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January 02, 2008

Olson: QB situation for 2008 seems solid

There’s been talk about the Panthers going after a quarterback with experience to back up veteran Jake Delhomme when he comes back next season, but there will be other needs that must be taken care of first.

And actually, I think Carolina might have the experience it needs on hand. First, consider that Delhomme is not an injury-prone guy; before a thumb injury in 2006, he had started 59 straight games.

He believes his recovery is going remarkably well, and that he will be at full strength well before training camp. Also, Matt Moore got a lot of experience as a rookie this season, playing in bits of six games and then starting and completing the final three, two of them victories.

So you’ve got Delhomme with Moore as his backup for next season, and a healthy Brett Basanez as well, another young quarterback Carolina’s brain trust thinks highly of. Sounds like a fairly solid group to me.

Moore is far more experienced than the usual rookie who never plays, and credits Vinny Testaverde and Delhomme with helping bring him along quickly.

"Me being young, I get excited, and Jake’s been the guy to calm me down because he’s been there and knows how it is," Moore said after Sunday’s season finale in Tampa.

All the Panthers’ problems at quarterback this season might have left them in good shape for 2008.


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Guys, on a personal note, just read the comments on the last post and thanks for the kind words, and you know who you are. I know bloggers in my business who never read the comments because they get so personal, and that's a shame; you lose a source of feedback--in both directions. Many of you have given me good ideas. Keep up the good work, and let's have fun in 2008...

Posted by: stan olson | Jan 2, 2008 5:53:35 PM

How about a sit-down with Jerry Richardson, Stan? You may be the only Observer reporter that he can trust. Befriend him and give him the opportunity to tell us what is really going on behind the scenes. PS- thanks for keeping it honest, real and as upbeat as possible (despite all the negative chaos created by your coworkers)!

Posted by: SYRPIS | Jan 2, 2008 6:35:32 PM

If the panthers are smart then we will take an OT. We need to protect Jake & committee from explosive DE's. Picking at #11 means we shouldn't mess this one up. A few sites have us picking up Kenny Phillips at Safety but the stats show us at 29th in the league on offense. A 16th ranked defense needs some D-line help not a safety immediately. Our problems were rushing the QB all year. Think about the picks Gamble & Lucas had in 06'. A great D-line can make decent DB's look good. A DT or DE is needed next. A quality FA RB will be much better than Foster. A healthy Jake and more talented players will leave Fox with no excuses in 08'. Love em or hate em, Parcells would of been a good fit at GM if the boss had chosen to go in a new direction. When was the last time we got an "A" on draft day?

Posted by: CEREBRUM | Jan 2, 2008 6:52:02 PM

I, for one, am excited about the upcoming season--- only if Fox sticks around, manages to come up with a better Special Teams coach (dude from the Titans would be great), and gets better system with his scouting teams. After that, let heads roll, starting with: Jenkins (trade), Hartwig (trade if possible) Colbert, Wharton, Bridges, Kemo (trade if possible), and Manuel. Furthermore, Morgan should be restructured to a league minimum with a back-up role as a #4, or compete for the Weakside. Another OLB should be brought in to compete with Thomas Davis on the strongside, so he can take a back seat if possible. And that leaves the best for last... Julius Poopers! My final contention is that he is off the juice because he was being watched (had been busted for it his rookie season). If he finds yet another way to sneak the stuff in, we just might see production from him next year. However, this still leaves his two-year contract negotiation battle with the organization. Because of this (and the Panthers tight cap situation), he becomes a liability. I would hate to lose a great player, but if he is not producing here, than trade him for some value while you still can and with that value, bring in someone who can and will. Just my opinion. Happy New Year!!!

Posted by: SYRPIS | Jan 2, 2008 6:52:55 PM

Then again, Cere, the addition of a safety who can cover or even add to the pass rush from the secondary will only help the d-line in their efforts to get to the opposing QB. And yes, a nice OT could be a big plus, but the only one who fits into that draft area (mid-teens) is Ryan Clady, who is an underclassman who would have to declare. And as for our "A" on draft day, we got one on the vast majority of draft review sites just this year. The problem is that fans are too short-sighted to know that players like Shaw, Wilsno, Rosario, and Kalil can still be long-term fixtures in the organization even if they weren't ready to be All-Pros as rookies.
Interesting note about ST coaches, SYRPIS: remember how much we all miss Scott O'Brien? Well, he's gone to Denver and they're not happy at all with him? Perhaps a homecoming could be the best option for all parties involved. Your trade and cuts, however, are pretty ridiculous. Wholesale changes like that with high-paid starters are a. unlikely because of working out deals and b. impossible because of the cap ramifications.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jan 2, 2008 7:20:46 PM


All needs in the offseason...

Posted by: Local | Jan 2, 2008 8:27:55 PM

Sounds like all agree that the QB position is looking fairly good, and that there are a lot of other more important priorities. But I'd bet that Fox won't see it this way. He doesn't like or trust young players. I bet you he goes out and gets some old geezer never-was (like he did with Rodney Peete), and ends up losing Basanez. I sure hope I'm wrong, but I bet I'm right!!

