: SYRPIS | Nov 26, 2007 4:43:08 PM

Sorry dude, dont buy that one! How soon people forget the debacle the Cats put on display last year WITH Jake Del-go-home! A HORRIBLE season ending record with JD throwing a record setting 15 int's for the year!! That's just bad! Also, when they passed on hometown fav, Chris Leak, and decided to sign a pretty boy-scout in Carr, that just shows you the amount of imcompetency the Panthers have in calling plays, drafting, and on field performance. All of which need to happen to equal WINS!

This year, the WHOLE squad, including Steve Smith, (8-10 ball drops in last 3 games) simply need to learn a lesson. That lesson starts with TICKET HOLDERS! Stop buying season tickets! Stop going to games! Stop cheering when they kick lameass field goals ALL GAME! Throw trash like the old days of Philly when DNabb threw a pick! Carolina absolutely sucks right now, just like last year, and the year before that! Bottom line, stop you Media lackeys who say all problems are because of QB. Stop making excuses for these meatheads and expect and demand results on the field. Otherwise, we will NOT go to games, the game will be blacked out & no media coverage means...WHO CARES!!! If they dont wanna play, we, as season ticket holders, dont wanna watch!!

My 2 cents...


Posted by: Power | Nov 26, 2007 5:20:14 PM

power ur an idiot!!!!!!!

Posted by: what | Nov 26, 2007 5:24:47 PM

Powers/Gegizk pull Chris Leak's manhood out of your mouth.Im sure his girlfriend misses it ,unless you are his girlfriend. As far as the QB situation goes A.J. Feeley has been with the eagles for a long time except the year he went to miami so he knows personel and the system.Dilfer is a upgrade over Alex Smith,who everyone has admitted is a bust so far for a 1 overall draft pick.Culpepper is finally starting to come back from his injury that was suffered at the hands of the Panthers.Derek Anderson is a solid player who was in baltimore and sat the bench most of his career and when given the chance he took the ball and ran with it.He's a huge suprise and its not like the Browns even knew who there QB was going to be when the seasoned opened or they wouldnt have drafted Brady Quinn.Pat Yasuckus you need study the nfl a little better if your going to continue to be a sports journalist because your making your self look like a ass.

Posted by: STFU | Nov 26, 2007 5:44:56 PM

I almost don't care right now and thats sad for me because for 50+ years I have truly loved football. But this team under Fox has dried up my interest. I am watching, but laughing the whole game.

I will not go to Sunday's game. Whats the point? After hearing Testesverde will start if healthy, w/Carr at #2 I couldn't care less. I have zero interest in watching this pitiful crap. Who wants to see an old coot who can't move around? And who wants to look at Carr again, EVER? He looked like a little spidermonkey out there in his sleeves w/ matching gloves on his spindly arms, jumping around looking for an organ to grind.

Why is he starting? Because Fox may know theres no need to get Moore reps. He figures the only way he can stay is w/ a home win. Forget the future. It's now for Fox & co. Do I think Moore is the answer? I don't know, but we need to start finding out where we stand at QB. For goodness sakes, our BELOW AVG starter has just had elbow surgery. What guarantee is there he will fully recuperate?

We draft Williams. He runs outstanding. But Fox stubbornly keeps feeding the moronic Foster so he can keep fumbling like a drunk with his zipper.

I also have heard rumors from some who work @ BofA that Delhomme has really backstabbed Moore, ever since he came in and hit that long pass to Colbert. Remember? The one where Moore came of field and Jake told him "We don't throw to him on that play" Moore replied "Well he was OPEN so I did." I have heard this more and more lately and the source has been right in the past.

Don't think Jake doesn't see the handwriting on the wall too. Remember LeFors? It was Jake who lobbied for that sorry QB to be signed. The last thing he wants is REAL competition.

Don't get me started on Peppers. The ONLY people who could be happy with him are Tarheel fans who've been used to bad football. Sorry, but its true. This loyalty to a clown who can't even register ONE TACKLE during a whole game is stupid. PLEASE let someone like Cowher come in and bench his sorry possum playin rearend. I am plain sick of his stupid looking grin, the big-eared galoot.