Posted by: Wayne | Jan 2, 2008 8:38:38 PM

Interesting points MP... and Wayne-- he gave Delhomme a shot (a nobody from nowhere) and... gave Weinke every opportunity to keep the starting position, up to opening day, but benced him and kept his first season in the NFL as a Head coach a respectable one, didn't he?? Give the guy some credit already, for crying out loud!!!

Posted by: SYRPIS | Jan 2, 2008 8:44:04 PM

Clady has declared for the draft.

Posted by: CEREBRUM | Jan 2, 2008 8:46:48 PM

As far as O'Brien goes, I thought he retired? Hmmmmm... maybe he doesn't want to be part of this organization, just like the scouting team that left after a couple of seasons with Fox & Hurney at the helm. Hence his two major problems since... mediocre drafting and poor special teams play. It would be great to see O'Brien come back, but I don't see it happening.

Posted by: SYRPIS | Jan 2, 2008 8:47:33 PM

He only gave Delhomme a chance after Peete was so pathetic, he had no choice. And with Weinke, he was already the 'incumbent' (don't forget - Fox doesn't like to change anything!), and there weren't any viable alternatives. I'm not saying Fox won't give young guys a shot, but only when he's forced to, and has no other options. Yes, I give him credit that he does a 'respectable' job, but as soon as things start to go wrong, he loses out because he's way too slow to adapt and try new things.

Posted by: Wayne | Jan 2, 2008 8:50:52 PM

BTW, Fox also lost his defensive coordinator right away, but still managed to make the playoffs and (for those Trvo haters out there) the guy who stepped in for him kept the defense ranked at top ten since (until this year that is). Low morale had alot to do with this team unable to step up when it needed to. This site, the "fans" and mismanagement of personnel (not cutting: players who get in trouble with the law or players who refuse to play to their level and cause problems if they don't get their already top dollar contracts augmented) are the ones to blame for that. Again, I have to wonder how much Richardson (Mr. Bojangles) and sons have to do with some of these personnel decisions...

Posted by: SYRPIS | Jan 2, 2008 8:54:30 PM

Agreed. Delhomme, Moore, and Basanez sounds like a great QB line-up!

If I didn't think Jake was such a good leader, I'd say to try and trade for Derek Anderson. But I think Jake has a few more years in him and then Moore can take over.

Oh, and if Fox stays (it looks like he is) then he had better let Davidson open up the offense and stop the conservative "Foxball" crap. It's just not working anymore. Then next year once Cohwer is ready to coach again bring him in and let Fox go.

Posted by: Matt West | Jan 2, 2008 9:06:52 PM

It's all relative Wayne, and you just proved that becaus your reasoning is obviously biased. There are not many coaches in the NFL that will name a starter and give them and the public all assurances that they are the starter and that the offense will be molded around them, and then pull them right before the season starts. Now how is that "not changing anything." Morever, seeing that Peete's days were numbered (and he did do a great job in a new organization with new players and coaches... ESPECIALLY as "old" as he was, in the Panther's inaguaral year) Fox brought in Delhomme (a YOUNG nobody from nowhere) and molded him, just in case. He rested Peete during the preaseason and let Jake learn the offense and in the middle of the first game of the season opener, when the offense looked ineffective (especially the running game, but only for the first half) he pulled Peete and proclaimed Jake as the starter. Of course, it was really OLD Stephen Davis that got the running game going and play-action pass set up to win the game with a Delhomme to Proehl TD pass (not to mention he did most of the offensive dirty work for that entire season and carried the team, including the well rested defense, on his back). But despite of all that, Delhomme got his chance (and all the credit), time and again. Now, what were you saying again Wayne? ...or should I say Pat Y's mouthpiece?? I mean, if that's not giving a someone else (young) a chance, I don't know what is... and appearantly you don't either. :)

Posted by: SYRPIS | Jan 2, 2008 9:07:21 PM

People, can you say SHEEEEEEEEEE-PLE?!? You people/sheeple are the ones that should be let go next year. This team is in dire need of real fans!!!

Posted by: SYRPIS | Jan 2, 2008 9:14:39 PM

Yes, I'm talking to you Matt West, and all of your like!

Posted by: SYRPIS | Jan 2, 2008 9:15:34 PM

BTW, this team has been plagued by salary cap issues and a gargantuan injury list on an annual basis since Capers left. Seifert did the best he could (a great job with what he had to work with) and still got a 1-15 record (BTW, had a record number of players on IR that year). On the other hand, Fox averages 0.50 or better, with playoff implications every every year, and playoff success almost every other! How can you be dissapointed in him with all of these facts being constant???

Posted by: SYRPIS | Jan 2, 2008 9:20:44 PM

I'll tell you how, because Pat YasTinkas (the place up) and Scott (couldn't be more) Fowler said so, that's how! And you people/sheeple, with all of your great character, have lined up and been calling for people's jobs since. Dispicable! At least they had a financial stake in what they were saying. What's your excuse!?!

Posted by: SYRPIS | Jan 2, 2008 9:24:01 PM

BTW, MP... some of the names I mentioned to be cut will actually be FA's. I just meant to not bring them back. And would would be difficult to trade all three players and not feel the hit next year.... Just the same, I would like to see Kemo take a paycut (I would consider keeping him because he did make some big plays theis year) otherwise, a trade to get some value for him (after his big year) would be better than just cutting him or keeping him around to not play at the level he should be playing at. As far as the rest go (Jenkins and Hartwig) trade them at all costs (if you can't make Hartwig leave after an injury settlement that is)! Shaking the boat like this would let the players know that pre-madonna attitudes, bad character and simply not giving it everything you have will no longer be put up with... and that alone is worth all of the potential cap hit and lost money that will be created by the moves!

Posted by: SYRPIS | Jan 2, 2008 10:02:10 PM

Thanks for the insight Stan. I know there are some overly negative comments on a lot of these blog entries but I think most readers appreciate the extra tidbits of info and insight.

Posted by: Jerad H. | Jan 3, 2008 12:43:30 AM

Let me know if I got this wrong:

If you cut a player under contract you still have to pay him but you can use the cap space to sign new players?

In that case there is no way we are going to see Richardson let a player like Kemo go and sign someone else as that would mean he has to pay twice for the same posision.

Richardson is in it for the $$$ so options that cost more money is not open. It nothing wrong with that, it is his money and his decision, I just want it pointed out to get rid of all comments like "we should ship/trade/cut/get rid of INSERT PLAYERS NAME". This is not the NBA, it wont happen.

Posted by: Thorrez | Jan 3, 2008 3:14:08 AM

To me the best place to start with getting rid of the dead weight is at WR. Fox all but said in his interview that they were trying to give Colbert & Carter a shot to step up and grab that second WR spot and they didn't and that was a mistake. The guys look good in practice but disappear on game day. I still don't understand how Carter can catch a 35 yard bomb w/ two people covering him while falling backwards, yet going across the middle gets hit in the chest with the ball and drops it? To me that's just concentration and dedication and those two have had more than enough chances to be successful for this team and pissed it away. I agree Stan, I think we'll be fine w/ the QB's we have on the roster now. Clearly they see Moore...maybe Basinez as the future at that spot now. My money is on Moore though for the future. As far as Jenkins goes...I think the guy has grown up some and become more of a team player. He's a force in the middle regardless of what you think of him personally and to get rid of him would be a mistake IMO. To me we need to concentrate on WR & OL. Then look for some quality in the defensive backfield. I think this season showed that you can get away w/ a mediocre safety and I think Cooper did a respectable job for us, he'll never be a pro bowler though for sure. To me though the D just has wayyyy less problems than the offense.

Posted by: JT | Jan 3, 2008 8:22:54 AM

How can you say Jake delhome or any player isn't "injury prone" when they are coming off consecutive years where they didn't play a full season???!?! Starting training camp jake delhome will not have played a full season in 3 years!...But he's not injury prone. And what's all this about "Jake says and thinks his recovery is going exceptionally well" Well what medical school did he go to?? I mean what else is he going to say??? of course he's going to say that just like I hate when people say "The players are behind him" (coach) well of course! unless a player is an All PRO! at his position and making TONS of $ he's not going to say anything stupid! like yeah I think the coach is an idiot! cause that would hurt him......Not to mention Foster sucks I think we all know that...by now and so does Kemo..No one else in the league would start/pay them like the panthers...so Of course guys like that will speak up for their the idiot thats paying them....

As for QB situation I will say I am some what comfortable with Moore..but Tommy John surgery is no joke! and QB's simply don't come back from it...so I am not counting on it and I don't think other people should either based on what Jake delhome says...Lets wait till he tries to chuck the ball 50 yards down the field and that will be the test or when that elbow gets hit again.

this team does need a LT and WR but we are talking about Fox/hurney....when it comes to personal..choices....let's face it their pretty bad at it..so we will see.

Posted by: Cheven | Jan 3, 2008 9:24:51 AM

Answering the question: We all can agree that we feel the QB situation in Caro is in good standing and to bring in another arm would be a mistake. Especially with the experience the QB’s received in Delhommes absence. Moore looks like the future and Jake has a year… maybe two to still lead this team if he can. Other pressing needs require immediate attention Safety being the primary.
Personal Note: Syripis please cut down on your off question comments, obviously you’re trying to prove your point to us and to yourself with long blogs, I know that you care or you wouldn’t blog so much… but compound your statements.

Posted by: Caro2daHeart | Jan 3, 2008 10:07:33 AM

Yes, you did get it wrong, Thorrez. When a player is cut, all of his signing bonus (which would otherwise be spread over the length of the contract) must be paid to him immediately, and that number is included under the cap for your team.
Cheven, what medical school did YOU go to? Given that there have been less than a handful of quarterbacks who have actually gotten elbow reconstruction, it's pretty tough to state as a scientific fact that "QB's [sic] simply don't come back from it."

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jan 3, 2008 11:53:52 AM

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