Remember how they tried to give Jenk the boot? He's the ONLY starter on the D-line playing. How do you like him now Hurney? Every interview w/ Hurney he talks about 'continuity this, continuity that'-- Well Hurney looks like this team YOU BUILT is a continuous JOKE. It's just not funny anymore. Your 'continuity' has displayed itself very clearly in your attempts to re-sign over the hill injured players at the expense of new talent. No doubt you have become extremely insecure w/ your own judgement and are afraid to get new blood, opting to dance w/ the ones you already brought. Fine. Now they can't dance worth a crap and you're forced to dance alone, around every pointed question regarding the roster, like a stupid drunken leprechaun who's lost his gold.

Oh yeah, I can't wait to see Kendal Moorehead break one loose on a kick return like Hester w/ the Bears.

As for the Big Cat himself, how about letting us know you really do care? Would it be so wrong for you to give an occasional interview? Put some pressure on these guys. What you did to Peppers was ABSOLUTELY right. He DOES need to take over. But guess what? He never will. Don't give him any more $$$ Jerry. Give it to me. I swear to you, I may not have his abilities, but I've got heart and you'll get my best. I can guarantee you, if I stink up the field, you won't see me laughing about it on the TV screen. You won't hear me yukking it up in the showers either. Wow, those guys must REALLY care. ..... Or they don't.

Much more of this crap and we won't either.

Posted by: disgusted | Nov 26, 2007 5:49:05 PM

Jake is a above average QB,and wasnt jake throwing passes in the back part of the Superdomw when Moore mad that play?Im still mad at the fact that people blasted Jenkins when he said this team had no heart,even smitty,when Jenkins has been the only one on that D-line (besides when rucker takes his centrum silver on occasion) on that defensive line.Peppers problem is his b.s. diet and no longer eating red meat its made him lose a instinct and thats proven fact.Smitty had no damn right to even through a childish fit when Jenkins questioned this teams heart because he was right.

Posted by: stfu | Nov 26, 2007 6:07:30 PM

I am so disappointed with this team that if we had multiple teams here in the Carolinas, (like New York), burn all my Pink Panters crap -- of which I have tons -- on eBay and root for whichever of the others had the best-looking jersey. The Cats have so many problems, if I were Jer, I'd fire everyone but Marshall and Beason and start the Hell over. Maybe Lucas and Smith would stay. Carter can hang around. That's it, dambit!

Posted by: New Coach In Town | Nov 26, 2007 6:38:39 PM

When did Jake become the coach. Him being on the sideline doesn't appear to have helped with our offensive play. Let him pay for a ticket and sit in the stands with us.

If you could have seen Foster on his two self induced fumbles from the upper deck you would have laughed until you cried. Another thing that was funny all day was the updated stats the great staff of Billion Ads Stadium. At one point we were -9 yards rushing. Please sit this idiot down and let Williams play.

I will bring my paper bag Sunday.

Posted by: pslholder | Nov 26, 2007 9:14:07 PM

Why is it that Fox cannot ever accept some responsbility for how terrible this team really is? Instead he trots out his usual litany of excuses and half truths to CYA himself.
He is the main reason why our team sucks, his crappy drafting, poor FA choices, and his stupid playcalling. His foolishness has ruined last season and this one, and has put this team in a hole for the next three years because we loaded up on terrible players.
If he isnt fired Richardson is the biggest fool in Charlotte, not Fox.

Posted by: Ben | Nov 26, 2007 9:45:37 PM

QB dept chart:
Sirr Purr

If Carr starts next sunday all the fans should storm the field.

Posted by: joe | Nov 26, 2007 10:16:16 PM

anyone notice that all of those teams mentioned didn't have good starting QBs to begin with! All except Philly and haven't we seen this before with the Eagles...McNabb is overrated.

Posted by: Cat | Nov 27, 2007 7:12:30 AM

The team had no passion before Jake was injured. It still doesn't have heart. I'm all for sticking together when things go wrong but fans expect and deserve to have honest answers from the team and especially the coach. Injuries aren't the fault of the coach or management. Blowing off the fan base with a bunch of platitudes is wrong. Coach Fox and the GM need to grab their team by the collective jersey and jerk them into a cohesive group with a goal. Right now the Panthers are adrift and it looks like nobody wants to take the helm.

Posted by: Jake | Nov 27, 2007 11:04:56 AM

OK... Here's my idea. If we're not winning with 3:20 left in the third quarter this Sunday, we all storm out of the stadium at the same time. OR... the minute they put Carr in, we all walk out (that's if anyone's in the stadium). Is it possible to get the word out to the stadium fan base?? Oh, and to think I once defended Carr's silly gloves. I'm sorry. I was smitten by his looks (I'm a girl, by the way). All I can say is I'm sorry, sorry, sorry..

Posted by: Brinze | Nov 27, 2007 2:47:41 PM

All the way from Houston,


Did your staff really think that a better Oline, better RB, better receiving, would actually make Carr better?

What did you think of his stupid comment, "They wanted more points"

This guy doesn't have a clue.

By the way, is there a guy here named Sameh with a crush on Carr?

Laughing in Houston!

Posted by: HoustonProud | Nov 27, 2007 3:15:35 PM

What the hell you talkin' above average?!
Jake SUCKS! Period! I'll tell you what, go to ESPN and do a search on Jakes record in the last 3 years. Read the Interception percentage, as well as, the TD rating! Garbage! What the hell?! Above average? The Cats aint been above average since the SBowl! And what are you talking about Feeley for? He plays for the Eagles! NOT the Panthers who are the topic of discussion here. Bottom line is the Panthers cant beat anybody. No matter WHO the QB is! Peppers looks/plays like a woman has his nose WIDE open and Smitty talks SO much sh*t but does NOT produce on the field. Pure EGO! New name for ya hear in Charlotte, instead of Cardiac Cats, I call these lames, the Expansion Panthers! What a joke! It makes me sick to see stars play like flashlights!! It's like the guys here (coaches, coordinators) think SO conservative like cold molasses. Just listen to Fox talk in the POST game interview. He sounds like a Man without bullets in his gun! And they play like it too! If your down 17-3 in the 3rd, (vs. Saints) and ALL you do is run the ball the WHOLE 3rd quarter and still come up with squat diddly, you SUCK! If you are SCARED to put a 1st year QB in the game for the exposure and experience until the game is over (.04sec in the 4th vs. Greenbay), you SUCK! Open your eyes people and demand change!! This is your money here! I thought Miami sucked, but the Cats suck more b/c they've got better talent, but no drive or motivation to win/score. That makes it worse. A Pinto is better than a Lexus if the Lexus wont even start!! Get it?!!

Oh, and I like the reference above calling JP a "big-eared galoot"! Classic! LOL Reminds of the days of Sam and BugsBunny riffing over who is better looking! Classic!


Posted by: Power | Nov 28, 2007 8:59:16 AM

It is to bad Carolina didn't make the type of decision Jack Del Rio made down in Jacksonville. For around 1 million a year, he decided to go with Garrard (a virtual unknown prior to this season) starting. Here it is week 13 and he is having a great season with the 4th highest QB rating in the NFL and even more impressive, he has thrown no interceptions this year. His backup, Grey started 3 games and came away with 2 wins (one against Tampa Bay and one against Tenn).

Carolina will have one of their toughest games of the year down in Jacksonville next week. They will be going up against the multi-talented running attack of Taylor (one of the top 20 rushing backs of all time) and Jones-Drew (one of the most exciting and likable players in the NFL). Carolina will also be facing an offense with a strong passing game, aggressive play calling and a reputation for not turning over the ball.

On the other side of the ball, the Jacksonville defense is as physical as any defense in the NFL. They are well known throughout the league for hitting hard and often.

Gary Campbell
Jacksonville FL

Posted by: Gary Campbell | Dec 1, 2007 2:36:42 PM

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